Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random is my middle name...

Why does everyone instantly assume that I'm 'ranting' when I post stuff?

In my head and around me, Nice anon & Olu. Y'all don't have blogs? Abi ya profile be private and steez?

So much for anonymity (sp? Too lazy to check)...seems like a bunch of folk have stumbled across this piece right here, put two and two together and figured t'is yours truly. Ah well, I guess there will be no crazy stories of the sexploits. Psssh, see amebos getting all excited, like I go tell una sef. :-p

What I would really really love to do is take a month's staycation i.e stay home, sleep, eat, watch Naija movies and just RELAX.

I still need that personal masseuse on call 24/7.

I can't muster up the energy to do much these days. Rolling out of bed in the mornings is a task, I friggin' wanna call in sick everyday. (See what I said about missing college?). Work is just blehhh. Things in general seem bleh-ish. I live for fridays! Is this what life is about?

On a brighter note, I read Shona's post about reading and took my lil butt to the library. I came away with about 10 books. Sooo exciting.
I love to read. I think I did more reading when I was younger though. I read my first Stephen King book when I was 10, I read the entire kiddie encyclopedia back to back, I read Shakespeares plays. I read a lot, and I think all that reading made me a smart lil kid with quite the vocabulary. These days ermm...

I feel like I've gotten older and all the things I was more passionate about back then have faded with age. I don't wanna turn into this dull old woman dammit!

To go to the gym, or not. See? I even used to be passionate about the gym. My friend even had the nerve to call me a 'gym rat'. AS IF! Now, I just wanna go home lie in bed and watch something or read my newly acquired library books.
There is a cutie at the gym tho, who could be a motivation. I swear he has to be like 40 or something but ooooh weeee, he's fine. And he lifts everyday (cos I bes in there like everyday), such nice, strong arms...*dreamily stares into space*

*Earth to Mgbeks*

I recently took a drive through my old hood, and thought to myself 'Mgbeks, you don came a long way oooo'. God is good.

I should be working, but I'm blogging. *smh*
Well, just consider this to be a lil break of some sorts. Pssshhhh...

I've decided to go to the gym. And no, it's not because I want to peep my old hottie. :-D

Don't you just love it when you spray perfume in the morning and all day you can smell it on you in the most subtle places. Hmmmm, yummy.
I think I'm a scentaholic. My room is littered with scented candles in random corners, I refuse to buy the more economic $7 Jergens lotion at CVS and instead spend twice that amount on some overrated Bath & Body works lotion that won't even last me for that long. I just love to smell nice, it makes me wanna have me for dinner.

All of a sudden it's cool to be a 'Recessionista', no thanks to the economy. Folk are proudly twittering about buying designer boots for $20. I stay seeing all these CNN articles talking 'bout 'we now shop at thrift stores and we buy vintage'. Abeg, make these JJC's no come finish my baffs o. Shuoooo...stick to your Neiman Marcus abeg.

Ok, gotta get back to work.

All thoughts squeezed fresh and unadulterated from ze brain.

PS:- Updating 2x in a week? Hmm hmmm that's how it starts.


bumight said...

had to get here first!

bob-ij said...


bob-ij said...

3rd again....I'm going to class i'll come and read soon

Afrobabe said...

ok, technically 2nd...

I love it when perfumes smell all day as well but this days they dont seem to...back in the days issy miaki was recognizable from the it dissapears b4 u leave the door...

Gee said...

original mgbeke i tagged u go nd do ur honest scrap meme!!!!

BSNC said...

lol random is your middle name. yeai feell you, i was passionate about alot of things. i dont know what is happening. at least you are getting back to reading again. that is a start

bumight said...

ok, random is thy middle name. i like handlotions that smell nice too, but my recessionista trick to aquiring them is to attend baby showers and win all the games, they give u bath and body works lotions as gifts!

JustDB said...

ahhh.... wish i read a whole lot more stuff than blogs and engineering books!!!!!

Sting said...

I love reading also. I would love a staycation too, but unlike u, i don't look forward to Fridays cos it's the start of my weekend job. Wetin man go do now?

*Diane* said...

I made top ten!
I LOVE LOVE READING!!!! I used to get in trouble all the time for reading @ the dinner table, or past my bed time.
Ahh good times.

And i don't really look forward to fridays because unfortunately, i work weekends.. :-(

Lurker said...

You read 'Glamour' too? I ask because of your use of the word "Staycation." I discovered that term in their pages. I live for that mag.

Nice Anon said...

lol this chic just called me out! I don't have a blog oh

Bibi said...

I feel you on that scent issue. I love smelling good. I once spent a ridiculous amount of money on a bottle of perfume. but now i constantly refill on that because of the reaction a certain person gives me when i'm with him. lol

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I have truly missed reading you!
This post was so effortlessly random. Glad you decided on the gym...i need to do the same! Lol@ Neiman Marcus babes stealing ur baffs...apparently 'recessonista' is the new black. Everyone is now claiming 'babe on a budget'..lmao.

In my head and around me said...

I did not realise that my profile was not shared. It explains a lot of things. Thanks for pointing it out.

Yes o! The 'Recessionista' thing is now a fad. And one that I think will change the way people spend even after the recession passes.

Zena said...

I shld be following you to the gym, my double chin is becoming more prominent, I cant say its a cleft under my chin anymore

What books did u get?

Geebee said...

2 updates in a space of 48 hours. Not bad at all. I like the random nature of this but I wished I could follow . . . I felt like I was actually floating in space. Random is indeed your middle name. Sure it’s good to smell nice but then sometimes in a bid to smell nice, some people actually choke those around them. Oh the Gym? Good one but beware of 40 year old married men with biceps and abs o. You just never know. Their wives might have ‘buckets of acid’ waiting to be poured on any unfortunate intruder. lol

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL @ Bob-Ij

Afrobabe: I looove Issey Miyaki for men. Oooh weee, makes me just wanna jump somebody.

Gee: Soon, very soon.

BSNC: Yes o, I have been reading those books every chance I get. I need to re-fuel my other passions.

Bumight: Word? The ones that I go to, they get the handlotions from the dollar store sha o! :o

JustDB: LOL. Hey, reading blogs can be the same as reading books na. All sorts of stories out there...

Sting: Ah! Pele o, I would absolutely hate it if I had to work on weekends.

Diane: You too? Sorry my sister. Oh yeah I used to read on the dinner table and my mom would yell at me. lol

Lurker: YAY! A fellow Glamour fan. I eagerly anticipate my subscription in the mail every month. I actually saw the term on someone's blog a while ago, then I saw it on Glamour later on.

NiceAnon: LOL. I just dey wonder naaa.

Bibi: Ahhh, those reactions make it all worthwhile. ;-)

NDQ: And I have missed reading you too. Glad to see you bizacccck. Yes o, recessionista na the new black indeed. lolll

In my head: Yes o, everytime I clicked it was private. I can see it now, Yay! :-)

Zena: Let me list the ones I can remember.
1. The Kite Runner
2. Half of a yellow sun (Read it before, wanna re-read it)
3. Knots by Nurudeen Farrah
4. Stuff white people like
5. 3 Chick lit books, 2 are actually christian chick lit and pretty cool, the author is Kristen Billerbeck, and one called 'The home for wayward supermodels'

*Draws a blank*

Geebee: LOL @ floating in space. That's how my mind works. LOLLL @ the 40yr old, nna I just dey look o, I aint touching. Need to check to see if he's sporting a ring too.

CultureCynic said...

hahahaha random minds think alike! coming from someone who speaks fluent Random, i hear you!!!Randomness is good....i mean how else would you make allowance for more randomness...even twitter agrees with me!!!

yup i hear you, as i get older i start to lose interest, i was already ADD with things to begin with, now i need to really really be into something to not lose interest after a few minutes. remember facebook??...cured that addiction with little effort, who wld have thunk it considering how far gone i was into the addiction. Malls bore me, online shopping is not exciting enuff anymore...well the only thing that has being steadfast is my vintage pieces accumulation, that keeps my interset. I NEED MOre and more Stimuli to stay focused on things. Why did my mind go?

i think perharps the problem cld very well be that as we get older, we become more apt in discerning outcomes so the novelty of things invaribly wear off at a much fleeting pace. u start getting that feeling of been there, done that. As we get older, our priorities change we start requiring more and more 'inspirement' just to get by!!!

SouLBoutiQue said...

because of pharmacy school I wonder if I will ever be first! But girl u had me rolling! 'No finish my baths oh stick to Neiman Marcus! I almost got in trouble in lectures!
I worked out one week straight this year. Now I just do sit-ups every now and thenn I need to go to the gym with u, that hottie might be motivation!

LusciousRon said...

I love bath & body works. It leaves You smelling so yummy.

Buttercup said...

Mgbeks baybay! Lol..

Hehe ur posts sure do come across as rants..

Im also such a scentaholic!

Eeya, I hope u get ur staycation..

So tell us about this gym cutie..

wonderfully & beautifully...MADE said...

hmmm..interesting...there is a certain vava voom to your blog that i like..loving it!!

Original Mgbeke said...

CultureCynic: *Hi five* to the randomness. Oooh weee!
And gurl, you know I get a rush when I walk into those vintage stores. Hmm hmm hmm let's not even go
But my sister, sense is what you make. You make sense indeed.
PS:- FB is now so blehh, the new layout aint helping marras at all.

Ag: No worries, I shall motivate you and the cutie shall motivate us. LOL @ working out for 1 week this year and then fashying. I hope you aint paying for a gym membership.

LusciousR: Good enough to eat! Yummm

Buttercup: Hahahaha, I'm actually pretty calm typing up my posts. I will tell you more about him when I scope him out some more...err he could be married tho, and I'd have to pray for forgiveness. lol

Wonderfully&Beautifully: Thank you ma'am! :-)...will scoot over to yours in a bit.

Anonymous said...

Knots- You're gonna enjoy that book, it comes in parts tho, and kite runner will make you cry if you haven't read it before, lol at #4 a bunch of white people

the said...

dat was me ooh! Zena

Repressed One said...

Ohhh i too LOVE Issey Miyak on men and can smell it a mile away...naija men don use am die sha. Unfortunately i can't do all them BBW scents they choke me :(

Haven't read 'Half of a yellow sun' or any of her books infact...i should get on it.

LOL@ everyone suddenly going 'vintage'...omo its a recession na. how for do?

Tigeress said...

yeh, whatz up with Nice Anon and the his/her non existing blog? lol!

I been feeling rather blaah lately so i know how what u mean by task. Been getting to work an hour late!!! God help me. :)

Recessionista- I like that word. :)

bob-ij said...

I'm just coming back since I claimed my second and third post!...Shows how busy I've been...this is randomisity to the Max but I love...

I like Shakespeare too..>Well just Hamlet and Twelfth Night and Much Ado about Nothing...I don't really like Stephen King tho...I like Sheldon!...woo!!

As for bath and body B got me a nice big full set of wonderful
Later hun. I'm off to rant!


Abujamaiden said...

I'm a scentaholic too! I'm currently a recessionista and my Bath and Body works is finishing and I can't buy more (broke broke).

Anonymous said...

you're definitely growing OLD...welcome it with open hands if you ask me...

Uchenna said...

isn't it funny how life slowly creeps up on U.

one minute ur in highschool killin urself to go to college.

u get to college have BIG plans of makin dough, having fun and more fun.

u graduate. ur not makin BIG dough,but ur makin enough to sustain ur party life.

u party till u discover that dis ish gets old after a while. so u start lookin to be serious (cuz if ur me) dis whole work thing is cute but u have already conditioned urself to a MADAME lifestyle and now ur LOOKING

LOL, men its funny but I guess dats how the cookie crumbles. but in the mean time, is sure is fun to Blog about it!!! ;)

I share da randomness with u!! lol.

olu said...

No, I don't blog. I'm lazy - and I don't mean your last post kind of lazy o! LOL!

Head to the gym now and "peep at your old hottie", will you? And let us know if something "cool" happens. LOL @ your recession moves. Na everywhere o!

Zi said...

LOVE.THE.RANDOMNESS. Yeah, life is so monotonous nowadays..the same dreary, mundane routine...same DMV area..same dry faces. When I speak on it folks reactions are always like, "Ah ah, Zi, leave DMV for us, us that are still rockin DMV heavy and enjoying it.." I'm like, huh? I'm just over it is all..been here for FOREVER and a day! It's natural for me to feel this way, TRUST I'm not complaining in a snooty or condesceding way, it's just that...NOTHING EXCITING HAPPENS HERE ANYMORE! Geez. I'm contemplating rolling up outta here :D. On a less prunish note, YAYYY!!! Half of a Yellow Sun. Love that book. Love Kainene...can SO relate to her personality.

Paris said...

lol like i said b4, ur a riot!

simplegal said...

Love the random posts! I love books as well, only thing is that I just read a whole bunch of romance novels now it seems.
I also love the bath and body works lotions, especially cherry blossom *sigh* so good.

I hope you get your staycation!

J'Adore Fashion said...

i love bath and body, it leaves u smelling like u have the most expensive perfumes lol!!! I HATE gyms, maybe am just laszy, I just can't get that motivation no even if someone cute is there--i just jump up and down in front of my mirror just to satisfy my consense.

oh! I use to love reading, now i live on fashion mags and books if that counts ;)

love your randomness lol

Original Mgbeke said...

Zena: Yes everyone has nothing but good stories about the kite runner.

Repressed one: I usually aim for the subtle scents. The extra fruity ones make me scurred like a bee is gonna sting me. I recommend Purple Hibiscus for a starter, it is a really good book.

Tigress: We need to re-energize ourselves o.

Bob-Ij: I loooved Sheldon books and read the entire lot of them. Good stuff.

Abujamaiden: LOL. What's your mailing addy? I'll mail some to you.

Chari: I sure will!

Uchenna: You feel me?? I mean you really do feel me? I hear you my sister!

Olu: Lazy Lazy...tsk, tsk. Ummm aniwoos na just peep I dey peep o, bobo fit dey use viagra sef and I'm too young for that. *Innocent look*

Zi: You knowwww. My friend just moved to Florida, other people are relocating and man the itch is strong to just make a move! unfortunately at this point, I can't. We need to come up with some fun stuff for the summer.

Paris: LOL. Thank you ma'am.

Simplegal: Cherry Blossom is yummy. Hmmmm

J'adore: That counts! As long as you are feeding your mind someway or the other.

Anonymous said...

You read your first Stephen Kings book at age 10. Hmmm..... *paves way for a reader* WHAT??? Stephen Kings, even now i still will not read him, too mystic for my liking.

mizchif said...

LMAO @ d resscessionistas (sp?) coming to "encroah" on ur turf!
Pls they shd really stick to their Neiman MArcus abeg!

DAV!D said...

Lmao @ Abeg, make these JJC's no come finish my baffs o. Shuoooo...stick to your Neiman Marcus abeg.

Oh goshhh!!!

RocNaija said...

Just checking if.. em.. you got my CV for that personal masseuse position..

Supple hands and all inclusive..