Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The hot man theory and other randoms about menfolk

Much as I love to hate on fine men, I must confess that I sure as heck love to ogle them. Case in point, the other day, I was standing at the train station and minding my business when one fine ass man happened to stroll past me. If you see the way my neck turned at lightning speed? I definitely craned it well and proceeded to admire and drool over the man until he had faded out of sight. Hey! Who no like better thing? But as I gave it some more thought, I realized that while I like to stare at the fineness that is a well chiseled and wonderfully created man, in my heart of hearts (as we'd say back in the day)…I feel that such men who I consider to be on that 9-10/10 category of fineness are simply not on my level. As in, levels dey…and their levels are way above mine. I mean, let’s call a spade a spade here... I by no means consider myself to fall under the categories of ‘hot’, ‘sexy’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘stunning’ and whachumacallit. I’m not endowed with big boobs (if y’all remember, I rep the itty bitty titty committee), and I don't have an exceptional looking butt either. I think that I’m definitely not a bad chick to look at if you're down with the 'girl next door' kinda cuteness. However with such hot men who are probably used to millions of females chasing them, I highly doubt that they are looking for girl next door kinda cuteness when they can have the dime pieces and premium arm candy to flex with. I ain't even mad at that! The way I see things, hot people want to hang out with their fellow hot people, and so I will gladly ogle and stare at the hotties but I by no means think that they are checking for me/have me in their radar. I was telling a friend about it, and she asked me… ‘So, if such a man approached you, would you feel like you are unworthy of his attention?’ and I said umm..unworthy is a stretch, but heyy I would definitely be taken back like ehnn? Lil ol’ me?? :-D... Abi na? I'm sure someone will say 'it's your personality that counts' which I think is tales by moonlight because I'm a strong believer in the theory that men are very much driven by looks.

Meanwoos, according to some male friends of mine who always feel like they are dropping 'knowledge'…if you’re a woman and you want to increase your chances of meeting menfolk at events, wear attire that showcases your figure eight i.e. boobage and ASSets…preferably something in the short and tight category. According to them, men are very visual creatures (no kidding, Captain Planet) and right off the bat none of them know that you have an awesome personality so they are working with the visual image that you present. Hey, I can’t even disagree with them. Much as I’m very anti the short + tight combination (as in, it should be either or and not both), I gotta say that me thinks that the typical woman who gets noticed at most events is decked in a short + tight dress. In response to my friends, I said that I guess that’s why I haven’t been meeting a lot of bobos lately and that I’ll just have to focus on saving up for an Eharmony or Match.com subscription, where I can showcase my ‘charming smile’ and hope that my ‘winning personality’ comes through in the words that I type on my profile…

Till tomorrow I will always wonder why men will date a girl for 5 years, break up with her on some bogus reason and then quickly move on to marry another woman within 1 year. Lately, as I attend more weddings and look at the smiling couples, I can't help but wonder which woman is out there on planet Earth crying her eyes out because the 'love of her life' is getting married.

I keep saying this and I will continue to say this...men will make the loudest noise on social networking sites *ahem*...Twitter about how they want an X kinda woman, or a woman that possesses Y traits but when it all boils down to it...if a man really likes you and really wants to be with you, then all that shit goes flying out of the window. And I've observed quite a few examples to support my theory...

Last but not least, why do men love them some crazy women? Maaan sometimes you be hearing some kain kain stories and it's like how on earth would anyone want to be with this woman, yet the man will close eye and stay. My friend was telling me some off the wall story the other day about this one couple (ultimately the woman did the dude dirty and bounced), and was now yarning about how chick was so crazy and the dude was so heartbroken and torn about the situation. I burst out laughing! Upon the one wey she do before, bobo no see warning signs and step...now he wan form heartbroken. Abegi! I'm convinced that men just love them some drama and apparently being a nice and quiet girl isn't #winning. I asked this Q on Twitter the other day, and the responses that I got for why men like crazy women was "the crazy sex". Umm okay na.

Aniwoos let me quit while I'm ahead, because if I siddon tok this man matter na to dey here all night be that.

PS:- Jeez, I can't believe I haven't posted since January. Blame that ridiculous distraction named Twitter. But, I'm alive! Thanks for checking on me... *cheeses*

We go relate.