Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This and That

So much for my operation beach body plan. I've been irritated all day and I wolfed down 4 banana muffins. No guilt!

I'm ready to make changes. A job change, a location change, shoot I just might be Xing some folk off my ever decreasing list of whatever.

I spent Memorial Day weekend in the NYC and once again I asked myself why I ever put my relocation plans on hold. For as long as I've been a frequent NYC visitor, I've always wanted to live there. NYC is my city..the lights, camera and 24/7 action. And now the urge has kicked in extra hard. What's holding me back? No hubby, no kids, no contract tying me to the J-O-B. Just do it!
It'll happen in the '09 (By God's Grace) but I've started up my little networking scheme as per employment opportunities.

I don't what what has been wrong with me lately. I've been feeling extra removed from people and situations. I wake up annoyed, my road rage is worse than ever... honestly, I need a TIME OUT. Time to think, re-assess, re-evaluate. Wooooosaaaaah!

I'm sitting in training class typing up this entry and the girl across from me has NON-EXISTENT eyebrows. Pretty intriuging. She kinda reminds me of Audrina from the hills..ditzy, clueless, stupid. I know I'm totally judging the book by the cover but sue me.

I totally acted like a Bia Bia with my coworker. He deserved it sha, he can be sooo irritating. Don't say the wrong ish to me on the wrong day.

Oki I have to get back. I just needed to let off some steam/random thoughts.

Will finish up my rounds soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Yay Area

I spent the weekend + 1 week day in good ol' san francisco. Fun times I tell ya!
This is my 3rd visit to the Bay, Gay, Yay area and everytime I've gone there, it always strikes me how everyone is soo hippie-ish. A bunch of good olk' happy hippies who don't own irons, take daily showers, own cars or even more than a certain amount of clothing but they seem happy! The simple simple life indeed.

As it is with my SF visits, I made sure to stop by the Goodwill store aka Salvation army and my o, my did I find some stuvvs? I wish I had pics. Infact I will take pics and post...
I found the most darling pair of tan Etienne Aigner shoes for $6
Lovely deep purple dress (needs a little alteration) for $7
Lovely mustard bomber for $6
A grey dress for $6
White sling bag for $2.75
And a multi-colored summery straw bag for $2.50

*Note: Do dryclean any items you buy for Goodwill, if you can.

Then I stopped by the forever 21 store and bought some darling shades for $5.99
Old Navy for a cute dress and gold flip flops--> $20 and some change in total

Not a lot of damage at all. :-)

Of course, shopping wasn't the only thing I did. I went to watch my friend and her bandmates play on the street and I raised money for the band in a hat.

I went for a house party on saturday night and I had a ton of fun! Too much fun...I think one of my favorite parts of the eve was winding down on the couch at 3a.m and having a totally meaningless convo with some random cutie. I can't even tell you what the heck we were talking made no sense. lol

We wanted to go to a Hookah bar but plans changed.

We drove up to the homes on the hills (Or the mountains as my razz friend said)

We drove up to some random place, parked and walked up a little hill to look down on the beautiful city. Wonderful view!

I went to a dance rehearsal. That was loads of fun.

And all in all, I had a blast! Visit San Fran whenever you can...

Of course, we ran into the funniest gay dude. *2 snaps for the kids*..he was a TRIP!

Now, I am back to reality. Booo! But I do have a trip to Puerto Rico in June to look forward to. Matter of fact, I have launched my operation 'Get my beach bod by June 20' plan.

How was your weekend? :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You know how you go to an event...

...and you see someone looking like pure FOOLYWANG material and you just know that when they were getting dressed to leave their house, they really really thought they were doing the damn thing.

My people! We have to do better. Say no to foolishness!

My dudes:

Say no to popped collars in the '08. That ish is soo friggin' played out anyway. (Hehehehe..not a lot of people feel me on this one)
Say no to by force metro sexuality. Say no to those velvet blazers, floral shirts and skinny jeans. Ish just aint cute.
Say no to feminine looking cardigans, ridiculous looking waist coats and all that nonsense that you consider to be european style. Some people can pull these things off and some can't. It's not by force o. Just wear your shirt and trousis and come on out, you will still get numbers.
Say no to shades at night. That was not, is not and will never be cool. I don't care if Celebs do it. They look a hot mess too.
Say no to tight shirts if you have a beer gut. Marra of fact, I'm leaning towards saying no to tight shirts in general.

My ladies:

Say no to by force abortion belts. Like dizamn! The essence of an abortion belt is to accentuate your outfit and not make your outfit look like a hot mess. I have seen females wearing spagetti strap tops with abortion belts. *blank stare*
Say no to horrid make up, mis-matched foundation, very obviously drawn in eye brows. Just say no! Go to a Mac/Bobbi brown counter and have someone do a professional job and show you how they did it.
Say no to shades at night. Oh yes, y'all aint exempt either.
Say no to ashawo + ashawo. I'm not fashion expert, but I do know that if you wear a short skirt/pum pum shorts, you shouldn't wear a revealing top. It just takes away from the outfit and makes you look ashawo-ish.
And speaking of ashawo, just say no to hoochie mama outfits. You don't even know how much of a damn mess you look. I went to this parry and saw this babe wearing one mini dress..Ok, no shakings. But the dress come take corner, corner split down the front so na her big bobby wey just dey assail our poor eyes. Haba!
Say no to by force matching. Haba! Red belt, red shoe, red bag, red earrings. You wan blind me ni?
Say no to bad weaves/braids that needed to have been taken out since 1999. Just say no! Mayne, some of you be looking like you have a skunk/dead animal sitting on your hair. What's really hood with that foolishness?
Say no to packing all your trends into one outfit. Abortion belt + Footless tights +........ You get my drift shey?
Say no to borrowing your lil sister's outfit/going to the store and buying a size that is obviously not yours. Especially if you're a big girl.


*Disclaimer: The above post represents the view of the blog owner and not blogger. If any of you is guilty of one or more of the foolishness listed above, please vex not. Rather, I hope that you can do better in the '08.

Hehehehehehehehehe. No kill me sha!

Oh yeah, and feel free to add more.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tagged Ke?

Naija Drama Queen don put me on the spot o! Haba! :)
Well I got tagged and here are the rules...

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

6 Quirks
1. I'll come home from partying at 5am in the morning and while my mates jump straight into bed, I make sure I wash my face and then I proceed to start putting stuff away. (You know how girls tear up the entire room in the process of looking for something to wear)...I just don't feel right going to bed when my room is looking like the Tsunami hit it.

2. I did mention that I color code my closet didn't I? I also organize my shoe boxes by color and my lingerie drawer is organized according to color and style. And nope, I'm far from anal.

3. I'm very particular about good grammar, punctuating, capitalizing etc etc. Dudes have lost cool points for sending texts like 'am coming to ur crib' or 'yu are kool' wtf? How do people switch from being professional via work email to typing such jibberish in personal chat and what not? My mom is an English lecturer..maybe this explains it? lol

4. I love to wash dishes. One of my close friendships developed rapidly when she'd cook and I'd offer to wash the dishes...I think it's very relaxing.

5. If it aint my toilet, I probably won't sit on it. And it could be a toilet at the Ritz Carlton sef...I just won't sit on it. I don't even know why sef...could be partly due to the fact that I think I might catch something or I'm thinking of all the other people who have sat on it before me. At least for my house, I know the kain soap wey I dey carry clean my baffroom! Thanks to boarding house, I learned how to aim well. :D

I realize that most of the above quirks make me seem like some anal, neat freak winch. That is sooo not the case.

6. And last but not least, I collect a broad range of things ranging from clothing tags/labels to condoms. About the's STRICTLY a collection. I aim to have every brand and style..if possible. Someone was even nice enough to go to Naija and buy me a Gold Circle to throw into the mix. Y'all remember Gold circle? Hehehehehe.....

That's all folks.
Ummm...I tag newcomer Simple Gal and that's the only person I can think of 'cos it seems like everyone else has been tagged!

Phew! That was hard! Can you believe I had to go to blogging for Dummies to figure out how to hyperlink? Ha Ha Ha. I never claimed to be a techie o jare. Make una leave me...

Monday, May 5, 2008

How do you spend your money?

$200 on one quality item or $200 on 20 items?
My roomie came up to me yesterday and showed me some Canvas looking Michael Kors bag that she got for $198. It wasn't even leather! For my mind, I just dey think..kai if pesin hand me $200 now na to enter all those my 'zones' and acquire some cheap stuvvings o. Shuooo I aint got shame in my game.
My roomie is the kind of chick who will spend $200 on one item that she considers to be quality.
I have a friend who will spend $60 on a makeup brush.
I have another friend who will enter BEBE and buy 2 items for $120.
In the same vein, I have friends who will carry that $60 and buy a $5 make up brush from CVS and the remaining $55 on some other things. Or $120 to charter 12 items.
To each their own. Buy your $500 bag shakings. That might be your only purchase for the month. And me sef with all my $5 items..if I charter 100 of them, no be the same $500 wey we don spend? We just choose to spend our money in different ways.
So mai pipu, this is how I spend MY money---> I'm a huge fan of thrift stores, Ebay, outlet malls, consignment stores and sales racks. Just call me a frugal fashionista. :D... It's really not intentional, it just happens. LOL.
I've been to a wedding and my entire outfit cost < $30 and best believe I looked great!
I've been to more than a few parties wearing dresses that cost less than < $10. lol...
I'm all about finding good deals at fantabulous prices. So my people, turn not your nose at such stores o 'cos when you see me wearing my $6 BCBG shoes or my $15 Steve Maddens and I tell you I got it from a thrift store, you don't act too surprised.

How una weekend sha? Mine was filled with all sorts of bubbling activities in my < $20 baff ups. LOL! On the real, it was nice sha...went too quickly!
Just wanted to drop a quick one.