Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vegas vacations and honesty memes.

I spent 4 days in the burriful city of Las Vegas. Prior to this trip, I had never been to Vegas so twas a nice experience indeed. The purpose of the trip was to re-unite with some of my secondary school paddies while we got to planning for the main the main high school reunion. Co-incidentally it was also the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) weekend so you can imagine that Vegas was flooded with all sorts of Nigerians. I stayed bumping into random people that I knew in random corners.
All in all, I had a very wonderful time and I am back to my hood feeling refreshed and re-energized.

You see, I needed a trip like this. For the longest time I have been feeling very blahhh and mehhh as I mentioned in my last random post that had Geebee feeling like he was floating in space. :-)
Infact, on thursday (day before my trip), I was feeling sooo mehhh that I honestly toyed with the idea of cancelling my trip. Twas a fleeting thought but STILL. Who toys with the idea of cancelling a trip to Las Vegas?

I am glad I went. I got a chance to re-connect with old friends, I had soooo much fun, infact this had to be one of my most fun trips and trust me I engage in a lot of trips that involve fun and I got to listen to some much needed pep talks. Thanks to the pep talks, on my long long flight back home (with 1 million stops) I wrote an entry in my journal and identified some of those areas in my life leading to the mehness/blahness that I been feeling and my plan is to tackle 'em head on.
I will keep you guys posted!

On to the main the main. A couple of people tagged me in this honesty scrap meme. (What is the scrap for anyways?). Now I don ready for am.
I won't bother with the rules and I tag anyone who feels moved by the spirit to do one of these. Here goes...

1. I can't hold a grudge to save my life. I find it very easy to forgive people...(Must explain the reason why I'm still so cool with all my shitty exes). If you piss me off, I state my beef right there and then and I keep it moving. It sure makes life much easier o jare.

2. I honestly think that I'm a very simple person. My personality is far from complex, I don't internalize (see #1), I say whatever it is as the spirit moves me, I don't have any ridiculous skeletons in my closet. I'm just simple, uncomplicated and drama free. Note:- I conducted a survey among my friends to verify this and the general consensus was that I am correct! Hehehehehe

3. When I was younger I wanted to be the main chick in someone's video. Now, I really want to act in a Nollywood movie. I think that I have what it takes, sans the crying bit. I mean y'all, is it just me or do those actresses know how to cry on demand?

4. Speaking of crying, I find it very hard to cry. Loved ones have passed away and I never shed one tear. Exes don did me dirty and I never shed a tear. I mean, I really can't remember the last time I cried. Do I have a problem?

5. Everyone keeps calling me a popular jingo/party girl. Okay maybe I am, but believe it or not I can be very shy and socially awkward when it comes to interacting with men that I am attracted to. As opposed to being the usual outgoing person that I can be, I tend to withdraw from the dude in question and then I get really self conscious and in my mind, I start acting all weird. Help!!! :-(

6. I enjoy Solitude/me-time! Yeah yeah, no one believes this thanks to the Popular jingo/party girl reputation but I really do. Growing up, when I went home for summer holidays I always looked forward to weekdays when my parents would go to work, and my sibs would go out and leave just me at home. If you leave me, I can spend an entire week at home doing nothing but watching tv, listening to music, journalling, thinking...anything that involves me, me and me.

7. I'm a journaholic/writeaholic. I've been keeping journals since I was 10. So far I have about 11-12 books which i go back to read randomly and I either cheese or cringe at the things that i wrote/my state of mind at that point. I'm still extra paranoid about people stumbling across my journals and reading them, those are my private thoughts o jare.

8. I've been accused of being a 'surface' individual. Surface being that I never really talk about what I'm feeling/what's going on with me. One of my friends said that I never talk about myself, another said that she usually has to drag out gist from me. I don't think it's intentional...I'm just so used to listening to people talk about themselves that I forget to share mine. I am working on this sha, like I have to make a conscious effort to say 'Hey my hot and sexy co-worker tried to holla at me' or 'I'm so hurt by X's actions', where I normally would write this in my journal/tuck it away in my head.

9. I get very easily irritated. I claim that I don't have a temper problem and I don't think that I do, it's just that sometimes my irritation might lead to me going off on someone. I do get over my bouts pretty quickly sha. Like I'm irritated now and check back in 5 mins, I'll probably be good.
Someone called me volatile sha...

10. I look at people and instantly decide that I don't like them or that they look annoying. Really bad habit but I can't help it. I will say that I started out like this with one of my oldest friends and I love her to death today. There is hope....LOL.

11. I don't curse outwardly. I think I'd sound awkward cursing but best believe that a lot of cursing goes on in my head. It's terrible. Oh and don't try me on the road...everyone on the road is a 'dumb bitch' or a 'stupid ass motherfucker' or something of that nature. My road rage elevates my cursing in ze head.

12. Back to the PJ/Party girl thing. Everyone instantly thinks that I'm supposed to be friendly, and for the longest time I really did think I was friendly till some people pointed out that I'm not as friendly as I like to think I am. I insist that it depends on when you meet me/what mood I'm in, I really can't say. I'm not unfriendly jare, I just need to warm up to people first.

13. Last but not least, I can display different facets of my personality to different people. My coworkers swear that I'm really quiet. (Yeah right!), I used to live with roommates who thought I was extra reserved/really sweet and one day someone was talking bout how I went off on someone else and they were so surprised. I am sweet o! No mind my naysayers...lol. I guess if you spend more time with me/get to know me well you will see the real and true Mgbeks.

The end.


Tinu said...


Tinu said...

Original Mbeke we are soo alike
I looooooove being alone!!!love writing and ish hence the blogging, i love crying tho!!!!U've had a journal since u were 10?????????
I get irritated easily too!!
nice list tho!!

JustDB said...

i didn't rule up a spreadsheet, but it looks like almost everyone who did this version of the meme talked about loving me-time? Interstign stuff...

Big ups on the Vegas trip -- never worth it to cancel sthng planned in the lonng term over a short term mood swing!

Nice Anon said...

Vegas is a fun city. I love me time too.

BSNC said...

glad you had fun in vegas.. i ve never been there too. now i feel like going to vegas

Anonymous said...

You forgot to put that you LOVE to gossip!!! Work on that ;)

Original Mgbeke said...

Tinu: LOL. How does one love crying? Yes I've had one since I was 10. I think my sister found it and that traumatized me for a while.

JustDB: Do you like me-time? Do men even like me-time?
And yup, yup. Twas a fleeting thought indeed.

Nice Anon: Hahaha. I guess DB can add you to his spreadsheet if he ever makes one.

BSNC: You should go. Hopefully you go with fun people who will make it even more fun.

Anonymous: I do? Ok thanks for the heads up. ;)

bumight said...

we have #10 and #13 in common. the ironic thing is that most people that i decide that i dislike (for no reason) end up becoming my coolest friends. u'll think i'd have learned by now abi?

Rebirth said...

im sure ur glad u didnt cancel ur trip......
hmm nollywood movie ehn? i know a guy who knows a guy that knows a guy......i'd put in a word for u....lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had mad fun in Vegas!! I dont think there is anything wrong with u oh, I find it hard to cry too!! oh and I do that judging thing too..oh well!..lol

Bibi said...

glad u had fun in vegas. at the forgiving part, pray for me o! before i forgive heh,... na God. also the journal thing, i used to loooove it until mu grandmother read one of mine back in high school. since then, count me out.lol

Ada said...

do you know how freaking pissed i am that i didnt get to see my favorite yellow, neither did i get the time to see vegas as much as I wanted to cos of time restraints..I still had fun but unlike you vegas, left me feeling blaaaah and meeeh..
I hate getawaya because when i get back it reminds me of how shitty my life is..lol..we have a date oh remember.lol

joicee said...

so lets see...we do have 6,8,10, 11 and 13 in common
sounds like you had mad fun in vegas..I hope to visit vegas among other places when I visit the US

JustDB said...

@Original -- of course.... me-time is shakespeare + milk + tortilla chips or football manager on my lappie or enthusiastically cheering on the anfield dudes.......

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

I'm glad u had fun in Vegas! Your always going on some trip or some reunion or something! Are you gonna be @ the 9ja reunion in Vegas this summer?

Meanwhile, you and I have #7 in common. Lol@ deciding whether u like people on the spot...your honesty is refreshing.

Giagerry said...

ahah..lucky u babes...I WANT TO GO TO VEGAS TOO!!!!

Jen Juma said...

Vegas na wa...my buddies who went to the NSBE were running into random old classmates and all....neat!

I even started reconsidering majors even though my school doesn't do any 'black stuff.'

Roc said...

Never despise your humble beginnings..
Those journals might break worth a whole lot someday...

Imagine how much Michelle Obama's journals are worth right now..

So we to expect a separate post on the lights and strips of Vegas...? So we'll know if we should plan a trip as well?

LG said...

lolllllll@popular jingo'
so u go vegas n u no buy me 'oha top, makawhy??????? :-)

Anonymous said...

"...my hood feeling refreshed and re-energized." oops, did you say re-engineered?

9. yeah, especially with ineptitude.
10. yeah, only in this case 'instinctically' first meeting and i dechipher their 'depth'.
13. true, to each (wo)man, his own. Different personality to different people 'cos we have different relationship.

You ain't my long lost alter ego, are you?

Chomy said...

bia this babe....sometimes i swear u r in my head o!!! anh anh all these similarities need to stop jare...nnnn. the meeting ppl and knowing if i wld like them or not, the being a supposed partygirl but closet loner thing, the showing off different personalities thing, the yam porridge loving bit, the shoe porn addiction, PLESE get out of my head!!!! lol

thank you for the birthday wishes dahlin and for always stopping by ...u make me feel "normal"lol...and yes we shall discuss the thriftin thing, yes yes we shall.

Jay said...

i am always writing things down too...sometimes i come across stuff i had written and am amazed!!

Glad u enjoyed your trip in sin city. I am in dire need of some fun.

FineBoy Agbero said...

Yes, driving turns you into one swearing and cursing machine! Just like u, i dont talk abt myself. For the same exact reasons!!!

*Diane* said...

lol. oooh, i recently discovered i curse in my head. Very funny stuff! I'm glad you recharged your batteries in Vegas! Aren't vacations the best.

Repressed One said...

It's good you didn't cancel and you had a great time. Nothing like catching up with old-timers. And Kudos on getting re focused!

The last part of #6 is me. I am soooo #8...i can totally relate.

Good stuff!!

exschoolnerd said...

i can relate to 1,2,6,7 and definately 13!!!
had a journal since i was 12
love me time
cant hold a grudge 2 save my life
show diff sides of my personality to different people!!!

Ms Sula said...

Hey God Sis!! I loved this post! It was so sunny, refreshing... invigorating! I can feel Spring in your writing.

You sound A LOT like one of my sisters... Especially with the journaling bit... I guess we truly were sisters in some previous life... Lol!

I agree that you don't talk enough about yourself... We wanna more about you! :D

(make I go send you facebook invite to see all that jingo-ism going on first hand! Lol!)

Buttercup said...

awwww glad u enjoyed ur vacation..i hope to go to vegas someday..

good luck tackling the mehness/blahness!

im the opposite in #1..God help me! thats why it'll take a whole lot to get me angry at a person..i find it so hard to forgive.. :(

lol @ u wanting to be a nollywood actress..go for it mayn!!!

#6 is me..

wow @ #7..due to my fear of people discovering my journal, i've never kept one..blogging is the closest i've come to keeping a journal..

#8 is also me..

Nollywood Forever said...

RE Number 10... I feel you. Sometimes your spirit just doesn't take to someone and of course they could be wonderful people. For instance there is this chick at work and she reminds me of this other chick that I knew in person but just couldn't stand and now I can't stand this other girl. Its all irrational but I just can't like her!

Kemberly said...

I LOVE VEGAS! *even though I've never been* :(

I'm feeling very "blahhh" and "mehhhh" at the moment, so i think it's time I organized a trip!

Penelope...! said...

9 and 10 are soo me too.
I hate that i judge people alot.lol, but it cant be helped!!
i get very easily irritated n pple just neva seem to understnd dat!
And being alone? Its so bad, i think i can actually survive this world without friends. Thats actually how "alone" i love being. Introvertt alll the way..But blogs villa is helpin maraz..tenk Gad!

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ the road rage. My own is just to dash every one or two wakas. They always gimme the finger, so I have to retaliate with waka. lol.

The Activist said...

May your Nollywood/Hollywood acting come true.

Glad you enjoy your Vega trip that's how vacation shd be.

I think I curse inwardly too. God help me....


you can't hold a grudge and you can't cry?


Original Mgbeke said...

Bumight: I'm with you on that one. We still never learn.

Funms: Yess o. Put in a word, Genevieve, step out of my way! LOL

Taymee: yaaay, so I'm not alone on that one.

Bibi: My older sis read mine too, that traumatized me for a bit.

Ada: Awwww, I hope the mehness and blahness is gone now. Yes, we do have a date.

Joicee: Quite a bit we have in common yeah? I hope you get a chance to visit.

JustDB: LOL, sounds like a good time spent alone.

NDQ: No o, I am officially to old for the reunion but I think it will be quite interesting to observe Naijas in action in Vegas. You dey go?

Original Mgbeke said...

Gee: I hope you make it out thia!

Ladi: LOL, it's not just Engineers who head out there. You go even see Sociology majors sef. Hahahaha

Roc: Trust me, you will love Vegas. I think it'll be your kind of city.
And hey I hope my journals make me money someday. LOL

LG: No vex abeg! Next timeeee.

Rethots: No, but I may be your long lost soulmate. *winks* :-D

CultureCynic: Don't fight it. You know we are long lost sisters. LOL

WM:- I hope you get some of that good ol' fun.

FBA: You feel me? Take this morning now I was all nice and happy and some &*^%$$#W$#$ had to cut me off. Arghhhhhhhh

Diane: Yes they are. yaaay to recharged batteries.

Original Mgbeke said...

Repressed One: Abi o, thank God say I no bail out. Thanksss.

XSN: This is so cool. Peeps share my interests. Woohooo

Ms. Sula aka God sister mi: You see? we need to question our mothers well well if you know what I mean.
Yay spring is truly here and I am happy.
I will try and talk more about myself..lol. Uh uh send me a FB invite, let's observe each other's bubbling activities. hehehehe

Burracup: You and Chari should head out there, maybe y'all can do a shotgun wedding or something. Try and forgive o, it is so freeing. Try it and see...

Nollywood: I may end up liking the individual. LOL, poor girl sha...she probbaly doesn't know what she did.

Kem Kem: Sorry to hear that. I hope you get a chance to waka somewhere soon.

Penelope: No, me I need my friends o. Gotta love 'em...

Vera: LMAO @ waka. I should try that sometime.

Standtall: Thank you ma'am. At least we are not cursing outwardly, that makes me feel better.

SolomonS: Is it, innit? :)

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Na never been to reunion, dont think I'll start now. Lol@ being too old to go! Thats sad cuz ur reunion jist is always hilarious!!

Parakeet said...

am with you on that grudge thing. If I do it'll be like something wants to explode within me. Bad bad feeling.

Anonymous said...

You totally described me in 6,7,9 and 13. For the longest time, my greatest fear about dying suddenly was that people would get to go through my stuff that I'd written. Happened once though and I destroyed all my journals, 'twas too bloody embarrassing meeehn!