Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yup, that’s right. I said…the IBTC. Don’t give me that blank stare, you no sabi wetin IBTC means? Ooooh you don't. Oya let me edumacate somebody up in this piece.
IBTC = Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Now don’t say I never taught you anything.

This post is inspired by a recent post by IphyIgboGal on boobage. She recently blogged about having big boobs and so I was like voila! I can blog about having some ittay bittay tittays. Cue the Beyonce now… All my single IBTC ladies, now put your hands up!

For purposes of this post…IBT’s = Ittay Bittay Tittays.

My friend says that I’m one of those weird people who don’t seem to have any body part complexes and I think that she’s right. I can’t think of anything on my being that I would love to change or wish I didn’t have, these IBT’s included. That wasn’t always the case though…growing up, when every girl was approaching puberty and coming into themselves, and wearing bras was the new and hot thing…I certainly had my fair share of ‘why me’ moments.
Why haven’t my boobs grown?’
When will they grow?’
Will they ever be as big as the rest of the worlds?’
I hated having small boobs and I had quite a complex about 'em. I would play around and stuff my bra with tissue dreaming of the day when I would finally fill out my shirts and tops like everybody else and as you know having boobs has always been hot with the men and so I felt like my lack of boobage seriously diminished my attractiveness factor.
I used to feel somewhat self conscious in swimsuits ‘cos that one na the real kobalizer…lmao, if you were rocking a padded bra which might have fooled somebody, the instant you break out the swim suit, ain’t not much fooling that you could fool anybody o jare. Oh, and remember how there was this myth about how if you go to sleep with your bra on, it would restrict the growth of your boobies? So best believe I made it a point to NEVER sleep with my bra on. Hmmph, some good it did me.

And till today, I have no freakin’ idea where I got these IBT’s from oo. All the women in my immediate family have some nice, decent sized boobage…even my mama sef dey wonder as she sometimes assesses my chest and says ‘Hmmph, I don’t know where you got these small breasts from, it must be from your father’s side of the family’. Eh heh, blame it on the other relatives. Lmao!

But aniwoos…
I got older and I realized that in terms of attractiveness factor, I had other things working for me i.e a decent sized tush (although that one don dey take style to decrease o…chei), hot and sezzy legs, a winning smile, a charming personality, a cute face, nice shape etc etc. Hahahahaha, I mean dudes better recognize that they can’t have it all o! Shiooooo, I mean if na the boobs or bobby (for my PH and Warri folk) wey no too full ground, then abeg the man go dey accurate and learn to work with am and seriously, no man has ever complained till date. Is he mad, abi dem no born am well?
That aside, I actually started to see the benefits of being the president of the IBTC and perks dey o...for instance:
-Like my friend and fellow blogger Tori will say, ‘bras are nothing but a fashion accessory to me’. As in, e no be by force, it is an option. I actually went out last weekend bra less. Hehehehe.
- Everything fits well and we can get away with wearing tops that might otherwise look quite scandalous on a woman wey carry serious bobby.
-When we finally get around to popping those kiddies and get to breast feeding and such, our boobs will be nice and full as opposed to fighting hard to defy gravity. *snickers*
-Back pains? What the heck is that?
-Strapless, tube tops and all the whole 9 yards? Bring it on baby!

Need I say more? The perks and benefits dey oooo. So needless to say, I have totally shed the IBT complex and even embrace the boobage or lack of it.

So once again, all my IBTC ladies…now put your hands up! And my ladies with big bobby, put your hands up too…one love mai pipu.



Enoch said...


Enoch said...

When you form your IBTC club, abeg gimme a backstage pass make I sneak in. My philosophy has always been "A HANDFUL IS ENOUGH".

I don't understand all the craziness about dem c-cup abi J-bucket abi triple d sturvs.

A handful is enough.

Anonymous said...

i like my breasts too.not too big,not too small.and my legs.i just love my body.

miss.fab said...

Shett! I was almost first sha. Ok off to read now

Tatababe said...

Guuurrrrrl!!! you're just too funny. You know "Dove" should come and hire you as one of their motivational speakers teaching young girls how to love & embrace their beautiful body mehn!

TayneMent said...

I don't even know where I stand on the boob scale.

miss.fab said...

Lol. I'm set to dethrone you from president o. Who dashed you! Mschew.

Men those IBT complexes... tell me about them. I don't think I've fully outgrown them just yet but I'm on my way there. (I have seriously considered getting pregnant and then aborting the baby so I can have big boobs since I can't afford breast implants) (Okay I was just kidding) (Lol)

I tell you there is nothing like walking around bra-less though. Best thing ever. ITBC represent! Whoooo!

olohita said...
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Azazel said...

Lol @ charming personality..
I definitely agree with that o. Orignal mgbeks u are tres three much

Original Mgbeke said...

Enoch: Abeg you go pay o, see as awoof wan run bele. Yay to a handful. ;-)

Leggy:- Love it well o, that's the spirit.

Tatababe:- They should o, I can speak from experiences. Hahahaha

Taynment:- Not a bad set at all. :-D

Missfab:- No wahala, hopefully you get there. IBTC repping...woohooo. We need like a war cry or something. Lmao

Azazel:- Thanks hon, I dey try small. :-D

uNWrItten* said...

lmao ur so razzzzzzz
me i have big tirries..i even want to dash somepeople my own...the thing is annoying mehn....hiss

~B~ said...

LOL!! u talk am tru tru my sista!

When I was younger I use t try nd strike 'deals' with Baba God, I wuld b like

"Dear God,
You know my dilemma, I'm not even bein greedy, I just wanna b one cup-size bigger, dt's it! I'm not even askin u t giv me Pamelas or bigger hips. You've already been more than generous with the derrière. Ejo, all I want is jst enuff for them t b considered boobs!..."


Tinu said...

if u people in the IBTC are looking for extra boobage u can like to give me a call!hehee
but i do envy u guys tho sometimes!!!heheheh

Enoch said...

I'll pay. No problem.

As long as I'll be the secretary and perform the measurements to make sure there are no impostors :)

Nice Anon said...

You are just a useless human being! yay! to small breasted women o!

I see bloggers are now giving you topic to blog about. I no dey complain sha as anything to keep you hia be my moto.

Bia but Iphy pa obi sha! Nwata ntakiri dika ya? Oh chi unu!

akaBagucci said...

I see you have unearthed some breaking news on the 'stock' market....

Anonymous said... all this boob talk is giving me a headache..hehe..abeg embrace am jo! Nothing do u!

Sankofa said...

I'm seriously hating right about now. I fall on the complete opposite end of the boob spectrum. Oh well. Time to look for my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder....

Ms.O said...

LOL! wow!!! NO COMMENT Mgbeks!

muyiwa said...

Lol,u know say all man like big booby,anyway no be only booby dey talk for woman body,cos some ladies got bad ummmmmm,i no wan mention.later

Anonymous said...

LMAO..Funny cause I was actually part of a group called those exact words haha.

We thank God all the same now, I mean boobage is so overrated these days LOL

tunrayo said...

see me thinking u were going to talk about the bank.

i'm definetely a member of this committee but wait, who elected you president?

im pretty sure no girl was proud to have IBTs growing up. i had this particular swimsuit that was padded and i used to wear it under my uniform cos my bestie then had bigger boobs and it sucked cos we started out together. one day she came back from holidays and bam, hers were 5times mine...figured i couldnt wear it everyday so i stopped. then i had to answer questions as to how come my ample breastisies had deflated.

i still hoped that mine will grow cos both my sisters have big ones(even the younger one). when i figured that wasnt happening, i embraced what i had...and im loving it :)

Gee said...

lol i am outting my hands up too!

joicee said...

girl, you are not serious!lol

Most guys don´t worry about the size..just as Enoch said a handful is enough.

Myne Whitman said...

Hands are up here, LOL. yay to going braless and no one complaining of flapping slippers. LOL.

You're one funny babe girl.

NigerianQueen said...

There was a time when I was the chairperson of the itty bitty titty committee and I loved it. You know, wearing daring tops and dresses without worry.
But as the lawd would have it, sometime within the past year I freaking jumped from a B-cup to a D cup. Now, I ain't complaining too much sha. Its a small D, but its still perkaaaaay!!!! Wooohoo!
I can rock tops and dresses, I just fill them up a lil' bit more; and for the first time ever, I can get the "cleavage effect" without the help of a push-up! Woohooo!!! Best of both worlds! :D

Manda said...

I dreamed of bobbie enlargment wen i was younger but i guess i'm cool wit it now. 2 funny!

doll said...

lmao..well...i guess everyone has to accept and luv themselves..i luv my 34c..or d sometimes..perfect bra cup size

N.I.M.M.O said...

Guys remember the 15th Commandment:
'Anything that cannot fit into your palm is a waste of resources'

If its got a nipple, then its a bobby. What else can you call it?

Odunayo said...

My hands are waaaayyyy up! I've always been the smallest cup size in my circle of friends (and teased as well) but I never really cared about the size.

So far, I have seven strapless dresses (and counting) just because they look like on me! And Like Enoch said a handful is enough!

ITBC all the way!!

Fabulo-la said...

Lmao @ Sankofa and be only measurements he go take. Lool How about a touching experiment.

BBB said...

oh i envy u..
am carry huge weight on my chest... and i plan to reduce them once i step out of dis country.. my back killin me 4 real

NoLongThing said...

yes o! give it up for portable boobies.

Aunty Mgbeks - This one wey you dey claim IBTC president, we must see pishure o!

mizchif said...

Capital L-O-L!
LMAO @ N.I.M.M.O "waste of resources"

Both my hands are up oh. Not like i would complain if i woke up tomorrow and become a "C", but the derriere is generous enough, so who am i to complain.

IBTC united! Thanks for the edumacation.

Repressed One said...

LOL e be laik sey you are in good company. Una plenti well well. I just come hail you, dear. I no get input lol

Anya P said...

Hahaha...darling my C cups are saying a big HALLO to ya! hehe.

bArOquE said...

LOL@defying know, judging from you list i can honestly say that 'over point' na im dey worry make too much sense.LOL...most importantly, you overcame the complex. good for you

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Boobage is so overrated!!!

But I have got big one not so big and I love them.

juiceegal said...

There are many IBTC'S in blogsville o ahn ahn..loooool
Me i'm not in you people's club sha.But wait not all big boobs are saggy naw..ahn ahn..34E and proud mehn.
Mgbeke Nice one.

histreasure said...

girl,you too funny..

what's good is that you love yourself just the way you are..

give yourself a few months into your first preggy and you might just go - 'na me be dis'?

bob-ij said...

LOL I died twice when I saw the full meaning of IBTC> I was like ah what has th bank done. I must say I luv my own boobage... It's more the decetly-sized for my small body but I won't mind if it grows more..LOL My friends kill e when I say that but really. You're right though. the IBTCs can rock loads of stuff i can't without looking like a playboy bunny! lol

Anoda Phase said...

lol @ Enoch...

I was actually thinking of IBTC the Bank...this ur committee sure has some space for me, lol....and I agree with the benefits one.

AJ said...

Lmao! I have big boobs, they started developing when I was in JS2 - always had male attention because of them. But now I envy IBTs, biko y'all can wear anything!

Now, I have no ass at all :-) Serious bottom envy - blog about this o :-)

Original Mgbeke said...

Unwritten: Hahahah, I guess the grass is greener on the other side ehn.

B: My sister ooo, but the good news is that derriere appears to take more precedence than the bobbi...or so they say.

Tinu: No wahala, I will direct awon babes to you...all interested candidates. I fit start business sef. :-D

Enoch: You don work for victoria's sikirit before abi wetin? You know say them peoples be specialized breast specialists. lmao

Nicey m my roof: Everything na inspiration these days but I full ground my sister. LOLLLL
Nna menn, Iphy get am oooo! My eye just dey shine!

Bagucci: Yelz o, you know say I dey always look into potential investment opportunities. Lmao

Nwanyi: Pop some panadol o, make you no collect too much headache for hia.

Sankofa: Chei, you fit do chest swap operation nau. Plenty girls would love to be in your shoes.

Ms.O: LOL, I am glad I was able to leave you speechless. :-D

Original Mgbeke said...

Muyiwa: Lmaoooo, tok am nau. See you, hahahahahhaa.

Taymee: So werin happen? God blessed you overnight. Make some of my IBTC ladies no lose hope if they are still hoping for a miracle.

Tunrayo: High five me o jare, embrace am well well my sister. Meanwoos wetin ya bestie do over the holidays? You know say back in the day peeps go tok say dem don press her breast finish. LMAO

Gee: Join the club honey. :-D

Joicee: Hahaha, make them no worry o jare. They will learn to work with what they see.

Myne Whit: As in ehn! Free the chesticles sometimes. :-D
Thank you Lady, I try. Tehehehehe.

NigerianQueen: LOL, the best of both worlds indeed. Abeg which kain miraculous jump from a B to a D? Come and share ya sikirits for all interested parties. Hahahahaha

Manda: That is wassup o jare, enlargements are soo overrated aniwoos. lol

Doll: You knoworramean! Gotta love the C and sometimes D cup. *winks*

N.I.M.M.O:- Lmaooo you no even serious, Hahahah @ that commandment.

Odundun: IBTC repping! *Does the IBTC jig*...a big yay to those strapless dresses.

Fabola: No mind Enoch, hin wan use style to tap free current.

BBB: Awwww, I know someone who always talks about doing reduction. pele o, back pains must not be fun.

NoLongthing: Hahahahha, pishure ehn? Ya eye go just clear!

Original Mgbeke said...

MizChif: And you know say babes wey no too carry serious bobbi def make up for it with the derriere. ;-)
Put your hands up well well my sister.

RepressedOne: LMAO, 'preciate the support my sister. It's all love amongst the chesticles community...big or small.

Anya P: Like our friend Danny B will say, a HAT TIP to your C cups. :-D

Baroque: LMAOOOO @ 'over point', that cracked me up. Bros, na so we see am oooo. Hahahahaha.

Girlwithzeredhair: My sister, I dey hail you o jare. Love the boobies, big or small. :-)

Juiceegal: Ah we plenty o, I say we need a war cry or somn. lmaooo...No I no tok say all big boobies dey saggy o, ahh 34E that is rare. I dey hail your 34 E's my sister!

Histreasure: Ya know, loving ourselves is key. Ahhh, I shall definitely stay tuned to see what the boobage will look like after pregnancy.

Bob-Ij: Yes you do have quite a nice pair for your size, and you want more ke? Hahahaha. LOL @ playboy bunny, we thank God for small blessings.

JustDoyin: I have missed you o! Welcome back. And welcome to the committee. :-D

AJ: Chei, dem suppose start reassignment surgery where you send some of that boobage to the derriere area. I bet they would do some crazy stuff like that on the show 'Nip/Tuck'. LOL. No wahala o jare, at least you set in one area. lolll

One3snapshot! said...

all ya flat chested broads can suck my left one

Anonymous said...

you know what they say...anything more than a handful is a waste. ha ha ha!

Fragilelooks said...

@lucildith: lmao
@ORIGINAL MGBEKE: i love dis post gurl. Jst love d size u gt. It has its own advantage. Had a frend with xtra small boobies&oversizd hips on her smal frame. She could aford 2 take off her bra in class wen uncomfortable&no 1 wuld notice. I could do dat too,bt wuldn't dare cuz i love my boobs just handy.

BSNC said...

hahah you be one funny babe sha. I know you have the nicest personality.

my hands are half way up, cos my own its just right. As par boobs, fela rightly said it "me and you no dey for the same"

enough said, how far...

misspumping said...

hahaha certified club member been a member for as longa s i can remember

Ms. Royal Reigns said...

Awww. Look at all new members of the IBTC club. Joining forces and Uniting as one. Such a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile, I'll be over here appreciating my Double D's. Don't jealous me.

Enkay said...

yeh! lol!
My mom is actually glad that none of her daughters grew up to have big boobies. Isn't that funny?

In junior Secondary, I prayed and fasted that my breasts would grow. Phew! thank God he didn't give them to me like I prayed for them. I love mine just the way they are now!
I'd say they're a 'cute' size. hehehe!

aeedeeaee said...

i love my boobs and i cannot lie!

aeedeeaee said...

i love my "handful" c-cups! lol did i say that before? lol don't blame me...i thot i was gonna lose 'em at some point...

In secondary school, i used to slouch just so that my boobies would be hidden some :D Ochi a to gbuo m! The very idea of hiding boobies!

Some post Mgbeks *smh*

chayoma said...

One word

Nice Anon said...

Update da?

Writefreak said...

Oh God, Mgbeks i just dey laugh...but nice one, one's gotta cherish what one has! Nothing do you jare!
How you doing?

Neo said...

first time here and i jam this breast matter again? IBTC- thot it was the bank I'm def no member of ur club o, i'm 32E and in

olu said...

Vintage Mgbeks!