Sunday, October 12, 2008

At this moment...

...I'm curled up in bed listening to my Love Jones soundtrack. (I can't get enough of this album)
I'm clean. I smell like Johnson's baby lotion.
I'm thinking that I am tired of putting any form or manner of effort into this thing called dating. I just want to be.
I'm Okay.
I'm adding more songs to my 'happy days' playlist. My favorite song on this playlist is 'Just dance' by Lady Gaga. It really makes me wanna drop everything and...just dance.
I'm contemplating buying that dress off the old navy website. Nyeh..maybe not.
I'm reliving the weekend and thinking that I had a blast.
I feel kinda optimistic about the future.
I'm re-evaluating some relationships.
I'm replaying Xscape's 'In the rain' for the 3rd time.
I'm wondering what destination I'll pick for my next vacay trip.
I'm thinking that i should unpack. But I don't feel like it.
I'm nursing a slight headache.
I'm missing my sister dearest.
I'm missing my heartbeat.
I'm wishing both of them were closer to me...geographically.
I'm making a mental note to blog more often.



Anonymous said... is exhausting and you need to blog more often.

Zena said...

Maybe Brazil? are u talking in the U.S?

yes, you need to blog more often, I think we're all going to agree on that.

How are you tho?

Flourishing Florida said...

definitely, u need 2 blog more often. visiting my blog has also been proven to be medicinal, so get ur ass over there. lol. pele, dating is d shits sometimes. i don't miss it @ all. it's well though. did zena say brazil 4 a vacay place. hmm, i think u should ocnsider it.

"Ruffin' It" is launched. If u haven't been there, follow my link ...

Anonymous said...

SPAIN!!! for vacay safe my darling...