Monday, June 16, 2008

Nkeiruka has just updated her relationship status on Facebook... MARRIED, ENGAGED or MARRIED WITH ONE BOMBOY ON THE WAY.

Cat damn!

I mean I just logged onto FB and the thing just assailed me left, right and center. If it aint a relationship status update, it's a new photo album showcasing the wonderful details of the wedding day/honeymoon.
And I'm like huh? *Blank stare*

My brain just can't put it together. I swear it can't. For one, it's like ok we are young babes still in our prime. I thought we were gonna wait till we were getting closer to 30 and all partied out before we decide to settle down. (Umm but apparently, it seems like that's just me..LOL).
And I've known most of these chicks for a good minute/have history with them and this lil brain of mine can't imagine them in the wife/mother role.

I mean, half of these babes went to boarding school with me; We knelt on the same lawn for 8 hours, scrubbed the same toilets and campaigned for the same prefect positions in SS3. And now they married? Ok brain..process. process. process.

The other half partied with me; We wore our pum pump shorts and felt cute, went to the same reunions and really did lift up our hands and scream 'baaalllinnggg' in the club. And now they are breast feeding little bomboy while their hubbies look on lovingly. Brain, imma need you to start working hard now.

Or maybe it's just extra strange to me because we aint even 26 yet. Because you see, when I was younger and I thought about brain always jumped to an age > 26. Now I am older, and my brain still jumps to an age > 26. I guess some things don't change.

But, I'm learning that everyone is different and different strokes definitely work for different folks.

I am no where near married, not even remotely thinking of it at this point, do not see it in my short term future (read 2 years or so), and I swear my main concerns now are who to forward my resume to and what color of shoes to wear to work tomorrow. LMAO....priorities sha!!!

And on the other hand, Nkeiru baby is probably ready and has been ready for a minute, can't wait to settle and start doing the motherhood and wifey thing.

Definitely different strokes for different folks.

So, I'm gonna recover from this mini shock at how everyone is growing up and not the lirru babes we used to be. I'm gonna try to separate who we are now from who we used to be and not exclaim 'Yekpa' next time I see a FB status update and immediately of how the bride-to-be/bride and I used to scrub the red house toilets every saturday morning. I will try not to think of how we were at every bubbling party that was thrown and how we met up at the reunion in '04 and partied till the sun came up. That was then, this is now.

But as for me? For now, I'll be content with being the wedding guest who posts up by the open bar, chopulates all the wedding food and flirts with the groomsmen. My state of mind is still 'Girls just wanna have fun' and I'm content with doing just that so there will be no status updates from this end anytime soon.


P.S:- Can I just say that I LOVE you guys? I read your well wishes and I was truly touched. Thank you! :D... My tooth is almost healed and I get to take my stitches out tomorrow.


NaijaScorpio said...

First yay! I agree with u on the marriage thing. Quite a number of my friends have gotten married in the last 12 months and they are not up to 25 or 26 oh! Like u, i can't imagine them being someones wife maybe cos i can't imagine myself being someone's wife. To each his own. I never ready.

NikkiSab said...

Its best to get married wen u r ready. Cos if u aint ready psychologically...den u r f'ed. Takia of urself and really we live in a world of different strokes for different strokes.

Jayjazzy said...

Made it third, i think a lot of people are getting married cos their friends are and that is so uncool, U shld settle wen u see its time. groove life till ure ready darling.

ablackjamesbond said...

Everyone has their time. Recognising urs is key. You will know when its time and i dont think it has anythg to do with age.

BlogVille Idol said...

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NaijaBabe said...

Its th trend now o and you know we Nigerian, when we pick a trend, we will milk it to its last drop!

Getting married early i guess can be a good thing.

Oya do sharp sharp, so I can match my aso ebi with the right shoe n bag and jewelery p

134ElitZ Magazine said...

uhmm...i have battled this one in my mind for the longest time too..lets just say 've given up nd 'm taking the backseat..still awestruck myself at the number of my class mates getting married n all that comes to my mind is I AM SOO NOT READY!

I still wanna be able to go out n check a dude out and go clubbing with my gurls and do nonsense stuff mehn...buh i guess some pple are just maturing too fast mehn...or maybe 'm the only one just not meeting mr rights..

Abeg, where do they find them oo..i heard 9ja weddings is the place to find

nywayz, i guess there is a time for every body(my consolation)

Afrobabe said...

To each his own...a time and place...Guess when you are ready you will do it...Dont feel presured by your is not how soon but how well...

LG said...

i'm with ablackjamesbond on dis one o, babes norrin do u sha, jst which well.

ehen,u don fit chop chicken??????????*wide grin*

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Babes I soooo feel you!
My friend updated her status today and she is married.I am in shock..she is one year older than me i.e. 21 and babes is married! Chei just last year we were blasting her ex-boyfriend for being an idiot and now she is married to someone else! But hey..she's ready
Lord knows I aint! Right now my mind is on Law School and like you what shoes to wear tommorow. My pink shoes matched my pink shirt today..and my leopard skin shoes matched my leopard print shirt thinking my camouflage flats with my t-shirt that says army girl tommorow..LOL
Glad to hear your feeling better!

Flourishing Florida said...

lol. i understand how u feel. wen my secondary sch mates started getting marriedn droves, i panicked. we were still n university, so u can imagine how i felt. den after final year, a lot more chicks n d same level as me were sharing out IVs. ha! but, i've recovered, enough 2 do a post on it sef

bumight said...

and they have facebook to rub it in too!

everyone's time is different!

dat 1 okrika babe said...

Madam I feel you on this post o. All my friends are married or married with a kid or engaged to be married. And Im here asking myself what happened? Did i miss a special on husbands?

Smaragd said...

i dont know why, but just a scattering of my friends (and there are a gazillion of them) with the married update stir any longing within me!

infact i can count them on a quarter of my right hand! seriously! i am 25 and marriage is the farthest thing from my mind ryt now.

To the ones who are eagerly hopping on the bandwagon, i say "A very happy married life to y'all".

Elle Woods said...

nonsense girl..better go and marry.....baba bonboy is not gonna wait for you o

simplegal said...

Thanx 4 stopping by with all that support...Glad to hear you're doing better too.
I hear you oh...Just two weeks ago I was also staring with my mouth hanging open at one of my friend's facebook profile...engaged, one child, one more on the way?! Shaaz I'm taking my time, I have other things I'm more focused on right now...and my parents agree with me :) So, no pressure; Oge Chukwu ka nma!

isha said...

I used to think there was a particular age when everyone should get married, but now that I bunch of my agemates/friends have gotten married, that thinking has changed. It depends on when you're ready.

Nice blog...

flawsandall said...

true true true..marriage is not for everybody and most people are usually not ready..
but wait oh..if you meet someone now who matches all the specs you want in a guy and he proposes to go tell am say you no want? lol.

my friend says "when you meet the right person you will be ready" or maybe not? :)

bumight why will it be an issue of '"rubbing it in" if you really dont care to get married?

single life rocks though

Zena said...


and I thought I had it bad, actually I do...a classmate is getting married in december and she's 22, the other one, 23 is due this month actually, 3 of my friends are getting married, may of next yr and here I am still battling on whether to go out with him or not...

you know what, f***it, when it's time, it's time......I never ready at all

Afronuts said...

LOL...single blues.

I know what its like. been there done it and finally got married just this month!

I guess I'm the wrong person to read this post right now shey?

Anonymous said...

lol.. oya update!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with everything u've said. i think most of these girls are age are rushing into marriage sha so they wont be the ones left behind. give it 5 yrs lets see how happy they are!
i'll be right next to u at the open bar at the next one!