Monday, September 7, 2009

Haphazard Post-Labor Day Post... I nurse a lack of sufficient sleep induced headache.

Hallo Blogworld. How was your Labor day holiday weekend (for my Yankee based folk?). I hope that it was filled with enough grilled burgers, sodas and all that good stuff.
I spent mine in the good ol' NJ/NYC. About time I returned since it was beginning to be quite sad how a self proclaimed NYC groupie like me hadn't visited in almost 1 year. 1 year ke? I mean, NY just dey for my backyard naaa.
But ahhh how I heart the city of New York. I kid you not, every time I visit, I start cheesing and I immediately feel like I'm at HOME. What is there to not love about NY? I mean...eventually you even gotta love the ridiculous crazies on the Subway and those infamous NY subway rats. I always say that your NYC experience aint complete until you encounter a subway rat. Forget what you saw in the Sex & The City movie. Hmmm, now to find the NYC based man who I can trick into marrying me and moving me out there since the job front doesn't seem to be working on the relocation tip. Hahahahaha...

On some book related yarns: Ok, I read 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' and my tearducts were absolutely dry...for those of you who swore that it would make me cry. Great book though. I am officially adding Mr. Hosseini to my list of favorite authors. Oooh and I got 'The thing around your neck' in the mail. Chimamanda is pure genius. PS:- I heard she got married 2 weeks ago in my hood. Why wasn't I alerted? I would have crashed the wedding in a very shameless manner. LOL...don't side eye me, that's my 'niggi' yo (although she doesn't know it yet). Ha Ha!

In the words of my favorite MochaHourGlass, I've been having some epiphanies and what not. Jesus take the Wheel. I just need some serious guidance and direction in my life right now, wooosahhh. Thank God for people who tirelessly hear you whine about the same topic over and over again and don't scream at you. LOL. :-), really...Thank you!
Ultimately, I need to get it together and quit feeling so overwhelmed. (Which is what I kinda sorta feel right now), I think that I will be okay though. Amen to that!

My headache just moved to the right side of my brain. These headaches have been pretty frequent of late. Someone suggested that they might be migraines in the making? No idea. I need to adjust my sleep schedule. No scratch that, I need to adjust my LIFE schedule.

If someone asks me if I'm a moody individual, my instant response will be NO. In fact moody people even kinda sorta annoy me sef (when they can't keep their mood swings in check), or maybe I just don't know how to handle them. But lately I've been having a whole bunch of internalized mood swings and general hot and cold feelings towards things and people. So umm yeah, maybe on the outside I may appear to be 'constant' and on the inside it's 5 seconds into hot and a sudden switch into the 5 second chill. But maybe the whole thing about 'taking charge of your day and your emotions' appears to be working some 'cos these so called swings don't even last for up to 10 minutes before it's peace, love and happiness as usual. But still...why are they so constant? And why is everybody suddenly annoying? Now I'm rambling...

It's a Blackberry World Domination. My friend hosted a Labor day get together this weekend and I tell you, if there were 50 people at her crib, 40 of them had Blackberries. Ha Ha! 'What's your pin'...Blackberry holders, we are taking over and if you aint with the movement then you need to get with it before we rule the world. Muahahahahahahaha... *Evil grin*
PS:- Just discovered BrickBreaker and I'm an addict. Yes I am. I know, I know...I've owned my BB for almost a year and I'm just discovering Brickbreaker? Tsk Tsk.

Who in the world came up with this no white after Labor day rule? Ha Ha! I guess I'm about to break every rule in the fashion book with that one. As long as the weather is nice and warm, all white tops, bottoms and shoes in my closet. No be small thing.
Who comes up with these fashion rules sef?

Absolutely need to hop my azz into bed within the next coupla minutes. Grrrrrr, so not looking forward to resuming work tomorrow. My B-O-S-S is officially one modachoking wizard of a winsh. Bombastic individual. Na me and him for this America o, make the bobo n vex me too much 'cos I swear the kain African craze wey hin go see ehn. He finna be like 'these Angry Black Girls don did it again'. Just wait for me...recession or no recession. Ultimately hin suppose know say Khaki no be leather and if hin tok too much nonsense, we fit put leg inside one trousis. Shioooooooooo

Master plan = Effective!

I was alerted that my blog is filled with a whole bunch of rants...(I still say it aint so sha)...but even if it is so, isn't ranting on my blog better than calling my friends and constantly dropping rants to them on the phone? If I kept this up I can imagine that by week 3, someone would have sent my azz to Aro mental hospital abi I lie? I do enjoy a good ol' rant and blogsville is a good place to woosah and rant it all out. I can even rant about my winch of a wizard boss while his unsuspecting ass is in the same office as moi. :-D
I mean on the real, sometimes I be ranting about the fool to someone on the internet and he will come ask me a Q, and I answer it with my angelic demeanor intact. Ha Ha!

What do you reckon the average age on Blogger is? I've seen quite a number of bloggers on the 30+ end, and quite a number on the 18-19 end too. What say you?

And on that note, I am out.
If you could keep up with the randoms, kudos.
If you couldn't...never mind, I assume that you would have hit the nice red X by now.

I hope and pray that this week will be a better one for all of us. Say what you mean and mean what you say and ultimately remember to work hard, play hard and be kind (Coined from my Glamour Mag)

Good night and sweet dreams. See? Blogging is good for the soul...I feel better already.

PS:- Leggy, come and kneel and raise your hands. Who gave you permission to go private without my consent? Mchewwww.


Giagerry said...

hahahahh @ leggy on punishment..

Giagerry said...

yayyyyyyyyyyy I AM FIRST!

Giagerry said...

my labor day was boring...stayed in the house through out and got fat!

Giagerry said...

leggyyyy come and serve ur punishment o!

Giagerry said...

oo boy still first...u go fear naw...mgbeke sorry o...for takin the first 5 spots..thats just how i roill when i am first!...oya nor vex im out!

BSNC said...

ahn ahn

Miss Enigma said...

Umm Gee stop spamming this place

And yelz leggy pls cme and answer to this punishment.

Omo my labor day was spent sitting indoors, eating, talking on the phone, blogging and ermm just being a bum.

Blogging is therapeutic jo so rant away!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would have claimed my first before I started reading oh, ahn ahn Gee dem send you ni??

Ohh I love me some Chimamanda. The thing around your neck was an amazing read. I met her best friends hubby the other day and he was yarning me about the wedding. I would have told you to go and take pictures no? lol

Good luck with sorting out your sleep/life, which I have to do now that I'm resuming school..shiii.

Oh and Leggy is no longer private na..see how stale you

BSNC said...

lol okay what am i going to comment on now. kai you have like 20 topics here o...

So you like NYC. hmm i have been there twice still. ok maybe its the place i stayed sha..

eya sory about your headache ndo..

lol yes it happens sometimes, everybody just annoys you for no reason. You know sometimes its due to am just saying.

the age range is 15-60. i

sleep tight. i gats to sleep too, chai look at the time. bye bye

webround said...

yup, it's a blackberry (aka crackberry)world domination. but e be like say the thing don dey get generation gap oh..the younger ones are getting an iphones and only opt for the blackberry if comp is paying for it.

ranting on your blog - much cheaper than going to see a shrink (kai!, those guys make plenty of money oh..).

Nice Anon said...

You are sounding like my mother there with your Jesus talk the wheel tip. Lol ha haaaaa. Abeg make una leave me. BB is a fad and it will go away just like anything else
I know a guy who is very moody but then again it might be his short man's syndrome.
Do what you must.. Maybe something is pulling you to NY. You'd never know!

Lady X said...

You people are trying to take over the world. My friend told me that girls nowadays don't ask for your number. They just say 'whats your pin?' Ahn ahn! What if person no get BlackBerry ehn? Na by force to possess BlackBerry? Original Mgbeke please tell them to stop I don't like this kind thing. Or are you one of them?

mizchif said...

Of course Chimamanda is pure genius. Read my copy of "The thing around your neck" a month ago and have refused to let anyone near it!

Oh and you are just discovering brickbreaker!!!! HOW!!! i've had an on and off affair with brickbreaker going on 2 yrs now.

Shubby Doo said...

Lol...this is a post and a half!!! What is there not to love about nyc.

Re: books - I love a thousand splendid suns. Make sure u read kite runner too. Also read reluctant fundamentalist. I can't remember the author of the latter sha

I'm a blackberry user too. It's so the future of communication...Iphone users stand aside and make way o!

ShonaVixen said...

I'm reading The Thing Around Your Neck at the moment and I know by tonight I'll have finished reading it! and guess will try Thousand Splendid Suns after this..

Yup, Blackberry is the way to addictive and i heart it!

Sassy Trends said...

hahahahaha...leggy na u and ds punishment today.

Time to do something abt that headache my dear im so sure it's migrane.

Anonymous said...

lol...i hope u get over your hangover....and why i go serve punishment when i'm no longer private?lol
c?cos you are my darling i was like..y i go go private on you?lol

Kemberly said...

You were in NY and you didn't come see me! WE'RE FIGHTING!

Buttercup said...

Aww Mgbeksizzle, sowee bout the headache o. Pls go and see a doc, headaches shouldnt be messed with. NY is one of my dream destinations. It must really suck going back to work!

chayomao said...

Labor day was a slow day mehn...lazing around!
i don upgrade oh!
Blackberry no dey sweet me again.

Yankeenaijababe said...



Blog world had different ages and characters, I think the age ranges in groups of 18-35 yrs.

Ranting on your blog is life, it's your blog and your one place to be you.

Zena said...

Mgbeke, were you a lirrle tippsy when u were typing this post? Which one am I going to comment on now ehn?

I did nothing labor day, I cleaned the house and was regretting my life honestly

You could've at least said hi Mgbeks, all this shunning you've bn shunning me is not appreciated, you were in NYC for parry and no hollering?

Just ask ur boss who born the maga? does he know who he's messing wiv?

Ineva join the crackberry generation, I still the carry my Nokia 270 or something, lmao I can't afford that ish right now

uNWrItten* said...

whatever jo! because u are a hard babe so u didnt cry for the i cried o!! lol
NY is my spot tho...chai i miss it most fun ive heard on a trip i had there.
and please u can like to mail me that copy of adichies book...tainz!! lol

Admin said...

coming back to read ,feeling sleepy

bob-ij said...

looool...crackberry is going crazy! may be getting the chat thing... I can't leave my apps so I'm just adding a'm cheating!


Repressed One said...

Chei...i no even know where to begin. Still haven't done NY in the summer...need to do that.

I'm reading 'things around your neck' now...she is a great writer. I love her weaving of words. With this book tho' i find myself wishing she finished the stories.

You WILL be okay!!

Booooooooo!! I don't have a BB and i don't see myself jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon. Unless of cos my carrier comes out with something spectacular :o

I reckon they are a buncha youngins on here...about to get into college/just got into college youngins.

Biko rant away oh...i love your rants and i soo totally kept up with this yay! kudos to me. LOL!

Repressed One said...

Chei that was a long a$$ fault!! :D

Azazel said...

Lol how does that useless pin thingy work anywayz? Una dey "pin" urselfs?

Fabulo-la said...

Loool @ leggy!

And ohh yeah..Housenni(sp?) is the best.
i went looking to see if he had another book out only to be highly disappointed...:(

Tigeress said...

i live in nj and i dont like going into nyc. lol!! nyc has too many crazy folks jare.

So what do u get up to when u're in town?

blackrubies said...

Its good u like Ny cause i officially hate it! its too noisy too dirty to everything ......:)
and i wish i could be BBpinning but bros don warn me , that i berra not get a blackberry plan, and whatever oga sir says , i mustu follow

sorrow about ur headache! get better

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

**zips yabbin mouth and throws the key away**

this was funny, silly you and sweet dreamzzzz...

miss.fab said...

Lol you should make leggy squat and fly her arms! That's way more painful!!!

My Labor Day weekend was boring jare. Mscheww. I seriously dulled this year! But ahhhh I miss NY. :')

Okay headaches are beginning to scare me now. Everyone I know is complaining of headaches... It's very scary o. Please adjust your life schedule, ehn, thanks.

BB's are the new Nokias. BB lovers unite!

Lol your boss sounds... scary. Wetin he do??

Ms Olaf said...

loool.. kneel down and raise your hands! men... i got FIT from that punishment back in teh day..
Oya Leggy they are calling you o!!!

Labour day was spent BBQ"in and LOVING the sexy sun!.. hmmnn.. wish I could go back in time! :)

Ms Olaf said...

Ohhh! how could I forget to express my NEVER EVER IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT FADING love for the Crackberry???

Abeg if u are on that "crack", ngwa raise your hannndsss!!!!

Myne said...

Just love the flow of your slangs girl.

You say Chimamanda is married?!! To who Biko? LOL I missed her reading here the other month and the thing pained me sha.

I went to Chi-town for labor day wknd first time yay!

Has leggy done the punishment? heard she's private no more sha. LOL

Unknown said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: there's no better way for you to 'break into' NYC than marrying Donald Trump. He's married, I know, I know. But we can always break them up, you know. I'll marry his wife (who would be his ex then) after the divorce - provided she gets a large chunk of the fortune. LOL!

This one na super-random. Will be back for the rest. Abeg, rest well.

doll (retired blogger) said...

BB is the new craze i agree...

on the issue of men..phew..well written or should i say well vented..LOL

Unknown said...

you'se a crackead.
Sweety those headaches...are from when age starts to catch up... with no vegetables and no water... gotta check the nutrition my dear.

sleep also is a factor... allergies could be that too... my allergies do that to me, but it's typically worse when my diet is crappy... see too much sugar, fat, dairy...

i see i need to get back on my African Authors game....I've been slipping reading some rubbish random ass books