Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mgbeke's Creed

1. I believe in faking it if you don’t have it. Be it, wearing foundation to get the coveted flawless skin, wearing spanx to make folk think that your hips aren’t as wide, sucking in your stomach and fooling folk into thinking that you can put abs that can put Christina Milan to shame. Fake it, no one will know better anyway. :-D

2. I believe that every woman needs:-
  • A good friend or 2, 3, 4… (Forget the ‘I don’t do female friends’ thing that women always say)
  • A little black dress
  • Some emergency money stashed away somewhere
  • An ‘it’ pair of shoes, an ‘it’ pair of jeans and an 'it' bag in no particular order.
  • Peace with oneself and others, love and happiness.

3. I believe that if you’re hungry, you should eat!

4. I believe in guilt-free pampering of one’s self at any given opportunity.

5. I believe in letting go, and letting God.

6. I believe that constant laughter is one beauty secret that the magazines don’t tell you about.

7. I believe that it’s ok to be the girl/guy next door. We were not all born to have marvelous talents or to change the world and that is perfectly okay. The world needs balance anyway.

8. I believe that we as women need to quit making excuses for the opposite sex and realize that we deserve nothing less than what we require.

9. I believe in 'just doing it'. Life is short, do it now and odds are you won't regret that you did, as opposed to the 'what-ifs' that might pop up later.

10. I believe that we were not all born on the same day, so what's the use in comparing yourself to other people. Your own time is coming, and its going to be really good when it comes.


Hey bloggers, happy humpday. (PS:- I just found out what humpday meant very recently)...aniwoos it snowed and there was freezing rain so things is ridiculous out there. I currently feel like crap due to being down with the sniffles so any one willing to fedex me some hot and spicy peppersoup will be loved forever and ever. :-D

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A post about everything and nothing.

Happy new year bloggers. Better late than never. I am thankful that this year has brought all my bloggers back safe, sound, alive and ready for better better this year o.
We thank God indeed.

NYE was spent in church. Yes, blink heard me right. Church! A far cry from this ehn? A God fearing man. Well, a few weeks after that, my friends dragged me to a vigil in this area and per their observations, I have made it a point to frequent church more often. :-)...I even became an official member of the church after like 4 years of going there off and on, yay for me.
I still do have some conflicts about religion because I tend to see things in a very black or white way, no grey areas for this chick right here but hey! baby steps right?

I entered the new year with a serious downsize of my closet and a complete overhaul of my lingerie collection. I also entered the new year with a resolution (and I normally stay away from making these)..:- Shop less. I had to lay the smack down after I randomly decided to look at my spending habits of the '08 to check where my money went to and errrm...the amount spent on clothing and thangs was quite a shameful amount, I tell ya... Seriously!
It is Jan 13th and I haven't bought jack! Yeah yeah, it's just the 13th but baby steps abi? :-D

This new year, I have also been accused of acting like a single woman in her 20's who is trying to get married soon. Hahahaha...
This came about based off 3 things.

  • Me and my paddy were talking marriage, and she said 'what if I never get married' which I responded 'If marriage is something that you see in your future, pray that God not only sends you a hubby, but pray that he sends you a correct hubby'. To which she responded...'Ahhh, who gave you a church pass. Look at you acting like a single woman trying to get married and turns to God'. LOL
  • This same paddy observed that I was buying my first ever Ankara/Woodin. (Does that count as a clothing purchase? Leave me jare, it was some sweet designs at 6 yards for $20. Shoutout to Ankara Boutique..), and she said 'ehnn you want to sew traditional. Hahahahaha, you dey find husband'
    * I only own one traditional outfit which I have worn only once.
  • Last but I bet this won't be the last time, I asked this same paddy for her dodo and gizzard recipe, and she said that I am trying to win my way into a man's heart through his stomach.
LOL. I found all 3 'accusations' to be pretty funny. Like dang, once you hit a certain age and you are just doing something random, it could be percieved as you trying to practice your wifey material skills. be small thing. I mean, I am truly not concerned about my relationship status at this point, not concerned at all. Despite the fact that my dear momma spent the holiday season with me and chose to drop hints every second she got.
'I will wear this necklace at your traditional wedding'
'I can't wait to bounce my grandbabies on my lap'
'You and Pizzle should go with Aunty C next time she wants to introduce you guys to the elig. bachelors that she spoke about'
'I hope for better better this year o'

...My mother will not kill me. I didn't even blink...besides, I have a big sis who she can go and harrass. :-D

My 'diet' has started o. I'm potentially going to be at a beach in March and I have to make sure that my body is bikini ready.

I believe that if something is not meant for you, it will not be for you. Can I get an Amen??

I have a love/hate relationship with long hair. I hate hair in my face, I hate hair around my face. Growing up, my friend B always said that if her hair was as rich and as full as mine she would constantly stay styling it. I kept mine in a ponytail most days...
Even now, when I get braids...half of the time it's kept up in a ponytail. I cut my hair and went natural so that I wouldn't have to bother with retouching and styling, the whole 9 yards. Some people see me and they are like 'I love your hair, it's so different, I like the fact that you don't subscribe to the weave and perm mentality' and I'm like no honey, this wasn't done for any afrocentric reason...I just couldn't be bothered.
After my last cut session, I vowed to let my hair grow back into a fro and it is growing but I can't lie, everytime I walk past a hair cuttery I am tempted to just go and chop, chop, chop. Maybe I should braid it again to resist the urge.

Apart from good genes, what is the secret to really good skin?

You know you should be updating your resume when at 12 p.m on Tuesday, you're already dreaming of friday. Can I get another Amen?

Enjoy the rest of your week. I need to get on my blog rounds.