Monday, June 1, 2009

On wedding websites, weddings and getting married.

Wedding Websites
I must admit that I’m a huge fan of wedding websites. I’m not the girl who looks at the pictures of the couple and X’s out the screen. I’m the girl who wants to read about the bride and groom, how they met, how he proposed…the whole 9 yards. Funny enough, I don’t even pay too much attention to the pictures (unless the couple is like really fine…lol).For my fellow wedding webbie fans, isn’t it extra annoying when people jump to the conclusion that because you like looking at wedding webbies, the marriage bug has bitten you. *rolls eyes*But back to the tori sha, mai people this proposal business has gotten out of hand o. As in the oppression no get part 2 again. If in the past, it was okay for ol’ boy to carry you to Fogo de Chao and get down on one knee, now hin male counterparts don outdone him. I be reading stories of how they went to Dubai or the Bahamas and he proposed. E even get this particular website where the bobo proposed with a brand new car, and the ring was on the dashboard or something crazy. I just weak o!E get this other website wey I see where the bobo wanted to wow the girl with an ‘Air, land and sea’ proposal so he carried her to Dubai, took her to a restaurant that revolves in the sky (Air), a boat (sea) and rounded it all up by popping the question while they were having a picnic on the sands (land). I just weak!

This wedding craze no be small thing o. Or is it because I am older, that I am now noticing how everyone suddenly seems to be getting married? I have also observed how 95% of the weddings I have been attending are mainly Yoruba couples, with the random occurrence of a Yoruba man and an Igbo woman. So I ask my Igbo men, una no dey marry?I dey wonder o! Either way, I have never been fixated on dating or marrying an Igbo man/marrying within my tribe so nothing do me.
In a totally unrelated point but while we are on the subject of certain tribes, I have run into quite a good number of Urhobo men in my lifetime and among all of them I have observed that they are all really good cooks. Is it an up-bringing thing where their mama’s required that they learn how to cook? I’m yet to run into an Urhobo man who can not cook. Hmm hmmm…interesting stuff sha.

Is Marriage in my future?
My mother is seriously entertaining fantasies of ‘doing a celebration in Ikeduru’ sometime soon (Her words o). I understand that she is anxious to wear her beautiful gold necklace which she specifically told me that would be worn at either me or my sister’s traditional wedding but I don’t know how to tell her not to hold her breath. I admit that I am GUILTY of being a hard core realist and I have entertained the thought that marriage might not be in my future. It is not because I do not want to get married o, because I do. But at the same time, I don’t think that everyone will get married. You know how you have those random aunts who are like 52 and never been married? That could be any of us…that could be me. So umm yeah, I really don’t know…maybe I will meet somebody, or maybe I won’t. I hope it will swing on the positive side and I will continue to pray so. But if it doesn’t…at least I kinda saw it coming…right? Right!

On a closing note, I wonder if men still do the traditional way of having their people meet with the girl’s people to do the formal introduction before they pop the question. Or do they pop the question and then do the formal introduction?

My heart goes out to the passengers & crew of AF447, as well as their families and friends.


Mocha said...

Eh!! I'm first?????
yes o!!!

UnderCover07 said...

...I love weddings too!!! It's just wonderful time when everybody seems to be in a good

But for real tho', it seems like every dude is tryna out do the other and wow the chic, I guess they are going all out to get that YES, becos to hear NO...kata kata go burst

Biko try and stay more on the positive side o, me I want to wear aso-ebi and buy matching bag n' shoe for ur

Thanks for stopping by and to find out who TILA is, read the post before the last.

Mocha said...

Mgbeks, your mum & mine o!
She keeps going on about "so have you found Romeo?' e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e she calls!
And I'm like; mum, Romeo?? in the UAE?? you want me to bring home an Asian or a Lebanese dude??

I love wedding sites too..and for the exact same reasons you do..I love to find out how they met and how he proposed.
And if any of their friends has anything to say I like to see that too.

Meanwhile, I've noticed a lot of Yoruba men marrying Igbo women!! they say they are "premium" wife material..
I agree with Urhobo men being good cooks; they're brought up close to their mums who make them LEARN to cook the food they like to eat..or at least that's what one of them told me.

Well..I've learned something in life (yes, I learn regardless of myself!). The things we want happen to us when we least expect AND ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARENT that direction I other words: free it.
And do other things..learn french or take kayaking lessons or

The Air France incident is really sad..God have mercy..(that IS what you are talking about right?)

AnyaPosh said...

Hmm...Marriage is serious business! scares the heck outta me. Will I have to give up myself? will it be full of constant sacrifices? will I be miserable? What if I no longer find him attractive - will that be a deal-breaker? the HORROR!!

anyway, my darl...i can smell marriage in your future. It's smells vanilla & lemon tiers = WEDDING CAKE!!! Oya hurry up & get married so mumsy can wear her wedding not deprive your mother of that enjoyment..LOL! there's a man in the picture? and he's urhobo? hmmm...mgbeks, spill it.

LovePaprika said...

damn! I thought I would be first

LovePaprika said...

weddings!!!!!! my sista the topic tire me oh as in! the way people are getting married now is so scary like left right centre! I mean really why! ah ahn! as for people thinking you want to marry just because you are a fan of wedding sites that is just quite shallow I must admit! I mean seriously~ does that even make sense.... anyway I sooooo get u...those sites are tres romantic and sooo dramatic I don't even want to believe it is real!

I doubt that so many people do the whole...thing of going to meet the parents before they pop the question! but of course I think the parents meet the couple while 'courting'...

Nice Anon said...

My heart really goes out to those on the plane. Seems the plane crashed somewhere over the Atlantic! This is just very sad as it could have happened to anyone. I just LOATHE flying for reasons like this.

I don tok this marriage thing before. Even if you end up married.. there is no guarantee in it just as there is none in life! Yes not everyone will get married. That is just the way it is but we all deserve to be happy in all that we do. My prayer is that I will live a happy life in whatever situation i find myself tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

i used to be a wedding website fan but now they make me sick!lol

J'Adore Fashion said...

I love wedding, I seem to buy lots of wedding magazines--maybe because the bugs has biten me ;)

ps: my heart really goes ot to that flight passengers and their families--sad story!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I reject that statement for you in Jesus Name Amen (on behalf of your mum - biko nne don't try and give her heart failure). How comes it her daughter (and not other people's daughter) that will be entertaining such thought :) Be careful o.

Nice Anon said...

I would also like to add that me i want a quiet proposal in a nice private place biko. All the gara gara i no get the strength for it.

I never look any new sites lately. You got some? Share with your sister oo

About the flight thing make i correct it.. ALLEGEDLY the plane may have crashed somewhere. Let's hope none of this is true. Gosh I HATE flying!

BSNC said...

Weddings are just amazing, but its a serious issue o. Our prayer is we find the right person and make it last forever or close to forever.

downtheaisle said...

I have also read some proposals o, and I'm like "that guy means some real real business" and of cos its hard for any babe to see all of dat stunts and still say NO!,!

Pls stop all that no marriage yet in your future thing,cos I can't wait for posts on planning your wedding...he!he!!he!!! And you know we must do aso-ebi as well.

***just joking though*** Anyway, God makes all things beautiful in his own time.

CultureCynic said...

ya the accident is very tragic indeed....!
Idont know i ve never really being into this wedding sights, never even been on one.

and the marriage things is WEIRED!!(Stewie Griifen voice)
i mean everyone and their cuzzin is getting married....u know u r old when people u r even older than are getting married, as in ppl u probably punished in HS blows my mind....but in my own case sef, it is very weird, both of my parents seem to be from a weird planet where me + the M word is alien. like it is so unspoken that i may die of shock if any of them evr brings it up. hhahaha last year, dad was in 9ja and oneof our old family friends said something in the lines of chomy and thinking of asking for her hand...ara agba my father. accordingly to mumsy, he called the guy off and told him to change the subject cuz he was buzy....LOL

i actually feel bad for the people that try to talk to him about me and marriage.LMAO but ya i never wanted to get married until lover, so we will see maybe on my 40th birthday or sumfin, no one is pressuring us, so cheers to living in sin and breaking the

Marriage no be by force jare, but apparently alot of girls see it as their only destination. FAIL. not me....we r gonna ride it till the muthafucking wheels fall off, he ain't going nowhere....i mean with me being a catch and i will just relax and watch the the is kinda of hard to see when two ppl who don't have a damn thingin common get married. esp wit the arranged marriages, HOW CAN PPL DO THAT? those suckers ain't in love, sometimes not even in like, but all becuz we want to have a huge ring/proposal,a HUGE wedding and dress like a princess on our wedding days we should willingly go into a marriage that is guaranteed to be filled wit resentments and regrets well until the kids come and replace those feelings. then the cheating starts but because divorce is a "sin", we shall stay together for the kids...FAIL. count me out. Make i keep the one i fit manage, a sickening love affair is far better than tht anyday.


wait, what happened to my comment?

The Air France thing is scary.

Hope all is well

Nice Anon said...

"a HUGE wedding and dress like a princess on our wedding days we should willingly go into a marriage that is guaranteed to be filled wit resentments and regrets well until the kids come and replace those feelings. then the cheating starts but because divorce is a "sin", we shall stay together for the kids...FAIL. count me out. Make i keep the one i fit manage, a sickening love affair is far better than tht anyday".

I know someone who is staying with his wife because of the kids. The children see everything! How can you stay for the kids when all they see is hatred btwn the two of you? It BEATS me!

Original Mgbeke said...

Mocha: Yes oo, you be numero uno.

UnderCover: I just scooted over. Aha! Tila Tequila ehn? Cute looking wig. LOL @ to hear no, imagine flying her to Jamaica and she says No. Hahahahaha.
I go try, no wahala I will have an aso ebi specifically for my bloggers. :-D

Mocha: LMAO, you know say Naija peeps dey everywhere na. I can't say that I've seen a LOT of Yoruba guy/Igbo gal marriages but it certainly isn't uncommon these days. Make dem come scoop me too o, I be premium babe. Ha ha Ha!
Totally feeling you on free-ing it. That is my approach ooo, it's like 'whatever happens will happen' and in the meantime I would love to take a class if my lazy self would get up out of bed on Saturdays.
Yes, I am talking about the Airfrance M.I.A plane. Very sad.

Anya: It is a scary concept, I love my me-time so much that the thought of sharing it on a constant basis with someone else is really like .... but I guess if I love the said person it should be no biggie yeah? Ultimately I am not ready right now, that is for sure. My sister I go keep a +ve attitude o, my mother really wants to wear her finest lace veryyyy soon.
LOL @ Urhobo man, I no tok anything ooo...hahaha. I wouldn't mind an Urhobo honey sha, you sabi any one? ;-)

LoveP: Are you minding them? It is usually guys too. Like they act like 'cos I'm scoping wedding sites I'm finna ask them to put a ring on it asap.
Yes the sites are always nice to see and enjoy.

Nicey m: I do so much flying that when I hear of Air disasters, I'm like 'that could have been me'. Very very sad. :-(
I say a big AMEN to your prayer, all I really want in life is peace and even if the marriage thing flies me, I hope to be happy in life.

Pink-Satin: LOL, just like my friend. Funny!

J'adore: Invite me to yours o. Ha Ha Ha. Yes my sister, very terrible news. Very terrible indeed.

Life of a stranger: LOL, that made me smile. I join you in canceling and rejecting but gosh my realistic nature is still rearing it's head. Please pray for me sha... :-)

Nicey m: I go put the link on your blog in a bit. But seriously I don't know if I wanna be proposed to in front of everyone...what if I say no. Hahahaha. Yeah I'd just like to call peeps and break the news to them after I've said yes o jare.

BSNC: So much wahala into the whole planning process. I just want to marry some rich man who will hire a planner or something. All I'll have to do on that day is show up and look pretty. LOL
Amen to that prayer!

Downtheaisle: Odikwa real real business. Ok, I will stop and not be so 'realistic' mama will faint if she hears me talking like this. Yes o, blogsville will have their own aso ebi. LOL

Culture: Never been on one? wow! That's a new one. LOL @ your parents...I doubt my father think of it but my mom shoooo does. LOL...sometimes I crack up at the thought of my dad walking me down the aisle. That will be a laugh!
Hahahaha @ you and Lover. Break the of my friends said she will do a court wedding and an after party at a club in place of a reception. LOL

But hon, you make sooo much sense. I think that people get soo caught up with the idea of being married that it becomes a do or die. Then you are now a Mrs, and you can now match your trad with hubby at the weddings while the single girls look on enviously but what is really hood behind closed doors? All that glitters is not gold. Like Nicey m said, all i want to do is be happy and hey if marriage doesn't come and the aunties snicker and shake their long as I'm happy then that's what matters.

Original Mgbeke said...

Nicey m, I don't get it either. Maka why? Please o...I don't want any man to stay with me because of the kids and potential mess up their concept of marriage. When the kids go off to college and then move out and move on nko? Then what?

CultureCynic said...

this babe sef...u r wicked for asking what if u say nooooo to a guy's proposal. who even thinks of that? well am sure not alot of these girls these days, they will say yes so they can show off their huge rock.(how come engagement rings never get old)?

well if u say no then he deserved it Duhhhhhhhhhhhh i mean why would any man or woman now go and propose to someone who they know might not say yes....setting yourself up like that dikwa very foolish o. and LOL at ur friend and the after party at the club...a babe after my own sensibility!!!. dude i actually wont mind the party sef, i want any excuse for a party dont get me wrong...BUT just the party party..gbati gbati all the way!!.none of the ashebi stuff tho, the dancing bit can stay. the money spreading can even stay even the food sef (cuz we all know wedding rice tastes different) but everything else> olo da!! especially since i KNOW being the madwoman i am, i will forget my parents are there and slobber down lover when "he can NOW kiss the bride" ....yup so would he. yup so will save everybody the embarrasement ( or pleasure) and go have a "honeymoon" .LMAOOO

Anonymous said... igbo and if i dont marry from my state gon gon then ill marry from another

anyway,biko dont think of not getting married..ur mouth is a powerful tool so if u really want to get married uve got to say it out and work towards it...nyway,dnt worry ur time will come.

again,i love wedding websites.
check out and check out this link below,scroll down and ull see something like a music planner then listen to the song and this man's proposal!

chayoma said...

My word! am i last here or what?
I love going to weddings!
the food,the wine, the men (hello)!

but it is a thing of joy and celebration!

Anonymous said...

and did everybody die?!ds plane crahes scare me eh....and im thinking of going bk to naija this summer....biko crashes r nt my portion.

Reverence said...

LMAO at air land and sea, the one that after proposal there will be no money for wedding? tufiakwa

i feel you on the yoruba/ibo combo, my family has sworn that they will be handing me over to nde ofe nmanu..

LOL at being a realist, girrl puleeez!! yer just a hopeless romantic like me.

Nice Anon said...

Mgbafo m: Biko stop talking about all these no and stuff. before ma pia gi aka nti! U will marry AMEN! To a man that will do nothing but adore and love you.
Meanwhile, Am I the only one that gives her life to Christ everytime there is a turbulence?

Leggy: Why limit yourself? Ur own state gon gon? My dear lekwe ka ina adi 45 without any di. Na obodo ala bekee? Be a bit more open-minded jare.

Anonymous said...

def an anti-wedding websites... aside from pure entertainment value and to piss myself at the groom who insist on wearing sunglasses through the whole thing. nothing like 'i looked into his stunnahs, and said "I do"' for a lifelong memory.

Bibi said...

I love wedding websites! And that couple Leggy was talking about are my friends!

Speaking of relationships, tribes and marriages, check out

I just started reading it today and it struck a nerve. Chei!

*Diane* said...

I actually like wedding sites. But not for the proposals and things like that. I like the sections where the couples talk about each other. I like to see if i can "feel their love" thru their words...weird right, i know.

As far as the marriage thing goes, i used to mess w/ my parents in high school by telling that i would never marry because they wouldn't let me

Nowadays, although i'm pretty sure i intend on marrying, at 21, that stuffs seem distant.I don't even have time to think about stuff like that. I do love weddings tho, so if you have yours... go ahead and invite me so i can come and eat your rice.

I didn't mean to write a

Anonymous said...

hmmm...I like wedding websites too; the stories, pictures, how he proposed, etc...

honey, I admire ur current outlook on marriage/ur marital future, but as I always say, if u desire to get married, then just trust Him to lead u to THE man for u, n He will...He'll make urs and ur mama's dreams come true!

I hear Igbo men don't marry early because they want to make all the money they can before taking a wife, as taking a wife in Igboland can be very expensive...don't know how true that is though...

CultureCynic said...

lol at NIce Anon and her dirty slap threats.....ipia sombody aka nti is defintly more prescise than say igba somebody aka nti...i even feel the intensity over here, pls dont let this be your portion...!! LMAO

and lol at Nice Anon for answering ppl back on here...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!she is one bossy sombori yo!!!

Repressed One said...

I used to love wedding websites now i don tire as with almost everything else wedding related. I no dey really read their stories mehn...some of them tooooo tok!! I look at pics sometimes i read the stories.

Nne, you go marry tok that one. It's good to be open to it but also not live like your happiness in this life is dependent on it.

My heart goes out the the Air France people ohhh, Chei!!

FFF said...

am not really a fan of weddings. until mine, i had never seen a single wedding website. even then, i wasn't attempted to have one myself. it just seemed too cheesy to me. den again, am simple not a fan of weddings! i didn't attend weddings i absolutely didn't have to. & frankly, i ddnt want a lot of pple in mine anyways. hmmmm. guess, am weird.

i think i've lost wot ever minute interest i picked up in weddings. i love to hear dat someone is getting married though. it's romantic. & reminds me of wen i too was getting married. daz how far me & weddings go for now.

i can understand u trying to be realitic. funny, i adopted d same tactics too. telling my mom & everyone to get off my back. not everyone marries! less dan 3 months later, i was engaged! so much 4 all my talk bah?

Jayla. said...

Babe are you me?????? as in i was about doing a similar post on how everyone thinks they must get married. My dear just like everyone must not be presidents, ceos, millionaires or they grow up without families, lose an eye, hand etc, thats d same way marriage will not work out for everyone.

As long as am happy, man or no man, marriage or no marriage i will do whatever brings me the most joy....

Anonymous said...

Yes o! Na so so marriage marriage marriage and with summer rolling along its not going anywhere for a while...
So yah bloggers pls oya me too I want to wear aso
original worry na u go marry first.

May God have mercy on those people on the flight.

Third World Profashional said...

uggh i hate wedding websites! no offence to all y'all, but my puke level is on a kentro if i read one

Dans said...

wow...the comment section is where all the action is going on sef. overwhelmingly so...

nehoo... funny you had this post, i was just thinking of you the other day in this context, and thinking of someone that I was like mehn, they shoulda just married sef and called it a day...

lol of course I'm gonna tell you more over the phone.

bob-ij said...

CC You have killed me oh!...You're quite a catch jo. He's not going anywhere..

Mgbeke you have killed me... Igbo men are running away know they have to make enough EGO first. As for the air land and sea proposal..I DON"T WANT...Skip the air and sea and let's stay on land...And umm.. to the car...Can I get BMW M3 Convertible Coupe...Any of you here that my future fiance asks please pass on the info..if not I will

As for me... I' love the whole marriage thing mehn...Families just complete me and I can't even being to imagine mine...little Ijays running around in sleeping beauty nighties...lool Ahhh... I want. But all in due time. Let me achieve all these my dreams...first...or at least

Aribaba said...

Omo man... guys are making it very difficult to match up to all these proposal stunts... I saw one where the guy proposed on a boat, after preparing candle light dinner on that same boat.. I mean the efizzy was too much, that I actually vexed for him... what kind of rubbish? ... I'm thinking about switching the game up and proposing by my village stream... go all natural man. No need for extra

As for marriage.. It's beginning to look like the number of weddings I attend every year is increasing as I get older. I tire man.

Nice Anon said...

Aribaba: Nani onye aka ike will think about proposing near his village stream. LOL Please you don't say!

Instead of you to say you will propose in the moon.. stream ke? iyi ko?

Original Mgbeke said...

Hahahahah @ image of CC slobbering down her lover while her parents look on in horror! Abeg leave me this babe.
Yeah, the saying No bit is reaching yeah? Hopefully he should have picked up on some greenlight before he pops the Q.

Leggy: From your specific state/tribe kwa? Odikwa ooo. I didn't speak no marriage, I just said it is a possibility. Ok ok, time for positive thoughts and words...amin!
I think I have seen that wedding website. Very good looking couple. Seems like the plane crashed ooo...

Chayoma: I only recently started going to weddings/liking weddings. The men are cute but they all show up with their girlfriends. :-D

Revs: Hopeless romantic say wetin happen? Na you wey dey romance me? LOL. Nne eh I need to stop being so defensive when it comes to men and matters of the heart sha ooo.
LOL @ after proposal moni go don finish!

Nicey m: Chei! I just felt that threat of a hot slap on my cheeks. My cheeks don turn red in advance sef. AMEN oo, I claim am. Thank you my dear, this is why I love you.
LMAOOOOOO @ giving your life everytime there is turbulence. Abeg this chick leave me!

Kmplx: DEAD. Oh jeez, you guys won't kill me with laugh. Men I saw this wedding where the groom wore shades during the reception. Man if that was my hubby, the kain eye wey I for give am ehn? Mchewwww!

Bibi: Yay to another wedding webbie lover. Ok I will definitely check out the in my dreams blog...I just clicked on it and it looks pretty good.

Diane: Oh my blogsville peeps must fly to my wedding o. :-D...pretty interesting @ feeling their love through words. Hmm hmm, anyways my sister it is good, no think am o jare. I see some 21 year old college grads already thinking marriage cos they graduated and I'm like why na??? Enjoy your youth.

JustDoyin: Thank you my sister, will definitely try to adopt a more positive outlook on this matter and be more trusting. On the Igbo man tip, o really? That is new to me ooo but makes sense 'cos I really don't see a lot of them who marry young. Interesting stuff.

Culturemybabe: Aint she bossy? That's why I love her!

Repressed: Not living like my happiness depends on getting married is certainly KEY. Good advice! Thank you my sister, I claim am.

Original Mgbeke said...

FFF: LOL, I hear you o jare. 3 months later indeed? Not to be a doubting Thomas but I doubt I will be getting engaged in 3 months shaaa o. LOLLL. Ok let me is married life sef? Time flies o, I hope all is well with you and hubby.

Jayla: I fit be you ooo...:D...My sister I'm loving it. As long as you are happy, that is the KEY. I don't want to feel like marriage completes me and what not.

Brokeass: Your name is cracking me up hia! Like I don tok, my bloggers are invited to my wedding ooo. I hail una!

3rdworldprof: Hahahahah @ puking on a kentro level. I am stealing that one. That's like my homegal, she no like wedding websites too.

Dans: Yaaaaaay, good to see you on here my babe. Abeg you need to tell me more o and I really hope it is not who I think it is. Mchewww-ing in advance.

Bob-Ij: Culture na real catch, she get very colorful personality.
My dear abeg when you find the man wey go buy you M3 on top proposal, just find out if he has brothers and cousins and pass on the digits.
Awwwww I smiled at little Ijay's running around in sleeping beauty nighties. Too cute! I pray that it will come soon ooo. I know your mini me's will be fly chicks.

Aribaba: I swear they sent you guys to kill me with laugh. Kai, imagine if bobo wan propose beside stream. I go just die! crazy man. Berra learn from your mates and up the ante o. Shuooooo.

Nicey m: Hahahahahahaha, are you minding him? Riri dikwa very crazy man!

Aribaba said...

Nne... by time the soothing sounds of the running water of the stream and the village birds chirping sweet tunes...add that sweet village breeze and the mood is set... the babe's heart will just melt... I might really set a standard here.... and I swear if anyone steals this idea I'm

CultureCynic said...

@ aribabe..hahahahhahah anyway sha for ur sake lets hope the stream no get ugwu (hill) sef, if the babe dey sharp, lets hope she won't push u off it for daring to go cheap on her.thts taking skimpin to new heights...pun intended.

Nice Anon said...

after climbing all that ugwu she will be sweating like a xmas goat. The last thing on her mind is saying yes to your proposal. Infact she will feature it on bellanaija as the worst of the worstest proposal attempts out there.

Nice Anon said...

Mgbafo M: seriously give your life everytime because you never know! Imagine the captain saying " everyone go back to your seats and fasten your seat belts" You chilling like it is one of those then you drop down 1000 feet in like 2 secs! Abeg anaghi eji ihe ana agba n'nti agba n'imi!

I always give me life to Christ everytime i am about to fly. That is how much i hate it. Chukwu ekwekwala ihe ojo! Ihe mere ndi air france eme m! Mba biko! That is one heaven straight! LOL

CultureCynic said...

lmaoooooo at nice anon....u r not well...don't u think he knows you are faking it...?

akaBagucci said...

Seems like every one now has a wedding website...Is it the quest for functionality or symptomatic of the ever increasing search for more avenues to feed our inner narcissist..LOL

Enkay said...

A colleague of mine once told me that Marriage is over rated.
He isn't married yet. When he does get married I'll ask him again.

O.M keep hope alive!

wordmerchant said...

I love weddings..the dressing up, the hype, the food, crazy dancing, long speeches lol!

Prayers for the Air France passengers and crew, its really scary and sad.

O'Dee said...

I still love wedding and i am married.
You will get married jor, dont give your mum a heart attack.

CultureCynic said...

Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i found you a potential...i took it upon myself to set up a faux account on a dating website....all the otehr servers were buzy but i managed to get you preappoved for me warn you now i embellished alot of the details...didn't mention your randomness and defintly not your Razzness.....i really think i suceeded in passing you off as a proper Ajebo type like Nice Anon et all. Definitly told them you loved shopping at Bebe and the likes of all those very "high end" fahion zones.

i defintly didn't give him a link to this blog, so please keep it to yourself, u do not want to embarrass me and hamper your chances of having a killa proposal...the guy i found you is a catch , he is about 59,has never being married, but is lookin to find his Number 1, so imagine my joy when he hit your profile asking for your hand in marriage...he is a go getter that one....dont worry your preety lil head about nuffin, CC got u!o and ya u can thank me later..... said...

omo na weddings galore o.... the thing tire me.
I hope say their married life they sweet them....

still love weddings though

I used to be a wedding website addict, but not anymore.

no worry, you be correct babe now. the fine bobo go soon appear....

Anonymous said...

I said if i dnt marry frm my state then ill marry frm another tribe.i didnt say the same tribe or state.

Ms. Catwalq said...

I love to follow weddings because i love the art of putting an event together. However, I find that many couples confuse the event with the institution. A wedding is one day and a marriage is a daily affair and some days, u high blood pressure will be in the air and you will want to grind your partner into the ground and be contemplating how you can sail his/her body out to sea. Still you persevere. But not blindly, cos if u r unhappy, i don't know what u r persevering about.

As far as getting married, I am on a "we shall see" regiment. I have things to do and if something happens along that line, good; if nothing happens, fine. I live by my own time tables.

olu said...

Marriage. A subject I'm absolutely-FUCKING-clueless about. But who cares. OK, here we go...

Arrgh!!! What is it with us guys and these out-of-this-effing-world marriage proposals now?! How I go propose now when the time comes (IF it ever does) when it's like everything has been done - and said?! Well I guess I would just go back to the - CHEAP - basics. How man for do now? Air, sea, land. Are you kidding me?

Yoruba ppl are quick to get into (and out of) marriages - or so I hear. The Igbo folks marriages are more stable. No be me talk so o!

"I don't think everyone will get married." Very true, my sister. The priest in my church says so all the time & I believe him.

This is a very good read. A favour, pls. Can I've your mind? I love the way it works.

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

love weddings too
hope whoever am marry will be creative and romantic enough to wow me with the proposal

olorunmaje oh according to dbanj, i can never be one of those 52 year old unmarried aunties, my God will not allow it

naija shawty said...

oh leggy! that wedding, the events taht led to it are so trippin'. lol. serzly.

Funms-the rebirth said...

im so sad about the air france thing!....

not really a fan of wedding sites except i know the couple very well...... wow at these proposal stories, hopefully they love each other more than the proposal

Ms.O said...

I love wedding websites! I am a lil bit of an addict. I find myself typing up random names, to see what shows up...hehe. I feel alot of people lie tho, coz some people I know, will say they emt in chcurch, when we all know it was a club oo!

Original Mgbeke said...

Aribaba: Why don't you do it and let us know. I imagine that post this your proposal, there will be NO wedding website for me to read this 'wonderful' story. Bwahahahahahha!

Culture & Nicey: You dey mind Ari? They will really push him off the heel and feature the proposal as the WORST. lol

Nicey abeg you will not kill me. I am really laughing at giving your life before flying, all to avoid hell abi? Ha ha Ha. You berra give your life now o...LOL.

Bagucci: The thing just turned into one big trend shaa, now everyone is trying to outdo the other.

Enkay: Be sure to ask him ooo and I will surely keep hope alive.

WM: I can skip the long speeches but I certainly enjoy the food, dancing and socializing.

O'Dee: No heart attacks for her in Jesus name. You are a wedding planner abi?

Culture: LMAO, This babe!!! You are a TRIP...OMG, you found me a Sugar Daddy. *gasp*, does he have any health conditions as per I am looking to score big Anna Nicole style. When I graduate from Salvation Army and move to vintage Fendi and Gucci and of course the 'high end' BeBe please don't be jeloxx as you stick with your young loff. Berra join me in this quest for a Sugar D o. I look forward to you sending him my 411 so we can take it from there...*air kisses*

eyeshadow: We go dey chook eye and see nau. Thanks! :D

Leggy: Ok gotcha. My bad...

Catwalq: I totally feel you. Yes to people placing so much emphasis on the day and forgetting about the rest of their lives and that 'we shall see' is what I was trying to say o. But i've been scolded to think positively. :-)

Olu: LOL, maybe one babe go just sweep you off your feet that your own proposal go even be Space, planet earth and Mars. LMAO...Bros, na so we see am ooo.
Ha! @ the Yoruba/Igbo kini...intaresting. And thank you very much, you may borrow my mind anytime, just remember to return it. :-)

Optimistic: Awww I hope to stumble across your oppressive website one day. And I pray the same for you my sister!

Naijashawty: I guess I will let Leggy ansa that one, as I don't know the events. lol

Funms: Hahahah @ loving themselves more than the proposal. I certainly hope so!

Ms.O: Hahahah e don get some that didn't have a 'story'. I'm like hmmm was it a one night stand turned to love or something? Hehehehe, na so my mind dey think sha o.

Ms Sula said...

I love your updates God Sis.

Now to the meat of the matter.

Re: Wedding websites. I am like you, I like the stories behind the stuff. The pictures bore me. I have always been into weddings and their organizations since I was a wee bit. Nothing to do with the wedding bug... Lol! But I hear you about the proposals though... Men I have dated were aware of the fact that I would shame them if they did one of those grandiose in public productions... It wouldn't be me... I rather had a small while we are together moment (preferably after some good s3x... :D)...

Re: Weddings. It's just that you are at the age when your friends and classmates start getting married... It will slow down in a couple of years. :) And you guys should please let the woman wear her gold necklace abeg... Lol! It also feels to me like Yoruba men marry younger than their Igbo counterparts... but then again maybe it's a matter of number?'

Re: is marriage in your future? My question is being honest with yourself do you want it in your future? If you do, then stop claiming this alternative route. It doesn't mean start working on getting married, but open your mind/heart and attitude to it...

Didn't I tell you you'll meet a great person soon? You should start paying attention oh!! Mama Mgbeke is trying to wear her gold necklace, thank you! :D

Have a great one, darling!

Tairebabs said...

I laughed throughout the whole post. Girl, you are something else.

Yes intertribal marriages are in and I am glad as it means people are moving away from the long lasting ignorance of tribalism.

lol@Urhobo men being really good cooks. I am Urhobo and both my brothers are fantastic cooks honestly and i really don't know why self.

I am not big on weddings sha. Who knows maybe I am somewhere in my subconscious jealous that it is not me. The wedding fever na wa o. I stopped going to facebook because it was like they rang bell and I didn't hear it.

LusciousRon said...

The whole wedding fever thingy can be tiring especially if you are not getting married anytime soon.

Those wedding websites can make you jealous. LOL at Urhobo men. It's soo true.

I agree that not everyone will get married. that thought goes round in my head a few times.

SouLBoutiQue said...

HOLD UP!!! Where on earth are you meeting all these Urhobo men?!? In MARYLAND!!! Where was I? lol. Me I am urhobo and barely met any in my 24 yrs of life, in fact I used to always dream of marrying things have changed...might be one of those yoruba man + Urhobo woman! But Big Up to URHOBO's!! As for these proposals, geesh! All I can say is damn! But I'd prefer a 4 to 8 karat ring, and a simple proposal to the over the top proposal and a 1 karat ring!!! You get me! :) I'm just saying!
ps. I can't wait for all the weddings this in babes must be looking MESSY!

Original Mgbeke said...

God sis: LMAO, if he proposed after some good S3X, I assume we will not see that part on your wedding website. Too funny, LOLLL.
Yes o, Yoruba men definitely seem to marry at younger ages.
I really should be more open minded to the idea of marriage sha, it's funny I think positively about everything else in life but men, love, relationships, marriage... the whole 9 yards. :-D
Amen to that! No worries I will certainly let you know what your words were the truth when it happens. Thanks sis. :-)

LusciousR: Men it's like there are weddings every weekend, crazy! Ahh so you are with me on this one, hmmm we go dey see sha. How you dey na?

TaireBabs: Are your brothers cute? you know say you be fine babe so I trust they are. LOL...I like Urhobo men o. :-)
LMAOOOO @ stopped going to FB. Nne ehn, that FB dikwa very oppressive o! Haba! God dey my sister...

Ag: Girl I have met quite a # of them ooo. Hmmm, random places too. CT, TX, NY. Yes if you have any cousins tell 'em that one Igbo girl is liking them. LOLLL. I totally feel you, can I have a serious bling and a simple proposal as opposed to over the top and not too gengen bling. Girlll the weddings on this end are off the hook, there is one end of the month, it seems like it really will be gengen.