Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday tori

Happy Sunday.
I have a love/hate feeling for Sundays. I love Sundays because they are usually peaceful, quiet, and they give me time to think/reflect. On the other hand, I hate Sundays because we all know the day that comes right after it---> Monday! Arghhhhh.
However, on this special occasion, I am definitely not hating Sunday 'cos I don't gotta work tomorrow. Yaaay!

Now let's get this on and popping...
To begin with, how was your falentines day? Did my boo'ed up bloggers have a fantabulous day with their SO's? (Significant others)
Did my single bloggers enjoy a day of self love and pampering sessions/hanging with loved ones who didn't have to be SO's?
Well, however way you spent it, I hope that it was a good day all in all.

I'm a single blogger who had absolutely no falentines blues. A bit surprising considering the fact that a bunch of my friends are currently boo'ed up. Then again, have I ever had falentines blues? day was busy-ish. I ran errands, shopped, gymed and rewarded myself for my hard work at the gym with a big greasy meal from Popeyes. :-D
Later on, I came out of my semi-retirement from those parties and went to one around these parts.
In regards to my previous post about DMV men and blahblah, and upon my usual manner of people watching, I came to the conclusion that I now know why these men aint in no hurry to boo anyone up. Like kids in a candy store, options plenty!!!
Apart from the previously mentioned fact that it was like 50 beautiful women to 20 men, I observed that it had to be some dress code up in that piece. I swear every chick had like a short, tight mini and extra high heels. I had to turn to my friend and ask if we missed a memo or something. Or maybe I'm just out of touch since I kinda sorta retired from those parties...ya dig!
There was a group of friends that stood out to me. About 6 or 7 of them who all showed up in extra short, tight, red dresses. I swear I saw a panty or two as they cat walked past me and my peeps. Then they cat walked past 5 guys and like robots, all heads turned to follow the big booties. Hilarity indeed.
I can imagine that picking a falentine from that group of girls must have been a pretty hard task for all men involved.

Ms. Sula really really really reminds me of my God-sister. Same location, same interests (it seems), same age, same...I dunno. So by force, by force she is now my blogger God-sis. This one na by force adoption into my fam o so you no get option to decline am.

Whatever happened to Dat1Okirikagirl? I hope all is well with her o...

Self Audit (Temite, sue me)
I've been 3/4 successful at doing all the things I said I would try to do e.g Going to bed earlier, drinking more H2O, working out more, going to church more often and tithing as often as I can, Calling mi mama more often...etc etc.
I'm working on bumping up the 3/4 success rate to a 100%. Discipline is hard, but I'm learning.

I have been spring cleaning. Mentally and physically. Spring cleaning is always wonderful.

I have hopped on the bandwagon that I've been wanting to hop on. It will be a challenge but I can do it. I'm trying to push myself here, yo.

And in general, I'm good and I'm happy.

And on that note, I'm off to eat my ice cream cone and watch a Naija movie. I kinda fell off on that OnlineNigeria tip but I see this new one with my main girl Rita Dominic and y'all gotta know that I love me some Rita D.

Enjoy the coming week.


Reverence said...

oooh I am first. I have not been first on anyones blog in a while..

so you have tomorrow off too? *high fives*

chut! I have never had v-day blues since i came to this america, when there is 75% off chocolate at walmart to look forward to?

Kemberly said...

Original #2!!!! Yayyyy!!!!

Which DMV party did you go to? The SoSo Selective one??????

Girl...Valentine's day is so freaking overrated! I'm glad it's over already!!! aaaaaarrrrggghhh! *personal beef!*

Omg! I totally was on a Naija movie watching kick today oh...I watched 3 back-to-back!

Have a wonderful week hun!

Weeehooo...for no work 2mrw!!!

Anonymous said...

amen to the spring cleaning. :)

wordmerchant said...

glad u had fun on valentines...seriously some girls were almost naked at the club i was at...even i was startled at all the boobies on show!!!

simplegal said...

Happy you enjoyed your vals day :)

You're inspiring me sistah! I have to join you on that gyming frequently and spring clening plan!

Enjoy your day off luv.

Ovay West said...

I totally agree with Kemberly!! it's overrated!! why do we even acknowledge it? hiss!!

Ms Sula said...

What an honor, Original! I'll be your blog God-sis, no fire no force required. :D

I'm so jealous you get President day's off. When my friends in other states tell me about it, I tell them that's the reason why they pay state taxes and we don't. Ha! :P

I swear the minis and high-heels epidemics is just too much, abi. I went to a party around New Year's and the things I saw, ehn? May the guys enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Happy you didn't have any valentine's blues (I don't quite grasp the concept of Valentine's blues anyways). And you know what? Something tells me you'll be booed sooner than you actually think. Just that weird feeling. :)

Happy Spring Cleaning!! I should get on mine soon.

Have a fun day off.... (still jealous though.)

Original Mgbeke said...

Reverence: *Hi five babes* And a big Yay to chocolate on sale.

Kem Kem: Yes o, that Soso selective party. Do you know folk who went?
LOL @ you. I don't blame you, overrated it is.

Kmplx: Amen!!!

Word Merchant: LOL, maybe they were trying to secure their valentine boos for next year.

Simplegal: How have you been hon? Good to know that I can inspire an individual or two. Takes lots of discipline sha.

OvayW: Uh uh, you know!

Ms. Sula aka Blog sis: My dear, I'm just glad to have one more day off. But I'd trade an extra holiday or two for less taxes. Shoot!
And Amin to the boo to come o, I will keep ya posted for sure. lol...

Uzezi said...

someone had lots of fun.


just read your comment at my side about the wait at PF Changs. Vals day was no joke oh! Come oh, were you talking about the White Marsh mall location in MD? I drove by there that evening, lol!

Anonymous said...

...and i was busy awaiting you on falentine.

Buttercup said...

soso selective, huh? so u must know ade, right?

hope u had fun sha?

i hung out with my sis on val's day, both our boos r across the ocean,

ablackjamesbond said...

valentine's day is a sales strat and it is working. Spent me some money this weekend. Glad its all over.

Writefreak said...

Oh gald you had fun!

3/4 is good, well done! All the best on making it up to 100%!

Original Mgbeke said...

Uzezi: I shoo did. I hope twas the same story for you.

Solomon: Wow, must have been a long drive seeing that your location says Bowie.

Rethots: I waited and waited for you o. You stood me up, you yeye blog crush of mine.

Buttercup: Awwwww. Hopefully next year it will be a different story. Ade? I don't think I do.

OgaJamesbond: LOL. Your poor pockets, well e don come and go.

WriteFreak: Thanks ooo. We dey aim for that 100% goal.

Vera Ezimora said...

lol @ rewarding yourself with popeyes. U go gal!! I woulda preferred ice cream from ColdStone. Yummy!!

mizchif said...

Work out then reward urself.....sounds like a very wonderful plan. Just don't over reward yrself sha.

Goodluck with the spring cleaning.

Original Mgbeke said...

@Vera: Gotta love coldstone. Don't you just luh it when you tip 'em and they sing for you? LOL

@ Mizchif: Yes o, I try not to get too carried away.

AnyaPosh said...

I'm right there with you on the online9ja tip. I was hooked before and then I just couldn't keep up. So many options! pc's been fekking me hard so everything now takes extra long to load so there goes my crack. Anyhoo...stay on that wagon o...try to bump it to 100% in your own pace, no shaking