Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The sweetest mother on planet earth.

In between Mother's day and my dear mama's upcoming birthday on Saturday, I would like to dedicate this blog entry to my mother. The main, the main Mama Mgbeke. (She would totally cringe if she discovered that I am going by such a bush name on the Internet...hehehe).

Growing up, I wasn't such a huge fan of my mother. I used to say that if my parents ever separated and I had to pick a parent, I would go with my father. I wasn't daddy's girl either...I would have just preferred my papa 'cos he was never home and therefore out of our business most of the time. In other words, I would have been free to flex and bubble with minimal interruption. Whereas, my mom was always home and always keeping a watchful eye over us so if we messed up, best believe that we were going to get yelled at/a dose of the koboko. LOL, in fact I am remembering one time when I got home at 6pm (past our curfew), and my mother had guests. Now you know when the 'rents have guests you kinda feel like you will get away with your transgression but I wish! As soon as the guests left, she came to my room and dragged me into the corridor and told me to kneel down while she went and finished her ever reliable koboko...chei!!!

Like most other African kids I bet, I used to wonder if I was adopted...with the amount of koboko and finishing that I used to chop from my mother. Maaaan she was such a feisty woman back then, which is pretty much hard to believe now when you observe her cool, calm and constantly collected demeanour.

Now, I am older. And with age, I have come to appreciate and love my dearest dearest mother.
I appreciate
the little things like all the stockfish, maggi, dried fish, egusi, and other food stuff that she brings for me everytime she comes to visit, make I cook correct soup.
I appreciate how even after she don bring me foodstuff to cook soup, she never leaves my house without cooking at least 2 pots of my favorite soup because we all know that mama's cooking is the best!
I appreciate how she brings me milo, golden morn and peak milk without asking questions. LOL.
I appreciate how she always asks me 'So how far the guys, any better?' everytime we talk on the phone.
I appreciate how she whines about me not calling her enough and sometimes when I call her, and we clearly have nothing to say we sit on the phone and talk about the most random things for close to 1 hour.
I appreciate how she says that she is constantly praying for me in everything that I do, esp my going and coming because she is scared of the busy 1-95 freeway and all the 'crazies'.
I appreciate how even when she comes to visit and we go shopping, she still insists on paying for 1 or 2 of my items...ah! At my age ke? Anyway awoof dey run bele o so me I no dey complain. :-D
Too many appreciations to list maaan.
She truly is the BEST woman in the whole wide world and I pray that when I have my own kiddies, I may be as inspiring and strong as my mother has been.

And, about that adoption idea? Threw that out of the window a long time ago for when you see me and you see my mother, you will say 'Ah, you are truly your mother's daughter'. Growing up in PH, (which often times has a small town feel to it, in that every body knows everybody else) I would constantly go places and people would ask 'Are you Mrs X's daughter?'. I mean, a chick couldn't even do underG runs shaaaa. LOL. I am her spitting image and I'm cool with it, I look at her fabulous self and know that when I'm almost 60, I will look just as fine. Yaaaaay. :-D

However, apart from our similar physical features, I inherited a whole bunch of other characteristics/qualities from her. Some of which are:
  • Unconsciously correcting/keeping an eye on peoples' spelling and grammatical errors. My mother is an English professor. Go figure...unfortunately, I didn't get the urge to shoot for a PhD.
  • Being extra anal about cleanliness and organization. Growing up, my mother used to emphasize that we change and wash our bedsheets and towels ever other week, always make sure out kitchen and bathrooms are clean even if the rest of the house is messy and all that housekeeping stuff. I mean, this woman even used to make me wipe the dust off the plants in our verandah. Now, I definitely appreciate what she taught me even though some claim that I'm anal. Like mother, like daughter!
  • An eye for a good bargain. My mother loves a good steal/bargain and that's certainly who I got it from.
  • A good sense of style. My mother has a very good sense of style, she sabi baff up. Her daughters got that good sense of style from her, we certainly step out looking fly and make sure that we don't disgrace our family name. LOL
  • Random bits and pieces of stuff i.e Always make sure that you serve guests with a tray or a coaster, fold napkins one way, make your bed this way, clean as you cook, send thank you-notes, when you go to people's houses for dinner always try and see how you can help out etc etc etc. Honestly, growing up I never appreciated any of this stuff but now I do. It has all come in pretty handy.
So, as dear mommy turns the big 58 on Saturday, I want to thank God for keeping her for 58 years. 58 years of achievements and success. 58 years of joy, celebrations and the pitfalls that she constantly overcomes which ultimately make her a stronger person every day. 58 years of patience...I mean, she has a couple of really stubborn people in her family (*Coughs*, me included). 58 years of love, peace, progress, beautiful family and children who love her very much. 58 years of being a blessing to others. I was just talking to my sis this evening and she said 'Isn't there something so comforting about talking to mama that just makes everything seem like it will be okay'. Preach it sis!

Happy birthday in advance mommy. I love you and I really mean it when I say that I wanna be like you when I grow up!


Ms.O said...

Happy birthday Mummy Mbegzz..:)
Ahhh now I feel like calling my mummy to talk about foolishness!..hehe:)

Anonymous said...

hahaha mummy mgbeke huh....i dont think she will take it lightly with that label
happy birthday to your mom.I feel you on the adoption kit....
it takes time for you to look back and be grateful for all the sacrifices she made at one point. and we may not believe it, but those floggins and koboko's are the way they knew to impart discipline....uhm, didnt we turn out well afterall?

Repressed One said...

AWWW Happy birthday Mama Mgbeks!!! Mothers are truly the best aren't they?
When parents say "You might hate me now but you will thank me for it later" they know what they are talking about...Thank God for mamas!!

Danny BaGucci said...

All hail Mama Mgbeks.. English Professor? My Mum still corrects my SMSs and sends them back to me!!!! Particularly anonying.. but then, I'm just her son anyways!

Hopefully, you let her know u're number one fan aight?

Tinu said...

happy birthday Mommie Mgbekssss!!
how come we all used to think we were adopted???well I told my brother that he was adopted and he believed!

webround said...

How can a whole English Professor's daughter be going by the name 'mgbeke'? this is a secret your mumsy must not find out oh. All the best to your mumsy and wishing her many more happy returns of the day

Anonymous said...

aww this is rather beauriful..happy birthday to Mama Mgbeke!

kai me sef I would cringe if I ever found out my daughter was using such a name on the 'www'

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to ur mum....nigerian mothers just know hw to show

AliceDCL said...

mummy mgbeke happy byeday

if only she gets to raeds this , mothers appreciate things like this.

downtheaisle said...

I agree with optimistic_alyzz, can u pls send it to her by mail or sthg she will love to read it. Infact it will surpass any kind of bday present u can get her.

happi birthday mummy mgbeke

QMoney said...

Yes oh,please try to send it to such a beautfiul piece.
happy birthday mama mgbeks!

Vivi N. said...

Aww. Even though you dashed her that bush name (lol!), I'm sure she'll overlook it & appreciate this wonderful blog about her.

Trust OM. I peeped that most of the little things you appreciate bout her involved food. Some things never change. ;o)

scribble, said...

Happy birthday to ur momsies!

Uchenna said...

This was quite sweet, made me think of my mommy.


chayomao said...

Happy 58th mama mbegzz...
i, on the other hand,growing up, was daddy's girl!
i am so lucky to have my mum as my mama!
she is the greatest! in her own crazy way....
PS when my momise calls,"sweet mother plays" :)

Beulah! said...

Awww...Happy birthday to mama mgbeks. ur mum almost reminds me of my mine..(God bless her soul)..."u have to serve guests with tray"..that one, she used cane to enforce it on us.

I love ur mama & i wish her a most glorious birthday & many many many happy returns of d day!!!

justdoyin said...

awwwwh...very optimistic n dta said, pls find a way 2 send her this post...just this post oh, not d entire blog, lol...

Happy birthday 2 Prof Mrs, dear mama of our original mgbeks...

Chomy said...

cheers to your mum!!!!! hmmmm didn't know u had all these sweetness o....whoda thunk it the way u abuse me eh.... i will report to u the prof next time i enter PH, u berra believe it!!!

Jay said...

Happy Birthday to mama mgbeke xxx

Nice Anon said...

Mgbafo m: May she continue to live longest! I like how you have an amazing relationship with her. May she have an amazing byday.

Original Mgbeke said...

Thank you guys very much for the comments. It means a lot to me. :-)

Ms. O: Call her ooo. Let's appreciate our mama's now that we can.

Naijagirl: LOL, she will be like whaaaa? How razz! We sure did turn out well o, I look at all these new articles about child abuse and I'm like errr these people were not raised in Naija shaa. They woulda called protective services on our parents. LOL

RepressedOne: Mothers are the bestest for real! We thank God. :-)

Danny B: LOL, when my mom corrects me I always think 'see this ITK' but like you said, it's nothing but love!

Tinu: As in ehn, the amount of flogging we used to chop. My sister once tried to run away. LMAO

Webround: Lmaooooo. That is ehn, abeg let her not find out o. Although my sister always calls me a bush girl. LOL. Thank you! :-)

Taymee: Thanks Love! It is my lirru sikirit. Hahahahahaha

Leggy: Mannn they sure could o. But ya know, we will grow up and be like that to our kiddies too.

Optimistic: Hmmm thanks for the idea, I am actually considering sending it to her now. :-)

Downtheaisle: Yes I think I will, she will be soo touched. Thank you! 'preciate it.

Qmoney: Will keep you guys posted on her reaction. Thanks lady. :-)

Ms. Royal: LMAOOO. You know I don't play with my food. Yummm. Hahahahaha, thank you missy!

Scribbles: Thanksssss Scribs.

Uchenna: Call your mommy! And thanks a bunshes mi dia.

Chayoma: Hahahaha, I always say that I can't wait to dance to 'Sweet mother' with my mom on my wedding day.

Beulah: Thank you soo much. God bless you my sister. Mann those etiquette lessons and what not, I used to be like ah ah what's the big deal? Now it has paid off so well. Thank God for mothers.

Justdoyin: LMAO @ sending her the entire blog. Not that I have been typing naughty stuvvs but she will be like o gini? LOL! Will send it to her and thank you lady. :-)

Culture: Sharrap! (Oops, I'm supposed to be sweet like my mama. lol). Thank youuuu, abeg no report me nau. I will bribe you with the white 'suit.

Wordmerchant: Thank youuuu.

Nicey m: Nne the relationship definitely got better with time and I thank God! I pray the same oooo...thanks my sister!

TDVA said...

lol. now very close to my mum too :)

TDVA said...

oh, i totally felt all those things. all that waiting for the guests to leave before the punishment...using eye to talk to you when in public...mehn. those days.

love her to bits now. my father even complains these days that he gets less attention, when he used to be the sweetness of my heart, lol!

joicee said...

Awwww..very nice

Happy Birthday ro Mama Original Mgbeke...Hope she gets to read this somehow

Vera Ezimora said...

Awwwwwww.... happy birthday to mama mgbeke!! Somehow, that name doesn't sound too flattering. LOL

neuyogi said...

Honestly, the thought that I will have to face life one day without my mom is just so....

Ada said...

this is really touching..
quite like the relationship with my mum

how about i send her the link so she can read? lol

Ms Sula said...

Ok, I just read the first sentence but I had to reply!!


My mama's birthday is ALSO May 23rd... Are you kidding me? This can no longer be just coincidence... We need to do something. Lol!

Ok, off to read the rest of the entry.

Ms Sula said...

Your post has me teary eyed as I was thinking on what tribute-post I should do for my mother...

Your mother reminds me of mine in a lot of ways! Especially the trying to pay for stuff even when she knows you can afford it.

Happy Birthday to my e-God Mom by way of God Sis Mgbeke! :)

ps: I have a good friend here in Houston who is my age mate and who is fabulous AND grew up in PH... Could she be your god sis? That would be sooooo strange... the world would def become a tiny place! :)

Naked soul said...

Happy Birthday to your mum.... she sounds so much like mine.... gosh its not nice to have a teacher as a mum o..cuz we used to have different cane sizes back then... memories!!!!!

bArOquE said...

chai Mummy (pronounced the same way i call mine), Happy Birthday to you...she reminds me a lot about my mama, although my mum will never ask me, "how far the babes, any better?"...LOL

where the booze at? we don't have to wait till she turns 60?

LusciousRon said...

Happy Birthday to your mum! She is fantastic. When I read posts about mothers, It makes me feel like my generation has a long way to go in emulating our mothers.

May she spend many more years on earth and get to carry all the babies you will give her!

miz-cynic said...

the my mama used to say u'd thank me for it wen u grow up, now i see

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. LOL @ under G runs.

bob-ij said... was my mum's birthday on monday!...I miss her jo!
Happy Birthday to my mum and yours!


Writefreak said...

Awww happy birthday to your mum....your mum and mine are same age!

Original Mgbeke said...

TDVA: Yes o, as we get older we 'preciate our mommies. Ha ha, nothing personal to pops of course. :-)

Joicee: Thank you, I will send her the abbreviated version.

Vera: Thank you lady. I will try and find a more funkdafied name. Hahahaha

MPB: I don't even wanna think of that. :-(

Ada: Thankss. Yes o, you fit send am the link. loll

Ms. Sula: OMG, this all kinds of weird. I know that somehow we are related, I need to go and question my peeps if I have relatives from another country. LOL...
Happy birthday to our mommies! I look forward to seeing your tribute.

NakedSoul: LOL, my mom just had one one sha, or she would send us to pluck it outside. Hahahaha. Thank you.

Baroque: Yaaay, I don miss you o. You don scarce for this blogsville ends. Why ya mama no go ask you nau? LOL, she tink say you be player? Mayneee for her big 60 I gosta be thia. No shakings, we go shack then!

LusciousR: AMEN and AMEN. Thank you! Yes we really have a long long way to go, but God is with us. Yes we can!

Miz-Cynic: I know right. I am thanking her now.

Olu: Thank you sir. Yes oo, I could not have been an ariztos chick even if I tried, dem for just nab me.

Bob-Ij: Happy birthday to our mommies. :-)

Writefreak: Thanks lady. 58 is a fabulous age isn't it?

bArOquE said...

my dear, i don miss you have you been? said...

Happy birthday to lolo mama mgbeke!

I can remember when my mum visited us last year, we didn't even have to do real grocery shopping, because she was always cooking one thing or the other....

omo, when she left it wasn't funny. na back to square one......

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Awww Happy birthday to Mummy Mgbeks! From the sound of things, you are your mothers daughter!

Wonderfully & Beautifully...MADE said...

I have to report you to your mummy, for going for your father some reason its so true i thot the same thing..but i prolly would go with mummy...eeyya...i cant choose its not

Danceslave said...

GIRL. OKAY i need to be remembering that EVERYTIME your mom comes you need to tell her to bring me one or two things of golden morn. ABEG!!