Thursday, July 30, 2009

This and That...

Countdown to ze baiday in 1..2..3...
Did I mention that I plan to do absolutely NADA? Everyone is like 'whachu got planned for the day' and I'm like 'errrr...nothing'. Hmm hmm, make the weekend come fest.

Currently feeling very uninspired maaaan. I have this fantasy of quitting my J-O-B and moving across the country. Make I follow the Nike slogan and 'Just do it' abi? Then again, while I can be very spontaneous, e get as this one be. I have to have a plan B before I even start any shenanigans.

Grad School. To go or not to go. I used to swear on the hair of my chinny chin, that I wouldn't go to grad school. Luckily, in my field of work...your professional license/certification is what matters, and not an advanced degree. Lately I've been kinda sorta re-thinking it. Let me just say that I'm seriously on the fence with this one. I applied and got into a program; but now I'm like 'Do I really wanna do this?' I'm going to defer my admission till the Spring semester while I attempt to figure out what the heck I wanna do with my life. I used to swear that even if I went to Grad school, it certainly would not be for an MBA but now that I've been seeing a couple of job descriptions with the line...'MBA preferred' and I'm like hmmmm.

Yes, I am certainly experiencing some sort of crisis. Do they have therapists for these kind of things? It's only so much whining that you can do to your friends before they start singing 'heard it all before.....'. *sigh*

I have not done a lick of work today. Bad, bad me!

Blogsville reminds me of college days. You know how you start out and you're friends with everyone. Then over the years, you drop some friends, you meet new ones and of course you have the tried and true ones who stuck with you from freshman year to senior year. Eventually people graduate and move on to other things and the college welcomes the new freshmen who are set for world domination. :-)
Well, that's blogsville for you. Started out reading folk/being read by time passed, I lost interest in some, just as they lost interest in me and in the same vein, I still read some of the original people that I started out reading...just as they still read me and of course, the older bloggers seem to have 'graduated' therefore making room for the brilliant writers who are new to blogsville a.k.a 'freshmen'. Woohooo...
Speaking of 'freshmen', gotta say one of my new faves is 48 (Link included for your viewing pleasure)...I certainly enjoy reading her.

Switched up the template a teeny weeny bit. Word on the street was that some folk had to highlight the entire page in order to read. Is this better? I don't always aim to please so consider this to be some sort of Xmas bonus (in advance)...teeheehee.

I have a lot of thinking to do...
Have a good weekend y'all. Keep it safe.

PS:- Are we seriously still talking about this Gates vs. Crowley case? *smh*...I hope that after the 'beer summit' tonight, all man can finally hear word.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 is the lucky number...

5 things that I would like to do:

  1. Take a vacation to a foreign land with me, myself and I. I’d explore the destination, meet the locals and enjoy lots of me-time.
  2. Learn how to DJ. I’d really love to do this but I need to shadow someone first…any DJ’s wanna give a sister a lesson? I even have my DJ name already picked out. :-D
  3. Learn how to drive a stick shift. I started this, and got too impatient so I gave up.
  4. Move to New York City.
  5. Be a flight attendant in my second life.

5 things that I look forward to:

  1. Weekends.
  2. Getting my magazine subscriptions in the mail.
  3. Trips to the library.
  4. Any opportunity to shop.
  5. Any opportunity to travel.

5 things that I’d grab if my apartment caught fire:

  1. My passport.
  2. My blackberry.
  3. My laptop.
  4. My handbag; it’ll have most of my essentials.
  5. Can my closet count as one item? LOL!

5 random things about me:

  1. I know the numbers to my debit and credit cards offhand + my bank account # and routing # to one of my accounts. When I pay bills/place orders over the phone and online I recite from memory.
  2. I think I must be the only person on earth who doesn’t have a TV show. If it ain't CNN or shows that are already up onDemand i.e my new love of Dexter (Also watched the entire seasons of the Wire, Capadocia), then I don’t watch. When people rave about shows like Gossip girl, ER, House etc etc …I’m like ???
  3. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a huge grammar Nazi. Ha Ha Ha!
  4. Who said sleep is for the weak? Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do.
  5. I HATE drinking water. I once went for weeks surviving on soda and juice. These days I make myself chug at least 1.5L of water on a daily basis to maintain my skin/healthy lifestyle. Ugh!

5 things that I’m wearing right now:

  1. Black floral print dress.
  2. Red pumps
  3. Bath & body works exotic coconut perfume. (Very yummy)
  4. Black wig :-D
  5. Purple bra. (Don’t side eye me…I ran out of ideas!)

There you have it. 5 things in a nutshell...My own meme! It's copy written. :-D
I tag whoever is in the mood to do a lazy post/just for fun post.

Black in America 2 was pretty good. Like I said after watching part 1, I didn't quite know what to expect but I definitely enjoyed watching yesterday's show. Steve Perry certainly impressed me...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


On people seeing me and saying stuff like 'This babe sef, I only see you at parties/events' or 'Socialite'...
Kini big deal? I always respond with...'abeg which kain eye wey you carry to see me for this party na? No be your own eye...abi na video camera?'. The same way you see me at events, is the same way I am also seeing you at events and If you only see me at events, then that must mean that you kwa, you only be at events too. Abi you want to come to my job to see me between the hours of 9-5? Or you wanna come up to my crib to visit me? If you even have the privilege of running into me at events then thank your lucky stars and STFU. Haba!

Speaking of events sha...
I think I am all wedded out. If someone asks me 'whachy get up to in the summer of 2009?'...I'll include weddings as one of the main things that I got up to almost every weekend. Na wa o! And the thing be say, aint nothing new popping off at these weddings sef. It's like a different couple but the same ol' crowd.
Then again isn't that the story with this DMV area sef? Same ol' faces up in the social scenes; and there are always different circles but ultimately the same ol' folk.
I am about to cross out the 'bubbler' in my description and stick to catching up on episodes of Dexter on Showtime onDemand during my weekends. Psssssh...
I was talking to my fam and asked her how she found all that new stuff to do in the city that she moved to and she told me that she pretty much googled young professional events in her field/random clubs for things that she was interested in...e.g Book club etc etc and took it from there. I just might look into that, look for other things to get into.

Keeping in touch...
'This babe, no one hears from you o' or 'Na wa o, nobody knows what is going on with you'. These are some of the examples of comments that I get from 2 groups of people who I associate my 'childhood' type of memories with: My PH massive and my feddy girls. With the PH folk, it was more of a conscious decision to kinda sorta keep my distance; thanks to the fact that PH is and always was a small place so even abroad, news among us tends to travel fast + the recently discovered bishassedness amongst some of us, na im I come tok say abeg make I just dey maintain for my little corner o jare, you don't need to be in the loop about what is going on with me, just as I am really not in the loop about what is going on with you too!...I remember when one of our own was getting married and people in Jand were filling me about a wedding that was going on around my hood. Na so e be na, to your tents O Israel.
As for my feddy girls, I can't say that it was a conscious effort. I guess you can say that it just happened...Ha!
You know how we all graduated from high school and all promised to keep in touch, and yes for the first couple of months everyone called everyone else but somehow life happened and we fell off on our own ends. Even now in obodo oyibo, I can't say that I talk to anyone on a constant basis save for my MD massive + my heartbeat and my Galfriend. Everyone else na 'when I see you, we yarn' or 'Imma drop the random check up on you call every 3 months' and don't side eye me...I think it's an absolute 2 way street. It's not like anyone has been falling over theirselves to see how Mgbeks is doing either so it is what it is. And In the meantime...thank God for Facebook sha o. At least I know that folk are alive...

Bloggers out and about...
I met the oh so lovely CultureCynic on Friday night. Pretty coincidental stuff since i just threatened to pull her hair, If I ever met her...just a couple of days ago and yes, I made good on my threat. :-D
She had a very burriful smile (She hardly ever smiles in her pics so I couldn't tell before), and seemed sooo very nice. (*Ahem*, we all know what a winchy she really is) not to mention she can get down on the dance floor. I peeped her grooving major to some songs o...(Uh uh girl, I had my eye on you!). Twas absolutely fantabulous to meet you my dia. Next time I see you, I'm pulling more of that hair and highjacking you for the thrifting zones.
Also ran into Ag of SoulBoutique on Sarraday night as well. Not a first timer on this end but I st
ill dey send sharrouts. We have to discuss that bag of yours very soon o!

Bday coming up...
In less than 2 weeks, I will be a year older...(Shoutouts to all my LEOS). I've never really been a bday celebration person and I certainly never did anything major for those milestone bdays either, so ahem...nothing much will be popping off on this end for the bday either. And speaking of birthdays, am I like the only person who doesn't mind getting older? My friend says that '25' is her official age now even though her azz is not no darn 25. LOL...ah well, I am thankful for another (somewhat uneventful yet eventful) year that is almost gone.

I had some other yarniz but I don forget as per I was doing a million other things while typing this entry up + it's 12:30am so my azz had better hop into bed. On that note, good night blogsville. Enjoy the rest of your week...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Say hello to my newest crush...

Who is the dark choco one? *drools*
What is his name?
Does he have a 401k plan?
Is he ready to make some babies sometime soon?
Has he been in trouble with the law, lately?
Does anyone wanna forward my digits to him? Tell him to call me on my GIZM. Nought-9-Nought, triple dozen, triple dozen, N-O-K-I-A.
Helloooo, I have containers on the ocean. I can spend my money on him, I will carry him to a restaurant so that we can feed each other some somersaulting chicken.
Abi na Chineze (pronounced the Igbotic way) restaurant wey hin wan go? I got him covered.
He don't need to bring out his wallet, I got him covered!
And if hin wan come Yankee...I fit organize green card for am sef.
He can whisper that my love dey make his heart go Yori Yori, 7 days a week; 24 hours a day and I can be his Ada Owerri, all day...every day.

*Saves picture to desktop for more drooling later on*

Ok so it has been established among my homies and I, that we will never have to fight over a man because according to them... my taste in men is questionable. Whaaaaaa?
I just showed my friend this picture of my future baby-daddy and she said that I'm weird. C'mon, don't y'all think my Bracket baby daddy is cute? I know Reverence wants a piece of him, but unknown to her, I have started prepping the hot acid that I will pour on her face if I catch her anywhere near him.
Aniwoos if una no like am, that is good sef. Less competition. :-D

Phewwwwwwwwwwww! Just had to let that out there. Now excuse me, while I make plans on how to snag this future baby daddy of mine.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

School Daze part 2: After the SSCE and JAMB

After my post on the Secondary School Daze here, I decided to write about life after secondary school.

After we finished secondary school, we waited with anxious and beating hearts for our SSCE and JAMB results. (Well, the rich kids who knew that they were going to Obodo oyibo waited anxiously for their SAT and TOEFL...Ha Ha)
My school had this wicked habit of posting your SSCE scores up on a notice board beside the Principal's office for the world to see. So imagine if you were one of those evil ass senior babes. Come exam time, you better make sure you study your butt off 'cos when the results came out, we Ju babes would flock to the board and specifically look for the names of all the wicked senior babes, the bubbling senior babes and what not.
I remember one very foolish and wicked senior babe wey come pack all F's on that board. Na correct laugh wey we laugh that day. Nonsense and Ingredients...

My SSCE score was pretty good. And thankfully I didn't have to take JAMB 2,3,4,5 times. I took JAMB once and my score was good too (No expo needed either). Na God ooo.
I'm chuckling here remembering my JAMB exam and how one foolish girl next to me was doing some serious Giraffe work ehn, the thing no get part 2. I no even get strength for am, I just let her be. Do any of you guys remember that term 'Invigilator'? I saw this one FineboyAgbero's blog one day and I wan laugh die. It certainly reminded me of my JAMB days. Those invigilators used to watch us exam takers like some serious hawks sha o. To pass expo in the JAMB hall required some serious maneuvering and techniques.
The day before JAMB sef, no one was at home. Everyone went to go and look for the 'expo' Naija sef!
And man, people had such intricate ways of hiding that expo ehn. I hear say babes would go and fix micro braids before the exam and hide the expo inside their hair, inside their bra, inside their shoe. Nna ehn, people were determined to get into University by ALL MEANS. Can't say that I blame them though, taking JAMB 10 times could frustrate a human being.

While I was sitting around bored and waiting for my SSCE and JAMB results, my mother asked me to go and register for the GCE examination. Initially, I dreaded the whole concept of it + I got posted to some wack exam location so I really was not feeling it at all but looking back now, I had a really good time sha. I made a new set of friends who I termed my 'GCE clique' and one of the guys in my crew had the hookups to all the supposedly legit expo. I really was not trying to study for this exam o jare, so every morning before exams we would all meet and plan on how we would pass the expo to each other. Needless to say, I FAILED pretty woefully...and they swore to me that the darn expo was the legit stuff o. Yeyerism...

Thanks to my good SSCE and JAMB scores, I was off to University within a couple of months. and thanks to those scores, I got admitted to study the only course that made sense if you were in the 'arts' field = LAW. Uh uh believe it or not, I the Original Mgbeke was gonna be a Lawyer? Pretty funny stuff since I came to Yankee and totally took a left turn from that field. But even till today, some of my friends insist that I could have gone to law school since I tend to be overanalytical/will not let an argument go until it is resolved and blahblahblah. Na them sabi sha...
But back-tracking to that sha, good scores were essential 'cos you could get admitted to the uni of your choice but get assigned to study some random azz course like Agriculture or some chit. Abeg wetin I wan carry Agriculture do? Or Secreterial studies...errrm no offense to any individual who may have majored in these o jare. Na so I see am oo...
Hmm hmmm but law, it was. And it was a pretty interesting department too. We had to wear black and white most days (for some yeye reason), and it couldn't even be cute outfits in black and white i.e maybe a nice pair of black pants and cute white shirt. No o, they wanted us to come to lectures looking 'corporate' and like future lawyers. I really used to wish I was in the engineering or computer science department so that I could rock my jeans and t-shirts as I pleased.

All in all, Uni days were pretty interesting. I definitely had a lot of fun being one of the hot jambites. It was nice to be a fresh and new face on campus. Hehehe, I remember how we would reapply our lipgloss when it was time to walk past the Engineering buildings just because that Engineering required a sister to put a pep in her step and an extra switch to her hips 'cos man o man, I am convinced that all the fine men in my Uni were in Engineering. And they had a habit of just chilling outside the department, hanging around so every chick who walked past, was subject to a good eyeballing by ol' dudes.
I had my Uni clique...we even gave ourselves some funny name. I don forget the name sha...twas about 7 of us babes, we would always have lunch together, party together and during someone's class break, we would go and chill in someone's on campus room or boys quarters aka BQ.Ahhh, memories. I was pretty darn miserable when I had to leave and come over here, I mean I was having way too much fun!

My sister recently told me that she ran into a guy who went to Uni with me, and he walked up to her, asked about me and confessed that he used to have the biggest crush on me in Uni. Hahahaha, I was like abeg ooo, who dat is? I hope it was one of those engineering cuties that I used to eyeball. *Chuckles*...unfortunately my sister forgot his name so that one may be one unsolved mystery. Ha!

Monday, July 6, 2009

It is one thing for the man to have money...

...and another thing if he actually spends the money on you. No be true wey I dey talk?
And I'm saying this because I stay hearing females gush about some paid men, talkin' about...'He has a great job making 6 figures, he drives a nice car, he is PAID'. I'm like oh that's all well and dandy but is he stingy? Is he an aka-aradite? (remember that strong glue wey we dey use for Naija?)
Trust me, when you date enough men, you will run into that man who has a nice profile...nice job, nice car, 4 bedroom house in a nice suburban neighborhood, the right education...everything about him will look good on paper until he takes you out and he tries to mask his cheapness under the guise of saying ish like 'Do you really need that? 'cos I don't want you to lose your figure' when he notices that you are perusing the dessert menu during your dinner date, all in the name of trying to get out of paying for your $6 dessert. True talk!

And while we are talking about money and men, what is it with men instantly assuming that every woman is out for their money? Like seriously negro, fall back with that foolishness. I remember one bobo wey ask me out to dinner but the bobo no sabi my hood well well so he asked me to pick a restaurant of my choice. Me, being me, I was gonna be considerate to his budget (not even knowing what it was), I mean I obviously wasn't gunning for a restaurant that served some extra expensive entrees and what have you. Na im the bobo come 'jokingly' insert...'Umm, whatever you do, please do not pick any restaurants that serve $1,000 caviar'. Joke or no joke, that statement vexed me ehnnnnn. As in, it seriously chooked me. I mean to begin with, has this man ever seen caviar in his lifetime sef? Secondly, why would he just assume that I would go for the top notch fancy joints. I found that to be very insulting and if you get to know me, you will know that I absolutely hate it when people make assumptions about my character. I will tolerate anything else but honey, please do not lump me in with those gold-digging women that you dated in this past. Needless to say, after the date...I thanked him for dinner and never called him again. Peace out homie!

Like men need to stop with that foolishness. Look at me up and down and tell me if I look like I need your money. And, I'm not even saying this on that whole 'I am a strong, black, independent woman' soapbox but c'mon dude. I have a J-O-B that pays all my bills, puts food on my table and leaves room for misc. things. I have a car that gets me from point A to B. Practically everything that I own was bought and paid for by moi, and I have never been of the mentality of expecting a man to pay my way so please don't come at me assuming that I want your money or worefa, as you dey see me so...I be correct babe and you sure as heck aint doing anything to upgrade me so abeg no dey approach me on some yeye nonsense. Ish like that just irritates the heck out of me.
I mean, a girl is innocently posing by the bar and man instantly assume that she is a thirsty woman looking for the next negro to buy her a drink.
You take her out on a dinner date and get mad when she orders an appetizer and dessert along with her entree? I just weak o! Maybe she is not a gold digger, maybe you are just a cheapskate which leads me back to my very first point in this post.

Aniwoos na the thing wey dey my mind be that and I don tok am.

Moving on, so make una tell me why my aunt is trynna marry me off. I decided to swing by her house yesterday and her friend from out of town was visiting. Mind you, my aunt don told me about this friend and how she has 5 sons who are dokitas or somn crazy and I was just like hmmm okay. Na so the woman come jam me, and since her friend was there...see the kain promo wey these 2 women were doing ehn. I almost turned red with embarrassment and I no too yellow sef. LOL.
In my very before, they were talking about me like I wasn't there. 'Her father is this'. 'Her mother is this. 'She works as a this'. 'She is a very good cook'. She is a nice girl from a good home. I was WEAK. The mother of the dokitas come dey look me up and down with approval and was like 'Ahh, won't you want me as your mother in-law?'. LMAO.
Abeg o, make dem leave tori for tortoise. Na beans?

1. Sarah Palin don lost her ever loving mind. Did anyone peep that 'speech' that she gave about her reasons for retiring from the Alaskan Gov. position.

2. How y'all like the new layout? Change is good...yeah?

3. My July 4th weekend was INCREDIBLY dry. Jesu Christi! I should have gone out of town sha. Mchewwwwwww.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Long ting...

...It is way too early for my oga to be annoying me. I think that if he busts one more move, I will SCREAM. Or do you think that a BARK will be more appropriate?

...Jarrai/WordMerchant left Blogsville? Where was I when this happened? Ah well, C'est la vie. Life is about changes anyway, so let's welcome the new generation of bloggers. One day, people will cry and ask 'where are they' as we are currently asking about the whereabouts of some of the older ones.

...Groupies irritate me. Will do a blog post on this one day.

...Leggy and FaB! get me confused. This could be because FaB! has some long looking legs in her profile picture, everytime I see both of them blog ids, I think of legs.

...Just discovered Bracket. I play 'Yori Yori' everyday; at least 5x a day.

...It's July already?

... Any hot plans for this 4th of July weekend? I can't believe my DMV folk don't know of any popping cook-outs around these parts. There goes my fantasies of cook-out hopping looking for awoof food and drinks. DMV folk, represent o! If all else fails, I'll make one of the weekend days a movie day. Make I go see this Transformers and Proposal wey all man dey yarn about.
Nice Anon, I had better be screaming and stuvvs, as per Transformers na on some mental rumu rumu steez.

...Speaking of rumu rumu, what? when? how? I'm confused...where did this slang originate from?

...Anyone seen the Koko Mansion contestants? Is the show gonna make it to Youtube 'cos me, I gosta watch o!

...I read 'Act like a Lady, Think like a man' by Steve Harvey. Good book overall, according to Mr. Harvey, men need 3 things: Support, Loyalty and Sex. In an effort to check if Mr. Harvey was yarning the truth, I decided to poll one of my male friends to inquire about the 3 things that he needs from a woman and replied: Food, Sex and the Remote. To which I responded...'Are you an animal?'. *smh*
I'm just saying though, all these men talking about 'feed me, f*** me and shut up' really need to head to the Zoo to chill with their kind.

...See what I said about MJ? Even his pet chimp from back in the day is getting CNN coverage.

...Speaking of CNN, I'm looking forward to the 'Black in America' coverage coming up this month. It berra be better than it was last year 'cos after watching last year's episodes, I wanted to write Soledad O'Brien and ask her what exactly she felt she was sharing that was new gist to all concerned. 'There are many black single mothers', 'Black men face more challenges than white men', 'There is a high ratio of black men in jail'....errrm, can someone say old gist?

...Still on the CNN topic, seems like MJ related interviews will be the focus on Larry King live for the next couple of days.

...And still on CNN, imagine if Larry King dies. Don't side eye me...death is inevitable. But seriously though, he has been such a constant on our TV screens for soooo many years. My TV is constantly on CNN, and so I catch most of his interviews. Duuuude, whenever that happens just know that weeknights at 9pm will not quite be the same again.

...Seriously, can I just go to an event and have a good time? I'm kinda sorta getting tired of folk telling me 'keep an eye open for potentials' and to 'shine eye'. Eeeek! Did I tell you that I was worried about that?

...C'mon now. The BET awards wasn't that terrible sha compared to the hot ghetto mess of previous years. In addition, they just had 3 days to prepare na for this tribute. Make una cut them some slack. The sound checks were suspect sha! And am I the only one who LOVED Beyonce's dress?

...If you no like me, dem tell you say I send? Folk be feeling extra special sha. I ain't worried about you, so kindly keep on catwalking and don't worry about me.

Aniwoos, make una enjoy your holiday weekend. Mine starts today. Y'all keep it safe and if you're in the Yankee area, abeg no purge on too much BBQ'ed ribs and burgers o. Ha Ha Ha!