Sunday, July 29, 2012


I was invited to a baby shower yesterday, and so my friend and his wife picked me up. On the way, his wife was saying how my friend had shown her my pictures on Facebook, and she was gushing about how cool and interesting I looked back in the day. She said that when she saw the pictures, she was like "What? Is this the same person?" and talmbout how my short hair looked great on me and I should think about cutting my hair again (as her husband had told me too). So I was thinking about it like true true... as the years I passed, I've toned it down a bit. Back in '08/'09 I would color my hair in bold colors like reds, blondes...Shieeet, I was doing blonde before Amber Rose surfaced so it used to vex me when people said that I was jacking her style. Clothing wise sef, I was more daring and "out there". But the way she was yarning, you would think I had converted from bold and beautiful to Mary-amaka...LOL. I'm still out there wearing bright colors and chit, I just toned it down some. I guess the toned down approach and more subtlety can be attributed to getting older. Although I would chop off my hair and color it again in a heartbeat...if I worked in a less conservative environment.

Speaking of getting older, I'm turning 29 on Friday. Whoop, whoop! I'm one of the few individuals who apparently looks forward to getting older. I suck at planning and doing stuff for my own birthday and so I have zero plans apart from get a facial and massage (thank you Living Social) and a mani/pedi. I remember when 29 seemed so far away, and now it's around the corner. All in all, I'm thankful for life thus far, and for the new year that is approaching.

Mennn I need to be one of those women that get pregnant, pop the kid, and get back to my pre-pregnancy body in the blink of an eye. Shuoooo. I was telling my friend's wife that she is a MILF. She just had her kid in April and is already back to her size 4 self. Babe even gave us bodycon dress to show case all that mommy fabulousness. Granted, my friend pulled some drastic measures and refused to let her indulge in a lot of her pregnancy cravings which I side-eyed the heck out of him for. If she wanted icecream, he would tell her to eat fruit...and she worked out for a good chunk of her pregnancy. I guess it worked out well. He's always told me that he doesn't demand much from women apart from: she sex him well, and she shouldn't get fat. And in all fairness, he spoils the heck out of his wife so I guess that's a good trade off.

My sister was talking about how you go to weddings, and when it's time to catch the bouquet, the MC actually calls you out. As they say on Twitter, that's the "absolute worst!", I was like I bet the married/engaged women look on in amusement and think "thank Goodness, I don't have to go through that".

Men, everybody in this life has settled down. I did my monthly Facebook log-on to catch up on everybody else's life, and my homepage was filled with wedding pictures, pregnancy photoshoots, and one year old birthday parties. Like shioooo. Okay, maybe Im exaggerating some but you get the drift abi?

On that note, I'm still not ready to settle down. In the meantime, I am working on myself and my improvement of self.

Back to gist of everybody settling, along with that comes the fact that settled people move in their own circles. Take the baby shower for instance, it was filled with a whole bunch of wedding bands, and kids running around. I just perched in a corner with a couple of least the alcohol was flowing freely :-D

Who is watching the Olympics? I see that Nigerians are representing on the USA and GB teams. Their parents must feel so proud. 

And that was all she said. Tell this Blogger's block to free me abeg.

Have a great week ahead folks! :-)