Monday, May 21, 2012

Me, Me and Me.

I really haven't had anything specific to say, hence my extended period of silence. As opposed to a full on post, I have a bunch of random stuff that I just wanna yarn. You feel my p? Yeah, I know you do.

I have been experiencing bits and pieces of what you might call a 28th year life crisis. More and more moments of "why am I here?", "What am I supposed to be doing?", "What do I really want to do with my life?" etc etc. I'm almost 29, I should have some kind of idea should't I? I feel an even greater sense of envy/admiration for people who have those aspects of their lives figured out 'cos I know absolutely nothing.

Groupon and LivingSocial are great, but those sites will have you buying a whole bunch of stuff that you don't need. You're like "ooooh it's just $15...swipe!". Last year, I let a Kayaking tour, 6 pole dancing classes, and 15 Yoga classes expire. I always redeem the food/restaurant deals me na :-D.
In general sha, my attitude towards shopping has been "do I really want that?", "does it call my name?"...and that's how I've done a pretty good job in protecting my debit card in this first half of 2012.

I have a great number of pet peeves/things that annoy me. Examples would be people who don't know how to use their signal (or trafficator in Naija speak) when they turn, people who walk too slow when I'm rushing somewhere, people who take up 2 seats in a full bus/train etc etc. But I think that one of my top 3 list of pet peeves are people who just show up to my apartment unannounced. In this world of BBM, phone, Skype, Twitter, Instagram and all the other million and one social networks, there are more than enough ways to notify me before you make your grand entrance at my home. Don't play yourself and show up knocking on my door without telling me in advance, 'cos the same way you arrived unannounced is the same way you will depart unannounced.

I am not an adrenaline junkie. Everybody out there is living life on the edge going skydiving, bungee jumping, ziplining, scuba diving...ha niile and etcetra etcetra.  I mean, even roller coasters freak me out but I'll still ride on one just to be a good sport. That adrenaline ish is not for me, and I am content with living life sitting on the edge of my bed. Y.O.L.O.

Graduation season is here. I like graduation season. The excitement at being done with school, the hope for the future and all the cool gifts of kerse. I still remember my own graduation day. I was happy to be done with school after I almost made it a career. In retrospect sha, sometimes I think that I was in such a hurry to graduate like my mates had done 1-2 years before I did, that I missed out on all the fun things I could have done i.e. studying abroad. I do remember when I graduated and folks would be like "I miss college life" and I'm like who misses college life? Now I totally see it. The freedom and liberty to do as you please, without being accountable to anybody but yourself (and maybe the people who control the purse strings).

The other day one of the people I follow on Twitter commented on how she is a naturally happy person/not a hardcore person and how she'd see comments such as "Happy people annoy me" and she initially felt hurt by such comments. I told her, girl if you are happy then nothing do you. I have nothing against bright and happy people. In this world where everybody is always like "I'm so crazy", "I'm a bitch", "I don't play", "I'm a pessimist" etc and it's considered to be cool, what's wrong with being a constantly happy kid? If that's your steez then stay happy, stay bubbly, and enjoy your life. Nothing do you.

One of my least favorite foods to cook is Jollof rice. It just never turns out right.

The other day my mom and my sister commented that I can be moody. I was like what?? Then I remembered how back in the day, one of my retail managers stated that I can be temperamental. I have to think about alla that, but I highly doubt that moody is a word that folks could use to describe me #Noselfdenial

I just realized how these set of of randoms is focused on me, me and me (hence the inspiration for the title). Heyy, we all have our self absorbed days.

 And on that note, I is O-U-T. Gotta catch up on ze blogs.


Zena said...

lol, you're still a trip, but we feel you. And we miss you

I am currently going through that crisis and pondering what the hell I did with my twenties, that is the reason I am going to do something crazy like get a tattoo or shave one side of my head and color it purple

Taynement said...

haha. your blog. your random thoughts. No self absorption here.

Men that adrenaline thing is not for me but I think my curiosity is stronger and makes me at least try. All that being said, you will be ziplining.

Undergrad graduation day is still one of the happiest days of my life for so many reasons.

Fried rice is my wahala.

Have a great week!

Zena said...

it is a lie, I remember when we all would be excited to comment first on Mgbeks blog!!! First!!!!!!!

HoneyDame said...

hahaha!!! Good set of randoms.... I graduated barely a week ago and yet I am already wondering why I was in such a rush. I not feeling the "adult" life wan bit!

dosh said...

Lol, notin do you! Write whatever you want and we will always be happy to read.

I want to do everything mehn, I'm not an adrenaline junkee but i just want to experience everything out there. Y.O.L.O.

You also just reminded me about the jollof rice i made yesterday but totally forgot about today, it shall be my midnight snack :D

flabby said...

i was never in a rush to graduate! lol- I always feared the 'real' world.

bumight said...

Just pass all ur unused living social deals my way jor #thatisall

Lol @ living life from the edge of your bed!

CaramelD said...

I think this is one of my best posts from you. It is random and self absorbed but I love it. I have found out so much about you in one post than I thought I knew before!

You are totally allowed to be confused. I'm 30 and confused. Feel free and take one day at a time.

Fried rice is what I don't get, I love jollof rice.

PS You bought yoga classes? Really? Wow! There is hope!

Toinlicious said...

i love the randomly randomness of this post. It's okay to be confused sometime. You'll figure it out.

So when are you responding to my tag na?

By the way, please try sisi yemmie's jollof rice recipe. It's amazeballs ;)

downtheaisle said...

one of my own pet peeves..people dat walk slowly when i am in a hurry and people dat waste time at the atm/cash machine

i used to be like dat with jollof rice,
but try me now...i make one of the best jollof!!!

LohiO said...

haha I also let a 20 yoga class deal expire last yr! I went to two classes. finish!

YOLO!!! I would do anything once! I cant wait to go para sailing and such this summer!

I am a natural happy and nice person. people say it annoys them. I don't care. Life is too short to be sad.

Really your Jrice never turns out right? Have you used the recipe on my blog?? lol. try it!

love it!!!

doll (retired blogger) said...

hey!!!! been a whiileeeeeeeeeee

Happy new year

I miss my undergrad days o! life is definitely harder as you grow up, which is i wonder why we all rush to grow up

Anya Posh said...


jollof rice is easy once you get the hang of it. don't give up just yet.

i miss college days too. days consisting of coffee, library, snacks, more library, and then stupendous hours spent procrastinating with TV shows while 'writing' an essay.

moodiness is not so bad, just be aware/sensitive of your emotions, especially when you interact with other people and you (& them) should be alright.

Enkay said...

Random yet interesting post.

Even though I am not going through any kind of 'age' crisis, I too have been contemplating doing some crazy stuff that I would never have considered before get my hair locked or even get a tatoo.

Some of my friends would be aghast to even hear me talk like this. Hehehe!

mizchif said...

Me i'm clearly in the middle of a mid-life crisis, just that mine translates as jealousy towards people younger than i am. Seriously i look at some girls now like "why so young?" Uggghhhhhh.

Plus i don't have work, so my own case is worse.

I think i'm a closet adrenaline junkie. I must go skydiving and parasailing soonest. MUST!

And yes you can be moody ;p

I miss you OM.

Myne said...

I let 20 kickboxing classes and 10 yago expire on my Living Social last year, they were just 20 quid each. When I checked it later, I cancelled my LS account. Imagine what I could have done with that money :)

Ginger said...

Blog name = blogger's name = content. who no like shouldnt read :)

I miss my early twenties/undergrad no be lie. I think i love the escapism of school which is why i am seriously considering a PhD. sad right?
People call me happy, i call myself moody. diff perceptions i guess.

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good post. I find the groupon finds funny.

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