Friday, October 16, 2009

Random tidbits relating to me, myself and I.

On that topic of hair, I am taking another stab at attempting to grow my hair *crosses fingers*. I want big puffy hair that will make Deji D smile, LMAO. Recently decided to put some color in it again, this time I went for a more subtle look. I really don’t do much of subtle and this summer, the color was definitely quite eye catching or ‘bold’ as someone said and I did enjoy the attention (good and bad) but change is good. Change is always good.

Speaking of attention, I’ll be the first to confess that I enjoy attention. I am after all, a LEO (Shoutouts to my Leos). The type of attention that I like is quite contradictory sha. I don’t like the spotlight type of attention i.e doing a fashion show or anything that has to do with hopping on stage with all eyes on me, but at the same time if I walk into a room, I want everyone to know that ‘she has arrived’ which in turn could lead to all eyes being on moi. LMAO, does this make sense? Don’t get me wrong, I am far from the little chicken that you will see running up and down the place in the quest to be noticed, I don’t even need to do that ‘cos when I catwalk inside, you have no choice but to notice me. Bwahahahhaha, let me stop…

You may be surprised to know that I used to lack major self confidence at some point in my life. I tell people and they never believe me. That’s a story for another day sha…Other things that they don’t believe about me:
-I’m really not the socialite that they think I am.
-I can actually be quite shy when it comes to interacting with men that I really like. They don’t believe this because I can be very flirtatious in general but the way it works is I will flirt to death with a man whom I have no interest in, and act extra shy and reserved with the ones that I scope. I-S-S-U-E-S.

I enjoy having a bit of height…5’7 but I wish I was like 5’9. My heels make up for it sha… I can’t even try to imagine life from the 5’5 and under angle but hey, on the flip side…apparently men seem to like them some petite women. LOL

I was saying on RepressedOne’s blog that I envy people with talent. Most of my friends have some kind of talent, and the numero uno one who makes me jealous can: dance and actually teaches it, cook (she needs to start a catering business too), organize events, do hair, is the owner and CEO of the fabulous One3snapshot (Shameless plug: etc etc. I’m turning a brilliant shade of green as I type this. Why, why, why…dash me one na. Love you Naks! :-D
But seriously, people sabi do steez o. Well my talent is that I know people with talent. Hehehehehehe.

My passion? This one na another one. I have no bleeding idea what my passion is. Okay okay I do, I would shop and write for a living but I’m too lazy to be consistent with the latter so let’s stick to the former shall we? I would shop for a living. Can I be someone’s personal shopper? Pretty pwease.

I've always been a huge style watcher. I read mad style blogs, I enjoy seeing street style in magazines. I always wonder what it is about people that shapes their style in general. i.e Why are some people more conservative and some more daring? Does it have to do with their personalities? I be hella curious about this one sha. As for me, I think I will say that my style is constantly evolving and changing. Back in the day, I used to be very ‘matchy matchy’ as in shoe and bag must match. And then I suddenly started to sway towards the ‘hell no to matchy matchy’. At one point I was very into the ‘punk rock’ look as in bright red lip color, fishnet ankle stockings and mini-skirts, etc etc. In college days, I was always the ‘t-shirt, skinny jeans and heels’ to the club and in the words of one observer ‘you’re one of the people I know who can wear t-shirt and jeans to the club and make it look hot’. I’ve ranged from safe to not so safe, my style…like my hair color is a constant change. These days, I just buy whatever catches my fancy but apparently it doesn’t catch a lot of other people’s fancy even though they always issue the 'but you totally pull it off' disclaimer. My roomie constantly chuckles and says ‘it’s your thing’ when I show her some of my latest finds, my dear friend calls some of my dresses ‘Mary amaka’ and claims that if she ever sees anything in a store that she knows she would definitely not wear due to its off the wall nature, she would buy it for me and one other friend always claims that I’m on a whole ‘nother P with some of my outfits. LOL…it’s quite hilarious, I don’t even think that what I wear is that random but hey! I just do me o jare.

In my quest to enjoy my life and try to engage in things other than work and the random weekend social stuff, I am participating in the annual Walk for Autism in DC, Oct 31st. I’ve always wanted to do one of these walks/marathons (after being inspired by my God-sis) but I was too lazy but now I actually got off my lazy butt. Next up, me and my friend wanna do a 5k *breaks out in a sweat*.
I enjoy seeing people who just get up and do it as opposed to saying ‘I would like to do this’ (story of my life). My roomie is taking a jewelry class for the heck of it. She makes jewelry…sorry, no shameless plug here as she doesn’t have a site up but her earrings are bangin’ yo. I stay getting compliments everytime I wear them. My inspiring God-sis recently ran the Chicago marathon and my homie just did the MS bike ride in Nu yawk. People who pursue stuff that interest them definitely inspire me 'cos despite their busy schedules, they actually hop off their butts and make out time for these other things. Roomie actually showed me the catalogue for the school where she is taking her jewelry class and some of what they are offering looks quite interesante, no definites yet sha o. It's nice to see and take note of, but make we start sofri it is, I feel like my schedule is somewhat overwhelming but hey, something will eventually give abi? :-)

Did I mention that mi madre is coming into town this weekend? I am certainly looking forward to stocking up on some dry fish and okporoko. You know how they say that you only appreciate certain things as you get older? I remember when she used to bring that stuff for me years ago and I was like 'big deal', now that I am older and wiser, I appreciate the heck out of it and the effort that she puts into carefully wrapping these goodies up as they make their journey across the Atlantic. Every time I go to the African store and see the prices charged for these goods, I always offer a silent prayer up that I have a constant supply of it from Naija. I sabi open African store sef with the amount of maggi that I currently own. Recession dey o! Thank you mama...*muah muah*

And on a final note, what y'all getting into this weekend? I am having dinner tonight with peeps, and attending a baby shower with fam + 2 birthday events tomorrow (so much for trying to convince anyone that I am not a socialite). In between all of that, I will attempt to sneak in some episodes of Oz and cook for mi madre.
Let me sign off. I hope that you'se lot have a fantabulous weekend. For my East Coast people, this weather is not the business. DC/MD, how y'all like the rainy weather?
TX folk, any of you have any fine brothers/cousins? I'm officially sick of this weather and looking to move to some warmer parts...all I need is the man who will ship me + my entire walk-in closet out to his city. Hahahahaha.

Peace & Love.


Sankofa said...

1st! Woohoo! Score one for the newbie. Lol. Now off to actually read the post.

Sankofa said...

I feel you on the whole talent and passion thing. I'm still waiting for my "passion" to hit me like lightning and for my talent to finally reveal itself. It's good to know I'm not alone.

Enoch said...
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Controversy said...

Lol i think i have a talent lol..
I know i do, i feel u @ self confidence o..
But i think am over it.

akaBagucci said...

this your 'famed' catwalk self, we need to see a demo sharply o... the address don dey long pass letter o...

your passion? I think we both know what it is but....... no be my mouth you go take hia say teacher, brother, aunty, mamma, grandfather don kpi... .

Myne Whitman said...

Wow, you sound like one hi-falutin' babe. Muchas respects because me I no fit. I always wish I could do some some of these stuff sha. Let me go and check out your friend.

ps @ guy to ship you off to him. plus your closet mind. LWKMD

Original Mgbeke said...

Sankofa: Men, some of us are just meant to be regular round da the way people, well that's me shaaa. I will enjoy my claim to fame of knowing people who are 'interesting'. Hehehehehe

Controversy: Your talent is to be controversial. :-D

Bagucci: The day you see the catwalk ehnnn, ya eye go clear! Hmmm what is this passion ooo? Biko nu, you know say na from ya mouth wey we wan hia say fanta dey orange.

Myne Whitman: Hi falutin' ke? Off one blog post? Never that o. I'm as unpretentious/down to earth as they come. Yeah check out One3 and order a Tee or 2. :-)

Enoch said...

I have so much to say but i'm fighting a penchant for long comments.

Anyways, my own talent used to be "professional mugu" but I'm rehabilitated. I'm more like a laid back, casual style mugu now.

I second akaBagucci. Let us see the catwalk. Some girls think they are pulling off some serious VS quality steps meanwhile ha na eje ije ka onye jiri spanner nime ike (they walk like someone with a stiff buttcheek grip on a spanner). But I bet you've got some serious Andriana Lima moves.

Make I give u the hookup on one Djimon Hounsou lookalike in Tx? Can you handle a daddy-made professional that is full of himself?

Deji D said...

Woooohhoooooo! Madam Mgbeks gave me a shout out.(and yes i'm being a groupie). Shuu! I wouldn't advice you to come near me with an afro. I'll touch it until i mess it up :)

Dang! Now that I think about it, i really don't have any talent. Been wanting to learn how to play the acoustic guitar for 2 reasons:
1. 'Cuz i love the way it sounds
2. Chics love guys that can play instruments. Toni Braxton made a song about it: Spanish Guitar. Enough said!

Tatababe said...

Lol!!! in some ways u remind me of myself gurl. I'm sure you've got ur own other unique talents...u've just gotta find it when ur ready.

Nice Anon said...

Enoch onye ara!

So much for not being a socialite as it seems you always have something popping off. Have a great weekend as mine involves studying and watching TV.

Original Mgbeke said...

Enoch, I'm not anti long comments. LMAO, you're a trip. Trust, I will put Adriana Lima to shame.
Casual mugu is definitely an upgrade from professional mugu.
About the Djimon lookalike, I like them choco like full of himself is he? I like a confident man but he can't be arrogant. Ha!

DejiD: Groupie? At all, at all. LOL. Yelz o, we ladies like a man who can play something. Learning that talent will definitely be a good investment. *winks*

Tatababe: Abi oooo, when we ready, we go find am. :-)

Nice Anon: No worries, I will bubble for 2. Enjoy your weekend o jare.

Nicola Dreamer said...

I was screaming for the Leos, because I know what you mean, people should know when you step in.. I'm going back to my big hair..and I really can't wait! yay!
But then you took a low jab and the "under" 5"5 I'm 5"45.... *sad face*. Life's preety cool from down here lol... I actually loving being "not so tall" sometimes I even wish I was but if I was, I might just disppear.. ok so this was an essay! lol


Enoch said...

Original Mgbeke or Mgbekelicious if I may...

Don't let your longerthroat kill you o. The Djimon fellow presents himself as single but the otondo has a gold digger gf. Not to mention he is prejudiced, na so so Akata him dey like. But he's not like God-complex arrogant, his own is tolerable.

Having said that, I don't need to be ratted out just yet. I've committed enuf on blogsville to hold onto my anonymity4now. :)

Nice Anon said...

Enoch ngwa hapu okwu. Gi na Mgbafo m kwesiri ibiakota. Ele ihe i chere?

aeedeeaee said...

Mgbeks! I don missed you...

lol @ the catwalk steez...Babes enjoy your weekend o jare, I ga di plus You just might meet that dude that'll ship you off into the sunshine ;)

Deji D is soooooo on pointo! for me, one criteria is a man who can do Bob Marley's "redemtion song" at the drop of a but i'm learning to play the guitar i can serenade myself..seeing that guys prefer BlackBerries to Musical Instruments *sigh*

Babes, goodluck wiv the Walk for Autism..

Nice being on here again...


Original Mgbeke said...

Nicola Dreamer: Hollaa @ your Leo. *screams*. LOL, no e no be low blow na. No disrespect to my 5'5 and under sisters, like I said the menses like them some nice petite chicalas.

Enoch: Nsogbu a diro...Mgbekelicious fit pass kwa. Hia, abeg this bobos seem laik say hin carry serious K leg o. Shiooooo. In fact I suppose borrow slap from Nice Anon and dash you for this kain wuruwuru recommendation wey you just present for on top hia! Lmaoooooo, you crazy!

Nicey m: You dey mind am? I don borrow slap from you to dash am. I go pay you back next time I see you.

aeeedeeaaa: Thanks mama, it is good to be back. Na work and life wey keep me away o but I go try full ground now. Hahahaha yelz o, hopefully i run into a Southern based bobo wey go whisk me away from this chilly weather.
Hahahaha no wahala jare, some guys still prefer the musical instruments to the 'berries. Just shine your eye.
Thanks a lot girl, I am really looking forward to the walk. :-)

Nice Anon said...

LOL! U no well this my darling o! See me running around here tryna do underG runs for you with nwokem a.

Enoch idi afo ole sef before ha si m wu pedophile ka ha si owu pedohila.

My darling I forgot to say that good for you doing that 5k kini. Make sure you get good shoes sha. Eat some heavy loi loi before you go out there and pass out. Aka m no day o! ( mai hand no dey!) Kisses:)

Repressed One said...

Lol! We shall all be here when you tell us you have once again chopped it off :D
G'head with that catwalk, gurllll...who born maga? lol
Flirting! Me no sabi flirt at all at all...i no dey even try am.
My dear, I have quite a few posts on my blog about passionless/talentless. I'm certainly in the same boat as you oh. Like you, a lot of the people i know have some kain talent and's quite depressing really.
mehn mgbeks why u dey always make me do tori for ya comment box? Make i stop lol
Abeg give Mama Mgbeks a hug from RepOne

olu said...

LMAO @ 'Mary Amaka.'

Anya P said...

hey o.mbgeks, there's nothing wrong with this 5'5 angle. the world seems pretty normal to me from DOWN here! hahaha..
I wish I'm still growing. I want to be 5'7 one day, and I hope it's not too late for wishful thinking. lemme go buy some beans!

Anonymous said...

i liked how you broke down your personality this is the kind of image i have of you in my head.i tend to imagine what bloggers would be in real life.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

sweet heart, are you still mad at moi?
see as you just dey yarn dey go
but i feel you though
i don miss you small...*wink*

histreasure said...

i heart you on the whole talent thing..oh, im glad i have company in this.
when i was in skul, sometimes , i would wonder - 'cant my talent just be that i excel in school? lol..

anyway, i stil de wait my own o..

you sound like so much fun..enjoy
see as u de appreciate momsie now nah,bless her good heart!!

Kate said...

I'll let you be my personal shopper..if you agree to finance it :D hehe..let me know what you think and when you can start! Thanks!

Reverence said...

yaay for leos!!
your posts are always hella funny.

LOL @ Enoch. but djimon hinsou is not fine na?

oooooh. i have one kind gist/update to give you sef.

Enoch said...

Don't mind me. On occasion, I find out that I offer bad advice.

@Nice Anon
Mechie onu.
U no its u I want.

bob-ij said...

ah ah where did my comment go?? OH well.. Yay for being a leo!

N.I.M.M.O said...

The Leo part got me and I have counted not less than ten Leos in the last 28 comments.

Leos are groupies, not so?

I think you're just being the Leo that you are as any Leo can identify with what you've written.

Darn groupies!

LusciousRon said...

I miss you! Can I have some of the dry fish? I cant get any here :( I miss dry fish!

joicee said... you have a talent knowing many talented people

Im with you about admiring others who actually find the time to do stuff outside of the regular work or school.... note to self

Rita said...

ur talent is in knowing those that have talent? lol...

one of the things i realized about the talent thing is that when you begin to develop one, the others begin to surface. As if to say that if we are faithful with the little He gives us, He gives us more...

How did your weekend go?

Enkay said...

Much love to our mummies!

I've always been on the conservative side when it comes to hair-dos and colors but I've been thinking lately about doing something flashy and here you are talking about hair color. I just might do it! lol!

We gats to see that catwalk o!

SouLBoutiQue said...

That is a good question what makes people dress in certain ways and people in more daring ways. Hum. I think personality does have a bit to do with it. As per the confidence bit. I know I had my complex in high school. but once I hit HU man things changed! lmao! and what i would give to be in yankee right now the rain and all! have a joyous eventful week!

One3People! said...

Hellllzzzaa late on this but love the post. It's funny cos of course I wish I was more like you in so many ways. It's also interesting to read how spot on you are about you this attention liker you.

Girl no go green on me o... cos you sef also know all the wahala and craze wey I I try I try.

miz-cynic said...

i get wht u mean, someyms id be seing some lovely combos on some chics and they are totally rocking it and im wishing i could be tht bold abt fashion. sadly im not.the most adventurous with my hair iv ever been is one weave on afro i did,coloured brown.then iv done staright weave on with lots of pink streaks in it.for colour combos.maybe red and black.but lately sha iv been into rily humongus bags and i hate "bonz". i feel it draws too much attn.