Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesdays Randoms

I have so many thoughts swirling in my head, so this might be a long one or a short one. We'll see how it goes.

Someone sent me one of those feel good email forwards. You know the ones that you read and then you vow to be a better person after reading it for like the first 5 minutes till someone pisses you off and it's back to square one? Aniwoos...one of the things highlighted in the forward was:-

'Love deeply and passionately! You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely'

Ummm...I beg to differ. (My opinion abeg). I say love well o, but shine your eye as your dey love 'cos man, these men ehnnnn. If you no shine eye, na hot hot pepper wey dem go show you!
The kain love sef, love is a damn risk. But we go yarn that one another time..

Ha! Pesin fit read this now and think that I be man hater. I stay getting accused of being a man hater. I am SO not a man hater, I'm just a very realistic woman...there is a difference o, don't get it twisted.
Nonsense and Jagjagbantis!

I pray that in the '09, Individuals will let go of the shades in the club chit. But as we all know, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
PS:- What the hell does that mean sef?

I think that my unmotivation to do a lick of work is going to last through this holiday season. Odikwa risky o!

I think that one of my concerns about potentially never getting married (I can just hear my Pizzle saying 'God forbid' on my behalf) is...how am I going to get some on a constant basis? It's cool to have a 'friend' in your 20's but how can a respectable Naija woman in her 40's still be doing 'A friend of mine' steez. What will my kiddies think? Oh..'cos married or not, I'm still finna have my kiddies o; mine or adopted.
Misplaced priorities right? I should be worried about how I won't have anyone to match aso ebi with at weddings/church. Hmmmph!

I need a personal masseuse on call 24/7.

I wonder how many married couples actually get to have sex on their wedding night. I'm guessing umm 10%. Ok let me change that to Naija married couples...'cos aint no way anyone is going to be doing nada after doing reception till 2 a.m. Hmmm, hmmm...

Would I ever give up shopping for lent or an extended period? That would be a real test! See? I don't even consider myself a shopaholic in the true sense of the word. I hardly ever hit up the malls to even begin with, and I can't say that I make purchases every week. Still, my closet of 1 million shoes, clothes and accessories will tell a different story.
Ah well, ah well...

In 2009, I vow to go more places (I didn't do too terribly this year, actually). I still wanna go to Jamaica. I wanna visit my sisi in Jand, how do I call myself a bubbler and I've never been to Miami, Orlando or Vegas? I shouldn't be saying that chit in public.

Up till sometimes this year, I had always assumed and taken it for granted that everyone had been on a plane at least once in their lifetime, till I ran into a whole lot of folk who said they hadn't never flown. Infact, one of my co-workers said that the farthest she's ever been in this life is NY. Very interesting...

NY, NY. Still a groupie, will probably always be a groupie. Earlier this year, I was actively pursuing plans to move to the NYC. My friends shuddered like 'Ugh, that dirty, crowded city'. Worefa! I'm a city girl...(for now). I love to be where the action is o jare.
Oddly enough, everytime I visit the state of Texas; specifically Houston and Dallas, I always feel like I need to live there as well. But they don't got no H&M in TX tho....hmmmph!

All I want for Christmas is: Peace, love, happiness, friendship, a black Acura TL with tints and nice wheels...throw a 'Sat nav' (per ndi London) into the mix, An Urban outfitters giftcard, A new digicam (I promise to actually start taking my own pics), an Ipod dock to bump my jams...and errrm. That's it. See, I don't ask for much. :-D

Oh, and someone who will be willing to be my personal masseuse 24/7...my back is killing me here.

That's all folks. Till the next round of thoughts emerge...

Happy Holidays! Make una remain small Nkwobi and Odeku for me o...!


Jarrai said...

I am 1st!!!

Jarrai said...

Someone once told me..love with your eyes open. I wasn't sure of what they meant...till i was shown camerooonean pepper!!! lol

So you are good at shopping, abeg girl i need help. I am useless at buying clothes oo. I need a complete wadrobe overhaul

I wouldn't mind a sat nav for xmas either since i cannot read maps to save my life.

Shubby Doo said...

wow...it is like you read my thoughts and put them on a page...apart from the NY thing...i've been but didn't love it

lol @ the e-mail...i got one a couple of days ago starting 'NAME IT and CLAIM IT, BELIEVE IT and RECEIVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!'

My dear love isn't a risk...it is absolute...hence the phrase...it is the twisted idiots that take advantage of it...of people in love that make it a risk

Anonymous said...

You know what I wouldnt mind all those things you listed boo. Love is a risk men!

Anonymous said...

You claim u don't shop yet u have so many shoes and accessories? how did that happen? You know, I won't mind some of those things on ur list for Christmas but I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

**this ur new template is going to take some getting used to. I am not sure how I feel abt it.

Ms.O said...

lol..I loved it!! I have always wanted to move to NYC for the longest time. hmm maybe in 2009?..lol

Happy Holidays hun!!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Na girl your right. We must shine our eyes no matter how much loving were doing!

LOL@ the sunglasses in the club ish. That stuff really bugs you!LOL

Love the new blog look btw

Afrobabe said...

I need them all...but the best thing I want for this christmas is a tall, dark, handsome,well spoken...man..

yeah I said it...cold dey catch for here abeg...

LG said...

lolllllllll@AFRO n her TDH,
oya receive it........NOW :)

merry chritmas dear'
*luvin ur new layout

dat one okrika girl...xyz said...

im also amazed at the number of people that have never been on a plane before. In '09 Im going to try and travel more I really want to go to Vegas but i gotta save up some money.

No we don't have H&M here in houston it sucks too because when i visit some forums and they talk about all the stuff they get there I get bummed.

I had to goggle the Acura TL up I had never seen it before but that ish is SWEET

Happy holidays

ablackjamesbond said...

New look...wasnt sure I was on the right blog at first.

How u dey?

Beulah! said...

Hmmnnn..wht do i want for xmas??..A brand new car!!!!!

Compliments of d season gurl...

Anonymous said...

love the new blog,

TX really doesn't have H&M? Wow?


ShonaVixen said...

Hmmm - I promised myself i wont be purchasing anymore shoes for a while (not yet decided on the length here), yes m addicted to shoes, but how can one not be??
I feel you on the 24/7 masseuse, i need one, i think Xmas present to me is the massage, still contemplating!!
Sunglasses in the club!!!Gurl i feel ya on that one, even some monkey will be rocking them and thinks its instantly cool...errr no its not!!They need to stop that ish!!

princesa said...

lol@not having anyone to match aso-ebis with at weddings!

I'd love to adopt a kid too.

Ms Sula said...

Totally agree on the shades thing. P.Diddy needs to be shot for starting this mess. *smh*

Yeah, getting some often and early is a HUGE motivator for getting married over here as well. It's just something about in-house, on demand s3x that makes it worthwhile. :)

As far as massage goes, I actually booked a spa session for Christmas' Eve. My gift to myself. Because I'm worth it, cheah! ;)

I like your vow to go to more places... Wanna go to Vegas with me? I am following Shubby Doo's lead and celebrating my (milestone) b-day in Vegas! w00t w00t!

I hate that there is no H&M down here... How crazy is that? Even Indiannapolis has an H&M, I am so mad! I need to write to them. :)

Have a merry Christmas if we don't hear from you till then.


TayneMent said...

God Forbid! lol

TayneMent said...

oh also, me no likey new template :(

Buttercup said...

ok, i read halfway, i'll be back to finish..the generator is going off in a bit..damn NEPA!!!!

Afrobabe said...

Not so keen on the new template either...

Buttercup said...

such randomness!

u r totally right bout the shinning of eye thing!

Emeka Amakeze said...

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". Beggars do not understand what that mean either and that's why they hate horses. U don ever see beggar on top horse before?

simplegal said...

I say love well o, but shine your eye as your dey love 'cos man, these men ehnnnn. If you no shine eye, na hot hot pepper wey dem go show you!

LOL!!! I will listen to ur words of wisdom! You're on point as usual.

Me likey the new look.