Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am not a Man-Hater

You know, when people started accusing me of being a male hater/male basher, I used to brush it off and say 'yeah right, me ke?'. But lately, I’ve been getting that a lot… ‘I read some of your FB comments on certain topics, you are such a man hater’, ‘Why do you bash men so much?’, ‘You come off as such a feminist nazi’…Man hater. Male Basher. Feminist nka nka…na wa o!Last weekend, there was the typical men are from mars/women are from venus discussion and my friend actually came to grab me, talkin’ about… ‘Are you guys looking for a man hater to state her opinion? Here she is...’ or something like that. I mean like, shuooooo. LOL, I know not what they speak of ‘cos I am INNOCENT.
Hehehehehe…I mean, a girl can’t even be out spoken about things and fly under the radar no more. Truth is…and I continue to issue this disclaimer:- I am NOT a man hater. The sight of men does not make my blood boil, I haven’t gone upside someone’s son’s head with a frying pan yet neither have I poured hot water on some poor man’s genitals so what are they talking about? I really and truly do not consider myself to be a man hater.

I mean…someone once asked me if a man had ever done me dirty in my lifetime and I replied and said ‘sorry to disappoint but I have no sob stories to share…’. Does a man have to do me dirty for me to call a man out when he’s being a pure and darn fool? *rolls eyes*
Granted, I admit that sometimes my approach can be a tad bit aggressive but that’s what you get when you are TRIFLING man parading around the face of this earth. I have no patience for y’all and I will continue to call you guys out on your foolishness. Just because I refuse to sit back and turn a blind eye to the madness don’t make me a man hater na. *Re-adjusts halo*
I remember when Steve McNair got kilt by his jumpoff and I texted one of my male friends expressing how I felt absolutely no ounce of sorrow for the man, and how I hoped that all married men would learn from such an unfortunate incident and hopefully keep their roving eyes and penises to themselves, and I tell you… ol’ boy caught a case o. Accused me of being a man hater, couldn’t believe how insensitive I was blahblahblahblah. Pssh…men, don’t get mad when I call y’all out and state the obvious. I’m not going to retire from my outspoken ‘male bashing’ ways sha o so everyone who thinks I’m a man hater should keep on thinking. :-D
Like one of my desk calendar quotes says… ‘When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch’. It is what it is...

And yes, it goes beyond trifling men…
There have been WAY too many of those men are from Mars/Women are from Venus types of discussions and I think I’ve just about heard all it is that men have to say and as always, I issue my counter argument/opinion. The various ‘dating do’s and don’ts’ and the knowledge that these species really think that they are dropping on a daily basis:

'Don’t buy a luxury car or a house, it will intimidate men'
'If you’ve been with more than 10 men, you’re a ho and no man will wanna marry you'
Men don’t like a woman who parties too much, you won’t be considered as wifey material’
'Go and learn how to cook. Men like a woman who can cook'

etc etc. P.S:- If I hear that ‘wifey material’ word one more time, I will scream.

Uh uh, it’s a man’s world…or so they say but I’m one woman who will continue to state her opinion in this man’s world. And let me state this opinion real quick...
PSA to my men: The existence and sole purpose of women on earth is not to be married off to you, get knocked up with your 5 children and cook all your meals. We too have lives to live, places to go and things to do. We will not put our lives on hold and turn into boring stagnant stepford mickfricks all in the name of being considered 'wifey material'...imma need y'all to get with the program and save the darn rules and regulations for your sister or something.
The absolutely heelarious thing is that these culprits end up marrying women who are the complete opposite of who they swore made up the ideal wifey...the man who swore on the head of his bear bear that he would not wife a 'double digit ho' will marry a 100 count prostitute and in the end, who will the joke be on?

Seriously, it really does get my goat how these dudes think that we ladies are sitting around waiting desperately to be scooped up. A woman can’t even have standards no more without y’all coming at us with the ‘You are 30, your mates are married…be there feeling picky’. Excuse you? Who sent out the memo that 30 was the cut off age? And who told your 5’6, broke, living with your momma at age 30 azz that any 30 year old fabulous woman would EVER give you the time of the day in this world or the next even if you were the last man on planet Earth? There is more to us than our vajayjays, our cooking skills, our so called submissive attitude and everything that you consider to be qualities desired in the so called wifey material. It is absofrigginlutely ridiculous!

How do I hear a man spew a senseless comment like ‘Men will cheat, it’s a man’s world…you women need us anyway’ and sit back and let the foolishness slide? When I tell the man that don’t nobody need his foolish self for shishi and I can do bad all by myself, he calls me a man hater. Hellooo, how do I even get with a fool like that? Abeg o...make all man know their levels.

Ok Ok, I just realized that I’m totally NOT doing a great job trying to convince anyone that I’m really not a man hater am I? LMAO. I mean what I’m really trying to say is…Argh! I give up…lol. But…like I said, I, the Original Mgbeke do not hate men. In fact, every man on earth should appreciate my outspoken ways sef. Trust that I will never fail to keep you my darlings in check. :-D

*Blows kisses to any man who happens to read this*. LMAO.


Nice Anon said...


Nice Anon said...

My darling.. I don miss you well well oo! I will not say a lot on this topic but to say


You go cook and clean tire that girl who understands and loves him but when the time comes if you ain't the one he WONT COMMIT. Na that babe wey dey for corner with her head/nose up like she's a goddess hin go find marry. MAKE WE REALLY LEAVE MATTER!

Original Mgbeke said...

Nicey mmmm I have missed you too my honey. I don full land and am back in the groove with the blogworld.
Nne...preach it! That's why I like you o know the real drill and if that aint the TRUTH then I don't know what is.

Controversy said...

Lol 2nd.
But what did men ever do to u? Honestly maybe u've blocked out what a man did to u.
But this man hatin is tomuch, do u get disgusted @ ur females to?
Cus a lot of females have zero standards and dats why men treat them like shit.
But more to the point, what shall it profit a woman to have somany standards and yet die a virgin?

Anonymous said...

i agree with everything niceanon said need to get over themselves.

Fashinga said...

Preach on sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited while reading that, i just wanted to shout 'Whoo-hoo' but unfortunately, i'm in the library and i can't!!

'And who told your 5’6, broke, living with your momma at age 30 azz that any 30 year old fabulous woman would EVER give you the time of the day in this world or the next even if you were the last man on planet Earth?' RFLMFAO!!!!!! Chei!! Chineke meeee!!! you're right on point dear..

Someone's gotta put these men in their place...but ehmm...*Cough* you do sound like a feminist

I missed you oh my dear...

Later Luv!!

Lady X said...

Like my recent blog post says SHAME ON NAUGHTY MEN!!! SHAME!!! Please don't mind them you are just voicing your very reasonable opinions.

Ebony~!* said...

hmmmm!!! serious ish oh! sha I feel a man will kill for what he wants. Nothing will stop him. please I cnt wait for you to get married oh!! :)

UnderCover07 said...

Nothing more to add...Nuff said!!!

If they cnt tke the heat, biko gerrout of the kitchen!!!Lol...afterall na as dem papa n' mama tke born dem (men) na so dem born us women from the same vajayjay we frm come; So all dt BS they yarn is jst simply BS.

blackrubies said...

*claps clap* , *standing ovation*
i personally couldnt care less about feminism and stuff like that, cause it saves me a whole lot of headache, but mehn u broke it down in a fantastic way:)

chayoma said...

You go on girl!
Say what's on ur mind.

Reverence said...

I saw the post title on my blogroll and i literally LOLed..

but in your defense i have heard you bash trifling women too. so i guess you are an equal opportunity basher?

Controversy said...

@ Reverence.
So she's an equal oppurtunity basher, then that's cool with me lol.
As long as the bashing is spread among all the gender.
A wise woman puts a grain of sugar into everything she says to a man, and takes a grain of salt with everything he says to her

Deji D said...

Nice one dia! Well you do come off sounding mad man haterish but i'm a dude and I agree with this yarns.

Anybody with crazy miles on them is a hoe in my books whether male or female.

Plus there really shouldn't be a time limit for marriage. It should be when people are ready. Its crazy how many babes i see scurrying around to get married when their "time is almost up". Settling for less is some crazy ish that they have to live with till they kpai.

PS: this is not an attempt to score brownie points with the ladies, even though i will be more than happy to cash them in :D

TayneMent said...


Original Mgbeke said...

Controversy: LOL. I can tell that you are a damn clown, trynna come up in here and be controversial. You no sabi read ni???

Leggy: Ya feel me? They really need to.

Fashinga: No be small 'I can't shout'. Too funny! It's funny 'cos I really do not assign the feminist tag to myself at all o, I just like to call it 'opinionated'. Hahahaha, men this isn't an attack at y'all. I'm just saying...

Lady X: Thank you o jare, I really did try to come off as calm before someone came and accused me of bashing. LOL

Ebony: Hahahaha, join the line of people who can't wait o. Hehehehe, I will invite you when the time comes. I just dey yarn am as I see am mai sister.

Undercover: Real BS indeed...sometimes I feel that it is just to appear cool with the guys but when taim comes, na different tori.

Blackrubies: I won't even call myself a feminist, like I said I just dey state my opinions. :-D...thanks missy.

Chayoma: As always!

Reverence: I really am equal opportunity. I hate on trifling people in general. Men, women or animals. LOL


Deji D: Did you gather that from this one post? Apparently I didn't do a good job with convincing
I like how you aint apply any double standards in here and bros speak on it, why the rush? I agree that some of us women do feed into the madness. AH well...
LOL, whachu you gonna do with the brownie points? Cash them? :D

Taynement: Be laughing thia.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

**locks yabbing mouth and sinks the key in the ocean**

Any man that gets intimidated by the big house, the luxury car or whatever flashy stuff a woman owns or can afford isn't a man!!! FACT.

I'd rather welcome the challenge than shy away from it but the whole point is not to over do it till when it ruins a relationship.

WIFE MATERIAL!!!! hahaha....yes, i said it...
this doesn't really mean being a house wife...there are other qualities a man looks for in a woman, you know.

And do one thing and hit me back on it...ask younger men what they want in a wife and you'll see that most of them have views that pretty much vary from some of the things you listed...YOU ARE OLD SCHOOL!!! lol...

How old are you again? A YOUNG OLD SCHOOL GIRL...hehehe

**KISSES, HUGS AND FLOWERS** to pacify you...**wink wink**

histreasure said...

babe...i like you jare..tell them..
i sincerely hope they would look beyond and get the message..

i really laffed out at some part of the post sha..the 30 living wit mama thinking u r lucky to have

Do not give a hoot about the labelling, human beings are like that, i gotta hand it to u, girl, u say wat needs to b said

lolly said...

On point!

Gee said...

oh baby baby..u don talk finish o! any guy reading this o! said...

I frigging love this post!
I just dey nod dey go.

yes we women have lives too. i concur.

Sassy Trends said...

if we all are men haters.... e neva spoil nah!
men are bunch of %$***7&&&&&&!

cerberus said...

sweetness i'll accept the kiss n keep my mouth shut. ;)

downtheaisle said...

Mgbeks...they will label you "super-duper" man hater again o!!!!

I like dis part:
'Don’t buy a luxury car or a house, it will intimidate men'
'If you’ve been with more than 10 men, you’re a ho and no man will wanna marry you'
‘Men don’t like a woman who parties too much, you won’t be considered as wifey material’
'Go and learn how to cook. Men like a woman who can cook'
...I wish my male colleagues will read dis!

Omosi T said...

'kpa kpa kpa kpa' again, again....that's my razz way of giving you hand. i have never understood holding yourself back for a man, he is not doing it for you, so why should you?

Enkay said...

hehehe! We get your point all right!

I've also wondered too, who set all these rules in the first place?

akaBagucci said...

Hmm... perhaps you have been rolling with the wrong crowd of men..............

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

You have said it all!!!

Those dudes need to give themselves brain and know that there is more to life than been a wifey material.

Thank you for speaking our mind.

Anonymous said...

Lmao at your attempt to try to convince comment on kid.

I totally get your point though some men need to be called out on their foolish ways.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... comment break down.
They should leave you jare - one cannot bash a real Man, he will just dust off his shoulder and move on. Same applies for women.
There is balancing out with your partner... whatever that means for y'all. Your perfect partner will balance that out, and you will both compromise. Anyone other trifling men can F'off.

Ms.O said...

You are a man hater jo! Dnag I felt the spews of hatred.. daaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!.. LMAO!!

Dont mind all these men of these days feeling like they doing someone a damn favour. They can go kick rocks or play in traffic! *hisssss* I am Not a man hater!

Penelope...! said...

Lmao! Uve been calling them out for quite sometime nw but OM, I dont mind oo! Me i like it lik that.
They want all dier hidden foolish antics to remain hidden...Please keep us posted...cast them!

And since wen is marriage even generally compulsory? These men must feel we r subjects..shame.

Rosie said...

Mgbeke, women who call out men are not man-haters. We are man-improvers. cus goodness knows they are all

Olufunke said...

You have done it again
you sef don talk will be now labeled...super, mega, duper man-hater.

I also wonder who started all those rules and 'perceptions

No mind all those men jare, and you have right to be expressive

plus there are some wonderful men out there who respect and really value ladies.


Sugarking said...

oh well, i take the last line dash una d rest. lol

scribble, said...

I have no objections, only thing I'd say to this is that it's very easy to have your BS filter set so tight that you miss the genuinely good but inextricably flawed (i.e. human) man.

As long as your stance is not "all men are trifling", I wouldn't go so far as to call you a man-hater. You're just a woman who knows what is right and won't settle for less

Afronuts said...

I wonder what made people conclude that u are a man hater.

I hope u dint say too many things that got them assuming cuz out of the abundance of one's heart, the mouth speaks...

But if u say u aint, I believe you. Because it takes knowing for u to put it up here in a long post...

FFF said...

i guess wen people think male-basher, wot they are actually saying is that a lady is preoccupied with noting down every single thing that is wrong with the male gender, without a little thought to the things that are right about them. so, it really just about a woman having strong opinions.

now, look @ it in the other way. men have strong opinions about women, but you'd hardly see them dedicating an entire post or blog to listing all the evils of a woman. in fact, if a woman is so bad, they'd simply term her 'crazy', or as our naija people will say 'the girl get wahala!'. Daz dismissive! She's been tagged as being unworthy of wasting their saliva over. but we ladies will go on & on & on & on & on & on. funny enough, it doesn't make any damn difference! except for getting us named 'man-haters'. that's why, my dear, i don't talk anymore (@ least, to a much reduced degree) abt the things men do. instead, where i have to beef about something, i beef about the society that encouraged such behaviours.

Original Mgbeke said...

David...LOL, berra lock that ya yabbing mouth o! Trouble maker like you. And i certainly agree, such a man who is easily intimidated is a suspect man indeed. I don't think that wifey material = housewife. The essence of the word just annoys me. And abegi jare, the younger men too want some ridiculous things...clear road this yeye man. LOL...kisses and hugs back atcha boo! *muah*

Histreasure: Thank you o jare, my sister I no send them again...if they like they should call me this and that, I hope they get the point too!

Lolly: Thanks.

Gee: Thanks ooo.

Eyeshadow: We certainly do. How you been Missy?

SassyTrends: LMAO...that's hilarious!

Cerebrus: Here's another one for you. *muah* ;)

Downtheaisle: LOL, I know they will. I give up! Abeg forward to your

OmosiT: Lmaooo @ kpa kpa kpa. My sister ooo, there is a life to live so let's all live it.

Enkay: I am convinced they have some kind of conference and come up with the rules.

Bagucci: This isn't a male bashing post but the 'wrong crowd of men' appear to be every friggin where.

Girlwithredhair: For real, there is really more to life. Na so we see am my sister...

Taymee: Hahahaha I know ooo. My dear I dey try call them out at the risk of being labelled.

Original Mgbeke said...

Kmplx...make them leave me ooo. There is compromise on both parts no doubt as opposed to the 'you must do X and Y and you are at our mercy because you need us' etc etc. True talk!

Ms.O...Hahahah Ezigbo spews of hatred. dear o, it's the feeling of doing us a favor that gets on my nerves. Hmmph!

Penelope: Hahaha, have I? lmaoo @ 'cast them'. Marriage will happen for some, and it won't happen for some. Such is life and in the meantime let's keep living it and loving it.

Rosie: LMAOOO, classic! Good one! :D

Olufunke: True that, I believe that there are correct men out there. They still have hope...I am just trying to correct the incorrect ones. Lmaooo.

Sugarking: LOLL!

Scribs: I'm definitely not of the school of thought that all men are trifling. Correct ones dey! And I'm open to flawed folk, we are all flawed...I know BS when I see it. Yup, yup!

Afronuts: Funny. You no read my post ni? Like I said when I express my opinions on the BS that some of you engage in, na label dem go give. No be small out of the abundance etc etc. LOL

FFF: My sister, everyone get their way of expression sha. If dem wan dismiss make them dismiss. I'm an expressive person and will write an epistle or stand on a soap box and give my speech/rant. Society is definitely one of the key factors and that na tori for another day.

Myne Whitman said...

‘When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch’

A woman after my own heart. You tell them babes. Yeah I am a feminazi and so?

olu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olu said...

Thumbs up for UNdiplomatic folks like US. LOL! I'm undiplomatic like that.

I don't think you're a man hater, at least not in the way they mean it. People are never comfortable when others speak their mind, that's all.

Speaking of men, hope you read my Donald Trump comment. We need to do something o! **retreats to a corner to devise a sinister plan**

Fabulo-la said...


If only the reat of the world will HEAR!!

Original Mgbeke said...

Myne: High five me abeg jare. Ha Ha Ha. I will tell 'em.

Olu: See why i like you? Berra person, abeg come give me daps. UNdiplomatic indeed. :-)
Make I come join you for corner as we think up this master plan. *evil grin*

Fabo-La: I really wish they would to. A word dikwa enough for the wise.

Tigeress said...

I cant shout......

but one thing that irks me about my fellow Nigerian is their judgemental behaviour- especially when it comes to women. My recent post- to some i'm a bad girl! hisssssss!!

Zena said...

Mgbeks, u still dey my side?

Kate said...

the funny thing is that the men that be making all this damn mouth are the ones probably getting dominated by their 35 year old wives who dont cook or clean and have been with 20 men and still go out partying!! i'm kidding.

EVERYBODY should just face their own damn front jare...dunno why ppl are always so ready to put their 2 cents in on how you should behave and live your life to attain the greatness that is marriage to a naija man! EWW!!..UGGHH.... i hate ppl that just talk and talk and talk...kindly STFU..and mind your own business and focus on finding you your like 23 year old innocenti that can cook proper ofe nsala and thinks the sun and moon rise and set in his ass..i mean eyes...
pheww... rant done. i dont think you are a man hater o..u just say it like it is..maybe a bit more passionately than they would on with your bad self jare!!

TINO said...

Lol!!!!!!!! Looooooooooves it.
You best believe a "REAL MAN" will appreciate your out-spoken ways.

Repressed One said...

All i can say is Hear! Hear! Foolish people everywhere. It's sickening.

muyiwa said...

lol,Man hater,thats funny,can a lady do without a man

48 said...

Ok Ok, I just realized that I’m totally NOT doing a great job trying to convince anyone that I’m really not a man hater am I?

Lol the above cracked me up. Hear! Hear! tho, I'm very allergic to extreme male foolishness too. And that doesn't make us man-haters joh.

Zena said...

eya! sha no wahala we must see then sha, or na one trouser we go enter ooh!

StandTall-The Activist said...

I don’t hide the fact that I am a feminist and some ppe had put it at the back of their mind with n evidence that feminisms is abt men hating

Yu have issues to address just like a these double standard you mentioned and someone will call you men-hater! Why would they not try and be objective for once?

Ms. 'dufa said...

Go Original Mgbeke!

I support your views jare! However it comes of as, male-hater or otherwise, its a man's world quite alright, but women are in it too..and lest they forget, they all come from us.

Anonymous said...

Muyiwa, HELLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZz YEA a woman can do without a man. the ideal question is can a man do without a woman???????????

StandTall-The Activist said...

I meant to write”no” evidence.
@ Muyiwa: A lady can definitely do without a man if she choose to and vice versa.

StandTall-The Activist said...

@Ms. 'dufa: it's a misconception to thinks it's a man's world in the first place. God gave both of us dominion over the earth and women gave birth and nurture their male children to be men. So, it's our world together...

miss.fab said...

Lol! I don't even think I can add anything to this conversation. Well said jare, O.M. and fellow commenters. And O.M., if you've not superglued a man's genitals to his chest yet (this actually happened btw), you are not a man hater jare! Although the said man was a cheating married man with two side-chicks. How rude! Mschew!!

Proud Prick said...

Original Mgbeke.
Man-hater in denial.

Most men are pricks. You hate pricks. You hate most men. Don't be ashamed. Embrace your gangster.

MPB said...

you are not a man hater, you say it like it is!