Friday, April 18, 2008

A Shopaholic's prayer

Oh lord,
Please deliver me from the evil clutches of Urban Outfitters and Ebay. Lord, you know that I have no business exceeding my shopping budget. Father, with your grace I rebuke all enablers and the spirit of joblessness that leads me to these websites. I pray that by your grace, I will be strong and RESIST all forms of temptation.


Chei, na serious wahala be this o. Haba! God dey sha....

So what's crackackin' for the weekend? Moms is visiting from Naija so as I get off work now, na to enter a grocery store and organize some stuvvs. I need to cook for her too and Lord knows I aint in the mood. It's been a long week and all I wanna do is fall into bed and sleep.

Have a fabulous weekend mai pipu. I go catch una next week.


Anonymous said...

Ok i even wanted to learn about ebay... i have a LOT of things to sell.. and actually saw a pair of ninewest shoes i really wanted to buy... that and im watching a balenciaga bag.. but i dont know if to trust it or not.. never ever bought anything.. omo i might need ur adviseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... have a fantastic weekend my angel

Sting said...

AMEN to that prayer. Hope u are enjoying some mommy time?