Sunday, October 11, 2009

Random thoughts about Hair...

In the light of Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' documentary (which I intend to see), and all the one million hair stories popping up here and there, I was inspired to give my own take on things.

On Nigerian women and weaves
My African American roomie and I were having one of our many random discussions, and this time it was about hair. She told me how she's observed that a bunch of Nigerian women seem to wear weaves and pointed how she had never seen some of my friends' real hair. It wasn't a mean spirited comment or anything, more like an observation. PS:- She has the right to talk, in my quest to 'Nigerianize' her, I've dragged her to a bunch of events that involved Nigerians and so I guess she was on her people watching game.
Aniwoos, after she said that...I did make it a point to kinda be on the look out (through observations at events/Facebook albums of events) to see if I could see what she was talking about and I do have to admit that yes, it seems that a whole bunch of Nigerian/African woman in general tend to wear more weaves than their own hair. Interesting observation...

On Natural Hair vs. Permed hair and Weaves
It seems that lately, the topic of natural hair vs. Permed hair and weaves has been coming up. I was actually surprised to discover that apparently a whole bunch of men claim to dislike weaves. It sure did come as breaking news to me sha o, since all the women that these men chase seem to rock their cascading curls of weaves very well and with no shame. Sometimes I think that these men love to contradict themselves...the same men who go on and on about women and fake hair are the same men who will drool over the Beyonce type of females. Get it together guys...(but that's beside the point, lol).
Some men even went as far as to criticize women who perm their hair accusing them of subscribing to the 'white man's standard of beauty' and what have you. I can't even pin it all on the men sha o, even as I know that some of my fellow natural haired sisters are on that Afrocentric tip and do look down on women who subscribe to this so-called standard of beauty.
As for me, I spontaneously made the decision to do the 'big chop' and wear my hair natural in 2002 abi 2003 after I was inspired by two of my natural haired friends, and I haven't looked back since. To be honest, my decision to go natural wasn't based off some black power/Afrocentric tip, it was more about trying something new and somewhat different.
Whenever I hear men criticize women who wear weaves, I am always quick to inform that them contrary to what they think, weaves might actually be easier to maintain than natural hair...they keyword here being 'might'. I mean (and correct me if I'm wrong), with the weaves, you pretty much run a brush through it and maybe a curling iron if you're in the mood, and then wake up and go abi? I know that for me, who once had something like a mini afro, maintaining it was a real headache and so I decided to chop it all off. Short, nappy hair is definitely and without a doubt the most low maintenance and least expensive way to go (if you're feeling bold). I literally wake up, run a comb through it and go...with the random cuts that occur every other month.
Before Sugabelly comes and shoots me, this is not an effort to dissuade anyone who wants to go the natural hair route. I do believe that if you choose to put in the time and effort to maintaining any type of hairstyle then you can do it, and if you're just a lazy bum like me who can't be bothered most of the time, you might wanna go the short hair route. When I had long permed hair, I never did anything to it either save for wear it in a boring old pony tail every day.

On short hair
I must admit that after seeing all the noise that people made about Solange's recent hair cut and how empowered she is and blahblah, I actually rolled my eyes. Why? In my opinion, it's just hair...long or short and so I don't see the big deal in a hair cut. True talk.
Maybe I am of this opinion, because I currently wear my hair cut as low as Solange's as well but truth be told I didn't think too hard about doing that initial big chop. As in, I didn't stop to think if 'it would fit my face' or 'if it would look good on me' and what have you. I just did it and thank you Jesus, it worked for me. Today I guess you can say that I am addicted to cutting my hair. Every time I see someone with a big 'fro, I get all jealous and resolve to grow my own hair so that I can make other people jealous but the instance I walk past a Hair cuttery, just know that it's a wrap. My mentality is 'it's just hair, it will grow back someday'.
Don't get me wrong, I know that not everyone can just wake up and decide to cut off their crowning glory and be 'naked' to the world, as someone put it... and that true talk, long hair in general seems to be more feminine but should a hair cut really create so much buzz? Or did the hair cut inspire that much buzz because seeing women with short hair isn't that common?...especially among the Celebrities?
Even for me as a regular around the way gal, I always get the 'wow, you are so brave for cutting your hair' type of comments and mentally I wonder what is really so brave about that, after all shebi it's nothing but a hair style? Or maybe it's considered to be a 'brave feat' when you factor in your attractiveness factor to the opposite sex. After all, I can best my last dollar that most men might prefer a woman with long hair but ultimately shey it all boils down to how I choose to carry myself abi? Long hair or short hair, I'm still a fab chick and can't no one tell me otherwise.

Sometimes, you are your hair
I was reading an article on, where the author claimed to feel naked and not so fierce without her weave. See, I have always believed that 'we are not our hair' and so whatever you choose to rock, be it permed hair, natural hair, long hair, short hair, weaves or braids, it is considered to be your form of self expression HOWEVER on the flip side, if a woman feels incomplete without those beautiful waves of hair then in my opinion, you = your hair and your hair obviously defines you. Before you shoot the messenger, the author even said it herself and I quote:

"Then I remembered India Arie’s old hit “I am not my hair”. The case is not so for us “weavaholics”. I realized that from January, till date I’ve rocked my real hair for less than 2 weeks and I hated it and felt like I was empty, while with my 2 pack of 16 inch indian hair I felt sexier and ready. I literally became Sasha fierce, sexy and all. I also went through my facebook friend list and noticed that about 98 % of my female friends had weaves or wigs or braids on their profile picture. I still haven't seen some of my aunties' real hair because all they put on are wigs or weaves. With that being said, I came to the following conclusion...weaves are addictive and they have become my addiction or should I say “our addiction”.

Very interesting stuff. And on that note, let me peace out of here.

I go catch una later...


TayneMent said...

Yay, I think I might be first.

I do believe I am a weavaholic. I hear I have hair on my head but I don't have the patience to take care of it so I just put a weave on it. It's fuller anyways and fits me better. Maybe if i took care of my hair more I would wear it but I couldn't be bothered. Real hair oh, fake hair oh, everyone to thy own...Now lace front? that's another topic another day.

Fabulo-la said...

U r back!
Where u run go naa?

Fabulo-la said...

Why is everybody talking about hair?

I cant wear weaves. Did it once didnt last more than a few hours. Would much rather chop my hair off. is just hair abi?

Yinkuslolo said...
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Yinkuslolo said...

mehn, i was just about to post a update for my dilemma 2.
i am my hair, my hair is my crown. in any way i think about it, my hair defines my face, which matters the most to me. sometimes, i dont care. but when i do, my hair is the key factor.

me = my hair.

iphyigbogurl said...

mgbeks....i think when people are on low cut...they begin to get addicted to cutting the way u said u like to always cut urs...i feel that way too....for somne weird reason!!!...

p.s.... i need advice.....i'm trying to dye my natural short hair..... since u said u have the same thing (low cut)......can u advice me on wat dye to use on natural hair?..i am a complete novice when it comes to things like dis.. :( thanks!!

Lady X said...

Mehn I also do not get it at all. If someone wants to wear a weave, use relaxer, wear their natural hair it should be all good! Free them! I don't like it when people make fun of people that wear their hair natural cuz if they didn't wear weaves or use relaxers their hair would also be the same. That's what I find hypocritical. It's even black people that do it o can you imagine!

muyiwa said...

Hair,hair,hair,thats woman palava,we men no get problem

juiceegal said...

Lol at muyiwa
More lol at before sugabelly comes and shoots me.
As long as the hair that suits ur face, schedule and budget, then what is the wahala there??
People like to make a big fuss jare, i would never stop saying 'its just hair'. I'm following you to cut mine sha, it has been stagnant for the pst 4 years now. I think wigs are gonna be my new best friends now. :D

Ada said...

let me make a confession..
so about two days a go, I was doing my regular wash. it usually takes me like 2hrs to detangle because my hair is a lot and my relaxed hair since the beginning of time likes to lock up. like clump together. in my mind I was like fuck this, I picked up a scissors and cut the back of my hair. and then it dawned on me what I just did. I called my friend to tell her what i just did and ofcourse she went on and on and gave me five hundred reasons why my hair is beautiful and long. I dropped the phone, picked up the scissors and chopped everything. obvously her speech did not move me.

I thought i would freak out but but as cliche as this may sound, I felt so liberated. I couldn't stop playing with the spiral curls on my hair (i have been transitioning for about six months so I have about 3 to 4inches of new growth)

and I remember I told you how brave you were for rocking your short hair, now i realize its just hair. I was always the girl who everyone complimented about her hair and I feel so empowered to let go of a source of compliment and still feel like the shit.subconsciously one can tie their esteem to something about them that is considered beautiful.

the first day I went out of the house. all these guys are tryna talk to me.which was a shock because I thought most guys didn't really care for short hair. I still think they dont but will be attracted to a girl with confidence. Im like ehn ehn so this is what mgbeke is enjoying and she dey hide am. lol.kidding.
anyways i am growing out mine sha cos i want a huge afro. and i 'll straighten it every once in a while

but I also do realize that for some its not just hair. and I dont have a problem with weaves because I rock them. but weaves and relaxers should not be the default. your natural hair should be the default, I mean duh it is what comes out of your head. unfortunately most people don't know what their natural hair looks like.
the reason why i decided to go natural was because getting relaxers where hurting my pocket(i'll usually go to the salon to get it done and they charge me extra cos my hair was long), and i began to get worried about the chemicals in relaxers and the unknown damages it can cause. do you know that relaxers are not even FDA approved? another story another day. plus i have always been fascinated by big kinky curly hair.. it just never occurred to me that i had an option to stop relaxing because that was all i knew.

Anonymous said...

biko i agree with you..its just hair.i personally dont think my hair defines me..i hate anything stressing me out...ive not even relaxed my hair since january,ive never won a weave or wig...i just braid the hair..wake up,[ack it and go.i dont know what the big deal is oh.
relaxed hair,natural hair..hoo haa!!your hair doesnt define you.
you can have natural hair and be the worst person on earth.
so people should biko leave people who dont have natural hair tired of this mentality if..'people who dont have natural hair are fake and are trying to be caucasian.'..this is what someone actually told me which just made me allergic to natural are not better than that person spotting a weave..its all about choice.
i like your post biko.

Enoch said...

Having paid my tuition sewing on weaves & as a member of the male crowd that compels u ladies to do all this "pole-vaulting" to impress. I guess I'm obliged to opine.

You can listen to India-Arie with her holier than thou "I am not my hair" @ your own peril. If you can look better with mammi-water hair, why not? Besides, India-Arie probably smokes pot or sniffs ose-oji so ignore all that contemporary sophisticated sense of virtue.

Most guys don't ask for much...
Weaves:: For the love of Aphrodite, greek God of beauty, abeg avoid those ones that ashawoify
Short hair:: Look your skull first oh! The more masculine your features, the longer the hair

Basically, u want very very very long hair if you have a passing semblance to Jim Ike.

my $.02

Caveat: Its a bad idea to take hair advice from an agbero like me. Besides, I've been known to give horribly bad advice.

Nice Anon said...

Una no go kill me.LMAO@ sugabelly coming to shoot you. LOL LOL

LOL@ Tayne: Let's talk lace front shall we?

I really don't have much to say on this topic as I don't want o start a controversy so make we leave controversies for Enoch and dem folks.


ah, hair discussions. It seems that they can be more dangerous than discussions about religion and politics in blogville.

Anyway, hair is hair. God gave it to us and we can use it however we like to express ourselves. Some of us will color it. Cut it. Add 'jara' (weave) to it and whatever else we like. Its not good. Its not bad. Its all about whether you know your hair and how to take care of it.

Nice post, babe. Hope all is well!

Bibi said...

gurl, i hear you jare. but to me, hair is hair. weave or no. now naturally, my hair is real long and full. but to maintain am na palava. it is actually more expensive to maintain than fake hair. we're talking about 150 bucks a month. who get that kine money to waste? and i have very diverse taste when it comes to hair. i go from short to long to curls to fros. and i ain't trying to make anyone think its my real hair. its just hair. deal with it. now sometimes when the mood strikes, i go with my natural hair. it makes me look younger though. but not everyone has nice beautiful hair. and like TLC once said, nyou can buy your hair if it won't, true that.

P.S by the by, what is up with theses guys who keep saying they don't like our weaves? like you said, the same guys are the ones all over the beyonce and the naomi campbell types abi? 90% of girls wear weaves dude, deal with it. lol

mizchif said...

LMAO! as soon as i saw the topic, i couldn't wait to see Sugabelly's comment, so now i am waiting for her to come and "shoot" you. hehehehehehehe.

I will quote kpakpando here and say weave is just an option and is no big deal really.
I'm not sure i understand why there is this big debate on hair, each to her own abeg.

I do believe the men who do not like weavalicious sisters are in the minority. At least in Nigeria where i come from sha, becuase every guy knows his babe must have hair doing allowance.

My own take on good hair is this:
Good hair is hair that looks good. Simples. And if i pay for it, it is MY hair.

Sugarking said...

Me sef wan start to grow afro jare. But hey, na my own hair o! not goat hair, not dead peoples hair, and definitely not monkey hair. My own!!! lol

Aron Ranen said...

Please take a moment to check out my documentary film BLACK HAIR

It is free at youtube. 6 parts including an update from London, England.

It explores the Korean Take-over of the Black Beauty Supply and Hair biz..

The current situation makes it hard to believe that Madame C.J. Walker once ran the whole thing.

I am not a hater, I am a motivator.

Plus I am a White guy who stumbled upon this, and felt it was so wrong I had to make a film about it.

self-funded film, made from the heart.

Can it be taken back?


Myne Whitman said...

I said this on sugbelly's post and that's my opinion.

Nice info up there. Chris Rock has a new funny documentary out titled, Good hair. Bottom line of it is black women spend too much time and money on their hair and extras. Chill people, natural or relaxed, take care of your hair. It's not a big deal.

Controversy said...

Lol honestly I don't get..
Why is the type of hair u rock up for discussion? Like why is that even a topic? Like who gives a shit? Mgbeks the offensive comment is not directed to u o..
am just saying, for the past week all females around me seem to want to talk about is HAIR HAIR HAIR..
Like is that the priority this days?

Third World Profashional said...

lmao! i'm such a hair victim! i've got it all: brazilian, indian, remy, lace fronts etc and i've placed an order for some 26 inch vietnamese. its crazy i know but i cant help it, i get what your friend means by weaves make her feel powerful. i just feel way hotter in my store bought hair.

cut off all my natural hair last year to try and rock a 'fro, needless to say it wasn't werking for me. forgot i'm 100% nigerian as opposed to my half british, half nigerian friend who's 'fro looked so fierce i decided to try it out

TayneMent said...

Nice Anon - i si gini? lol

Repressed One said...

lol...i've read like 3/4 diff hair posts on blogville today. Hia!!

...infact if i start, i go write epistle. It's just hair!! I'm currently on my 2nd bout of wearing my hair natural and it's really just hair...i can wake up tomorrow and go perm the bloody thing.

...what i can't stand is why anyone in either category would talk in a condescending manner to people that play for the other crase? U rock natural hair...God bless you but where the hell do you get off preaching to anyone about chemicals and staying true to themselves? Who died and made YOU hair police?
You wey dey rock perm and weaves etc why do you sit behind your 'cascading' curls or whatever else and call those with natural hair 'ugly/unsexy/unkempt'...?? the perm affect ya brain abi them braid the cornrows too tight?

abeg abeg each its own. It's JUST hair!!

lol. my comment isn't directed at anyone oh but umm if the shoe fits by all means...:)

I still managed to write epistle lol. Mgbeks darling...i troway salute oh. U take style scarce.

48 said...

Lool @ enoch's comment! U and mgbeks totally made this break from my book worthwhile.

Hair, hair,'s just hair and dare I say that amid all the jokes, enoch made some valid points. Like OM, I'm mega lazy when it comes to hair which is why I chopped my hair off(kinda like ada's episode o) in 06. Tried the low cut thing for a while - and altho I was in hair heaven - not everyone can rock that, so I started growing it. It's past shoulder length now but do I ever wear it as is?- Seldom. I rock weaves like 90% of the year cos of my busy schedule. Will I wear my naptural hair more when I'm done with school this year and hv more time and kudi? Heck yeah! In other words, while we're not out hair, each person still has the right to do what they think is best for them. Enough of this "ooh this is better, that is not ideal" a la chris rock's creamy crack stuvs jare - it's just hair.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

mgbeks sweetie,
this wan no concern me
as in, na una wahala
but hey!!!
i'm just here to say, welcome back!
missed you...
*kiss kiss*

Reverence said...

its funny how you talked about hair and i just cut my hair this wknd.
as per the anti weave guys, it may have to do with how they were raised. case in point, my brother.. i have never worn a weave or wig and same with my mom. the poor boy was never exposed to it. so now he's one of them anti weave/wig guys you speak off.

P.S i think its the color of your hair that gets people more than anything. lol

Odunayo said...

Everyone has said it I'll only say this, I am also addicted to cutting my hair. I can't help it.

Nice post!

Deji D said...

All this empowerment yarns over cutting hair is some bullchit! I think it all comes down to how people rock their hair. I'm a huge fan of chics with Afros. Its just something about big puffy hair that makes me smile.

Every babe should just do what they look good and feel comfortable with. Wetin consign everybody else?

histreasure said...

well said, o jare..
whatever works for you, gives u confidence and self-esteem and makes u feel good, i say.
infact, here in Naija, it's not even an issue joo, go ur weave, wig, braid, skin cut, afro, anything else,no one's making an argument cos of hair here.

SouLBoutiQue said...

Man I won't even lie. I am all natural but sometimes it get too much! So i stay in braids and weaves they are easier to maintain. But does your hair make you? humm to a certain extent yes it does in the sense that you feel great when you look great and your hair is apart of looking great. But i can rock anything. braids, weaves, natural, and short. done it all love it all. and I am in love with my natural hair and at times weaves.

ps. on nigerian girls and weaves VERY true. I love weaves but i also rock my natural hair. But omo have you noticed that alot of nigerian girls weaves look JACKED! I swear the point of a weave was to make it look as real as possible. In jand oh..Ah some weaves are just disgusting!


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

wow so many comments I feel like I got on the bus last lol...

great read anyways loved it love my hair ...I just feel a womans hair adds to he rbeauty ..should it ?

miss.fab said...

Wow. Very very well written. I like a lot.

I'm actually in love with Solange's hair and that's officially my next course of action.... er as soon as I come back from Nigeria that is. Lol. Kidding. But forreal though. Weaves/weave maintenance are expensive. End of story.

I had no idea you had short nachi hair. Hmm. *reconstructs mental image of you* Lol :)

bob-ij said...

lol.. Miss Fly-high.. me too. I feel like missed out. I have to contribute though> I have my hair natural too but I am not an advocate for natural hair. I believe that different hair types and personalities are suited to different people. So it actually annoys me when other natural hair-owners mock/insult/look-down upon, for want of better words on those with permed hair. I cut mine simply because the poor thing wasn't growing and I felt like it would grow better if it was natural. My twin sister on the other hand has her hair permed and it is growing beautifully.
I also find that this "natural hair" sheds a lot and it grosses me the maximum. So that's a definite maximum {sweeping the floor each time i comb my hair}. I just feel like that hair is like clothes.... Make it work however you feel it works for you.
p.s. I think Solange looks beautiful. The cut suits her face a lot and gives her an attitude people can identify with. Nice move.. and I didn't know yours was cut. That's pretty cool!

miz-cynic said...

I ROCK my hair men.i even have a routine
12 months gestation period between each retouch whr i elaborately trim, treat and condition my hair.the 3 months in between, my routine is as ffs.might sound boring but it works for me
i carry my real hair for 1 month,do some form of braids,ghana weaving, plaits,etc for 1 month, then i now have weaves(short or long) for another month.

*Dith* said...


My dear, It is simple! do a poll, "Beyonce vs India Arie", and lets see who wins. All these men need shut up. Ive decided to give d weaves a rest too, doesnt mean I may not get bored one day and decide to run back to them. For me, wearing weaves was more of a maintenance thing. Dont know why d hair thing has been so much of a debate of recent sha but worreva.

I just dont get d raging passion behind d natural parade for some. I went natural for 2 years and got sick of it. To me, they are stl more pertinent issues in d world..just saying.

*Dith* said...

*there* not they

olu said...

All this hair talk is was caused by that aging, relevance seeking, attention-whore, Tyra 'dumb as a rock' Banks, though I would marry her in a heartbeat for MONEY. LOL!

Whatever works, but don't go rocking your natural hair if it makes you look deeper life-ish. What do I know about hair sef?!

Odunayo said...

LMAO @ looking deeper life-ish!

Anonymous said...

I cut my hair for the money. I got tired of spending money on weaves and relaxers and $150 stylists. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Sugabelly said...

So sadly I discovered this post waay late. In fact I just discovered it about two minutes ago.

*Pulls out shotgun, cocks the barrel and blows Original Mgbeke into oblivion*

*stands around with smoking gun looking cool*

LOL, okay but seriously yo. I do not believe that hair is just hair. Given all the world events and history that led to the current attitudes towards natural African hair, then sorry but hair is NOT just hair. (and no, I am not talking about African American history).

A lot of people claim hair is about freedom, and that women should be "free" to choose whatever they want to do with their hair, and while this is all very nice and ladidilala, the truth is staring us in the face.

What is the truth?

The truth is:

Most Nigerian women would be harassed in some way if they showed up to work with natural hair (low cut excluded).

Most Nigerians with natural hair have been called mad, illiterate, bush, ugly, razz, village-y, religious, or un-sexy on a regular basis.

Nigerian schools discriminate against natural hair by requiring students to cut their hair short because very few people in Nigeria actually know how to take care of natural hair.

Nigerian men (although they claim they don't like fake stuff) tend to actively discriminate against Nigerian women with natural hair (again low cut excluded) by claiming that they are ugly, bush, etc (see above list) whether or not this actually is the case.

Nigeria can very quickly become an inhospitable environment for someone with natural hair because they are constantly under assault from ashamed family members, deriding hairdressers, disapproving employers, and embarrassed friends.

Does this sound like freedom to you? Of course, I could argue the flip side that women who relax their hair become slaves to relaxer because they are afraid (and I mean terrified) of walking around with their natural hair, but that is the argument that I always make anyway, so I decided to talk about the unfair discrimination that Nigerian naturals face in Nigeria and from Nigerians.

Hair is not just hair.

If hair was just hair then why isn't everyone natural? If hair REALLY didn't mean anything to all the Nigerians who go about screaming "it's just hair" then how come those people don't just leave their hair to grow the way it was meant to without running every couple of weeks to a salon and spending money to have it burnt into a poor imitation of someone else's hair?

If it REALLY is just hair then why are all those Awon Bigz Girls selling their very souls just to afford Brazilian hair? Doesn't hair grow out of their heads? Why can't they spend that money on school or food or something?

Obviously, hair is not just hair. And that is the point. The point is, MAJORITY of Nigerian women are ENSLAVED to idea that the way they were made is not good enough.

And sure, you can be smart, accomplished, stable, wealthy, etc, but you can still be AFRAID.

If it is just hair then why is it that even though relaxer has burned away half of their scalps, there are still Nigerian women relaxing the remaining three strands of hair on their heads?

If you like the way the hair of other races look, then that's fine if you admit it. Noone will judge you.

But what gets me is when people try to pretend that there's nothing wrong with relaxing your hair. Not only is it chemically dangerous, but the very act of permanently straightening your kinky hair and continuing to do so obsessively for years/the rest of your life illustrates one thing and one thing only: that you think someone else's hair is better than your own.

*and for clarity's sake, no, none of the 'you's in this comment were specifically directed at Mgbeke.

Anonymous said...

and if hair was just hair, sugabelly won't hide hers in braided extentions 90% of the time. :).

some people have relaxed their hair all their lives and their scalp has not been burnt. the fact is that the hairdressers in nigeria lack adequate training. Majority of black americans and black europeans who relax their real hair don't have the same issue. but in naija, they just like to 'fry' hair.

sugabelly, i am sure there are lots of positive causes you can be championing aside from trying to make black girls go all natural. stop judging and enjoy your natural hair. and admit it that a lot of these girls look pretty hot with their fake hair. The problem lies with those who pay so much to look ugly - that goes to majority of the lace front wig wearers lol!

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, very interesting comments all in all. Sorry guys, I got caught up and can't reply individual comments.
Sugar belly, wow...pretty interesting stuff. Hmmm hmm, no offense taken, I didn't think you were referring to moi. said...

Hair Hair Hair Hair hair hair..

Good, Bad, Ugly, Right, Wrong, Mennn!! I don tiya for this topic.

If u wanna wear someone else's hair. Toh.

If you wanna wear stretched fiber. Toh.

If you wanna wear what God gave you. Toh.


Buuuutt I will say this.

Do it for the right reasons tho..Lol.. I mean.. Malaysian/Indian Remy doesn't make you a better person. Nor does your natural napps or Fried hair.

I am not my hair. Same applies to you.


*Dith* said...

Sugabelly always raises good points but her problem is over generalization.

While on your natural hair campaign around blogtown, I have read several commentators ask you why u choose to wear braids which require synthetic extensions and ur reason for doing so holds NO SUBSTANCE whatsoever to me!!
It actually contradicts ur stance for I personally know many ladies who wear weaves for the same exact reason. I mean if the weather is so damaging to your hair, why not braid your natural hair up without the attachment since you're so anti-fake ish??

Secondly by saying that, u are admitting that it is very difficult to maintain NATURAL BLACK HAIR. I mean I do not know of any other ethnicity who gets their hair braided to protect it from the cold...or does anyone??

I have also noticed how u always find a way throw history in.
Unless you patrol around naked or with a wrapper tied across your chest every single day, then u Sugabelly are just as guilty of modernization.

I hope u are aware of the fact that blacks aren't d only ones who use a relaxer??

Truth they say is bitter and as much as I know you hate to admit it, I will go ahead and say it.

And when I say black, I mean pure bred black. Not mixed with nada.

We can appreciate other things we were blessed with...say like our skin, we can even appreciate the fact that we can do whatever it is we want to do on this earth with black hair but to pretend as though somehow wearing your hair natural would somehow automatically make a difference in the world is pure comedy.

You're a very intelligent girl Sugabelly, so I advice you take away some of the world's unnecessary burden off your shoulders and stop trying to play captain save 'em.
Dammit wear some extensions if u want to or let others who wear 'em wear it in peace. In other words, LIVE YOUR LIFE!!

All of this is coming from someone who isn't even a big fan of weaves.

Now it becomes a different story when we talk about the historical context of hair. OR if we choose to discuss how the wearing of weaves (be it good or horrendous) has become a do or die affair in the Nigerian community and how most naija girls are practically bald underneath.

And like that anonymous person said, EVEN YOU must admit that a good weave can actually turn a terribly worwor chick into a damsel.

Just saying.

uNWrItten* said...

mmm i saw the article on jaguda
really i think weaves are meant to accentuate beauty..i mean i have a lot of hair naturally but i dont want to have to do it everyday so its easier if i get a weave you know...i sha want to see that good hair movie..
p.s im getting a weave tomorrow haha!

Afrobabe said...

I carried my natural hair for the first 3 months of this year…I must say it was the most difficult thing ever…combing it was a bitch and I never attempted combing it if it wasn't wet!!...Plus I looked like a house help biko..
I am not a big fan of weaves,only because they itch like mad…braids all the way for me mehnnn…and I am my hair…but maybe not today cos it's dirty mehnnnn…as in any man lying next to my hair right now really has to love me!!!

Sugabelly said...

@Anonymous and Dith:

Number one, if either of you actually knew me. I mean if either of you actually knew me in real life, you would know that my hair is NOT in braids 90% of the time. There are recent pictures of me with my hair out on my blog, but whatever. I probably wouldn't even say my hair is in braids even up to 50% of the time.

My hair is only in braids during winter. Got that? W-I-N-T-E-R. And once in a while during the occasional summer when I'm feeling lazy.

Second, putting my hair in braids during winter to protect it from the cold does not amount to admitting that natural hair is very hard to take care of. If something damages your hair, it is only COMMON SENSE to either avoid the damaging element or if it cannot be avoided, protect your hair as best as you can from that element.

Sure, you might not know of any other race that needs to protect its hair during the winter, but do you also know of any other race that has hair like ours?

I didn't think so.

Our hair is OBVIOUSLY structurally different from everyone else's hair so why is it so hard for you to figure out that maybe, MAYBE the manner of taking care of our hair might be different too?

What part of "the cold damages natural hair" did you not understand? If the cold damages natural hair then is it not glaringly obvious that simply braiding your own natural hair would do absolutely NOTHING to protect it from damage? Do you not realise that to keep the cold away from your hair there would actually have to be a BARRIER between your hair and the weather?

That is where synthetic braids come in. They stand between your real hair and the weather that will undoubtedly damage it.

Dith you are precisely one of those Nigerians I talked about in my post about Yoruba shoes. Precisely. You fail to see the reasons behind things because you're so caught up in dividing everything into black and white.

I have never admitted anywhere that weaves make people look better. I don't know where you and Anonymous are getting your info from but it's certainly not from me.

I have said that many naturals also wear weaves for the same reason that I wear braids during the winter, OR when you just want to grow out your hair with as little disturbance as possible.

I also said that I did not have a problem with weaves themselves per se but with the fact that most Black women PERSISTENTLY choose to wear weaves in straight textures that look nothing like their real textures.

Sugabelly said...

Sure, there are lots of other issues that affect Nigerians but you know what? This issue is important too. It's important because someone like you will probably live your whole life and die without ever experiencing a day or two with your natural hair. And you know what? There are hordes of Nigerian women like you. So yes, it is an important issue.

I have no idea why people like you come to these posts about natural hair and then proceed to assert that we should talk about something else. Why not just not read the posts about natural hair since it makes you so uncomfortable?

I find your claims that God did not bless Black people with hair not only laughable but blasphemous. There are scores of Nigerians out there that have thick healthy waist and butt length natural hair and you're still here parroting the lies that you've been brainwashed into believing so that you can justify burning your hair straight every month.

Go and look at Rustic Beauty’s YouTube. Go and look at Petrolina’s Fotki. Go and look at pure Nigerians with thick, healthy, long natural hair and most importantly, INTACT HAIRLINES.

And when you’re done looking at them, go and look at this girl: Creamy Crack. Go and see what somebody’s child did to herself in the name of relaxer and weave.

And then you tell me why you think taking care of natural hair is hard when you won't even try or give it a chance.

What is hard about getting up in the morning, washing your hair and walking out the door??

What is hard about refusing to endure pain and first degree burns and potentially cancerous chemicals just to have limp, greasy, and dead looking straight hair(that STILL needs to be supplemented with weaves)?

Nobody is forcing you to have natural hair Dith, or even you Anonymous (isn't it cool how these commenters are ALWAYS anonymous?).

Nobody is forcing you, but don't act as if natural hair is a trivial issue or as if natural hair is so difficult and relaxed hair is so easy because those are outright lies and you're basically derailing.

Taking care of natural hair is not hard. Like all things in this world it requires accurate knowledge, practice, and a little bit of patience. And last time I checked it didn't involve pain and life-threatening torture on a regular basis, nor did it involve bankrupting yourself for the sake of your hair.

Sugabelly said...

Oh, I didn't even notice. My profile picture which I've been using for the last month or two shows my natural hair.

Who'da thunk it?

*Dith* said...

LOl u are but a child who reads to much history books. Ur comment is laughable and I cease to see reasoning with you. Blasphemous indeed. HA!! Like i said truth is bitter.

Dont worry I'm sure as u get older U'll begin to see things a lil bit different...HOPEFULLY!

Yoruba shoes ko, Hausa socks ni. Can't be bothered my dear. Ejo mabinu eh, I've got other things to worry about.

*Dith* said...

just for clarification purposes, before u come here with one of ur never ending history lectures. I lived with natural hair for 2 years of my life kiddo.

Since u seem to have misread some of the things I wrote while ur mind was too busy running a marathon trying to think of what to tell Dith the blasphemous anti-natural hair and ofcourse what articles for u to link (which ofcourse i shall not be reading).

Sugabelly said...

@Dith: You just proved my point. You don't want to look at the links I provided of full-blooded Nigerians with super long natural hair because they will prove everything you have said invalid.

So you lived with your natural hair for two years. From all the things you have said you probably also poured mineral oil in it, tried to comb it every day, tried to wash it every day, and generally treated it like Caucasian hair. No wonder you got the results you got.

If you're not willing to educate yourself about how to take care of natural hair properly then don't waste my damn time.

Talking to you is like talking to a log of wood.

And yes, your statement is blasphemous because you are implying that God made Black people less human than He did other races and that is straight up BULLSHIT.

So Dith, since you don't want to look at your fellow Nigerians who are progressing with their hair keep clinging to your colonist beliefs about hair and keep destroying the gift God gave you.

Sugabelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

sugabelly i swear, you are sick.

I just need to say one word to silence you and then you will never speak again. But i have a heart.

All this story because of HAIR. You are the only person i know that aggressively derides people for not conforming to your 'ideal' of natural beauty yet you accuse oyibo pple of doing so. God forbid that you were in charge of women affairs, we will all be in trouble.

I think if you love your natural state of existence, stop having a shower, don't comb your hair, don't shave your underarms, don't wear clothes, don't BRAID your hair with FAKE hair, don't wear make up, don't brush your teeth, just be as God intended, afterall we were all born naked.

Don't live in a house because that was not what nature intended, don't fly in an aeroplane afterall that level of migration is unecessary even without taking into consideration the pollution to the environment, don't ride in a car. When you have babies don't use epudiral or have a ceasarean. Don't wear shoes or use nail cutters to cut your nails, don't eat with a cutlery, don't get an education, don't use mobile phones, ipods etc, don't buy clothes or wear a brassier.
Infact don't rub cream on your skin, just don't indulge in anything that technology has brought to our lives.

I bet you are lost right now, right? Now you know how i feel when i read your epistle filled with all manner of contradiction. I don't care if you braid your hair once a year or 365 days of the year, the fact remains that you choose to use extensions in order to MANAGE your tough/weak black hair, AND you somehow feel it makes you slightly better than the straight weave wearers or those who relax their hair.

So your whole point is that if we must wear extensions, we should only wear those that look natural? And you claim to be an advocate for wearing your natural hair. You have no idea where you stand, and that rubbish about protecting your hair from the cold, i think if you take your own advise; you will realise that you don't have to comb it during the winter months, just let it grow out naturally as black hair is not meant to be combed according to you, abi? Plus i bet all those natural hair pple who twist their hair and turn into dreads all year round are yet to complain about this damage.
Infact the real natural hair wearers will definitely kick you out of their campaign. Bloody sell out, using fake hair to 'protect' her hair indeed. lol. please keep lying to yourself.
Craze person when no get job. Olodo, no go read the book dem send you read.

Nice Anon said...

*Shut the front door!*

What is going on here?

Anya P said... Pubic Hair is natural. I know that counts!

LOL...for real tho, I'm a proud nappy headed's cute & oh sooo sexy, no fuss. These days, I'm rocking a huge puff, and my last relaxer was in June 2006!

Original Mgbeke said...

Anon, Dith, Sugabelly...make we all coolu temper biko nu nu.

Ada said...

na i got something to say
umm biko dith speak for yourself. Its quite unfortunate that God didnt bless you with good hair. you will be alright ehn. ndo

*Dith* said...

There's always that one cockroach to come out of the wood work to feel as though they have something important to say.

What is it with Nigerian girls?? If u disagree with me (which obviously u do), Why can't u say so constructively without resulting to cheap insults?
Do u know me in real life?? I can guarantee u that I have enough hair on my head for ur whole family, so U had better THINK next time before opening ur sour gutter.
I am really not in the mood for all of these nonsense.

I let Sugabelly slide with some her insults cos quite frankly, I apporoached her (even though i think I did so constructively) but for some randommer who doesnt even have anything substantial to contribute to the topic at hand to attack me?? No m'aam!!!

How many pple do u know who go to beauty supplies to spend so much money on an Afro?? Afros are worth what?? Like 50 cents and mainly worn durng halloweens. Yet they spend milions of bucks on Indain hair and what have you??

U had better GTFOH with that Bullshit cos i don't play around like that.

Ada said...

I dont know if your comment is at me as you didnt mention my name but if it is insult, your the one who insulted yourself as you said "GOD BLESSED BLACK FOLKS WITH ALOTTA THINGS BUT I'M SORRY, HAIR AIN'T ONE OF THEM"

I come tell you kwa say you should speak for yourself and dont be including the whole black race in such depreciating fuckery instead you should say


Since when did the worth of my hair be determined by the price of it in the market that is influenced by european standards. God Forbid bad thing. Since you want insult, you are an olodo. are you hearing yourself so? are you for really really real with that statement you made so?
Is this not the same mentality that the slave drivers and racist have that see you dith as less of a human being because you look nothing like them; that your skin is not like theirs and your hair doesnt go down with gravity like theirs and your nose is wider than theirs. so they think you are below them. If it is by that standard then dith in that case your whole entire entity is worth nothing. remove the noose that you put on your neck and leave that tree alone before you self destruct some more...

emancipate yourself from self hatred dith.

and since you want to determine your worth by market definition, you might as well go and drink bleach cos you are worth nothing.
this kain Kolomentality is sickening.

I didnt insult you before but since you are looking for it stupid she goat I will give it you brainwashed misseducated gorrila. you are a baggard. your pikin mama na buffon

talking about "I should GTFOH with that bullshit". Since you are not only full of bullshit, but dogshit, slavementality shit, kolomentality shit and all the other shits, I suggest you get the fuck out here.

MLK go dey roll inside hin grave. we are in the fucking 21st century and we still have fuckers like you roaming around with such mentality. Obama na president oh!!! I thought our generation knew better. chai. awalamo!!! *puts hand on nappy head*

Dith repeat after me..

My hair is beautiful

My hair is beautiful

I said open your mouth, before I use koboko and flog you idiot

my hair is beautiful

my hair is beautiful


Anya P said...

Wow... WOW! There's too much drama going on here, biko. What's all the fuss about anyway?!

People will do what they want to do with their hair. It's their choice.

I'm the only one in my family with natural hair, all the other women are relaxed. It is NOT a big deal. They think I'm on some afrocentric tip/some rasta shit but it's OK. I do what I want.

But all these comments are hilarious.

Go Dith!!
Go Sugabelly!!
Go Ada!!
Go Anon (LOL)!!

*Dith* said...

In all honesty I didn't read thru all the gibberish u wrote down outta fear that my IQ may drop a few points. So I respected my fabulous self and stopped after the first few sentences.

I'ld rather u tell all that garbage to the millions of Nigerian girls like u who spend hundreds of dollars on Malaysian and Indian Hair. Typical African Foolishness. BLAME EVERYTHING ON THE WHITE MAN.

Seems 2 me tho that U just couldn't wait 2 get into a confrontation with the ALMIGHTY DITH. LMAO

Don't worry!! Maybe JUST one day I may dumb myself down a bit by dealing with Bonafide Idiots like urself. But not this fab saturday darling.

I pick my wars WISELY and unfortunately for YOU, this ain't one of them.
I have said enough already and I rest may case.



Tell me different when It becomes a hot commodity in TODAY'S MARKET.

Is that a heart attack I forsee?? ROTFLMAO!!!

Ada said...

anya no one is saying that people shouldnt do what they want to do with their hair oh. weave it, perm it, eat it sef if you want . that one no consain me. but if pesin now come talk say "GOD BLESSED BLACK FOLKS WITH ALOTTA THINGS BUT I'M SORRY, HAIR AIN'T ONE OF THEM".. ahh that is where I'll bring out my guns.That is a direct insult to me, my mother, my grandmother and diths great grand mother(assuming she is black)
according to dith, anya your hair is worth nothing ..or maybe just 50cents because chun lee in the beauty supply store said so. she also says that your hair is good only as a Halloween costume, therefore everday you walk out of your house with your cute afro that u love so dearly, you are infact a joke. because everyday is halloween for you..lmaoo. lmao... I bet you think that is hilarious.. hahahaha freaking hahahaha

*blank stare*

if na white man talk wetin she talk, we go call dem racist.

It is this same mentality that these white supremacist have (I should find the link to their website, so dith will join her kind) that make them think that black people are not as intelligent as their white counterparts. Dith will soak it that up too i bet and give us another speech "GOD BLESSED BLACK FOLKS WITH ALOTTA THINGS BUT I'M SORRY, BRAINS AIN'T ONE OF THEM" and she will probably add that white people do better in school than blacks or some shit to validate her point. dith is a perfect example of "mental fuck up".

No one should come in here and tell me that I should stop throwing insults because dith started it in the first place and insulted the whole black race.
BTW I love to type your name. dith. dith. dith. it rhymes with dimwit

Bubbles said...


do you guys know where some extensions come from?
Imma school ya'll

Dead people's pubes :)
They shave off their pubes and then they use all kinds os chemicals to clean them and stretch them out.
Ain't that some shit?

Ada said...

the bitch is still talking rubbish

I said open your mouth and say

My hair is beautiful

My hair is beautiful

My hair is beautiful.

You have succeeeded in making yourself look fooligh to the world wide web. with a picture to go with it. buhahahaha

look at this okoro feeling special. I know you before? delusions of
go on with your ignorant self.

Ada said...

bubbles its funny you say this.
today I shaved my pubic hair off and I realized that my pubic hair is rather straight compared to the kinky curly hair on my head. dith I can ship my pubics to you so you can cover up that hair of yours that you detest so much.
and then you can put a picture on your profile pic so the rest of the world will see. watcha say huh?

Bubbles said...


Anonymous said...

wow, lol... ada take it easy o! you certainly have been spoiling for a fight with all these insults kai.

but my question is why do you guys (ada and sugabelly) look for conflict where there is none.

and Dith made a very good point about the fact that no one buys black hair not even black people, and whether you like it or not, it is because it is not seen to be as good as the rest lol!!!
our kinks ain't that special hence the reason why we are fighting so hard to believe it is. But we will humbly accept what God gave us, at least He blessed us with the best skin amongst the races.

Sugabelly said...

@Anonymous: People don't buy black hair because trained monkeys like Dith fill their heads with bullshit with their incessant parroting about how Black hair is inferior to everyone else's.

*Dith* said...


A trained monkey ya know?? Sugabelly, I see u've summoned some courage to resurface now that some tortured soul has come to ur aid abi?? Lol okay??

I notice how u conveniently ignored that anonymous person (who by d way I believe hit the nail on the head) to face me?

LOl ya see, I have conveniently ignored ur antics enough. When I approached u, I called u no names and even commented on ur intelligence but being the FOOLISH narrow minded child that you are, U chose to turn it into yet another fight. Either one agrees with ur stance or they become an enemy right??

Were u breast fed as a child?
What is the problem??
Why ever sooooooo fucking bitter??
Even when there's no need for it??


You're obviously the trained monkey, going around fighting a war u OBVIOUSLY cannot win.

And what do u know?? U also look like one. LOL
If that photo depicts what ur so called natural hair looks like, then u need resign ASAP.

*Dith* said...

@ OM, let me take this time to apologize to you now for turning the comment section of this post into a child's play area.

So unfortunate that many do not know how to agree to disagree. All these name calling and shit over FUCKING HAIR. But sometimes it is necessary to stoop down to their level for them to actually GET IT.

*Dith* said...

And SOUR-BELLY I am waiting for you ooo. Come and show that ur aunty Jemimah looking self here again. I shall face you and only you. I have all the time in the world. You had better come ooo before I change my mind.

Olori buruku oshi. What has ur natural hair campaign brought u thus far?? Nothing but enemies here and there around blog town. FUCKING RACIST IDIOT!!!

U probably need a white man to fuck u so u can bear some kids with "natural kinky hair". Maybe then u can shut d fuck up already and stop being sooo bitter.
That is if u live to see it become a revelation.
All of these strong emotions over hair?? I wouldn't be surprised if u kill urself over something as serious as a heart break then.
Stupid Child!!

Sugabelly said...

@Dith: Since you were the one who started the actual name-calling, I find you absolutely ridiculous.

Have fun you sore loser. ;)

*Dith* said...




Is that all u have to say now??
I was waiting for something more concrete.
Give me something to work with U this President of the Natural Hair Universe.

Sugabelly said...

Dith, you're pitiful. Your mental state is pitiful. Your ideas about your OWN hair are pitiful, and frankly there's really nothing that can be done with the likes of you. I can't even get over that statement you made about God and hair.

That single statement revealed so much about how much you value your hair (or not) and by extension the hair of other Black people like you.

You sound like a raving lunatic. Sure, I get into arguments sometimes and sure I get angry sometimes when I'm arguing with frustrating creatures like you, but you are just batshit crazy.

I refuse to be insulted by the likes of you. This argument is over. You just cradle your breaking, lifeless hair and let people who appreciate their natural hair get on with it. I have never understood why people like you come to posts where they KNOW they don't like the topic being discussed and then begin to tell the blogger what they should and should not blog about.

Get a fucking life Dith. Hell, if you despise your hair so much then get the fuck off a post about hair.

Shi kenan!

*Dith* said...

Walahi Talahi!!

My dear come oo, instead of being ur enemy, I think I need become your friend so we can team up together and immensely deal with the person who did this shit to you. U ARE FUCKING NUTS!!!


Did u somehow skip in all of those ur history book collections the fact that Christianity came from the white man??

Why don't u have an oracle fixed up in your hut to pray to everyday?? Now that right there is Blasphemy. *GASPS*

It isn't even a vital organ.
U dare to attack me cos I'm a realist and I speak d truth??

Look around you Sugabelly and STOP LEAVING IN DENIAL.

My hair (which by d way LOOKS A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN THAT PILE OF SHIT IN THE PHOTO ABOVE) has never been a measure of my self confidence.

I would love for all the bad things in this world to disappear. Yes!! including the demeaning of black hair or the originality of the relaxer and slavery and what have you but that would be fighting a lost battle...wouldn't it??


But ofcourse u are BLIND. U have robbed your brain from any form of normal reasoning AND have chosen to live ur life a miserable twat.

Who died and made YOU SUGABELLY the Obama of Black Women's Hair??

U never see crase ooo??
When i begin crase for u, not only would u start investing in lacefronts, wigs and weaves, but they will be blonde in color.

Infact sef, I am tired of talking to your sour belly.
Have a good life my dear and U shall be in my prayers tonight.

*sprinkles holy water and exits*

Yinkuslolo said...

some pple may understand why im leaving a comment

sylvia said...

before i start my sincere apologies to the owner of the blog.


Penelope...! said...

Abeg me i like extensions oh, as a matter of fact I love them.
1. Whether u like it or not, it makes me look prettier and more presentable. My natural hair is not full enuf for me abeg
2. Shey i love my hair? I must therefore protect it from this bad canadian weather. Hence the weave.
3. Whats wrong with striving for the best? You might look pretty with ur natural hair...but prettier with weave. Me i cant settle for less sorry.

So i am not my hair and all the blahs that come with it. I just feel pple are overyanin too much about this matter. Infact Its really not that serious. All these intellectual yarns are jst confusin me!! :(

OM u are special oh! All these coments only for YOU?! lol

juiceegal said...

What the hell is going on here???
I hate fanatics, any kind of fanatic, religious fanatics o, natural hair fanatics o.
Even when they are making sense i can't see reason with them because they come across as bitter and angry.
I'm sorry all these yarns would not stop me from wearing my weaves, and if you guys are so concerned about natural hair then take your crusade to another level, write a letter to someone that matters, don't sit ur sorry ass down and start dissing other individuals that don't conform to you ideas.
Whats all this???

Anonymous said...

if i were sugabelly, i will retreat with the little 'dignity' she has left with her tail between her legs of course...

the fact is that you really have to feel sorry for sugabelly, i mean, the girl is only twenty years old and she looks like she could be my mother and, i am almost 10 years older than her.

sugabelly is intimidated by light skinned, mixed race and white women. Her default mechanism is to hate on those group of women before she even gets to know them. So even a light skinned or mixed race woman who carries her afro, will still be hated on by sugabelly as a result of their skin tone.
As for white women, sugabelly hates them for just being. The girl is simply A RACIST. hiding behind this fake screen of Black and Proud.

I have learned in life that when you hate something or someone so much without any concrete reason (e.g s'one hurting you or betraying you etc) it is usually because you want to be like that person or you want what they have.

Sugabelly hates Beyonce plainly because Beyonce is all that she probably wants to be but can't be, and her way of dealing with it is by hating her without even trying to get to know her.

Sugabelly has never highlighted the positive things which, a lot of black women (Beyonce included) around the world have achieved. With all the so called 'intelligence' she claims to hve, she has not channelled this into a single positive thing to promote the black woman. instead she hates on them for no other reason but because they are light skinned, mixed race or weave wearers or relaxer users.

All these point to a very totured soul. No one i know that wants to create awareness starts by condemning and alienating those whom they want to educate. Hers is a clear case of the BIGGEST self loathing, inferiority complex i have ever come across in my entire life.

Sugabelly, this is no way to emancipate the masses from weave wearing and relaxers... watch how the other NATURALS (like mgbeke, lol)INSPIRE with style, grace and subtle pride - or else you will end up in the dump.

I just have to add here that i am a natural myself, but i will never HATE on fake hair users even though i don't understand why they spend so much on fake hair, but I HAVE to ADMIT that a lot of them look pretty as a result.

As an aside, white women are as guilty as black women when it comes to weave wearing.
I think the issue is good old plain vanity. A lot of people will do every and anything to look their best. I am afraid to say this but, the world does not think they look their best in their natural state - this applies to all races and not just black women.

Ada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ada said...

ohh I am scared, dith has recruited her other internet gremlin gangsta aka silvia to come and shut me GTFOH.

Dith I thought you said you were done but you keep coming back to reply, if there are other pressing issues other than hair as you stated, why the fuck are you here talking about it, why are your panties all rolled up in a bunch, sotay you go recruit people to come finish me.

you say
"I would love for all the bad things in this world to disappear. Yes!! including the demeaning of black hair or the originality of the relaxer and slavery and what have you but that would be fighting a lost battle...wouldn't it??"

oh at least you have admiitted that it is a bad thing and that black hair is demeaned. you have also admitted that we have lost a battle. The battle is not over. unfortunately this battle is not the one against segragation or the KKK but its in your fucking mind.
just because it is popular opinion or what is widely accepted you run with. you are a wimp so you go with the flow. It is popular but that does not make it right.
Through out time havent there been many ideas and views, that were seen as normal but because a few people decided to challenge the norm. the abnormal became normal.

wasn't it normal for black people to be seen as less than human. wasnt it normal for interacial marriage to be seen as a crime? wasnt it abnormal to see a white and black man sitting in the same resturant eating? huh? If the people who fought against these things had the same defeatist mentality you have, you will not be where you are today.

So because the market says that your hair has no value you run with it? so because designers will rather have a white ( by white I mean anything that is not black) model rather than a black model on their runway, or because they will rather have skinny models as opposed to thick ones you run with it and then conclude that since those images are popular and not like what you see in the mirror, then certainly your image in the mirror is inferior. you let external influences that are constantly changing to determine what your worth is?
go on with your bad self dith and friends!!! Please when you have children, teach them to love themselves, their hair, eyes,nose and everything about them, dont pass down this mental fuckery from generation to generation. nip it in the bud. Do not perpuate self hate. pls!!

and please this is no crusade to stop people from wearing weaves. so all of you coming hear saying that you wont stop wearing weaves can suck it. I could careless.. But when people start projecting their insecurities on the rest of human beings that look like them. I will fight against that shit!! and no this is not peculiar to only the black race. but today I am not concerned about other races.

someone had written this recently which resonantes with me deeply
"I want to be in a relationship with people who have tried and tried again to be their own truths and maybe experienced some shame for it, but got back up and found a way to make their own way. Who still struggle with that truth everyday, but have found peace in the process. Who feel good about being them. Even if their version of them, isn’t what everyone else would like them to be"

*Dith* said...

*sips on her cup of baileys while trying to make sense out of this idiot's ramblings*




A-s a pile of rocks.


Quite frankly, U bore me senseless.
Atleast Sugabelly sounds intelligent SOMETIMES BUT YOU,...... You seem to me, to be one of those "I must be BIGS type girls."

U know, the one the BIG GIRLS allow roll with them only if she agrees to sit in the boot while they roll?? And ofcourse be at their beck and call whenever they need it....even if it means playing Jackie Chan for them

LMAO. U must to be bigs oo eh!!
But not with moi darling.

I got a BIG EGO
But I know when to humble myself


Mofos like u inspire me.

U want to pick on Dith yet a gazillion others stated opinions that mirrored mine.


Please Help me and see this pepper seller!!


My dear until u put up a picture of urself, refer back to my initial comment.
You know that one that makes ur temperature rise??

Or do u need me to repeat it again??

As for my darling friend, I'll let her speak for herself, cos I am sure she can handle you. Do I fucking look like I need ANY BODY to come to my defense??

Ha ha ha
naah bitch try again!!! If u were that Important to me, I would have handled u. Ur own na small matter.
Awon "I am a natural idiot!!"

See I cant even think straight. That's how much u fucking bore me.

And na ur future children go crase reach market.

U had better vamoose with the wind before I release my pitbulls on you.

*exits while still sipping on her baileys*

*Dith* said...

And i am through with this shit cos quite frankly I have gotten bored plus I have a STATS quiz to attend to.

It was fun while it lasted Sugabelly.

And as for that abandoned cockroach that came out of the woodwoork to make it her business. I've got some words for ya.


On another note, I placed an order oF 24 inches of Indian Hair, run along and go get it for me quick before I fire you.
Oh!!!! and Dont forget to pick up 50 CENTS WORTH OF AFRO so u and my dog could wear it for halloween.


*Note to self*
Being childish can be fun sometimes. Lmao

Anonymous said...

@ ada, as much as i really wish that dith would not stoop to your level, i have to agree with the insults she has rained upon you.

CHAI!!! biko nu ada nma, eh! you even deleted your previous posts in order to do further research snd comb the internet for quotes? even the historian and research 'mogul' that is sugabelly won't go that far. Kai, you really want to be noticed sha... I do hope you get the attention you desire and likewise the satisfaction you desire from it, Miss i wanna be NOTICED BY FORCE!!!

Those comparisons you used in your comment has no bearing whatsoever to this topic. buying fake hair or 'wasting' your money doing so has nothing to do with the discrimination suffered by black people and the fight for equality. If hair was the bone of contention btw the black and white issue, the world would most likely have been a better place.
you must be majorly demented to even bring up such serious issues and compare them to a superfluous universal problem of vanity. I consider it an INSULT on our forbears who fought tooth and nail for justice and equality.

you better go champion a worthy cause that will make a profound change in the lives of the vulnerable and less priviledged. Begin with creating awareness of the plight of your fellow women in the niger delta and the hinterlands of nigeria who have been subjugated, denigtrated and exploited by society and, who by the way, in their majority wear their natural hair and don't need to be schooled on that. They just need people to help fight their causes,which will be a noble FIGHT for equality and justice - NOT FREAKING NATURAL/FAKE HAIR!!!

Ada said...

ditsy dith. clearly you are a lost cause. you still dey there they throw insults up and down and still not making substantial sense. All those insults wey I give you dey pain you still shey? and the bitch is still coming back. you do not have the will power to ignore me like you said? go and sit down jare. maybe you need to drop the baileys dith, because when the shekpe clears you still have to deal with what you dont like in the mirror. omo they sip on baileys

um first of all I deleted my other comments because I double posted the same thing. I dont need to research anything when I have a guniea pig like dith to use as an experiment to show the world how one can self destruct.

and your comments have no bearing neither does your brain or train of thought. obviously if you read diths comments previously and follow conversation you will see why I made those comparisons.

the point of an analogy, is not to show that things are exactly alike but to show that a similar principle underly the idea of both things dumb fuck. did you go to school so?
I mean even dith said this
"I would love for all the bad things in this world to disappear. Yes!! including the demeaning of black hair or the originality of the relaxer and slavery and what have you but that would be fighting a lost battle...wouldn't it??"

if you guys cannot come and counter my arguments with solid and sailent points once again you can GTFOH.

and you want me to champion a better cause? you guys needs to ignore me then if my cause is not worthy enough. a cause that is telling people to love themselves, to build self esteem, to look at what they see in the mirror and be satisfied. for little girls to grow up not telling their mother that they want to get plastic surgery because her nose is not pointy enough or that she wants hair like susies.
So women will realize that they they dont need to dole out money to change themselves and in the process hurt themselves.pls this is more than hair.

and even it is still not worthy of a cause, why spend time commenting on here telling me to stop. why don't you just ignore

sylvia said...



Osi said...

Once in a while, I check up on arguments that debase African/ American black folks. The other day, I read a piece that documented that the IQ of blacks lags that of whites and virtually almost every other race on earth—the gap is even bigger when compared with whites East Asians. Obviously the natural conclusion from this, if I may keep up with Dith, is that “Intelligence isn’t one of the things with which God has blessed black people.” It’s clear that the aforementioned statement is a GENETIC one. This is often used to explain why blacks didn’t invent the radar, ballistic missiles, form functional and organized societies, score less than whites on standardized tests, etc. However, James Flynn found out that the mean IQ of African American blacks today is higher than the mean IQ of whites in the 1940s and 1950s. This finding directly weakened the argument that IQ is largely a genetically racial issue. We live and we learn.

Now we have people defining “good” hair and “bad” hair. First of all, what are the terms and conditions for having “good” hair and what constitutes “good” hair? Can someone list these so we can evaluate them one by one? As far as I know, there are no objective standards for good hair. In fact, it’s still far more reasonable and sensible to say that “intelligence isn’t one of the things with which God has blessed black people” as you can find plenty data to support that statement, no matter how flawed the interpretation. However, to say “good hair isn’t one of the things with which God has blessed black people” is simply a value statement without any supporting bases. The “hair” value statement is simply a reflection of what the dominant culture considers beautiful and acceptable, and the acquiescence of blacks towards the sentiments of the dominant culture concerning hair. If a sub-Saharan country ever attained the domineering status of the UK (in the past) or USA, such sentiments would carry much less weight.


Osi said...

I just watched Chimamanda Adichie’s on TED last week. One could tell that at a time she thought novels of value where only those that were written in the Western context. In fact, some of the novels coming from the West spoke well of Africans as sub-human entities. She may have thought, “Writing good novels isn’t one of the things with which God has blessed black people.” Nonsense! We have thoroughly enjoyed Chinua Achebe as well as Charles Dickens, if not better.

That the dominant culture at a time believed “black race” was synonymous with “lower primate” didn’t make Martin Luther King believe good skin color wasn’t something God refused to bless us with. It was simply a mental and verbal projection of the time, the zeitgeist of that era. Thankfully black people didn’t stand it. Today the prevailing intellectual view concerning hair is that characteristically black hair is bad, and I am sad to see lots of blacks succumbing to it.

This issue is just not one of “hair”; it’s a matter of self-worth. One of the most debilitating factors for African American blacks as regards academic excellence is that it’s a white thing, and that they are not intellectually capable of academically succeeding as their white counterparts. And I am not making a value statement here. The evidence for this lies in the well documented “stereotype threat”. Briefly, when African Americans list their race on tests, for some reason they do worse than when they didn’t list their race. The same is true for women when they take math tests. It’s time to start undoing all these useless stereotypes that merely reflect perspectives of the dominant culture.

Ada said...

sylvia what the fuck are you yarning. you have my time ehn.. stay here oh, wait I am coming for you. you even sound dumber than your friend..
trust even if my pubic hair is crab infested or what have you, your friend will still prefer my pubic hair to what grows on her head. I mean my pubic hair is quite straight. its not like those kinky curly afros that cost 50cents. Its like that good idiaan remy hair, you that good shit, trust me she will love it. lmao.

once again

if you guys cannot come and counter my arguments with solid and sailent points once again you can GTFOH.

Anonymous said...

i think Ada and Sugabelly should learn from Osi and observe the way he/she puts their point across. Here is someone with a different view from the majority, but yet, he has not insulted anyone who does not agree with him/her.
Thanks Osi for being the 'only civilised' one amongst us.

@ Ada, i think it is time you go to sleep now as you can see that in order to create awareness and educate peope, you don't have to do so by acting like a raving lunatic

Ada said...

lol. me I don sleep wake up finish.
before you type you should see who started acting like a rave lunatic before I went ape shit on her. Who started hurling insults first? the first statement I made was to tell her to personalize her statement and not generalize her insecurities on the whole black race and then she started calling names. was what I said insulting? on a normal day I'll ignore it but she picked the wrong day to tick me off..

but osi, I am glad you came here to be a voice of reason. It gives me hope. soon the likes of dith and silvia will die off and a new generation of people who love themselves will emerge, let just hope they dont breed children like them. lol.

Anya P said...

Osi, you are incredible. In very civil terms, you have managed to articulate a lot of the things I was about to talk about.

Dith (& everyone else who thinks natural hair is bad/useless/worthless/relegated-to-halloween-costumes) is guilty of believing that what God gave her/them to grow out of their scalps is bad, useless, and unnecessary since it doesn't match up with the rest of the global population. And these beliefs are simply fallacious! The physical characteristics of every race have been proven to suit that racial group's physiological needs and even geographical terrain. For example, the African hair shaft has a distinct oval - almost flat shape. The outer cuticle scales protecting each hair are thinner in the areas where the oval shaped hair shaft is thinnest. This means natural sub-Saharan African hair is prone to breakage because its coily texture is harder to comb. This hair type also wants to tangle around itself to protect the scalp from the harsh elements of the terrain found in sub-Saharan Africa. So your natural African hair is the way it is because that is a programmed defense mechanism against the sun's harmful rays that are harsher around and below the equator. Similarly, if you look at the physiology of the races in East Asia (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, e.t.c), their 'asian eys' have an epicanthic fold in their upper eyelid which is an evolutionary defense mechanism to protect the eyes from the extra UV radiation that is characteristic of the high terrain, windy and cold continental climate of Mongol (the so-called evolutionary origin of East Asian) races.
Even some African ethnic groups also have epicanthic folds; e.g. the Khoisans of the Kalahari and certain groups from southern Sudan such as the Dinka and the Nuer. Again all of these features are useful to these races in their respective geographical terrains.

Ultimately, what you decide to do with your hair is your choice. Some East Asians have gone as far as removing the 'fatty fold' to have more almond eyes; just as black women relax their hair to get straighter textures.

In the end, you will do what you want to your hair. But don't try to perpetuate self-hate against the features you've been given by nature for these characteristics serve different purposes and nothing is quite useless., except maybe the human appendix. Scientists are still trying to figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

All these epistles on top hair? SMH.

Anonymous said...

@Anya P, i sincerely wished you had kept quiet and not tainted Osi's comments with your very badly researched epistle.

what exactly are you trying to prove here?

*Dith* said...

Being that you cannot unsubscribe from receiving comments from this post, I still receive them in my inbox and ofcourse get tempted to read them.

Yesterday was yesterday and today is present.

I went a lil outta character yesterday cos quite frankly, I had to.
Sugabelly who is so much of an activist against discrimination against blacks actually called me A MONKEY?
If only she knew better....

Then with the other intruder, really,...... I was only just having fun with her. lol

On the real tho, Anya P, I meant no disrespect whatsoever to those who carry their hair naturally. As a matter of fact, I have always admired those who look fabulous while doing so....hence my reason for going natural for 2 years but typical me, i got bored and relaxed d darn thing.

I still trot around with my real hair majority of the time and tried using indian hair for the first time in my life this year and I am already bored of it.

A lil experimenting never hurt nobody.
I maintain my stance when I say it is just hair.

I was coming from a marketing standpoint when I said earlier that our hair was not as great as the rest.

Do i like that it is that way?? No.

But it is reality and we have to accept it and it looks like majority black folks have,..... seeing that we patronoize the weave industry probably more than any other ethnicity out there does.

But if u look on the bright side,

Full lips??....we got that down packed, so we don't need lip injections.

Full breast and buttocks nko??....helloo, breast and butt implants are selling like hot cakes but majority of us were also blessed with that already.

And like I mentioned earlier, our skin, and the fact that we can do whatever it is we want with black hair.

I'll leave this place and not come back(hopefully) with one last sentence that pretty much sums up my view on wearing your hair natural.


Apply that analogy to wearing your hair natural all d time. Hopefully u get what I mean.

I meant no disrespect whatsoever to all the fabulous sensible natural hair wearers who realize that what an individual chooses to do with HER HAIR is clearly a right that she possesses whether we like it or not.

And that folks is why I came back here to clarify myself.

Kisses and Happy sunday

juiceegal said...

Dith u just earned urself a new fan....Moi...loooooooool

juiceegal said...

Damn 99 comments...lemme round it up and make it 100...LMAO

Anya P said...

That Anon at 4:11pm doesn't deserve a response from me.

But Dith, no offense taken :) I'm no natural nazi, sometimes I even wear braids and weaves for several reasons like length, versatility, and boredom. It's all about switching it up once in a while.

So now that we've cleared that up, can we all just get along.

...I had to upset the balance, Mgbeks 101 comments for you!

Ada said...

and I'll make it a hundred and one just cos i
ok I think now we can now have a civil conversation

and my annoyance once again was when you said "GOD BLESSED BLACK FOLKS WITH ALOTTA THINGS BUT I'M SORRY, HAIR AIN'T ONE OF THEM". and using the market value of our hair to prove that God clearly didn not bless because if he did then the rest of the world will appreciate it.
that has been my bone of contention and the premise of my argument with you. I do not know you before, so why would i want to pick on you for no reason.your intial statement was grossly flawed and I had to challenge it.

I am glad you actually do believe that your hair is just as good as everyone elses hair... and people should not be ashamed or feel less than when they rock their hair naturally

this is not an anti weave campaign biko. no one is saying do not wear weave. that was never my stance. infact it is great to give your hair a break once in a while from all the manipultaion. the problem just comes when people think there is something inherently wrong with the thing that grows out of your head.. we all come in different shapes and sizes with distinct features. but in whatever way you come. whether you come white with flat yansh or black with full lips. embrace every part of you and love yourself fully. Now that is my fucking cause.

and of course at the end of the day it is just hair but other times it is not when it brings to light underlying issues about the way we see ourselves. i think i should be done for now..

Anya I like your take on this argument from a functional point of view.

Anonymous said...

... and then we all exhaled.

Peace be unto this bloghouse.

My sincere apologies to mgbeke, i render.

sylvia said...

well i don't have a problem with pple who decides to go all natural. my problem is with pple like ada and sugabelly that wont let pple who decides not to go natural be instead they penelaize those who are not soley into the whole "natural hair". at ada this is my last comment for u. i am going to ignore u because i can see u are not mentally balanced. u probably really do have nappy hair that's why u took that Dith's statement personal. speaking of breeds i am not worried about u bringing in any. ur generation stopped at u.lets make that clear. now adding to what my friend said about the whole botox ish, what about tanning? white pple tan, doesn't mean they are running away 4rm their race. the tanning biz is mega money. they also wear extensions and get perms so it's no just a black thing, i don't know if it has to do with black pple it's us NIGERIANS that like fussing about irrelevant stuff.. NATURAL HAIR OR NOT KINI BIG DEAL???

sylvia said...

btw sorry 4 spoling the whole peace and love. just had to round up now we can have a peaceful conversation starting now :-)