Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just one of those random kinds of things...

...As you can tell, my general laziness has even found it's way to my blogging and blogrounding. I have had many opportunities to blog; specifically the 5 days that we folk in the DMV area spent snowed work, no school, no outdoor movement. I could have used any of those 5 days to post up a blog entry or at the very least make some blog rounds, but I actually spent those days doing the following:
Wake up
Lie in bed and watch TV
Go back to sleep

Ah well, I am here now aren't I?

What has been up with you guys?
For me, the past 2 weeks have been spent chilling (read: 5 snowed in days), watching the show of my dear friends put me on to it, turned me into a believer and i have been hooked on it (Season 1 and 2 down, and just started season 3), looking for apartments (quite a frustrating process), and generally thinking about my life. Pretty boring aye?

Nice Anon has been getting on me about replying to my blog comments. Gotta burst your bubble my darling, it aint happening anytime soon. Read the above mentioned laziness + timing issues. Simple blog post sef, I gotta schedule for the weekend so make una no vex. I mean, do you guys even go back to check if a blogger responded to their comments? And if no, do you feel that the blogger is feeling too funky to respond to their comments? Na legit Q sha o. Either way, I guess you can't please everyone.

I'm slightly worried. I have no urge/desire to be with a somebody or have a someone in my life. Slight worry because I've been told that as humans it is natural to want companionship and blah blah blah.

I always encourage people to not be shy to toot their own horns and big themselves up. It may piss others off because they will probably mistake your confidence for arrogance but if you don't give yourself props then who will? So if it is irking someone in their little corner, you can fedex some paracetamol to them to alleviate the pain...naaah mean? For someone like me who has come a long way from the insecure woman with a bunch of complexes, I most certainly enjoy my confidence and will continue to bask in it, so if it pains people then they will most definitely be accurate. Will do a post on confidence/complexes some day.

Every time I hear the term 'She comes from a good family' or 'She comes from a good home', I get vexed. The heck is a good home and a good family? Is there such a thing as a bad home or a bad family?

'Men will cheat', according to women and they seem to have accepted this as their date. 'As long as he is coming back home to me'...I hope they don't bring an STD home with them. What the heck? My friend's aunt told her that in her marriage, she shouldn't make the mistake of loving her husband because according to aunt, the minute you start loving your husband, that's when it starts to go downhill. The aunt said that her husband would eventually cheat, and that my friend should not be bothered as long as he is taking care of business in the home. Aunt also said that if my friend doesn't love her husband, she wouldn't be bothered and since men are bound to cheat, If you make the mistake of loving your husband then you are setting yourself up for serious heartbreak within the marriage because he WILL cheat. All I could say to the whole spiel was WOW!

As a woman, there is absolutely nothing wrong in knowing what you want and not settling for less than that. People may side eye you and mutter under their breaths but who send them?

In regards to 'game' and how some women always seem to have a bunch of toasters, I always ask the key Q: 'What is the calibre of these toasters like? Are they the generally accepted standard of correct men?'...Uh uh, it's one thing to have plenty toasters and supposed game but abeg before we (or I at least) recognize these characters, they gosta be correct guys. So in my own ratio of toasting, if 2 correct men, and 5 hungry men approached me in the month of January, then the 2 men shall be recognized and the 5 men shall be mentally dismissed. Hehehehe.

So it's like every time I play catch up with my friends and I be like 'So what's up with you?' and they launch into a long list about what's been going on with them, and then they flip the Q around and I'm like 'Men, nothing much o. Same ol...just work and general weekend chilling', and it always sounds hella lame even to my own ears but darris the truth na. I work on week days, and on weekends I may be up to something (Summers are always busy with cookouts, ges togeras, weddings etc, while winters are more laid back with a whole load of bumming) which I don't consider to be gist worthy. I mean, what's so gist worthy about 'Yeah i went to this wedding on Saturday, it was cool' compared to their own gist of boy drama, work wahala and what not. LOL...I mean, weddings, cookouts and ges togeras are not even what I consider to make my life interesting so in all reality, I live a pretty dry life. It's very non-dramatic, no men making me have sleepless nights and wanting to bust their windows, no coworkers who make me wanna strangle them (for the most part), no nothing really. I literally live a quiet and uneventful existence. So in an ideal world, when people ask me 'So what's new na?', I'd launch into tales of how I'm taking this cooking class or that sign language class, and how I'm prepping to backpack across Europe this summer for a coupla weeks, how I'm prepping for a 5k marathon, or how me and some friends are planning a road trip across the US of A and such interesting and fun things, because to me...traveling, exploring new things, cultures and people are what would make my life interesante. But since we aint in that ideal world, I will definitely be enjoying my dry existence and giving people the same reply of 'Nothing much, just working and chilling'.

I have accepted the fact that I can be evil (read: have some very evil thoughts), and there are few people with whom I can share these thoughts without the fear of judgment. :-D

I am looking forward to moving, although the actual process of apartment hunting has been somewhat frustrating. I've been scouring Craigslist for random pieces of furniture/home decor, and will soon be off on my way to pick up some accent pillows for my couches. Nothing beats recycled furniture/household goods.

Gosh, I miss my friends. Those international ladies... :-(

With alladat said, I gotta run.
Have a fabulous week y'all. Drink lots of H2O and eat loads of fruit, as I will be doing. Gotta make a stop at Giant to stock up on some juicy grapes and oranges, yummy!

Peace, Love and Blessings.


RepressedOne said...


ill be back! teehee

Omosi Thisgirl said...

Yeah the whole 'grin and bear it' thing when it comes to a lot of Naija marriages just makes me so mad. Why are women still encouraged to settle in this day and age? Like seriously, without your husband, will you die? At the very least they should be encouraged to make life uncomfortable for the man if he messes up, but no, no one wants a nagging wife, so just sit down and continue chopping shit. SMDH

Nee Fe Mi said...

lol, i love this and i'm with u on everything as in word for word especially about having a dry life,and loving being single....apart from watching Lost cant stand that show - now currently watching The West Wing though and im hooked..:)

Anya Posh said...

i'm glad u're back. but as per the comment that men will cheat, that is just settling for b.s, IMO. Why would any correct woman go into a relationship with that kind of resolve that her husband would cheat? and why would she just settle for a love-less relationship with her partner?! hmm...i'm there with you; i don't get this - it doesn't make sense to me...just baffled!

leggy said...

i live a very dry life too..i go to school come back and sleep or study.
i dont drink, havent gone to a party since d semester started, havent even seen a freaking bored with my life eh.
nice post.
and your aunty dikwa very pessimistic oh!!

neuyogi said...

wow that's sad...luckily I haven't exposed to toxic women that have accepted some sub-standard form of love. My friends and family all seem to spout the same message of waiting for "true" love or at least what feels right, no matter how old you are. Aint no shame in bumming! I definitely go back to see if bloggers respond to the comments i left on their wall, but if i see they didn't respond, it's no biggie either.

TayneMent said...

I do go back to see if I have gotten a response but it's no biggie if I haven't.

It must be relieving to not want to be with someone. I think it reduces the pressure.

I get uncomfortable when I toot my own horn.

Hope you find something you love soon!

RepressedOne said...

eye yam back!!

I usually go back to blogs i comment on especially if i asked a question...but seeing as i dont always reply my own comments it ain't a biggie if the blogger didn't respond.

@ not having urges or desire---nna mehn!!

I no sabi toot my own horn...when pple toot it for me sef its kinda uncomfy.

Tufiakwa for that aunty oh...isi gini?

LOL, i sooo feel you on the dry life thing...the thing dey weak me sef sometimes. Na soso 'nothing much oh' i dey tok. Ah well

Have a fantabulous week too, mgbeks!!

histreasure said...

eeting into any kinda rlnship with that sort of mindset is a recipe for disaster, IMO..and i hate the silly perpetuation of stereotypes like 'men always cheat'..abegi, what u expect, u get..fullstop.

meanwhile, enjoy ur life without somborri so u'l enjoy it more with that special someone.

AliceDCL said...

its hard work doing blogrounds
talkless og going back to check
but if i left a question in my comment i'd go back

ur aunty sure is pessimistic
i do believe that not all men cheat
most will
but theres a percentage of men that wudnt cheat when they are with d right woman.....

Lady X said...

It's good to feel yourself sometimes. Especially when nobody is feeling you lmao! Good home, good family, like that is some determining factor in how good a person will be. I don't believe that at all. You will see a pastor's son or daughter with very bad behavior compared to someone who has laid back parents.

I say men think we already expect them to cheat so they think they have a free pass when they do it!

Neo said...

somebody has damaged that ur friend's aunty seriously, haba!

dry life is catchin o, this weekend i slept more than i had slept the whole week put together and managed to watch 3 seasons of a show.

as for replyin comments, i dont really go back to check unless it's one very debatable issue but sometimes i try to thank pple that commented on my last post in a new post.

u can try that instead???

Reverence said...

i almost died at generally accepted standards. you just revealed your profession with that one buhahaua

MyDressSense said...

lol @ "Fedex them some paracetamol"...

All the best with the house hunt and eventual move...I envy u not...the process is usually tiresome...but I pray for strength and favour all d way for u...

Have a great week!

Tori said...

Abeg, yes o. There are "bad" families. Families where you see all the siblings have no shame fighting each other in public or insulting their parents to their faces etc, you go wan marry that kain babe, knowing she might blast you in front of people instead of waiting to air her beef at home?
E get one fine boy that his fam get as e be o. One uncle died of a heroin overdose, another one killed himself, momsie na craze woman and popsie na wife beater. Iono about you o, but I pause before I go toast that kain boy.

LusciousRon said...

This random post is very random :D (Silly I know)

This dry life thing, I am used to. I tire for man issue jare.

Enjoy and goodluck with apartment hunting!

Myne said...

I can toot my own horn oo abeg, I just know when it is necessary or not. Sha had to learn this in a hard way in boarding school, hehhehe...I can laugh now. Non-correct guys oo, bad families, oo, them dey but say all guys MUST cheat, I no gree.

Good luck in the home hunting...

Kilishi Diaries said...

- I agree about basking in new found confidence after overcoming insecurities... Go ahead jaw..I'm looking forward to that post!
- Dry-life-syndrome no too good sha...that was my 2009. I figured - you're only in your twenties once! Now and then we get caught up in the motions of work/school b4 u know it we're wondering where the time has gone. Its essential to make an effort to spice up your life...grab some friends...gpo paint balling, go horse back riding, go on a shooting range and learn how to shoot a gun...but the snow disrupt pesin life...this too shall pass! U berra start makin' some gen gen plans for summer!
- About the toasters, you're right its more quality than quantity. Unfortunately we often get more of the latter...but it will only take one quality toaster to make u regain a desire to be with someone...

LucidLilith said...

Next time you take this kind of hiatus, u will be fined three fowls.

Yankeenaijababe said...

I can imagine girl, hope you get the chairs from craiglist at the right time...Stay blessed.

Nice Anon said...

I always come back to read. I think comments are an interactive thing.

I bum around alot. Can you blame me?? I am at school 17 hours a day When i get the chance to chill my butt will be at home getting sleep and not looking for some party to go to.

Apinke said...

all these issues, na real wah...

all the best in ur house hunting and moving, u'll get a good one

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

LWKM@ you can fedex some paracetamol to them to alleviate the pain.

That your friends aunty has gone through some rough things, that is such a bad advice to give, anyways I don't juge or blame her.

I am also in love with my single life and don't want to give it up anytime soon.

joicee said...

Maybe it is because of the winter, that´s why you feel your life is filled with routine and uneventful...I get that feeling as as well...With spring on our heels who knows what´s in store.

ps We peeped your pic at standtall´s, hmmm Original Mgbeke, you did not tell us you are so fine ehn.

Formerly stealth reader said...

yeah the good family thing annoys me, but then i caught myself the other day judging a guy by the actions of his family who i think are crazy, unruly!some of them chunks of poo.......see am doing it again! (truly ashamed of passing judgement)
ideal world where r u? there r so many stuff i want to do, i dont bother telling most friends for fear of getting the you are weird/boring eye roll.

Anonymous said...

"good/bad" family = judging by moral standing i guess.

Mamuje said...

I totally empathize with you on your house hunting. I have been office/shop hunting for the last 2 weeks without success. Tiresome process, it doesn't help that the temperature in Abuja is about 40 degrees. Scorching hot. Pshiewuw

Sugarking said...

@ "I'm slightly worried. I have no urge/desire to be with a somebody or have a someone in my life. Slight worry because I've been told that as humans it is natural to want companionship and blah blah blah.
" ***Ah, me sef I'm worried for u o! haba! na ice water dey flow for ur veins abi wetin? lol***

Fragilelooks said...

i cme back to check on comments and even on blogs iv cmented on. it kinda adds spice to blogging 4 me. Nwanne,dat ur aunty dikwa mean o.


you just reminded me of how bad I have been with responding to comments. Gosh. *covering face* I have to do better considering I come back to read follow up comments at the blogs I visit and frankly enjoy engaging with the blog fam. I've just been tres busy...


About Nigerian marriages, well, I've been in a 2 week long discussion about one and well, somethings make no sense to me.

How are things?

Blogoratti said...

Life could be so routine at times...been there done that.
Best bet is to break out of routine stuff sometimes-and just do random ish.

Deez said...

That "men will cheat" mentality that some babes carry with them really bothers me. Firstly because both men and women cheat and secondly because not every person is the same.

I swear the thing just makes me weak how babes accept cheating bf's and husbands. Omo pack your ish and go. It's that kinda thing that makes these guys repeat offenders. Plus if a girl already thinks I will cheat when I'm being good, I start to get the urge to prove her right. (Yes I know that sounds crazy)

Olufunke said...

I feel you
Its not easy doing blog rounds.
and as for people wanting to put one in a box.....I am with you.
I also beleive that not all men would cheat

Admin said...

been a min here,Mgbeks hope u cool,cheers

One3snapshot! said...

Mehn. I'm hella late sleeping on your post. Go ahead and sleep, eat, watch through a 5-day snow-in. Shit that's what I would do lol.

Yes you evil child...who says I don't judge you? I do...i just don't tell you to your face...he he he. jk jk....

aw mehn to travel & travel and travel again!!

Azazel said...

Lol awesome post mgbeks.
I liked a lot

Rita said...

How are you doing?

Just to say thank you for the suggestion you gave to me. I have been able to reach out to people in ways I could not imagine. A lady I spoke to concerning her issue prayed for me and as I was receiving I was saying "also to Original Mgbeke :-)

Take care.

theicequeen said...

hehe Laziness to blog and be blogerry social are things i'm suffering from too..which is why even if i have read everything up until the one's i've already read, i am leaving one comment *sigh* this is so haaard! lol

and naa, that whole shuffer and shmile through your marriage thing, as long as he takes care of bills and sends the children to school na wa..and seems to be a scarily universal bit of "wisdom" for all these old soldiers to pass on..scary things indeed o! as per, as long as he no carry any*thing* come house, pretend like nothing spoil...lerrit not be anybody's portion in Jesus name! oya shout Amen! :P

Long story short shaaa this your blog just dey make me happy anyhow because more than half of the time i recognize myself in your er..biko drink merrisin for this your blogger laziness and post regularly!

Olufunke said...

Hoping you return from your vacation soon
How are you doing?