Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On match making + I’m not anti-Igbo men

I was just reading SoulBoutique’s blog, where she spoke on how she has a nice male friend whom she would love to hook up with a nice young lady but she can’t think of anyone outside of her circle of already taken close friends.
This is the complete opposite for moi. I know a bunch of beautiful, GOOD, accomplished women whom I would love to hook up with nice young men…the only problem is that I do not know any nice young men who aren’t already taken. Truth be told, I don’t have a bunch of male friends who I’m extra buddy buddy with. The 1 or 2 that I’m really tight with are taken and everyone else is on a ‘give a hug and chitchat with at social events’ basis, I can’t vouch for those ones ‘cos I know absolutely nada about their personalities.
Seriously though, the general consensus amongst the ladies is that finding a good and correct man is not a beans in this day and age. And so I think that the process of matching making people would kinda sorta speed things up. You can create an awareness of someone whom guy X might ordinarily see and say ‘nahhh, not my type’ or girl A would see and say ‘nahhh, he’s too short’. I mean, check am now…when you go to guy X who might normally prefer a ‘thick, fine chick whose body set well well’ and you say ‘Oh boy, I don find ya future wifey o’ and proceed to list all the wonderful things about her, his interest will probably be perked. Then of course, he will say ‘Oya log onto FB make I see pic’ which he might see and still not be completely sold, but with your conniving salesgirl ways you fit pass her digits on and tell him ‘it won’t hurt to try and worst case scenario, y’all will just be cool friends’…guy takes the digits, gives girl a holla that eve and it could either be:

a. A 5 hour phone convo into the wee hours of the morning that will leave them both yawning at work the next day but still looking forward to round 2
b. A briefer version of the convo but with interest still sparked
c. Nyeeehhh but thanks Mgbeks for your efforts.

Life aint a fairy tale but it still won’t hurt to try. *Sigh*…unfortunately, I can’t even test my excellent sales skills since I no sabi dudes. But ladies and gents, think about it sha. Take a mental inventory of your correct and available friends and think about who you can hook ‘em up with. Love makes the world go around and who knows, you just might be featured on someone’s wedding website as the commander in chief who made the union possible. :-D

Back to SoulBoutique sha…
Apparently, the man who she wants to hook up lives in MD and so I asked the next important Q: Is he Urhobo?
Lately I have declared this sudden love for Urhobo men. I know a couple of them, all very nice gentlemen...correct men + they can all COOK. Ah ah, their mamas raised them well o. I no sabi the kain Jazz but Urhobo men have officially bumped Yoruba men out of the running for my numero uno draft pick. Tunde's and Jide's...y'all better come back and work at reclaiming your spot. :-D
And the rest of you may now redirect all your Urhobo friends, brothers and cousins to this blog *waves and blows kisses*…thank you very much. Hahahahaha.
But no be just specifically Urhobo o, in general I just like Edo and Delta men. It's just a strange thing, I hear that the man is from those parts and he automatically scores some mental cool points. And recently, after hearing all the rave reviews about Calabar men, I have decided that I would like to *ahem* sample those goodies as well. Hahahaha, I crack myself up. :-D

On a more serious note sha, I’m very equal opportunity. In fact, so equal opportunity that some people seem to think that I have no love for the Igbo brothers and I wonder why ooo. Maybe it's because all my #1 draft pick tribe preferences have never been Igbo, 'cos other than that I no sabi what else I might have done/said to give off that impression. To my knowledge, I have never specifically said ‘If his name is Ikenna, then NEXT’.
I mean, I will admit that I have some of my issues and notions about the ways of Igbo men and…In fact let’s just scratch that, I was gonna say more but I don’t want to open up a can of worms and have people start to vex and call me a ‘self hating’ Igbo woman who can’t appreciate her own people so make we just leave tori for tortoise. But on the real, I am not anti- Igbo men…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :- )

See? 2 updates in less than X days…tomorrow now Nicey m will accuse me of abandoning her.

Edit:- Bia o, Controversy...why you kon restrict ya blog nau?


Vera Ezimora said...

Urhobo men ehn? Where pesin fit find one na? I no dey see their back light for here sha.

Ms.O said...

Lol and to think I only love Igbo men..sigh! But as an Edo girl I can vouch evry well for Edo men, they are the bizzness! are you sure you dont hate Igbo men Mbegks?..and I most def am a matchmaker..I love it!

Anonymous said...

i dont have an issue with anyone,as long as you are christian...oya,come lets check out your other stats.
and yeah igbo men are too traditional for my liking but they are always in the running.

TayneMent said...

Hooray to Yoruba men!

oops did I say that out loud?

Kate said...

Hmmm...self-hating Igbo girl..na wa for you o!
oooo i was sooo ready for that can of worms..talk am na!! i think i'd back you up :D who can stand against us?
@yay for yoruba men...i feel like i can't really comment because I've not yet had a badBAD experience with either..but I do tend to gravitate more towards Yoruba dudes cuz um... they're taller generally so they lack that napoleonic sense of entitlement and arrogance/knowitall-ism...crap I totally didnt mean to say that!!! No..that's not why..i'm sorry..i didnt mean to write that..of course i could delete it but that's no fun! :p
Actually on the real..it's also kinda because i kinda want twins..so i'm trynna up my chances :D JOKING!!! kinda...um..
Ok..all jokes aside..i'm not the best person to make any generalizations because my sample size is limited and biased. End Scene!!...sorrryyy sorry mgbeks..i'm slightly off today!

Anonymous said...

LOL OM the match maker! As for me I like my yoruba men oh just because i cant imagine getting married to someone that cant speak yoruba. Nothing sexier than two ppl proclaiming their luff in yoruba lol.

Repressed One said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Repressed One said...

lol@ Kate, the rambler...just 'slightly' off? :p

I can count the number of igbo men i've been attracted to...dem no plenty at all at all.
If i end up with a non-yoruba dude even I will be surprised.

Good thinking on not opening that can of worms...ur box for hit 200 today lol

Lady X said...

I like all sorts hehe! If they're fine, nice, speak good English and sound nice speaking it.

akaBagucci said...

Note to self: *polish up my Urhobo speaking skills ASAP*

One3snapshot! said...

Lol... Mgbeks!! Well I don't know about Urhobo men...don't think I've ever really known one...but maybe that's what it needs to be oh...

As per Igbo men...for some reason I just haven't been linked up with one since like way back when...I say maybe I've been jazzed, but only Yoruba mehn have looked at me... LOOK oh... but like a Yoruba friend of ours said...He can fks with an Igbo chic but still gotta marry his Iyabo... Apparently I'm not good enough for either Yoruba or Igbo...so now I'm not sweating any.

*dreams* a nice, humble, cute, hardworking, Catholic, tall, rich, socially conscious, stylish, risk taking, domestic, soft spoken, family oriented but independent thinking/acting, generous, well traveled (willing to travel), cultured, traditionalist but open minded, affectionate, creative IGBO boy....

Am I asking for too much?


Tatababe said...

Yelz o give it up for my Edo bros abeg! (can u tell I'm Edo? hehe).
On hooking ppl up hmmn I have my reservations but they work out sometimes. Seems you're open minded but have favorites which is okay if u ask me.
I personally prefer Edo though :)

Nice Anon said...

SoulB: Shey I tolded you to hook my sister up with mr swagga? Wetin you dey wait for?

Bia this my darling sef.. U get big eyes o! So even with Enoch and mr swagga you never relax abi? LOL

I don tell you sey mai hand don comot dating so I cannot really say much on this issue. LOL

Tatababe said...

@One3snapshot gurrrl LMBO! @ ur last paragraph too funny but hey! u just might get what u ask for. The question is are u those things urself?

mizchif said...

Oooooooooo, me i wanted to call you a self-hating Ibo girl but someone has beat me to it already!

Ok, Urhobo i understand but Edo.....NOT! But that's just me sha (with my own resonalbe bias)

Oh also i randomly took a poll of all my urhobo/warri/delta friends a while back and came to a realisation: they ALL have step-family. As in their men like to have plenty children by different women.

To be honest, the only reason i would want an Ibo man is becuase i like speaking ibo, apart from that they are not really first choice.

Ok, who wants to play match-maker for me?

Nice Anon said...

Everyone is saying that they aren't gravitating towards Igbo men .. Wetin dem go una?

MPB said...

1. I can kiss all my matchmade (isthat a word?) dreams goodbye. After my last thingie, I doubt any of my friends would ever want to hook me up to anyone :)

2. Abeg now, do a post on igbo men, i want to hear the Mgbeks POV on them.

SouLBoutiQue said...

Awh I inspired ur blog. No but seriously I have some okay two correct friends oh. But match making no dey always work oh. I remember my friends matched me up with one guy back at howard. It didn't go anywhere! As per Urhobo men!!! Where on earth do u meet them for real. I was so banked on marrying an Urhobo guy. It never happened oh. Anyway we shall see. Maybe match making will happen in the future! And nice Anon I hear you oh! Lol!

TRYBES said...

So yoruba men are out of this game uh :(...I dey vex for you o..

Original Mgbeke said...

Vera: Dem full ground oooo. No worries girl, I gotchu but I no wan make Mr. Shoes land me a hot slap ooo?

Ms.O: Oooh weeee, your bros and cousins nko? I don't know why I always thought you were Igbo.

Leggy: That is ehn! Odikwa very traditional but oops, I said I wasn't gonna say nothing. :-D

Taynement: Hahahahaha, you sho' did! I co-sign sha ooo.

Kate: LMAO, that one just cracked me the heck up. Watch some 'shorties' come for you now. In their defense I have been running into some tall Igbo men lately sha o. God dey! You are heelar! I wanna be God-mommy to Taiwo and Kehinde sha o. loll

Taymee: I can't knock that o jare. I will find one hot and sezzy Yoruba man for you, just wait and see. Make una declare your loff well well o jare.

Repressed: Or God will have jokes on you and na one 'Nnamdi' wey you go marry. LOL. Girlll, I am still recovering from the 'hair' wahala. LMAO, no more comment box wars abeg.

LadyX: That is wassup o jare, being open minded is key.

DannyB: Yes o, and cook one correct pepper soup while you are at it.

One3: He dey mad, na him wey no good enough for you. Yeyerism. But LMAO @ your dreams, I thought I was optimistic but reading that I was like 'who dashhhhhhhhhh'

akaBagucci said...

ok all of you wanting edo/delta bruvs, I am launching www.bendelmatch.com NEXT week.. only 20 pounds per match.. oya start applying now o...

Azazel said...

Restrict wetin mgbeks?
How i go restrict u? Sorry i had to make some changes mehn, family members found out about the blog.
But the blog dey nah, and as for ur post hun. There is a problem o, i don't like doing match making cus wahala fit dey for that kind thing.
I've done it before, and it worked and then they went out for a min, when they now broke up it was ugly. Guess who they came runnin to, to trash the other person and me i was left in the middle.


Azazel said...

lmao @ leggy..
@ as long as u are christian..
Leggilicious, did u know that am now a born again christiano?

Tatababe said...

@ akaBagucci Ehen! u wan come open office for our head abi!

Anonymous said...

Quite the opposite for me. I have heard horror stories of Edo, Urhobo, Ishan Itshekiri etc men. But enough with the over-generalization. If I was not taken, I would go for a tall dark handsome igbo man that can cook.

NoLongThing said...

Mbok, no kill persin o. Wetin be thick, fine chick whose body set well well?

If correct Urhobo man do you strong tin after enough palmy, you go now how far o. Make all man and woman hold wetin dem dey see o.

Meanwhile, those ya friends still dey, omoboy dey jones for hia o.

Original Mgbeke said...

Tatababe: *Gives it up for Edo men* LMAO. My dear ehn, I certainly have faves but in the end na the best man go win. Hehehehe. I hail you o jare.

Nicey m: Hahahahaha no worries about Mr. Swagga. LOL, but my darling how I take carry big eye nau? Enoch from wia biko nu? In fact I wan organize you with Enoch sef. Enoch wia you ooo, come and mark attendance as I wave my match making wand and resurrect Nicey m back to the dating scene.

TataBabe: LOL, of course she is all that and more. :-D

MizChif: LOL, I heard that too but no worries, any man wey dey follow me will not even think about having no step children. :-D
Oya show me ya particulars, make I organize you with one correct bobo.

Nicey m: I dey wonder o, seems like Igbo men generally don't get no love.

MPB: No worries, 2nd or 3rd time lucky. :-)
Meanwoos chei make I avoid wahala ooo. Maybe one day when I am feeling troublesome. Hehehehe

SoulB: Hmmm I happen to just randomly meet them o. I have met quite a couple. Yup match making doesn't always work but no harm in trying abi? :-D

Trybes: No give up na, una still dey in the running...just reclaim your spot. Lmaooo

Original Mgbeke said...

Bagucci: Na so e be? after paying 20 pounds it had berra lead to the altar oooo.

Azazel: No wahala bros, I don find am. Meanwoos abegi, once I make the match abeg make pesin no come find me o...shioooo. I don did my part in spreading the love in the community.
LOL, abeg leave Leggy o jare. She is entitled to what she like so jare. Na so dem dey turn born again?

Tatababe: You dey mind am? Hin don see business venture.

Lucidlilith: My dia, a man that can cook = major major points. As in, no be small thing.

NoLongthing: Bros, wetin dey nau? You don scarce ooo. Nna you never see babe wey set? The kain ting wey go just make ya eye to clear. Hahahah which kain strong tin wey hin wan throway for my side na?
Meanwoos abeg show me ya particulars, leave it to Mgbeks the match maker...I go find you wifey in no time.

Enoch said...

Mgbekelicious. Self hating Igbo woman. You no know say Igbo na the "Master race?" lol

Anyways, I used to have a thing for playing cupid and I've had some successes. I like to think I'm an excellent judge of character. I did notice that Igbo guys were always the ones with over ambitious taste in women though.

Chibuzo with his jaga-jaga teeth would open his mouth to complain that the babe you're trying to hook him up with "has asymmetric breasts". I don suffer.

As for me, I don't discriminate at all. I ask only for three things.

Otu: You can come from Herzegovina or Mbaise as long as your looks are comparable to mine and u have a fairly moral worldview, I couldn't care less.

Abuo: Have a sense of humor,preferably of the caustic variety, and enough wit to get by.

Ato: Be light enough for me to carry. Once I can carry you, its a wrap!

Azazel said...

Lol i change my name from controversy because of some issues with identity..

*Dith* said...

Fear come dey catch me to leave comment for this blog after the world war 2 that occured in the previous post lol
but this is rather an interesting topic and the title caught my attention. LMAO

I had always said to myself, if na naija man i go marry, it had better be Ibo or nothing else. That is untiL I gave a yoruba guy a chance who spoils me rotten. LMAOOOO

Now, Ibo guys can kiss my yellow arse for all i care. hahaha

Ibo guys are full of dramaaaaaaaaa

a)They are too traditional
b)STINGY as hellllll
c)Incorrigible cheats
d) Did i mention STINGY??
e)OVER POSERS even when it's clear they dont have shit. LWKMD!!

errr...i think i'm having brain freeze at the moment.

But One last thing, u guys read bella naija abi? Just click on the wedding link and u'll notice how MAJORITY OF THE YOUNG GORGEOUS COUPLES ARE YORUBAS.
which brings me to

g) They wait till they are 40 to settle. After they have finished banging every body and their mama.

but ofcourse I am not anti-ibo men.
I am sure there are good Ibo men out there, they're just harder to find.

*Dith* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iphyigbogurl said...

loooooooooool.enoch don kill me with laff biko!!!
"chibuzo with jaga jaga teeth......... assymetric breast''

lol... igbo oh...yoruba oh...edo oh...urhobo oh... kafanchab oh...... all of them na ma .....

as far as the bobo fits my likes .....and as far as the guy set well well.... i'm in

p.s mgbeks.... u be ryder?
i kno u...lol

Rene said...

lol @ tay-mee

i really dnt care bout d tribe

Myne Whitman said...

Dith Dith Dith, how many times I call you? Make una leave my Igbo men for me abeg. All these Tayne-ment, Kate and co...LWKMD.

Hurray for Yoruba men jare. My SO na Yoruba guy. They're too sweet ooo..LOLL.

Matchmaking, I think there's no harm in trying but I try to avoid one-on-one. Nice post OriginalM

Nice Anon said...

It is true dith. Igbo men wait till thy kingdom come before they settle. I have told my brother "once you are 26 you should be ready to marry or paid the bride price so that by 29 or 30 you have a child. I will see to it that it is done too.

Yeah igbo men CAN be stingy esp if they feel nothing serious is going to come out the relationship.

Enoch said...

@Nice anon & Mgbekelicious

I just dey read comments come see say una dey play ping-pong with my heart.

Please o. I am very fragile but I am almost taken. So one of you should do quick quick and confess your love. Let me know who will pluck my flower.

OR if it is a difficult decision to make as you are very good friends and it would be a shame to come between "the two both of you", 3 of us fit just blend Mormonism abi Islam and make it a three way relationship. Eh? ka anyi me ya trial?

Let us be pioneers!!!

Nice Anon said...

Eno bobo is taken? Kai! Ekwukwala? That is such a bummer! Funny dude like you why dem go snatch you up! Can't knock a girl for trying sha.

Original Mgbeke said...

Enoch: Abeg leave me o. LMFAO, no be small jaga jaga teeth and asymmetrical bobby. I just weak!
Bros, ya list no bad but the thing be say I hope say you no be 100lb bobo wey dey find chicks to lift, cos if that na the case na only chicken bone wey you go fit lift o. Hahahahaha

Dith: Nsogbu a diro my dear, yesterday was yesterday and today na today. Make fear no cash you.
Babe you got me ROLLING, as in I no wan tok anything o before dem tok say na for my mouth wey dem hear say fanta dey orange but you are definitely ON POINT sha o. Igbo men go dey wait till dem turn 35 to marry, at which point na the girls wey current be like 12/13 wey dem go snatch up. LMAO

Iphy: As in, keep an open mind o jare. That is the spirit! Anyone wey hin dey from, as long as he set and dey correct then no shakings.

Rene: That's definitely what's up!

Myne Whit: I get love for the Igbo bros o. Hehehehe, awww the SO is Yoruba that is very nice. Send his brothers to blogsville. :-D

Nicey m: Awww, big sis dey regulate. Not a bad idea at all, abi dem wan born pikin at 37, at which point the pikins go think say their papa na their grandfather. Hahahahaha

Eno baby: Note how I kon put the baby for thia, my dear who and who is taking you? No shakings, by the time O.M and Nicey m make our grand entrance that chick go quickly find her square root. As Nicey m na my babe and na she see you first, she gets first dibs but if she no respond by 12 midnight EST on Friday then I shall be announcing our boo'ed up status to blogsville. After all, I sure say I fine pass you, I get caustic wit/humor and I sure say you sabi carry me. :-D

Nicey m: Shiooo, so quick to give up. I tok say hin babe go quickly find her square root once we make our presence known. Lmao.

NigerianQueen said...

Lmao @ having to give an "I'm not Anti-Igbo" disclaimer

Yinkuslolo said...

OM...u always talk correct jare. naija men dey scarce for my side, i neva reach the age of serious atch-making but imma get some tips tho.

Enoch: u wan lift woman? what do u weigh? u get power raise 150lbs(ave naija woman wt)?

uNWrItten* said...

damn gerl 41 comments in how many hrs i want o be like u when i grow up oo
ahhh i havent met a lot of urhobo men in this yankee ooo..i love me some yoruba boys tho...idk why...igbo boys are sooo annoying and are just looking for a housegirl hissss....

Writefreak said...

Na wa o...see cheap advert for Edo and Delta men sa! lol

Enkay said...

na serious publicity you dey give these urhobo men o!

When you meet the nice ones, Igbo guys can be great!
Me sha, I just knew I wasn't going to marry an igbo guy. Even if he came from an Igbo-speaking state, he just would not be innately Igbo.

I can't explain it o jare but when you meet an innately Igbo man, you will know! lol!!

bArOquE said...

44comments in 24hours sha, your market dey sell oh
...i used to have it bad for Plateau & Benue girls (Northern Naija chics generally), & then somehow seriously dated a few Edo girls...but the Yoruba ones have just infilterated the system somehow.
...anyway, i have a couple of Urhobo friends that dont live in your part of the world, wetin you want make i do?

Anya P said...

These days I have it hot for sexy calabar/akwa-ibom guys it's not even funny. But they are sooo scarce. Why naah? I was with an Edo guy for 3 yrs and damn; that thing was MAGIC! The relationship, I mean. :D

And there's just something about tall light-skinned men or the extreme dark chocolate guys, I don't do in betweens. I dunno y, but I dunno If I can marry Yoruba, hmm. My friend wants to match-make me with this yoruba guys. She thinks we're both too artsy and will make beautiful babies together. But I'm skeptical. No tribalism but Yorubaland is so far from home (Calabar Kingdom).

Sugarking said...

Igbo men, yoruba men or what ever, i think it's all in the man's spirit sha. How pure is his spirit??? wait! What am I chatting about sef? lol

Dans said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LusciousRon said...

You never fail to crack me up! Tsk tsk tsk. *ahem* Any Yoruba men in your ample bosom you can send my way? You know I am a nice girl! :)

RocNaija said...

"+ they can all COOK"

Err.. Since when did that become criteria?!

Nice Anon said...

LOL! giving me till friday are we? Let Enoch come and boo me up not the other way around.

Enkay: I totally understand what you mean. That dude Mr A told me to go and check the "reputation" of education in egbema local govt. I'm like WTF does that have to do with anything? U cannot speak English! Doesn't have anything to do with your local govt. I swear some men can be sooo bush eh?

Enoch said...

Have you heard of "Auntie Augustina" position before? Have you tried it? A lot of heavy lifting involved. If you have tasted that bit of heaven, next time a guy says "hi" your response would be "how much can you lift?"

@Nice anon.
With my good looks and fierce wit, I never get to boo anyone. It is usually enough for me to just show up. I'm a big deal like that.

But for you, I'll go all out.

No run o!

One3snapshot! said...

Lol @ Tatabe...

Well I would like to think that I am most of those things... The ones that I'm not, are those that I consider neccessary for the logic of opposites attracting...to create harmony in our universe

*dreams* a nice, humble, cute, hardworking, Catholic, tall, rich, socially conscious, stylish, risk taking, domestic, soft spoken, family oriented but independent thinking/acting, generous, well traveled (willing to travel), cultured, traditionalist but open minded, affectionate, creative IGBO boy....

for example..I'm not rich or hardworking...hence the the need for a rich/hardworking guy.

not cute...so I need a cute guy to have hope for my offspring...

not nice, so I need someone who can tolerate my bullshit, and not give me black eyes when I run my mouth...

sometimes I'm racket, so I need a soft spoken guy who can calm me down, and not get in loud ass arguments with me, and get us BOTH kicked out of the neighborhood

and so the story goes...

And lest I forget...

Intelligence, wit, confidence (not cockiness/flashiness), can cook, spiritual but not fanatic, speaks one or two OTHER languages including his local dialect well, but can blow 4 types of accented 'English' including but not exclusive to British, Standard American, Ebonics, and Valley.

@ Mgbeks... LMAO shey we don discuss the fact that I'm doomed in the quest to find a 'suitable' life partner? Lol. I will keep the hope alive sha... Si se Puede!!

Nice Anon said...

Big deal ko? U don see ugly babe na abi?Yes I full ground. Show me what you're made of.LOL

Original Mgbeke said...

Before I reply to the rest of una make I just say ooooh weeee to Nicey m and Enoch. Before our very 'before', it is officially going down. Enoch don cast hin net, Nicey m dey denge for corner but she know say she wan swim enter. I no blame am o jare, for me and Nicey m village dem tell us say na the bobos wey go come find us and not the other way around.
*Grabs popcorn and soda while I wait to take the credit for this great love in the making* Hehehehehehe.

Enoch, my sister na correct babe...now do your thing. :-D

Original Mgbeke said...

Nigerian Queen: Hahahah mayne I suppose o, I am tired of being falsely accused. :-D

Yinks: Thank you o jare, come for those tips anyway, you are never too young. *winks*

UnWritten: LMAO, our Igbo bros get no love o, chei. I go send some Urhobo men ya way o jare.

WriteFreak: Abeg make them thank me lerra, see as I don chook hand to pique the general interest. Hehehehehe

Enkay: Yelz o, I just help to pub them. LOL, I have met and dated a few good Igbo men, I agree...when you meet the nice ones, dem go dey correct.

BaRoque: You know how we do, make I help promo you sef...plenty fine Yoruba babes full ground. LOL, meanwoos you suppose ship them bobos in a FEDEX box. That is actually how I want my next man delivered to me sef...right on my door step. No be small thing my brother.

AnyaP: Girl, I don't know why I always thought you were Igbo. Ahh e get one Yoruba boy wey I sabi wey wan follow Calabar babe, hin tok say he don hear the stereotypes of una *ahem* sexual prowess. LMAO...make I hook am na. Yorubaland no dey too far.
And damn, MAGIC no bad at all o *the relationships, I mean*...lmao. :-D

Original Mgbeke said...

SugarKing: LMAO, you are chatting correct sonthing o jare. Hahahahaha

Luscious: Show me ya particulars. Dem plenty for this end, on the real I suppose start this business o. Lmao.

RocNaija: Since 2009 ooo. How well can you throw down that efo riro? *winks*

Nicey m: Darling I feel you 100%, I don tell Enoch say make hin show himself ooo. I got this on lock, let's make this happen peoples. :-D

One3: *Dead*, you had me ROLLING with that one. I love you o jare, you no even send anybody's side. The man must make up for your short comings and balance you out, no be small thing at all.
Meanwoos me + you = doomed. Maybe we should look into buying cats or urge our mothers to attend more Night vigils on our behalf. Bwahahahhaahha.

mochahourglass said...

LOL @ sample. Igbo dudes are cheap.

Signing out under the guise of anonymity..hahaha,


muyiwa said...


histreasure said...

babe,my calabar men de rep o..all round,yay!!

Deji D said...

Gots to cop me Calabar, Brazilian, Malo (Hausa) and Blakanese chics. All four de fine like mami wata. And yes, you counted 4! Polygamy y'all lol.

Real talk sha, shawty must know how to cook 'cuz I can cook too.
Sense of humor is a must or at least be dry in a cute/funny way.

Mami wata fine + Afro + straight teeth - body odor + intelligence + career = Deji D kissing your feet and yansh everyday.

olu said...

I don't know about all the good qualities you mentioned about Urhobo men (hey, I'm a Yoruba man, and we're still the ish - or am I not facing reality?!), but I hear they are good in bed. Remember I said good o! NOT 'the best,' 'cos we're! LMAO.

'nyeeehhh but thanks Mgbeks for your efforts' *Dead*

Ms. 'dufa said...

Edo guys are a NO-NO. Original Mgbeks, don't even try it.

I don't like hooking up people cus I don't know how to mind my business when it comes to that and I'd be angry if they shut me out.

TinTin said...


U CRACK ME UP!!! CALABAR MEN ARE IT OHH!! coming from a yoruba girl who has sampled those goodies!! yummmy all the way! kai i hope my kwara boyfriend does not see this!!

Anonymous said...

Calabar babes all the way mehn, beautifull,good in bed, well cultured, decent, can cook,not loud, etc

Anonymous said...

My experience:

Yoruba men turned out to be very stingy and players.

Igbo men: very controlling.

Hausa men: not tried.

Calabar men: too secretive....

so stuck to my white men....anyone willing to try the oyinbo men, they are the best.

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