Saturday, March 27, 2010

This and that (part deux)

Hello Blogworld,

What's been shaking around these parts?

Here's the tidbits/updates/randoms...
I spent a good chunk of this month of March in the packing, moving and unpacking business. I tell ya, moving dikwa very stressful but now that I am officially moved and 100% settled in, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief and hope that I don't have to do this any time soon. With that said, I love my new spot, and it seems that everyone who has walked into it, loves it too. It checked off all but one of the qualities that I was looking for in a new apartment, which was the extensive closet space of course (but that's fine, ya girl got tricks up her sleeve). Everything else such as a washer and dryer, clean and safe neighborhood, close to a metro etc etc all fall in very nicely. All in all, I am thankful to God and to everyone who prayed for me 'cos finding a place wasn't the easiest thing to do.

In between packing, moving and unpacking, I got up to all kinds of musical discoveries. I was really in the mood for new music this month, and I put the word on the street that I was looking to revamp my Itunes library and the recommendations that I got were pretty cool. These recs included albums from artists such as VV Brown (thanks Ms. Royal Reigns), The Noisettes and Imogen Heap (thanks In-law), that new Raheem DeVaughn (thanks ex-roomie). And thanks to looking up these albums on Amazon, I fed off those 'people who bought these album also bought this album' and discovered albums from Santogold, MIA, Groove Armada, Bomb the Bass, Tori Amos and LaRoux, among others. All of these 'new' stuff has pretty much been on constant replay all month, and I use the word new in quotes because these artists aren't entirely new to me and I've listened to a single here/there but never got a chance to give their albums a listen (just warding off the ITKs in the advance...I know, I know...I'm feeling slightly snarky this evening).
Like I said, I was pretty much in the mood for music this month and I definitely got my fix...I'm still open to recommendations, so if you have good stuff feel free to hit me with it.

Decided to hop off my fatty girl diet/lifestyle (errr, gotta be looking mad sexy for summer) and join a gym in my new hood. I'm actually excited about the gym, it's a stones throw from my spot and it has some cool looking classes. I've never had a gym with last gym was a zero bells and whistles facility, with your basic cardio and strength training stuff so the concept of classes is new and exciting to moi. Helloooo Zumba, here I come...

I think that I spent 5% of my time on FB this month...I can definitely say that I hadn't logged on for the last 2-3 weeks, for sure till yesterday. Not that I was ever an addict, but I sure loved to log on, silently peep people's pictures and bounce.
Matter of fact, I spent pretty limited time in front of my computer and I quite liked it. Sooo, what was I doing then? Like I said...packing pre-move, and unpacking post move + fishing out all those hidden treasures aka home decor on Craigslist. Like I said, yay to recycled furniture and things...

I really want to see why did I get married part 2 and Clash of the titans.

My mind just went blank but aniwoos that na some of the koko be that.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend...