Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm backatcha Part 2

Oya o, make una organize the Nkwobi and Odeku!

What's crackalackin' bloggers?
I've been good o. No I haven't been in a corner sulking, My funk lasted for max a week but my lazy self just never made it back to update.

Plus add in the fact that I've had a bunch of stuff going on...i.e Work, stuvvs and MOVING. Yes, yes moving apartments is taking up a lot of my sweet time.
Infact I talk say make I blog cos I have no idea when I'm gonna get my internet hooked up at the new spot...Comcast is trippin'.

But, enough about me? What is really hood around these parts?
NDQ, I salute you o. How you dey na?
Madam Sting, how was your Mcat?
Is Afrobabe still tantalizing us and making us cross out legs at work with her stories?
Oga James bond, I greet you o.
Baroque, what foolery have you been up to these days?
Free and flowing, how the wedding planning?
My darling Overwhelmed, how are you boo?
Is Jarrai back from her break?
Zena, how body na?
My one and only Okirika woman, I hope say you still dey maintain o.
Iwalewa, what's good girlll?
Simplegal, you don scarce o.
Jaycee, happy belated birthday sweetart.
Afronuts, I hail you o!
LG, how you dey na?

Abeg if I forget anybody, no vex. Na temp amnesia. I hail of you una o.

I promise that when I'm all settled and blah blah I will be bizzack!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

I am a year older.

It was bittersweet, as something happened around the same time frame that currently has me feeling like crap.

I think i will take some time off to recuperate. Do you promise to not forget that I exist?

I will be back soon.