Thursday, February 19, 2009


First things first, so Temite went and made her blog private without informing me ehn?
All these private blogs sef, na wa o. If pesin no dey the cool kids club, how man for do nau?
Oh well, oh well.

I miss NaijadramaQueen.

There are like SO many blogs out there, it's ridiculous. I stay stumbling across tons and tons and sometimes e just dey tire me. Like man, if I added all those blogs to the blogroll, that one go turn into homework o.

I think one day I visited Bumight's blog and I saw that she had 103 comments. See, as a polite babe whose mama trained me well, I believe in making as much of an effort to visit the blogs of people who leave comments in my box, na in I come dey I for enter 83 (assuming 20 of those comments was not her replying within her comment box, which na another work in itself) people's blogs. Dem go just tok say Mgbeke dey rude... Chai!

Am I the only one who has formed mental images of what I think certain bloggers look like? I doubt it.

In regards to replying within comment boxes, I dey try. I think I attempted it with one post and stopped halfway. I mean, do people even come back to check?
I know I do sha. :-D, but then again I do that with people who I know always reply within their comment boxes.

And on a final note, did I actually make 3 entries in the space of one week or so? oooh weeee. I am getting better at this.

PS:- My friend randomly reads blogs and she thinks that blogger is in general, a very cliquey place. In retrospect, I guess I kinda see where she is coming from but c'est la vie!




Interesting observations. Someone else told me blogville is cliquey and I still don't see it. Well, I lie, there are definitely some bloggers that spend more time interacting with one another but that is life, isn't it?

Anyway, hope all is well.

Roc said...

You're definitely not wrong when it comes to the mental picture thing.. it's like listening to your fav. radio presenter with the silky voice...

And the number of blogs out there do/will keep ticking over.. "more power to the people" as Mandela said... Or was it Ghandi now?

Ms.O said...

Blogger is cliquey?..Am I part of the cool peoples clique?!?!?!!?

Yes I wonder what a lot of blogger's look and sound like. :)

Chookz said...

I think it takes a while to find a clique of people who share the same interests as you

QMoney said...

na wah oh.even omosewa went private!!!
i almost fainted wen i saw dat one.

Vera Ezimora said...

Still don't understand why people go private.

Blogger is definitely a cliquey place. I dunno if I should be happy or sad about this. lol.

Writefreak said...

so my darling, what do i look like? lol
i know what you mean about replying comments but i always reply my com mentsand i always read replies,for most blogs, i just suscribe.
It annoys me when i keep visiting a blog and the person never stops by my space (petty, i know!lol)and
i don't know why everybody is going private, maybe we should all go private and only read our blogs by ourselves..., how you take see that one? lol
Hope you're good dear

Jay said...

Have heard that one before...but its expected, anywhere that people converge at there will be people who gravitate together due to things they have and share in common

I have mental pictures of how bloggers look like...i know, weird as i haven't met any.

Anonymous said...

Okay truth be told...I suck at replying to comments...but I'm trying...really trying o!
I guess we as humans just tend to gravitate towards people we can relate with better...okay...may be that is cliquey...

miz-cynic said...

it is cliquey...just like everythn in life......i neva even knew temite went private...mayb cos i still get to read her like i used to....she must have added me.anyways, im sure u hv ur own clique too unknowigly...i know u read barogue and afrobabe for example....i meet u thr...thtn in itself is cliquey...and i can mention someone u dnt u want me to?...rily??????

Original Mgbeke said...

@ Solomon: I didn't either, then on second thoughts I started to see it. That is life my dear. All is well, thanks o.

@ RocNaija: You feel me! Power to the people indeed. Will scoot over to yours in a bit.

@ Ms. O: I bet you are. Hehehehe...I picture you to be really petite for some odd reason.

@ Dabizniz: That is true talk.

@ Qmoney: Na lie! Omosewa went private ke? Dang. Na wa o...where shall I get my wedding webbie fix from?

@ Vera: Uh uh, I hear that. LOL, why would you be either?

@ Writefreak: Tall is definitely what comes to mind to begin with, and quite slim. Yeah when you visit and people never visit, it is quite annoying. Kinda like having a one sided convo yeah?

@ WordMerchant: Heyyy Birthdaygirl. How goes it? So whachu think I look like?

@ NoLimit: Maybe! I'm not mad at anyone who is in a supposed 'clique', that's how things work out most times.

@ MizCynic: Name one or two na and I will be sure to stop by their spots. Hehehehe...

NaijaScorpio said...

I used to think it was a cliquey place too when i first start. Now, i really don't care. I just do my thing.

exschoolnerd said...

am with sting..i used to notice all the cliques after a while..i brushed it aside...i belong to no clique...i think its better that way.

yeah i dnt understnd the going private thing either...but oh well..guess dey hv their reasons.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Afrobabe said...

Babe...Replying comments is a full time job on its own...sometimes I reply half way...lmao...but the comments make me laugh...some are so funny you feel like replying just that one but what about the 30 or so before that one..

Yes oh..I have mental images of every blogger...most often I am shocked...My Afrobabe fb has loads of ppl with their real ids...I dont ask who is I dont have to repay the favor..lmao...but I imagine...

Writefreak said...

Darling, are you sure that's me you descrived? lol...hmmm? what gives you that impression? i'm curious...

TayneMent said...

I am a kinda sorta new blogger and I do think its cliquey, but like someone said, that's life. Those who will read,will read.

Anonymous said...

"...formed mental images of what I think certain bloggers look like?" hmmm, so what do i look like?

Reverence said...

i guess the cliques help people deal with crazy amount of blogs?

Anonymous said...

I have never even noticed a clique. again in life, I am incapable of belonging to a single group. I am erratic and I LOVE everyone. Cliques arent really bad I guess. We arent cliquey per se, we are more like a community. A community is fluid and a clique is extremely static and unyielding. For example, I just recently started blogging and I am unlike most of you and people still like me. And if we were a clique, I would have to conform in other to fit in. Which brings me to the problem, you cannot build a deep relationship with every one. and if you refuse to be a part of a group then you dont have a close relationship with anyone. That is just how things are. Oh and going private was just my way of SCREAMING freeze for a moment. Everything was happening so fast that I just wanted to stop and think. and I did and I AM BACK.
and yes I KNOW you missed me. I wonder what you think I look like.

neuyogi said...

This private thing sef, so you can't even email the blog owner to ask for permission? It lookslike it just says "permission denied". Sucks that omosewa went private :(

simplegal said...

Thanks a bunch babe for the birthday wishes!

Cliquey? I guess I never considered that. I've always been pretty oblivious to these things anyway.

I wonder from time to time what bloggers look like. Now I wonder what you think I look like.

Toluwa said...

sometimes i get scared of coming to blogsville, cos i end up staying on blogsville for 3hrs without doing what i really have to.

Blogsville Cliquey? kinda!

Buttercup said...

i also miss NDQ :(

im curious as to what u think i look like..2 bloggers guessed the same thing n i wondered why!

lol @ replying comments..its not easy, i tell u..but there r some who actually come back to read the responses..

Ms Sula said...

You are always funny. And your observations are on point as usual.

And blogville can definitely feel cliquey, especially for the shyest amongst us. Me, I comment whenever and wherever I feel moved by a post. It may be a blog I've never been before and will never again go to, but the post struck a chord and I replied.

Congrats on your 3 posts in one week! Don't you love inspiration?

Original Mgbeke said...

Sting: I hear that! It's all about just doing you.

Exschoolnerd:You used to be on Xanga yeah? Nice to see you around these parts.

Carmen: Thanks.

Afrobabe: LOL tell me about it, this replying wey I dey do feels like work sef.

Writefreak: No idea, but that is what I think of everytime I see your blog id/read your posts. LOL

Taynement: Na so e be o. Peeps who read, will read.

Rethots: In my minds eye, you are about 6'1, you are slim, on the lanky side sef and you wear glasses.

Reverence: Def. makes sense. There are a ton of them out there.

Temite: I believe you. I be going to random people's blog and who do I see there commenting with a 'Furssst', none other than Ms. Temite. LOL...welcome back missy.

MPB: At all, at all o. If they don't invite you, it's a wrap.

Simplegal: No probs! I hope you had a fantabulous day. Well, you have a sneak peek of what appears to be your pic in your profile pic so I just build around that but I think you are petite say 5'4 or so.

Original Mgbeke said...

Just Toluwa: Tell me about it! Sometimes I feel guilty for not getting on my rounds like I should, e dey take time sha.

Buttercup: In my minds eye, you are mixed race/half-caste (i just recently found out that people find the latter to be offensive), but maybe na because I don see ya extra yellow legs in your profile pic. LOL
About 5'5ish too. Not too tall..
Big boobies. I don't know why I think you have big

God sista mi aka Ms. Sula: How na? How was the bean? I hear you, na to comment on some blogs and go. you might never revisit.

Anonymous said...

lol.i know i see ppl with lke 100 comments nd i'm like i'm sucha loser the fact tht i jus strtd blogging..

new to ur blog im off to scan previous posts..

Enkay said...

Me i am sure I have left a comment on your blog once or twice before but I'm still waiting for the day you'll come by mine! lol!

Since I'm still relatively fresh, i can't really say if blogville is cliquey or not but people will generally gravitate towards blogs that are more interesting or inspiring.

I hope I don't ever get to join a 'clique' knowingly or unknowingly sha. Blogville is so big (as i am only just discovering) so why would I want to limit myself to a clique?

tobenna said...

I have the 30th comment!
We are getting close.
E remain small....
It will be nice to put your mental image of bloggers to paper, or should I say, blog post.
Tell us what your images of your favourite bloggers are?

Anonymous said...

the 2009 Naija Bloggers' Awards have started!!
please click here to participate.

Buttercup said...


im very much a black person o..

yes, im more or less 5'5

big comment on!

*Diane* said...

i'm new to blogger...well i've been doing it since sept and so far i'm still discovering its ins and outs..i do wonder what other bloggers look like...but i guess it may not come back around as i post pics of myself

O'Dee said...

I agree blogville is cliquey.
But its only natural, as pple tend to spend more time communicating with those they fell comfortable with.

i hardly reply comments, except its a question for me to answer.

SouLBoutiQue said...

I agree with the 'cliqueness' of blogville but its only natural! Everyone imagines how people look, I remember finding out how some radio talk show hosts looked...and I was so disappointed. That sexy voice for nothing!

Zena said...

okay, abeg answer my own comment, lol

Hey babes, I miss NDQ myself, and your friend is right, blogsville is cliquey, but u said it c'est la vie...

and no, ur not the only one, I've imagined what you, NDQ, Baroque, Danny Bagucci, black007( his style of writting for some reason, reminds me of TLK's ) and a couple of other people

And omo, I tried to update my bloglist, its taking me for over, I'm almost giving up

bumight said...

babe, replying comments is work, sometimes i'm tempted not to or just write something random, then i remember how i feel when people reply my comments in a meaningful way so i grit my teeth and get to it!

blogville is definitely cliquey...cos u tend to gallivant to people who u're interested in reading from...then u come back for more.

then what do u do when someone u really dont enjoy their blog enjoys urs?

Unknown said...

I understand why some people go private, especially when they're not completely anonymous, you know how people can be and overstep their boundaries in real life, taking ammo from your personal thoughts on a blog...
Interesting observations, I hope its not true about the comments, because I rarely "return" comments.

Jadore-Fashion said...

I understand the reply thing, I do check back for my replies esp when I have a question :) i can see you are hanging in there with the replies hehehe! I barely have mental picture of blogger--i just read on lol! I guess I can't ask what I look like ;)

downtheaisle said...

when i joined blogville i also thought it was a clique thing but I couldn't be bothered. I was very concerned about writing about my journey down the aisle cos it was a leap of faith for me.

Abt mental pictures of bloggers u r damn right.everytime i read a comment or a post, d mental picture of the particular blogger comes up.