Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taynement threatened me... was more of a side eye, than a threat but I just felt like putting her name in my blog title. Hiiii Taynement...*waves*.

Like someone said to me...'your 2011 never start?'. My people, e don start o! I've just been like extra lazy and things (as always). Happy new year o jare. Better late than never.

A couple of bloggers tagged me in this stylish and versatile blogger awards/7 things about you (thanks guys), so without much further ado. Here are 7 things about me:

1. Me and my ex-roomie went somewhere last night. Some guy was trying to holla at her, but she wasn't feeling him and lied that she forgot her phone at home, so he pulled me over and asked me to help him out. He asked if he could store his number in my phone, so that I could pass it on to my ex-roomie but me sef no wan pull out my phone so I told him to tell me his # and guaranteed that I would remember it. He recited it once and X hours later...I still remember the number.
The point of this being?
I have a very retentive memory. If you tell me something or I read something, I store it in the archives and I'll be guaranteed to remember it. I still remember random ish like what my teenage crush wore at the teenage disco (that's what we called it) when I was about 14. And once upon a time, my friend called me because she was trying to register for EZpass and didn't know her license plate number, and yours truly was all to happy to recite it for her off the top of my head. I like to attribute my retentive memory to my success in school. I was always the lazy student who waited till the last minute to study, and somehow I'd do well.
Disclaimer: If you tell me something that I don't remember it, maybe I wasn't paying full attention (which leads me to the next point)...

2. I am very easily distracted. I can't stay focused on one thing for more than a certain # of hours. My mind tends to wander a lot and I sometimes find it very hard to pray because prayer time is prime time for my mind to wander. This is probably one reason why I don't like to go to the movies. The idea of sitting still and focusing on one movie for 2 hours is like errrrr. I'd rather watch it on DVD and do other things like clean my room, shred papers or some other random ish at the same time.

3. When I was a pikin, I wanted to grow up and be a writer. Then that career aspiration changed to a business woman in Lagos with 2 Mercedes Benz cars. At some point in my life, I thought I'd make a good Nollywood actress (although I can't cry on demand), and/or the lead female in someone's video. Nowadays, I'm just your average Auditor who actually enjoys her line of work...but if money didn't matter, I'd totally go for the Flight Attendant route (so that I can travel the world). And as a side hustle? I would LOVE to learn how to DJ. I already have my DJ name picked out. DJ **** on the 1's and 2's...what! what! Plus you hardly ever see female DJ's, so it would be awesome to break into that field.

4. Sometimes, I describe myself as friendly and outgoing. Other times, I'm not too sure. It really depends on what day you meet me, and what vibes I pick up from you. If you come off as annoying/standoffish or whatever, then I will give what I get. I'm also very famous for meeting someone and instantly deciding that I don't like the person, so that definitely affects the friendly/outgoing factor.

5. I'm very easily amused. Odds are, if I type 'LOL' or 'Hahaha'...I really am laughing out loud. What can I say? I just love to laugh. A lot of folks tell me that I don't look my age and I say that my constant laughter might be one of the things that keeps me looking young. One annoying thing about my laugh activities? For the most part, when I laugh, tears roll down my a real case of ROTFWTIME (rolling on the floor with tears in my eyes, except that I ain't rolling on nobody's floor). Everybody thinks it's funny/cute, but I personally think that it's quite annoying because it ruins my makeup. I actually don't wear much of undereye make up for this reason, and sometimes when I'm all dolled up, I will jokingly instruct my friends to avoid cracking me up until the end of the night so that I won't laugh with tears in my eyes and ruin my makeup.

6. You know how females be talking about they feel naked without a weave or some hair around their face? Opposite for me. I feel the most 'me'/the prettiest when I'm rocking my nappy hair because I feel that's the truest representation of me. I'd prefer for a man to meet me with my nappiness than to meet me with some braids, and think that is me on the regular (seeing that I only braid my hair like 1-2x a year).

7. Last but not least. I like my personality...a lot (does anyone dislike theirs, though?). I can vex with a quickness, but just as easily get over it. A lot of things don't easily phase me because I tend to have a 'well, it could have been worse' mentality. And in general, I really try to portray a WYSIWYG to all and avoid airs and fake steez because in the end, when the wind blows, the fowl's nyash go open.

8. I love reading people's '25 things about me', '7 things about me''s always so interesting to read about other people, so I expect each and everyone of you to have read this thoroughly because I will quiz y'all on it next week... :P

Phew! Finally...the end. A lot of folks have been tagged on this, so I'm gonna tag anyone who hasn't been tagged yet.

Coupla notes before I sign out:
1. I blogged about the starting the CPA last year. Well, I took (and passed) my first section. Up up Jesus! The Lord is good. I'm planning to take the 2nd section at the end of February and have been hella lazy with studying so let's see if my retentive memory will serve me well this time.

2. I have a write-up on about moving back home. It's my opinion...kpom kwem. I'm definitely not anti-someone else stating their own opinion with their argument for wanting to move back home 'cos ya know...not everyone will agree with me/like what I have to say. However, it just seemed that some folks were salty for no reason. On some 'you're nothing but an immigrant', or 'America is not your land, it's another man's land'. No shit, Captain obvious. On more than one occasion, I definitely wanted to type 'Abeg fuck out of here with your pretentious BS' and my potty mouth factor is at a -1 sef, but I had to keep it professional on Jaguda's site :-D. I guess with my Naija people, even if I move back home and my only contribution to the nation is to be seen prancing up and down on Bella Naija's red carpet, they will still feel better about themselves because I'm doing the prancing in Nigeria and not abroad. I don't get it sha but ah well.
Aniwoos, here is the article for your viewing pleasure (Home is where the heart is...). Please feel free to comment with your constructive opinions. I'm open minded to anything that is constructive.

And on that note, I'm out.
Have a great week y'all.