Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Post Alert

What in the world is a 'Long post alert' and why are we now alerting people in advance and issuing disclaimers when we want to write epistles on our blogs?
Is it that people in this day and age have forgotten how to read? I mean, I be reading some posts and the corresponding comments and folk be in there talkin' bout 'Wow, this was such a long post'....shuoooo. And e be like say this thing is a new thing. I've been a blog stalker for a minute now and them older bloggers used to let it roll with the long posts and epistles and I never saw disclaimers like *Long post alert*, neither did I see commenters talkin' bout 'whoaaa. Long post, I will be back to read'

Reading is FUNdamental peoples. I mean, blogger is a place for folk to read and write so why should the so-called long posts scare you off? Why should we as bloggers be letting folk know in advance that the post finna be long? Is the essence of this to tell the ADHD peoples not to even bother reading the rest of the post once they see the disclaimer? Or are we apologizing in advance for a post that kept you reading for 1-2 extra minutes? I don't quite get it...
If you don't want to read and are on blogger to strictly look at pictures, then hop on over to the fashion blogs/gossip blogs/video bloggers and allow man pikin o jare.

That's why I like that troublemaker called Culture Cynic with her friggin' epistles and long tales. I mean ol' girl can raaaambleee but I actually loves it sha :-p. She sabi go on and on and she makes no apologies for it, those who wan read go read, and those who lose interest after the 2nd paragraph no go read. No disclaimers there...(save for one. Teeheehee)

Aniwoos na the matter wey I dey ponder on o, and I blogs it as I observes it. And abeg before pesin comes and accuses me of 'ranting', as I typeth I am listening to my Lily Allen album (Great album BTW) and sipping on my H2O. I just dey cool like a freezer, just dey chill like chili, dey maintain to sustain like a plantain. No be me again? Abeg o, nurrin do me!

I hail una!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A couple of things...

Hey blogerians (& Ms. Sula & ShonaVixen) LOL! See, I welcome all...hehehehe. How all una dey?

Yankeegerians, how una rock your memorial day weekend? My weekend + 1 day involved a cookout, a grad party, traditional wedding, a birthday party, a visit from my out of town darlings and a hang out session but I had a good ol' time. Life and times of a popular jingo!
Britigerians, no holiday for y'all. Boo! But while we are discussing holidays, it seems to be that British folk have some sort of Bank holiday every other day, but they claim that we Yankee folk have more holidays. Well, I know that we officially observe 11 'bout you british folk? Lemme know if I go relocate. Teeheeheee...

Man, e be laik say all my bloggers don lost their mofo. I spied with my lirru eye, NigeriandramaQueen talkin' bout she don lost her mofo. Shuoooo. RepressedOne is M.I.A, infact folk in general is talking 'bout losing their friggin' mojo. See wahala o! Y'all wanna follow awon BoorishMale, Zephi F and co to quit ehn? Maka gini mere? I don vex o!

I met 2 bloggers this memorial day weekend. This was the first time that I was officially meeting bloggers. I mean apart from them, I know a couple other bloggers but I knew 'em before blogsville. I had a good time chit chatting with the bloggers and all in all twas a very pleasant experience. What are your views on meeting bloggers? I'm not a very anonymous blogger save for the fact that I don't got my pics all posted up here. In fact I randomly get calls/texts from people asking if I have a blog, as in they were reading and just knew it was me so it's no biggie when it comes to meeting folk. I can't say that I have any genge gist or sordid details of my life up on this piece anyway so why shall I shy?

Is there such a thing as enjoying too much me-time? I once spent an entire month at home... (Christmas break in college days + I aint have a job) without stepping out for anyone's event/seeing anyone. I was boycotting church then so the only trips I made were grocery store/food runs. Now I'm really back to enjoying this me-time phase, but then again my social calender is kinda packed these days so I'm just relishing and enjoying every second that I get to myself. I can't complain about the packed schedule sha, I love summer! So much to do, so little time.

Next Saturday is gonna be one packed day y'all. Tell me how I'm gonna fit in a visit to my friend's house, a wedding, a birthday party and a grad party all in one day. I don plan am well well o, strategic stuvvings no be small thing! Chei, I am already dreaming of Saturday and it's just Tuesday. :-)

I just came up with my 5 year plan. To be honest, I never had one but I was especially inspired after my pastor preached about having a vision on Sunday. I've always had a vision for my life, but procrastination can be a killer! I'm feeling re-energized with the game plan...Hmmm Hmmm!

Craving a bar of Hershey's dark chocolate. Hmmm Hmmm.

Aight, gotta get back to work. Just took a quick break.
BTW thanks a bunshes for the comments on my Mommy post. She sure did have a very happy birthday. :-)

Bye dahleens.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The sweetest mother on planet earth.

In between Mother's day and my dear mama's upcoming birthday on Saturday, I would like to dedicate this blog entry to my mother. The main, the main Mama Mgbeke. (She would totally cringe if she discovered that I am going by such a bush name on the Internet...hehehe).

Growing up, I wasn't such a huge fan of my mother. I used to say that if my parents ever separated and I had to pick a parent, I would go with my father. I wasn't daddy's girl either...I would have just preferred my papa 'cos he was never home and therefore out of our business most of the time. In other words, I would have been free to flex and bubble with minimal interruption. Whereas, my mom was always home and always keeping a watchful eye over us so if we messed up, best believe that we were going to get yelled at/a dose of the koboko. LOL, in fact I am remembering one time when I got home at 6pm (past our curfew), and my mother had guests. Now you know when the 'rents have guests you kinda feel like you will get away with your transgression but I wish! As soon as the guests left, she came to my room and dragged me into the corridor and told me to kneel down while she went and finished her ever reliable koboko...chei!!!

Like most other African kids I bet, I used to wonder if I was adopted...with the amount of koboko and finishing that I used to chop from my mother. Maaaan she was such a feisty woman back then, which is pretty much hard to believe now when you observe her cool, calm and constantly collected demeanour.

Now, I am older. And with age, I have come to appreciate and love my dearest dearest mother.
I appreciate
the little things like all the stockfish, maggi, dried fish, egusi, and other food stuff that she brings for me everytime she comes to visit, make I cook correct soup.
I appreciate how even after she don bring me foodstuff to cook soup, she never leaves my house without cooking at least 2 pots of my favorite soup because we all know that mama's cooking is the best!
I appreciate how she brings me milo, golden morn and peak milk without asking questions. LOL.
I appreciate how she always asks me 'So how far the guys, any better?' everytime we talk on the phone.
I appreciate how she whines about me not calling her enough and sometimes when I call her, and we clearly have nothing to say we sit on the phone and talk about the most random things for close to 1 hour.
I appreciate how she says that she is constantly praying for me in everything that I do, esp my going and coming because she is scared of the busy 1-95 freeway and all the 'crazies'.
I appreciate how even when she comes to visit and we go shopping, she still insists on paying for 1 or 2 of my items...ah! At my age ke? Anyway awoof dey run bele o so me I no dey complain. :-D
Too many appreciations to list maaan.
She truly is the BEST woman in the whole wide world and I pray that when I have my own kiddies, I may be as inspiring and strong as my mother has been.

And, about that adoption idea? Threw that out of the window a long time ago for when you see me and you see my mother, you will say 'Ah, you are truly your mother's daughter'. Growing up in PH, (which often times has a small town feel to it, in that every body knows everybody else) I would constantly go places and people would ask 'Are you Mrs X's daughter?'. I mean, a chick couldn't even do underG runs shaaaa. LOL. I am her spitting image and I'm cool with it, I look at her fabulous self and know that when I'm almost 60, I will look just as fine. Yaaaaay. :-D

However, apart from our similar physical features, I inherited a whole bunch of other characteristics/qualities from her. Some of which are:
  • Unconsciously correcting/keeping an eye on peoples' spelling and grammatical errors. My mother is an English professor. Go figure...unfortunately, I didn't get the urge to shoot for a PhD.
  • Being extra anal about cleanliness and organization. Growing up, my mother used to emphasize that we change and wash our bedsheets and towels ever other week, always make sure out kitchen and bathrooms are clean even if the rest of the house is messy and all that housekeeping stuff. I mean, this woman even used to make me wipe the dust off the plants in our verandah. Now, I definitely appreciate what she taught me even though some claim that I'm anal. Like mother, like daughter!
  • An eye for a good bargain. My mother loves a good steal/bargain and that's certainly who I got it from.
  • A good sense of style. My mother has a very good sense of style, she sabi baff up. Her daughters got that good sense of style from her, we certainly step out looking fly and make sure that we don't disgrace our family name. LOL
  • Random bits and pieces of stuff i.e Always make sure that you serve guests with a tray or a coaster, fold napkins one way, make your bed this way, clean as you cook, send thank you-notes, when you go to people's houses for dinner always try and see how you can help out etc etc etc. Honestly, growing up I never appreciated any of this stuff but now I do. It has all come in pretty handy.
So, as dear mommy turns the big 58 on Saturday, I want to thank God for keeping her for 58 years. 58 years of achievements and success. 58 years of joy, celebrations and the pitfalls that she constantly overcomes which ultimately make her a stronger person every day. 58 years of patience...I mean, she has a couple of really stubborn people in her family (*Coughs*, me included). 58 years of love, peace, progress, beautiful family and children who love her very much. 58 years of being a blessing to others. I was just talking to my sis this evening and she said 'Isn't there something so comforting about talking to mama that just makes everything seem like it will be okay'. Preach it sis!

Happy birthday in advance mommy. I love you and I really mean it when I say that I wanna be like you when I grow up!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Introducing Zya Felix...

I was first introduced to the fabulousness that is the Zya Felix bags one wintry night. I took myself to a fundraising gala and ran into Ms. Zya there. One of the first things that I noticed about her was her oh so fabulous bag, and I was quick to let her know...'Girl, that bag is HOT'. When she told me that she made it, I was like 'whoa! Can I get one like right now?' I then proceeded to show any and everyone who was interested the bag, and the general consensus was 'Girl, that bag is HOT'.
I don't hype up products that I'm not interested in. If this steez wasn't my cup of tea, I wouldn't even be typing up this post. If I'm posting it on the my blog, then best believe that them bags are that HOTNESS... And with that said, allow me to introduce Zya Felix...

About Zya Felix
Zya Felix is a new ground breaking label created and owned by Ezenwanyi Abii, a Washington DC based attorney. Created in 2008, Zya Felix was born out of a desire to incorporate traditional African fabric into contemporary Fashion. This summer, the brand will release its first collection of clutches. There are samples available.
"Individuality personified”- Zya Felix prides itself with the creation of items that cannot be replicated. As a new born brand, Zya Felix aims to show that one can incorporate classic African print fabrics into any outfit for all occasions. The inspiration from this line comes from the creator's personal background, love of art and special knack for creativity. The items from this brand aim to make a statement and stand out in a world full of conformity.
Eclectic- Sophisticate”- Zya Felix incorporates fabrics, textures, colors and accents to create one of a kind sophisticated pieces which are eclectic and unique.
The brand hopes to venture into clothing and home accents as it grows, with a creative desire to knit in different items (i.e. leather, laces, suede etc) with traditional African prints fabrics and create extraordinary items. This is just the beginning. Dare to be Extraordinary!
Zya Felix~~~

Some samples of Zya's current collection & the names of the bags for your viewing pleasure:

Bag much baggage.

Bag lady...still overwhelmed with all the baggage.

Love you more.


Turning tides.

Butter 'n' Chocolate.

Kente Sunflower.

Your Hi-ness.

Engulf me, Royal presence, Cheeky Nana, Z-licious.

Group Shot: Nana in the city X2

Nana in the city.


Cover me & Composure.

Butter 'n' Chocolate.

Love U more.

Blue Fam.

Oya o, awon shopaholics...CultureCynic and co (Yes I'm calling out out, hehehehe)...get to ordering.
All you dudes, come and buy fine bag for your girlfriend. She will cook sweet egusi for you in appreciation. LOL

On the real though, if you like what you see and you are interested in ordering any of these beauties, email for more information.
And while you're at it, please join and invite your friends to the Facebook group here---> Zya Felix on Facebook and watch that space!
Oh, and she ships to the UK and some other international destinations.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Harry Potter fantasy

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. If you saw the humor in it, I salute you! If you felt attacked/didn't see the humor, I still salute you. Make my britigerians no vex and block my application for britico visa o, I still wan chop that Nandos. And my Naija peeps, nothing but love from this end o.

Aniwoos on to the koko, make we yarn the main...the main...

I LOVE the Harry Potter books (Never watched the movies though). I was first introduced to HP back in Naija, when one of my oh-so lovely friends happened to move into the neighborhood and me, being the nice and friendly neighbor that I was, popped over to her house one day to introduce myself, make nice and at the same time do amebo work and see who the new chickito in town was. I think we hit it off (although she insists that we didn't..haha!), but either way I made it a point to visit her more often after I discovered that she had an admirable collection of CD's and books. One day I saw the Harry Potter book lying around, asked if I could borrow it and the rest is history...

I put my sister on it. I raved about it to whoever would listen. I mean, Harry Potter had me at Chapter 1.

So lately, I've been having this fantasy. I fantasize that I will walk into a Salvation Army/ Goodwill store and discover that some random individual got sick and tired of their Harry Potter collection and donated the entire thing to Goodwill, and of course I snatch the donated goods up and end up being the proud owner of all the Harry Potter books. Infact in this fantasy I will pay something along the lines of $12 for all 7 hardback novels (Oh, they gotta be hardback...Harry Potter in paperback version will not be as sexy).
Can you blame me for this fantasy? The friggin' paperback box set is currently going for $35 at the minimum on Amazon, and I believe I peeped the hardback set for $100.

But it seems that dreams truly can come true, and if you fantasize hard enough...ish just might pop off. Last week, I really did walk into the Salvation Army and decided to take a quick mental scan of the books that they had on inventory and SHO 'NUFF I could not believe my eyes when I spied with my little eyes, the 3rd HP book; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Ooooh weee, I was pretty darn elated, and even more so after I ended up paying $ 2.00 for the hardback. So now I believe that somehow my wish of stocking my library with the entire HP series will come true, I just need to keep a watchful eye on the book rack in the Salvation Army/Goodwill.

P.S:- If you are looking to beef up your mini library for cheap, Salvation Army/Goodwill is a good place to check out if you're up for it. I recently got 'The other Boleyn Girl' ( REALLY good book by the way, read it before but I figured that for $1, it would be a good thing to add to the library), A couple of Jane Green and Marian Keyes books (Gotta love the British authors, their sense of humor is off the hook) and a rack of others.

Next up on my 'walk into the Goodwill and I pray I see it' list: Half of a Yellow Sun and Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie. I'm definitely not holding my breath for these ones but hmmm you just never know. Oh, those are pretty good books by the way...Purple Hibiscus was a definite page turner, I stayed up all night to finish it. HOYS was pretyy good too but it took me 3 tries to finish it.

Hmmph, maybe one of these days I will blog about discovering these Adichie books tucked away in someone's goodwill store. *Fingers crossed*... In the meantime, I am truly on a mission to stock my shelves with the other 6 Harry Potter books. Wish me luck!