Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just because you're DYING to know...

An Intro won't be proper without some random tid bits. *grins*

1. I know the numbers to my credit and debit cards offhand
2. I've worked 18 jobs (Currently on the 19th) in my 6 years and some months of being in the US of A.
3. I don't like to curse
4. I color code my closet
5. I own more than 60 pairs of shoes
6. I'm a professional bargain hunter
7. I'd rather clean than cook
8. I love washing dishes
9. I never carried my desk to school or slept on a mat growing up so I don't know why people think that I'm an Mgbeke :D
10. I haven't been to church in errrm how long now.. *racks brain*
11. I speak/understand very little of my native language
12. I'm quite fluent in Pidgin
13. I got my first professional pedicure 2 months ago
14. I want to visit at least 30 of the 51 states before I die. So far I've done about 15 or so...
15. I got my driver's license when I was 23

*Draws a blank*
Ah well..you can't say I never told you nothing 'bout me.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i love you and ur blog.. lol.. i speak FANTASTIC pidgin.. i should teach it.. seriously.. my igbo is GREAT.. yorubas ummm... borderline or somethin like that(anyhow if person insult me for yoruba i go interprete.. kasala go burst.. haha)... ur on my blogroll as of nowwwwwwwwww... haha.. love shoes.. probably own about a hundred(wont count cos then i might have to admit that i have a problem.. i actually once bought the same shoe twice.. i swear i wasnt drunk or high... lol.. or did you hear something else? ok i sound mad.. im out.. but i'll be backkkkkk..

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

You know your debit/credi card numbers by heart? Im quite impressed. You color code your closet? gosh you make me sick! Lol, I kid.I love to clean a whole lot more than I like to cook as well. Im not quite fluent in pidgin yet..but Im getting there. Great random list. So your blogname on Overwhelmeds' page so thought to check it out. Looks interesting already!!!

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

oh and I love the blog name: Razz in the new cool fa real

Jamilah said...

60 pairs of shoes :bow:
i am so loving ur blog..lol..
r yu for real yu dont speak fluent pidgin.. well i read and write yoruba more than i speak..lol
nice blog..oya update o...

NaijaScorpio said...

18 jobs in 6+ years? Christ, girl! are u for real?

soupasexy said...

abeg who dey carry desk go school and sleep 4 mat..abi u just dey open ya yansh..lol
i speak excellent pidgin english, but cant speak my language.
na u biko..more than 60pairs of shoe*high five gal*

Unknown said...

Original Mgbeke: Kedu?