Monday, July 6, 2009

It is one thing for the man to have money...

...and another thing if he actually spends the money on you. No be true wey I dey talk?
And I'm saying this because I stay hearing females gush about some paid men, talkin' about...'He has a great job making 6 figures, he drives a nice car, he is PAID'. I'm like oh that's all well and dandy but is he stingy? Is he an aka-aradite? (remember that strong glue wey we dey use for Naija?)
Trust me, when you date enough men, you will run into that man who has a nice profile...nice job, nice car, 4 bedroom house in a nice suburban neighborhood, the right education...everything about him will look good on paper until he takes you out and he tries to mask his cheapness under the guise of saying ish like 'Do you really need that? 'cos I don't want you to lose your figure' when he notices that you are perusing the dessert menu during your dinner date, all in the name of trying to get out of paying for your $6 dessert. True talk!

And while we are talking about money and men, what is it with men instantly assuming that every woman is out for their money? Like seriously negro, fall back with that foolishness. I remember one bobo wey ask me out to dinner but the bobo no sabi my hood well well so he asked me to pick a restaurant of my choice. Me, being me, I was gonna be considerate to his budget (not even knowing what it was), I mean I obviously wasn't gunning for a restaurant that served some extra expensive entrees and what have you. Na im the bobo come 'jokingly' insert...'Umm, whatever you do, please do not pick any restaurants that serve $1,000 caviar'. Joke or no joke, that statement vexed me ehnnnnn. As in, it seriously chooked me. I mean to begin with, has this man ever seen caviar in his lifetime sef? Secondly, why would he just assume that I would go for the top notch fancy joints. I found that to be very insulting and if you get to know me, you will know that I absolutely hate it when people make assumptions about my character. I will tolerate anything else but honey, please do not lump me in with those gold-digging women that you dated in this past. Needless to say, after the date...I thanked him for dinner and never called him again. Peace out homie!

Like men need to stop with that foolishness. Look at me up and down and tell me if I look like I need your money. And, I'm not even saying this on that whole 'I am a strong, black, independent woman' soapbox but c'mon dude. I have a J-O-B that pays all my bills, puts food on my table and leaves room for misc. things. I have a car that gets me from point A to B. Practically everything that I own was bought and paid for by moi, and I have never been of the mentality of expecting a man to pay my way so please don't come at me assuming that I want your money or worefa, as you dey see me so...I be correct babe and you sure as heck aint doing anything to upgrade me so abeg no dey approach me on some yeye nonsense. Ish like that just irritates the heck out of me.
I mean, a girl is innocently posing by the bar and man instantly assume that she is a thirsty woman looking for the next negro to buy her a drink.
You take her out on a dinner date and get mad when she orders an appetizer and dessert along with her entree? I just weak o! Maybe she is not a gold digger, maybe you are just a cheapskate which leads me back to my very first point in this post.

Aniwoos na the thing wey dey my mind be that and I don tok am.

Moving on, so make una tell me why my aunt is trynna marry me off. I decided to swing by her house yesterday and her friend from out of town was visiting. Mind you, my aunt don told me about this friend and how she has 5 sons who are dokitas or somn crazy and I was just like hmmm okay. Na so the woman come jam me, and since her friend was there...see the kain promo wey these 2 women were doing ehn. I almost turned red with embarrassment and I no too yellow sef. LOL.
In my very before, they were talking about me like I wasn't there. 'Her father is this'. 'Her mother is this. 'She works as a this'. 'She is a very good cook'. She is a nice girl from a good home. I was WEAK. The mother of the dokitas come dey look me up and down with approval and was like 'Ahh, won't you want me as your mother in-law?'. LMAO.
Abeg o, make dem leave tori for tortoise. Na beans?

1. Sarah Palin don lost her ever loving mind. Did anyone peep that 'speech' that she gave about her reasons for retiring from the Alaskan Gov. position.

2. How y'all like the new layout? Change is good...yeah?

3. My July 4th weekend was INCREDIBLY dry. Jesu Christi! I should have gone out of town sha. Mchewwwwwww.


Reverence said...

could this be? am i first. so this si what staying at the library does for you ehen...
so where to start.. in short ehn you stay speaking my mind. as in now i dont even send anymore why yes i want the dessert and appetizer and so? think what you wish abeg.

LMAO @ i no too yellow chile puleez

our baiday is coming oooo what shall we do??
p.S why was was talking to someone and saying leave tori for tortoise, i evem said nonsense and golden morn.. i wa slike mgbeke has killed me o!
oh i have to you the gist that led me to use the aforementioned phrases.
interesting sturvings...

Reverence said...

oh yea i like the new layout. ok back to my lover, BEC, we have a romantic night planned. ooh lalala

ShadeNonconformist said...

u're fuuny!!

naija shawty said...

proper comment, my july 4th was a dry as harmattan.

when i read ur title, what came to mid was that "it is one thing for a man to have money, it is another for him to have sense". that caviar guy na olodo. for reals. if i wer eu and dint like d guy, i wud just not out with him sef. who needs his change.

mehn! i like u mgbeks, no homo

Repressed One said...

I said this on you old post. I LOVEEE the new layout...i want :([i've been meaning to find one but for laziness]

lol@ caviar dude i hear you jare...i've heard enuff of those arguments and i'm like wtf. If i can go out by myself and order a lobster please don't dull yourself and think its cos u're paying i want lobster...mschew.

lol i don't know if you reply you here or in my comment box...yea that wedding scene was hella awkward. Ain't that groom just delish? And yea the co-worker aint bad saw 'life and living it,' yea?

Anonymous said...

His mouth like $1000 caviar!
Only God will help us o!
No mind Palin o!
lame duck my bloody ass!
Going with the flow ko.
Wenting with the flow ni..
That woman annoys me...

iphyigbogurl said...

lol@the caviar guy, u for no even commot with am......
u're funny...
nice blog.

Original Mgbeke said...

Revs: Yelzz you are numero uno. :-D
For real tho, Negros trippin' over some appetizer and dessert. Na craze?
I have absolutely no bday plans o. Be sure to gist me that tori lerraz. Have fun with BEC...LOL! The big day when y'all unite is coming up. :-D

Shade: Thanks Ms. lady. lol

NaijaShawty: It was like a disease o. I guess I was riding on the Memorial day hype. That dude na real olodo shaaa ooo, my sister.
Thank you. :-), It's not homo-fied to me. LOL

Repressed: Scroll to the bottom, the link to where I got the template from is thia. They have mad options.
Speak on it! Speak, yeyerism that some men be presenting me with.
Meanwoos the groom is too cute for me, I usually like them with some flava and the co-worker got it. I even like the maintenance man dude sef, hmmm I'm about to head to Ghana and find me a cutie. :-D
Yes I saw Life and living it. Thanks for the link.

Brokeass: LMAOO, bobo never see am before o. Nonsense and milo! Meanwoos I swear I was like is this Palin lady for real? She even seemed kinda high sef...'only dead fish go with the flow'. Bwahahahahah! She don come again with her 'nukular' comments.

iphyigbogirl: True true, I could have been on some 'never mind' steez but I was like okay let me check this guy out real quick and he didn't do much to redeem himself plus the thing still dey my mind so it was a peace out!
Thank youu. :-)

Anonymous said...

when i got here...i was like...did i come to the right place?
anyway...dokitas..i want me some just shows tht ur aunty loves and realy really likes you.

Gee said...

lol @ the aunt tryna marry u wat they r all doing o, my aunt in the villa sed anytime i am ready i shuld just call she can arrange man 4 me(lol..though her taste is not bad sha, but just the fact its an aunt go dey do my body somehow)

chayoma said...

Gurl, speak ur mind joo...
wetin dey!
Who even born the maga wey dey open mouth dey talk of $1000 caviar? he pronounce am well b4 we yarn whether he don taste am....mscheeww!
Abeg, do you! leave all these yeye super glue guys wey dey roam! Una own better self, for Canada, b4 guy pay for ur meal, u knw say Jesus don come down put that two cents for im pocket! Mscheewww...

Me loving the layout oh!
Change is good!

Repressed One said...

[ be only cold shower oh...tres hawt stuvving abi

Wait, you weren't fully convinced of the grooms hotness?? you worry oh lol

LWKM--Biko buy tix for 2 ehn, gracias!...]

....umm sorry folks...i'm done hehe

Rene said...

i laff
love the layout

48 said...

ah ahn nothing wrong with your aunt trynna hook you up o, infact I love forward-thinking women like that. hehe @ her friend checking you out like sallah ram...abeg shine ya eye, just make sure that it's not the family medicine one of the dokitas u choose...just in case lol.

Something tells me that 1000dollar caviar guy meant no harm o, he was prolly just giving you a hint as to what his budget could handle. Altho bringing up any type of money issues afta asking a woman out is just tacky.

Nice Anon said...

LOL. Na so e dey start. Tomorrow now dem go invite us to ya wedding Amin!

I heard of some chic that a dude took out and told her to focus on a certain part of the menu. LOL I laff die! Stupid things like that can not and will NEVER happen to me. Church ga agbasa be that! Amubeghi onye ahu.

OR some stupid dude that was complaining to me that this girl likes going to expensive restaurants.. do you know the so called expensive restaurants? RED frigging LOBSTER!

akaBagucci said...

Ahn ahn.. Free your Aunty O... She dey 'concined'. 'Ground breaking research' from 2004 seems to suggest introductions by family and friends is a the most likely way to snag a 'berra' guy, so she just dey try fulfil her own duty...

Hmm... the paddy wey dey form cheap... Free the guy o... Na wetin dey im mind im dey tell you o... You never know what he has also discovered from 'dating enough women' too.. But then each object of attention is a different ball game that required a custom built solution.............

Niiiiiiiiice layout.. Very cool...

joicee said...

hahaha..You won´t kill me you hear
Girl, I feel on this post, Some men have the money but not an iota of sense. ..... some of these foolish men don´t know doling out that cash to pay for your woman´s dinner or what have you can be extremely sexy.

Lol@your Aunty...she wants to hook you up with a dokita...go on girl

I like this new layout ...very chocolatey

Adaeze said...

I beg..people just need to stop caring about money. In a relationship, what matters is being responsible and caring. Finish.

How are you ?

downtheaisle said...

I like this new layout, Now, I can say "Razz is the new cool"

***I haven't read the post yet, going bk to read.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

I am sooooo in love with the new layout-i jealous oh.

One can never enough of all this our cheapskate and chauvinistic African men. They just have those stupid notion about women and would gladly want it to be so

Anonymous said...

preach am oh! love the new layout.

Writefreak said...

Yeah! I love the new layout!

No one should make an assumption about another's character..not allowed. It's just that sometimes the women gold digging give us that aren't the bad names..a man should try and get to know a woman before judging her character.

It's like that everywhere jare, if they're not trying to marry you off, they're trying to find a way to make or help you have a

Glad you had fun on the holiday!

Zena said...

I dont even know where to start with this one.... LWKMD!!! Mgbeke na wa!!

I love the new layout...big things ooh!

Original Mgbeke said...

Leggy: True that. I love her too and I know that she means well. :-)

Gee: Village kwa? That is the one that you will bring here and he will carry matchet to chop off your head because you are making more than him. LMAO.

Chayoma: LOL @ Jesus coming down. Odikwa risky o. Anyway na the Western mentality be this 'cos in Naija non of this would even be an issue.

Repressed: Darris ehnnn. I gotchu baby! 2 tickets for us to go and toast those sexy ghanians. How come they don't come that cute here in obodo oyinbo?

Rene: Thanks babe!

48:In retrospect, I found it kinda cute, I was just embarassed with the way they put me on the spot. Gotta love them forward thinking ladies...yeah!
Maybe this guy really meant no harm but I agree that ish was tacky. He could have picked a restaurant if he was concerned about a budget na.

Nicey m: Amin oooo. Bwahahahah @ focus on the menu & RED LOBSTER. Stop playing! wowzers sha, some men are special.

Bagucci: Hahahahaha, I gbadun the research oooo. True that the paddy may have been burned in the past but make hin free me too. Approach me with a fresh POV and wait for me to prove myself as opposed to instantly assuming the worst. Ah well, na human nature.

Joicee: Some of them don forget how to wine and dine a woman. Na them sabi! Mchewwww.
Yelz o, dem wan make I collect dokita. Hahahahaha.

Adaeze: Sure, that can be applied to both sexes sha. It is what it is...I dey my sister, hope say all is better in your world?

Downtheaisle: Thanks lady!

Original Mgbeke said...

GWTRH: It is the western mentality 'cos men in Naija certainly don't think like this. Na them sabi! Mchewwww...

Kmplx: I stays preaching it. Thanks lady.

WriteFreak: True talk, I guess other females have kinda ruined things for we harmless ones. make them try abegi.
Yeah o, my aunt has really been hinting. LOL...It's cute! How have you been?

Zena: Make laffter no kill you too much o. LOL, thanks Missy.

Writefreak said...

I'm sister..thank you for asking!

Kemberly said...

Mgbeks! How you dey!!! My God, your aunt is tew funny! But allow her now, when your happily married to the doctor and all is fine and dandy with you guys, you'll thank your aunt! I love the new layout hun....very clean!

Lady X said...

Nice Layout!

I know right!! I don't understand people that have lots of money and are VERY stingy!! Both guys and girls! I could tell you about these two girls sef that are very stingy! I think maybe that will be what my next post will be about. Stingy men! Did it cross their mind that perhaps you are ordering appetizers and desert to prolong the date becuz you are enjoying it! Me no like cheapness at all at all!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Seriously, there are some problems we unnecessarily created for ourselves and they come from mindsets and the way some people have chosen to stick to a belief. Some men will think it's an effrontery for women to suggest paying for anything when they are on date yet they complain she spends too much of their money...

They you get some ladies that are involved with brothers that dont mind if they pay and they go, he is a lazy ass, he wants me to be spending my money when he should be doing it.

There shd be a balance on this issue. Both parties should have self confidence and independent mind when it comes to money and who spends what and why...

tankojjetty said... much as i agree with a lot of what you're saying (i've got an independent woman mysef), i'd like you to just speak for yoursef.

you'll agree with me that women like you are rare, well in this part of town...lasgidi...

if your aunty's trying to match make you...means you're either old or not making an effort...

but pay them no mind...i'm sure they didnt get married early
love the layout

LusciousRon said...

Lovely template. Men and Arrogance plus money issues- Hmmn! They can all take a flying jump. Its either they are leeching on you or being stingy when they have! LOL

Your aunt is funny. Naija women are the same all over! Sorry about your July 4 weekend o

Nice Anon said...

My darling Mgbafo... Direct na m to the right place make I kuku get template so i can be shining like you na? I just love the new templates on this one and the other blog kwa.

Nne na my leg be that ooh. Thanks much. Lekwa ka isi n'ebu m. LOL

In my head and around me said...

Loving the new blog. Decided to show us your dark side, eh?

About the post, preach on preacher! Plus, I don't understand the stereotyping. The older I get, the more I am aware that some dudes want to get with you for the cash you are making. So contrary to their belief that it is only women that are gold-diggers, they have a lot of those kind of people on their side of the divide too. One guy once told me that he was willing to "change" for me. He thought that poor lil' me was the cash cow that would lift him out of poverty with my little salary. I set him straight.

Speaking about gold-diggers. There is hardly a guy alive that can claim that when he is buying a girl a drink he isn't thinking of getting some sort of "reward". That "reward" is not replenishable like gold and is a whole lot more valuable.

olu said...

"Aka-aradite" "Jesu Christi!!!" You no go kill me o!
LOL @ your aunty and here friend.
You don gentrify this blog. Nice one!

Kate said...

I like the new layout but i can't see it at work!! HOW RUDE!! :( i have to highlight the whole page to read it...:( cheap and how disrespectful for a man in the process of courting you to say rubbish like that. That deserves a SLAP!!!! shio!

Olufunke said...

True talk jare
LOL! the $1000 caviar ....Nna...No comment!
Some men just don't get it.
They feel everything is about their money and all EVERY lady wants is to spend their money, they just do not think a woman can be endeared to a man for many important things apart form money (truth be said, there is nothign more to them than what they earn/own)

I also agree some 'olojukokoro' ladies spoil the good ones.

I like your new like you.

make you allow your Aunty o....God works in different ways...she is just doing her part "wink' ...'wink'

CultureCynic said...

ahahahahahahahahahahhaahaahaahaha...where are you meeting these cheapos abeg.....shameless mofos....

the only reason you aunt wants to marry you off is becuz u r hot commodity at ur face turning red....a whole u got embarrased??? who da thunk it.

Palin is conversationaly retarded and her reasoning and logic is below me. her and her "gag on it" attitude....seeing her makes me angry so for the sake of my TV screen am goin to mute her everytime she speaks.somone pls make her goooo away....

ok and about the layout, it is giving me shebi i be yeye woman baaa???

CultureCynic said...

the only reason i am number 36 is becuase your new layout isn't readable on my computer at work....i am a top 10 kinda of person....everyone knows that!!!

Nice Anon said...

ma razz na adila cool.. where are the Costa Rica photos? Don't think i forgot.

Tigeress said...

........becos there r plenty awoof girls?

Original Mgbeke said...

Writefreak: I hail you o. Good to know that all is well.

Kem Kem: Thanks hon. Yeah my aunt is a trip, she has told me many times that she will pay for my wedding dress; now all I need to do is find the hubby. LOL

Lady X: Thanks Lady. Good point you made, I may be ordering appetizers and what not because I want to prolong the date. And yup, stinginess is not just for the guys, some girls kwa dikwa very tight fisted.

Standtall: Yes indeed. You make a lot of sense, yeah! I don't expect a man to pay my way 100%, I do think that there should be a balance on that one as well.

Tankojetty: I have heard about the ladies in Lagos. Maybe we Yankee babes have a different mindset because here, everyone works hard for their money? Then again, by default men in Naija pay for the majority of things anyway so that might fuel the Lagos babes mentality. Thank you!

LusciousRon: Ha! A flying jump indeed. You can certainly never win 'em all. Odikwa risky o.
Yeah the 4th was boooring but I don bounce back now.

Nicey m: I don put am for ya blog, hia! I dey look this ya leg on top that shoe o. Na you bikoooo. :-D

Inmyhead: Yes o, showing my dark side indeed. LOL. Hia! The bobo wan change for you ke? It is not an easy matter o. Hin don see real cash cow.
And you know that may be true o, as per guys buying you drinks and such all in the race towards reaping the 'reward'. Interesting POV. Well, when my male platonic friends do such nice things, i think that they are just doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. Ha ha!

Olu: Yelzz o, na the sayings be that. Ha Ha ha. Yeah I have pimped out my blog. LOL

Kate: Awwww, that sucks. You need to ditch your mallam musa work compurra ooo. And yeah I just thought that was on some straight up WTH levels. Narnsense.

Olufunke: Ya knoww, like there is not more to them than the zero's in their paycheck. I mean granted, like you said...some open eye women dey spoil the show but make them try jare. Hia! I go dey observe my aunt o, she is really on this match making business. lol. Thanks lady!

Culture: Gerraway thiaaa. Wetin do my template, do you? Aww seems you and Kate are in the same boat yeah? I recommend tossing your compurras out of the window, that way the IT guys can give you a new one. LOL
So errm my sister, not all dates will be purrfect and a chick will run into a couple of yeye ones. Na so e be!
Hot commodity like me abi? Now is my time to shine o. LOL...

Nicey m: No shakings, next post I got you covered.

Tigeress: Yes, awoof women exist but I no be awoof woman. I might as well start bashing all men assuming that the whole lot of them are dogs? abi na...

Elle Woods said...

are you minding them? Half of them have no agenda..all they know how to do is throw up peace signs in pictures. Useless somethings.

FashPa said...

pls..i dunno what money naija men have that is making them feel like something.

faB!! said...

I thot I was lost at I like your new background sha...change is good.
I'd soon adapt to it.

Lol @ Sarah Palin, and I thought it was just me that noticed.

Bout ur Auntie, awww... o huru gi n'anya!! lol!

I hate that stereotype of women being so into money so very much. I'm just *this close||* from slapping anybody whoever says that to me. Like seriously, I really think whoever says it is extremely lame because NOT EVERY woman needs a man's damn money!! There's such a thing called independent!

Msheeww..... I don vex 4 dat guy who said that caviar thing already!! Nonsense & ingredient!! lol.

faB!! said...

ps: I just donated 300 grains of rice!! :)

yankeenaijababe said...

I love the new layout, very nice. Sarah palin is always crazzy anyday,anytime. I wonder how she became governor in the first

aloted said...

hi there! It was hard to read your post...I had to highlight the words..

nawa o..see how they just "sold" u to that ..kai serious matter.

So why did Sarah resign?

thanks for stopping by my blog

CultureCynic said...

nne men...u got me addicted to i got my coworkers and friends into it too and they are telling me how good it makes them feel to give..... this is something that is ahmazzing ..just yesterday i donated 3500 grains of rice that is at least enuff to feed 3 hungry toddlers everyday i am going to donate a meal by playing the vocab easy is that, plus it makes me feel so smart that all those ACT words i kno, were not in vain...everybody should get addicted to this cause to end world hunger...there is more to life than thousand dollar bags and fancy dinners...thats my side. i am spreading the gospel of humanity...

CultureCynic said...

level 11??? r u serious??????? che...levels dey sha!!!!

ManCee said...

I feel you on that note o.
I've been on a self imposed crusade to prove that females arent primarily after a guy's money.
But I wont lie for you, it has not been easy.
This marriage wah o. Dem just dey terrorize chic all over the diaspora.
na real wah.

Kpakpando said...

After he made the caviar comment, you should have said " I hope you're not a cheapskate o" in the same joking manner he said it in, tchiiieeeeew! Ala gba gbu ya nti!

It's funny because men usually are pulling out all the stops to impress you in the beginning, so if that's him trying to impress... then good luck to the woman he ends u with.