Monday, December 17, 2012

Hometown Glory

The last time I visited Nigeria was in December 2005 into January 2006, and so after 6+ years being away from the Homeland, I am finally reuniting with my country this December. For the past 6+ years, I have not heard word from my parents about visiting home. Everyday my mams will say “come home so that people can see you”…or “All your friends came home this Christmas, but you didn't” or “Aunty so and so said that you and your sister should come home and visit so that husbands will find you” (LMAO @ that one). In fact ehn, last Christmas…my dad who is normally more nonchalant on this matter apparently ran into my friend at a wedding and asked her to beg me to come home and visit. Oya naa…I am finally going home so that people and these so called husbands can see my face. I don’t think that my prolonged absence has been terrible sha…after all, I know people that have not touched ground in Nigeria for the past 10-18 years. Now that’s gangsta. One of the key reasons that I’ve put off visiting Nigeria is that my parents visit Yanks every year. Sometimes my mom visits twice a year sef, and my sister is in the UK…so it’s not like I have mad family in the homeland that I need to go visit. This year sha, my parents put their foot down (not like say dem dey pay for my ticket ooo), and insisted that I gats visit, so I said okay o.

The last 2 times that I visited Nigeria, I was a college student and just bought the bare minimum on my broke college student wages. This time around, I’m a working gal, and I haven’t been home in a while so man o man, prepping for this trip has been quite expensive. I have spent quite a bit of money on gifts, and random necessities like a visa and a much needed luggage set. In fact, speaking of luggage, My two boxes are dangerously teetering over the 50lb weight limit, and I'm done even done packing. I have bluntly refused to spend any kind of money on excess baggage so whatever can’t go will be left behind.

My parents live in Port Harcourt, and so I will be mainly based in the PH zones. I don’t expect to have any sort of a bubbling time like my “just gat becks” counterparts that are heading to Gidi. To my knowledge, PH is a very dead zone. Heck, all my friends who lived in PH have moved to Lagos sef…so ummm, any plans for some “cool funs” is looking very unlikely. I had planned to escape from PH and ze parents and engage in some Lagos paroles and bubbling, but logistics aren’t looking likely. Gotta attend some weddings around the East, which doesn’t fit in too well with the time frame of my paroles. I've jejely resigned myself to my fate and decided that I’m just gonna take one for the team this time since I haven’t been back in a while and let my parents have their way on this. But like I've already told them…the next time I enter Nigeria (hopefully not in the next 6 years) I am leaving you guys and doing my thing according to my own schedule.

All that aside, I am really looking forward to my trip. It will be nice to go  and reacquaint myself with my beloved country, bask in some sunlight, eat suya, see people, be spoiled by my mother dearest (who is so so excited that my sister and I are going to be around) and just enjoy a straight 2 weeks off work. I do know a few people who will be in PH for short time frames so I don’t anticipate that it will be an entirely dead trip. Meanwoos…everybody keeps telling me to shine eye on the husband issue….LOL. Quite amusing advice, if you ask me.  Like I always tell them, the babes that are in Naija wey never snatch the so-called husbands nko?

All yarns aside, this will probably be my last post for 2012, so I just wanted to touch base with everybody who actually reads this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for keeping up with my lazy azz, commenting, and what have you. I pray that 2013 will find us all safe, healthy, and happy. Have a very wonderful holiday season and God willing, I will catch each and every one of you in the new year. Happy Holidays y’all *shines my 32*

Peace, Love, and all the fantabulous things that you wish for yourself!