Thursday, February 19, 2009


First things first, so Temite went and made her blog private without informing me ehn?
All these private blogs sef, na wa o. If pesin no dey the cool kids club, how man for do nau?
Oh well, oh well.

I miss NaijadramaQueen.

There are like SO many blogs out there, it's ridiculous. I stay stumbling across tons and tons and sometimes e just dey tire me. Like man, if I added all those blogs to the blogroll, that one go turn into homework o.

I think one day I visited Bumight's blog and I saw that she had 103 comments. See, as a polite babe whose mama trained me well, I believe in making as much of an effort to visit the blogs of people who leave comments in my box, na in I come dey I for enter 83 (assuming 20 of those comments was not her replying within her comment box, which na another work in itself) people's blogs. Dem go just tok say Mgbeke dey rude... Chai!

Am I the only one who has formed mental images of what I think certain bloggers look like? I doubt it.

In regards to replying within comment boxes, I dey try. I think I attempted it with one post and stopped halfway. I mean, do people even come back to check?
I know I do sha. :-D, but then again I do that with people who I know always reply within their comment boxes.

And on a final note, did I actually make 3 entries in the space of one week or so? oooh weeee. I am getting better at this.

PS:- My friend randomly reads blogs and she thinks that blogger is in general, a very cliquey place. In retrospect, I guess I kinda see where she is coming from but c'est la vie!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday tori

Happy Sunday.
I have a love/hate feeling for Sundays. I love Sundays because they are usually peaceful, quiet, and they give me time to think/reflect. On the other hand, I hate Sundays because we all know the day that comes right after it---> Monday! Arghhhhh.
However, on this special occasion, I am definitely not hating Sunday 'cos I don't gotta work tomorrow. Yaaay!

Now let's get this on and popping...
To begin with, how was your falentines day? Did my boo'ed up bloggers have a fantabulous day with their SO's? (Significant others)
Did my single bloggers enjoy a day of self love and pampering sessions/hanging with loved ones who didn't have to be SO's?
Well, however way you spent it, I hope that it was a good day all in all.

I'm a single blogger who had absolutely no falentines blues. A bit surprising considering the fact that a bunch of my friends are currently boo'ed up. Then again, have I ever had falentines blues? day was busy-ish. I ran errands, shopped, gymed and rewarded myself for my hard work at the gym with a big greasy meal from Popeyes. :-D
Later on, I came out of my semi-retirement from those parties and went to one around these parts.
In regards to my previous post about DMV men and blahblah, and upon my usual manner of people watching, I came to the conclusion that I now know why these men aint in no hurry to boo anyone up. Like kids in a candy store, options plenty!!!
Apart from the previously mentioned fact that it was like 50 beautiful women to 20 men, I observed that it had to be some dress code up in that piece. I swear every chick had like a short, tight mini and extra high heels. I had to turn to my friend and ask if we missed a memo or something. Or maybe I'm just out of touch since I kinda sorta retired from those parties...ya dig!
There was a group of friends that stood out to me. About 6 or 7 of them who all showed up in extra short, tight, red dresses. I swear I saw a panty or two as they cat walked past me and my peeps. Then they cat walked past 5 guys and like robots, all heads turned to follow the big booties. Hilarity indeed.
I can imagine that picking a falentine from that group of girls must have been a pretty hard task for all men involved.

Ms. Sula really really really reminds me of my God-sister. Same location, same interests (it seems), same age, same...I dunno. So by force, by force she is now my blogger God-sis. This one na by force adoption into my fam o so you no get option to decline am.

Whatever happened to Dat1Okirikagirl? I hope all is well with her o...

Self Audit (Temite, sue me)
I've been 3/4 successful at doing all the things I said I would try to do e.g Going to bed earlier, drinking more H2O, working out more, going to church more often and tithing as often as I can, Calling mi mama more often...etc etc.
I'm working on bumping up the 3/4 success rate to a 100%. Discipline is hard, but I'm learning.

I have been spring cleaning. Mentally and physically. Spring cleaning is always wonderful.

I have hopped on the bandwagon that I've been wanting to hop on. It will be a challenge but I can do it. I'm trying to push myself here, yo.

And in general, I'm good and I'm happy.

And on that note, I'm off to eat my ice cream cone and watch a Naija movie. I kinda fell off on that OnlineNigeria tip but I see this new one with my main girl Rita Dominic and y'all gotta know that I love me some Rita D.

Enjoy the coming week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The scarcity of males in the DMV.

A friend of mine who recently moved to these parts pulled me aside at an event one day and said ‘What is up with the 80 women to 20 men ratio at you DMV folks events?’

To which I replied… ‘My sister, join the club!’

Join the club indeed. You see, she was right. That is the story in this DC/MD/VA area and its social scene. 1 million beautiful women, and not enough men to go around.I remember when I was young and fresh to the bubbling scene, I would go for parties with the anticipation of hopefully snagging a number or two. Can you blame me? I was coming from Naija where you could meet a guy ANYWHERE. Be it standing by the roadside buying oranges, or while on the back of an Okada with your cascading weave flying in the wind and a man would spy you from his car and tell his driver… ‘Follow that bike’. Yezzzur, you met men any and everywhere and parties/clubs were not the exception.So I came out to these parts and after doing my bubbling rounds, I came to the blunt realization that thangs were not the same here.

Meanwoos, I really do think that it might a DMV issue ‘cos in my travels around the US of A, I have observed that the ratio of male to females at social gatherings appears to be more balanced and the males seem to be more forthcoming.

But back to my DMV tori…
There are truly a bunch of factors working against a single woman in the DMV who hopes to snag one of these men.

1. Like I mentioned before, the female to male ratio is far from balanced. The men appear to have way too many options and do not seem to be ready to settle down. If you left your house thinking that your mini dress and weave was on point and you were going to be that chick at the social event, you step up in there and see about 30 other women with bangin’ minis and weaves. Womp womp!

2. Ok, a wise male once made a good point. He said ‘When there are so many other beautiful women in the club/party, what makes you think that YOU are going to make a special connection with any of these men’. Good point, point taken. So the single woman says lets me switch it up and go to more weddings. Sorry o! Nothing for you! The men at the weddings are either boo’ed up with their boos clutching them really tight knowing that there are many thirsty girls like you on the prowl OR the men are like the men that you saw at the parties. There are many beautiful women like you, you aint gonna stand out unless you make a one on one connection with them and in all honesty, how do you make a one on one connection with a random guy?

3. So the wedding and club/party thing aint working so you decided to try church. Still, nothing for you! It just aint gon’ work.

4. Now the most common factor linking all 3 points that I just listed above is: The DMV Naija community like most Naija communities gets small after much bubbling. The men that you see at the club/parties on Friday night are the same men who show up to the weddings on Saturday and then on Sunday, you see them in church praying for forgiveness for their sinful ways. It is the same darn men and no fresh new faces. Now, I’m not mad that it’s the same darn men but running into the same darn men at all events doesn’t really help matters now, does it?

So, my solution(s) to this issue is:
1. Maybe single ladies in the DMV need to go bubble in other states which could lead to them meeting dudes in other states, but dang it’s a recession and man pikin no wan spend an arm and a leg to see a bobo when they can be just a drive away.

2. Maybe single ladies in the DMV should branch out to other nations/expand their options.

3. Maybe single ladies in the DMV need to expand their social life beyond club/parties/weddings/church to other things like house parties (which are more intimate), artsy things, fundraising dinners etc etc. Although, I must point out that it was at a fundraising dinner that my newbie friend made that observation so ummm yeah!

4. Or maybe DMV dudes just need to step their game up and not let these burriful ladies pass them by. Life isn’t all about a big booty and a cute smile and that appears to be what is shacking these bobos so they no wan settle down with 1 female. I mean, I stay hearing dudes talking ‘bout they are looking for the right female blahblahblah. Ummm she might be right there in front of you, honey.

Or is this just not a DMV issue? Speak on it!