Sunday, February 28, 2010

Break in Transmission

Hey, I'm feeling too lazy to keep up with my blog and so I am going on a mini-vacay. I will be back very very soon. :-D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just one of those random kinds of things...

...As you can tell, my general laziness has even found it's way to my blogging and blogrounding. I have had many opportunities to blog; specifically the 5 days that we folk in the DMV area spent snowed work, no school, no outdoor movement. I could have used any of those 5 days to post up a blog entry or at the very least make some blog rounds, but I actually spent those days doing the following:
Wake up
Lie in bed and watch TV
Go back to sleep

Ah well, I am here now aren't I?

What has been up with you guys?
For me, the past 2 weeks have been spent chilling (read: 5 snowed in days), watching the show of my dear friends put me on to it, turned me into a believer and i have been hooked on it (Season 1 and 2 down, and just started season 3), looking for apartments (quite a frustrating process), and generally thinking about my life. Pretty boring aye?

Nice Anon has been getting on me about replying to my blog comments. Gotta burst your bubble my darling, it aint happening anytime soon. Read the above mentioned laziness + timing issues. Simple blog post sef, I gotta schedule for the weekend so make una no vex. I mean, do you guys even go back to check if a blogger responded to their comments? And if no, do you feel that the blogger is feeling too funky to respond to their comments? Na legit Q sha o. Either way, I guess you can't please everyone.

I'm slightly worried. I have no urge/desire to be with a somebody or have a someone in my life. Slight worry because I've been told that as humans it is natural to want companionship and blah blah blah.

I always encourage people to not be shy to toot their own horns and big themselves up. It may piss others off because they will probably mistake your confidence for arrogance but if you don't give yourself props then who will? So if it is irking someone in their little corner, you can fedex some paracetamol to them to alleviate the pain...naaah mean? For someone like me who has come a long way from the insecure woman with a bunch of complexes, I most certainly enjoy my confidence and will continue to bask in it, so if it pains people then they will most definitely be accurate. Will do a post on confidence/complexes some day.

Every time I hear the term 'She comes from a good family' or 'She comes from a good home', I get vexed. The heck is a good home and a good family? Is there such a thing as a bad home or a bad family?

'Men will cheat', according to women and they seem to have accepted this as their date. 'As long as he is coming back home to me'...I hope they don't bring an STD home with them. What the heck? My friend's aunt told her that in her marriage, she shouldn't make the mistake of loving her husband because according to aunt, the minute you start loving your husband, that's when it starts to go downhill. The aunt said that her husband would eventually cheat, and that my friend should not be bothered as long as he is taking care of business in the home. Aunt also said that if my friend doesn't love her husband, she wouldn't be bothered and since men are bound to cheat, If you make the mistake of loving your husband then you are setting yourself up for serious heartbreak within the marriage because he WILL cheat. All I could say to the whole spiel was WOW!

As a woman, there is absolutely nothing wrong in knowing what you want and not settling for less than that. People may side eye you and mutter under their breaths but who send them?

In regards to 'game' and how some women always seem to have a bunch of toasters, I always ask the key Q: 'What is the calibre of these toasters like? Are they the generally accepted standard of correct men?'...Uh uh, it's one thing to have plenty toasters and supposed game but abeg before we (or I at least) recognize these characters, they gosta be correct guys. So in my own ratio of toasting, if 2 correct men, and 5 hungry men approached me in the month of January, then the 2 men shall be recognized and the 5 men shall be mentally dismissed. Hehehehe.

So it's like every time I play catch up with my friends and I be like 'So what's up with you?' and they launch into a long list about what's been going on with them, and then they flip the Q around and I'm like 'Men, nothing much o. Same ol...just work and general weekend chilling', and it always sounds hella lame even to my own ears but darris the truth na. I work on week days, and on weekends I may be up to something (Summers are always busy with cookouts, ges togeras, weddings etc, while winters are more laid back with a whole load of bumming) which I don't consider to be gist worthy. I mean, what's so gist worthy about 'Yeah i went to this wedding on Saturday, it was cool' compared to their own gist of boy drama, work wahala and what not. LOL...I mean, weddings, cookouts and ges togeras are not even what I consider to make my life interesting so in all reality, I live a pretty dry life. It's very non-dramatic, no men making me have sleepless nights and wanting to bust their windows, no coworkers who make me wanna strangle them (for the most part), no nothing really. I literally live a quiet and uneventful existence. So in an ideal world, when people ask me 'So what's new na?', I'd launch into tales of how I'm taking this cooking class or that sign language class, and how I'm prepping to backpack across Europe this summer for a coupla weeks, how I'm prepping for a 5k marathon, or how me and some friends are planning a road trip across the US of A and such interesting and fun things, because to me...traveling, exploring new things, cultures and people are what would make my life interesante. But since we aint in that ideal world, I will definitely be enjoying my dry existence and giving people the same reply of 'Nothing much, just working and chilling'.

I have accepted the fact that I can be evil (read: have some very evil thoughts), and there are few people with whom I can share these thoughts without the fear of judgment. :-D

I am looking forward to moving, although the actual process of apartment hunting has been somewhat frustrating. I've been scouring Craigslist for random pieces of furniture/home decor, and will soon be off on my way to pick up some accent pillows for my couches. Nothing beats recycled furniture/household goods.

Gosh, I miss my friends. Those international ladies... :-(

With alladat said, I gotta run.
Have a fabulous week y'all. Drink lots of H2O and eat loads of fruit, as I will be doing. Gotta make a stop at Giant to stock up on some juicy grapes and oranges, yummy!

Peace, Love and Blessings.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Interview with Standtall

I feel like I have finally arrived after spending X amount of years of Blogsville. I remember back in the day when I used to read Standtall's interviews with bloggers such as Rita, NigerianDramaQueen etc etc, and so I was quite excited when she emailed me to see if I would be interested in an interview. Of course I said yes!
Thanks a lot Ms. Standtall, I am truly quite honored.

Well, I won't say much but to redirect y'all to her blog where you can read my interview right here ---> Mgbeke's Interview

That aside, I hope you lot have a very fantabulous weekend, and for my DMV people abeg maintain well for this snow o. This one that they are talking about 20 inches, chei!

Peace & Love.