Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happiness + Good Karma

Hello blogsville. Anyone miss me? *Waits with bated breath*...Hahahaha. So many updates but I will attempt to catch up.

On to the main tori...

On a happiness rating scale of 1-10, I'd give myself an 8. I'm just a generally happy person...and nah, I'm not one of those extra bubbly, perky people who always let you know that they are happy. Mine is more of a calmer sort of happiness but I'm still a happy gal.
Don't get it twisted, it hasn't been and is still not smooth sailing on this journey that we call life. Far from it o, but through it all I just always manage to keep my calm and not let things phase me too much. I have always adopted a 'this too shall pass' mentality and an 'I'm not going to sweat the things that I can not control' and I think that these have really helped me.

I don't need to have the top notch material things in life to maintain my happiness (although I must admit that shopping does get me on some kind of The most basic things in life keep me happy: Loving family, wonderful friends, enough money in the bank to pay my bills and a lil extra to put food on the table, blessings from God and other people..etc etc. I'm happy because I have inner peace with myself and others; I forgive easily so I carry no emotional baggage, my level of self confidence and assurance is at a 9 (will blog about this later), and above all I am happy because I truly believe that I also have that peace that comes from trying to form a stronger and closer relationship with the G-O-D.

I bask in my happiness and in turn try to do good things to the best of my ability for other people because that also makes me happy.
Which leads me to the next point...

Good Karma
Good Karma or blessings from decide, but this might also be a contributing factor to the above mentioned general state of happiness. Sometimes it's like wow, why are people so nice to me? And then I remember that I try to be nice to others to the best of my ability. Don't get it twisted...I'm no angelic being walking the face of this earth but in my own little way I do try. I guess what goes around does come around, and everytime someone does something as simple as sending me a care package filled with goodies or a bunch my favorite european chocolates, I am truly humbled by the kindness. When someone offers to give me their log in info so that I can study for my professional licensing for FREE or offers to buy me that new bestseller that I've been dying to read, I am truly humbled by the kindness. I mean, people are nice to me and I'm always like 'Who? me?' It may seem small to you, but every little act is appreciated by me.

I recently went to one of my favorite African restaurants around this end and noticed that the cashier who is normally very nice had a serious attitude that day. So instead of adopting a defensive approach, I flashed my 32 and asked 'Long day?' and she replied 'Yeah, it's hot and everyone has been giving me attitude etc etc'. So I kuku told her 'Awww, how about you sit in your car for like 10 mins and cool off, I hope the day gets better for you' and would you believe after that little convo, she told me not to worry about paying 'cos the $25 worth of food that I ordered was on the house. I attributed it to good karma and took away a little lesson from it: 'Always inquire about moody people's day, it just may lighten up their mood that someone asked in the first place + you could score some awoof stuvvs'. LOL

And on a closing note, some random little things that make me happy:
  • Getting my glamour subscription in the mail. Ahhh, I HEART glamour magazine.
  • FUN times with friends. I love to have a good time, anyday...anytime. As long as it's safe, painless and legal. LOL
  • The smell of fresh laundry.
  • Traveling and seeing new places.
  • Thrifting. It's like an absolute treasure hunt, I think that even the malls have lost their appeal as my love for thrifting has taken over.
  • Reading comments from bloggers who say things like 'I think your blog is really cool'. I'm always like 'Ahhh, lirru ol' me?' Thank you guys. :-)
  • Putting in hard work at the gym and getting comments like 'You look good'
  • Hanging with my Philly fam! With these set of girls, it's always guaranteed laughs and a good ol' time.
  • Bantering with folk. I love a good ol' playful exchange.
etc etc etc. The list dey long...

On that note, I'm off to bed.


bumight said...

i think im finally back!

bumight said...

people send you care packages and European chocolates? *faints*
and i thought i had been meeting good people!

Note to self: im going to go try out the inquire-about-their-day tip at my favorite naija restaurant, and it better work, or else im coming back here! (why do i sound like the step mother in those tales by moonlight stories?)

Unknown said...

OMG.... I'm second. I'm second. That's such an achievement.
*does the makossa dance*, lemme go read!!

Rene said...

third!!! i'll humbly manage
i love the smell of fresh laundry too
*mental note to self* inquire about moody people's day to score some awoof had berra work
I missed you o!

Unknown said...

Nice post.
I'm bout to put some stuffz into practice like asking about ppls mood. That's one things I don't do. Once I see someone is mad, I just believe they need space to chill off. I don't need nobody giving me some attitude. Hmmmm..... but now, I say gone are those times. I'm bout to start asking in a very caring manner. Good Karma, I NEED!! Who knows, maybe I'd get my own free!!
Who no like free stufz??haha!!

Yinkuslolo said...

$25 on the house is def on the good side of karma

Anonymous said...

lol...happy,happy also nt all those bubbly happy peeps...i keep it real.

Ada said...

awww.. I def feel you on being happy.. you are a wonderful person, wonderful things better happen to you o jare.
oh and I forgot to tell you to drop your number in my inbox, my phone pafuka'd and I lost all my numbers

Anonymous said...

Guess your happiness tries to seep through most times... And it does make a difference for the other chap who's moody to genuinely care enough to ask--- food for thought for moi...

Tinu said...

I missed you!!!!hehehe
i like the smell of fresh laundry too!!!nice post! gOOD KARMA does exist had a free cab ride home once cos the driver said I was soo polite!my mama would be proud!

AliceDCL said...

oh good karma...
i totally agree ,it pays to be nice.. but it hurts when u are nice to someone and they give u attitude in return..
glad u are happy.. i am on a high also.....

Anonymous said...

this post made me wanna hop on my magic carpet, fly over and give you a hug... which might be slightly difficult. so opt for virtual hug!

Nice Anon said...

Yeah good karma is a very good thing. You are like me in so many ways. I LOVE to have a good laugh and I am generally a happy person. Nothing makes me happier than to have a good laugh with friends. I love the smell of fresh laundry too. I like to hang my clothes to dry.

Welcome love. Missed lots I have. Pls do put the photos that you took there up soon. ( you know the beach

bArOquE said...

hope you slept well, i woke up with a cramp in my left you dey?

Lady X said...

When will I ever be the first here ehn?
People tend to be nice to you when you are nice to them. I'd really like to smile at everyone. But then, my cheeks would hurt...

Anonymous said... nice wot u did with the cashier...I'll make a mental note to not get grouchy wen someone is grouchy with me...keep the happiness flowing...but did u know joy is a higher level?...enjoy!

Rita said...

Really loved what you did to the cashier. Reading your random things...I just had a smile on my face. Why wont anyone love you?
Welcome back

SouLBoutiQue said...

Yay, so you had fun! and a nice tan I presume! and I love your recent likes. I love the thrift stores as well. We must see sometime this summer oh! Have a great week!

Reverence said...

the 55 million dollar question is have you used the log in info? lol
Lorr you gal..
and yay you are back!

Tigeress said...

:) You are just a happy person. Pls keep it up!! We need more people like you around.

Please check out my recent post on

Beulah! said...

Hey girl, u r so right. Being nice pays off in d long run. Me with the cashier, I would have just boned her as she take bone me but I think I've learnt differently now.
No joking, your blog is cool, I always look out for your updates.

chayomao said...


BSNC said...

I think your blog is really cool. like really really

where have you been, yes i missed you ooo. sweet dreams ..

Chomy said...

miss you for where? one missed you jare, certainly not me!!! hehehehehe awwwwwwwwwwwwwww the Razzstar herself has come back o....abeg wetin you bring back sef....DHL to me asap!!

mehn i hate nice, happy people. they are no fun always flunting their happiness in my face. kill me if they also have self confidence and assurance....what the hell kind of crazy talk be that one? my friend pls kwusi kwa that one!

i dont kno this Nice Mgbeke o, cuz the one i deal wit is so not nice to me...and if you are not nice to CC, then the whole statement is null and void....

biko gwam the number of this place wey dey give free food....inukwa, me that is always asking ....they always think am foreign even when i speak ibo and pidgin, wetin i go come do nah....ok now next time i will even sef take it up a notch and ask them about their family back in the village and all that good stuff, shebi that one go increase my Karma status??

ewwww all this nice talking is making me nauseous......make i commot here before i catch a case of unncessary happiness/niceness......(Exit dark cloud)

Repressed One said...

You were missed oh!!

Hmm happiness...i have a hard time with that word for some reason. I'm not dark or calamity ridden oh but i sha have a hard time with the word. *shrugs*. I'm very 'this too shall pass' too tho'
Good to hear about your relationship with God getting better and better...It shall continue to be so.

I love a good laugh too mehn...I laugh very easily too. I laugh so hard i get headaches/cry. Give me a few funny pple and i'm having hella fun

Ms Sula said...

Welcome back stateside, darling!

Hope you had a good trip. You really do come off as a nice person(not annoyingly nice) but genuine, no-baggage carrying, I'll say it and say it once type person... And it's refreshing and is a blessing.

I hope you had loads of fun... and that my little prediction is on the way. *huge grin*

*Diane* said...

welcome back! you forgot to take me with you...

Original Mgbeke said...

BumTight: Yes you are, how were exams? (I assume that's why you were MIA). Yelz yelz, I gorrit like that. :-D
You should try that out but no side eye me if dem no give you free food o. LMAO

FaB: I'm dancing makossa with you kwa. Teeheehee

Rene: LMAO, like i told BumTight no beat me if e no work o. Isn't fresh laundry so wunnerful? Yay, someone missed me...thanks lady. :D

FaB: I'll ask but if I get serious attitude I will leave them to stew, my sister free stuff no bad at all. I chop that food well well.

Yinkuslolo: You know what I mean!

Leggy: Yeah, bubbly happy can be plain annoying.

Ada baby: Thank you darling, your comments always make me smile. :-D, I claim am for myself o. Will shoot the digits over.

Bagucci: I shooo can't contain it. ;-D, yeah even me sef learned a new lesson that day.

Tinu: Thank you, awww I feel loved. :-D, isn't it so wunnerful when good stuff like that happens? Puts a pep in your step.

BBB: Yelz o, I straight up roll my eyes at that. Yeyerism, I'm not that nice. LOL. Yay to the happiness high, a good feeling innit?

Kmplx: LOL, that made me smile. A virtual hug back at you tooo. :-)

Nicey m: Told you that ya my sister from another mama naaa. I truly love a good laugh and when I laugh, tears roll down my eyes so I always warn my friends to not crack me up when I am wearing mascara. My dia, I no get camera o (el cheapo like me) so I will wait for one of my peoples to send me pics. lol

Baroque: I enjoyed my sleep o. Ehnnnn this one wey ya left hand dey cramp, wetin you do oooo? How you dey na? Bodi dey inside cloth o!

LadyX: One day one day, ya time dey come. And yup people are nice when you are nice, lol at hurting cheeks. I can't say that i walk around with a smile permanently plastered to my face either.

JustDoyin: Glad you could learn a lirru sonthing. I want joy to ooo, joy unspeakable.

Rita: Thank youuu, that put a smile on my face too. It is good to be back, I appreciate it. :-)

SoulB: Yelzzz o, we must ultimately jam this summer o. Like word! How are you rocking your summer break?

Revs: Nooo. *blushes*, I will soon! LOL, lorrr you too and thankeee.

Tigeress: Thanks lady! Happiness makes the world go around, I checked out the post. Certainly liking that blog a lot!

Beulah: LOL @ boned her as she take bone me. Too funny, thanks my lady! Now if only you would update on a regular basis...*side eye*

Chayoma: Ask them ooo...who tok am.

BSNC: I don sleep well, wake up...thank God. Thankkkks, I am back o, went on a lirru vacay. Gotta make my rounds soon and see what you have been up to.

Original Mgbeke said...

Culture Cynic: No try me today o, before I land you one HOT slap. *oops, I am supposed to be nice*... *picks up halo and readjusts it*...Hello Culture Cynic, how was your day? do you need a foot massage or some home cooked jollof rice? LOL, this babe I don miss you and your craze sha.
Abeg I dey mise the #, you wan go finish my awoof. Dem send you?
Bwahahahahah @ asking about thier village, maybe they will even hand over ownership of the restaurant for that one. Heeelarious! Biko carry my dark cloud and commot before I chase you with broom. *Picks up halo again, as I prepare to turn my charm back on for other commenters*

Repressed: Wooohooo, someone else missed me. :-D, intaresting take on the word 'happiness'. Ah wellz. Amen o, I claim that my relationship with God will continue to grow, I am far from perfect but na only grace.
A good laugh is always IT, I maintain that it keeps me looking younger. LOL

God-sis: Awwww, thank you! That's so sweet, it is a blessing for real. I learn that every day.
Ok so errrm your prediction didn't pop off in that end o, I really didn't think it would. There were a lot of hotties ooo but I no sabi speak spanish. :-D
Well, we shall continue to chook eye. Update na! I miss your updates.

Diane: I wanted to put you in my luggage but dem no gree. LOL, how bodi na?

Penelope...! said...

Original Mgbekeee Ohhh
U will not kill me!!!
Shei i have been lukin for u left right and centre...Because u deleted ur blogroll now, its affectin me too and im not sure how!

Ok il be back to read. Just thot ild let u kno dt i feel wronged.

Penelope...! said...

Btw im saving ur url...if u change it now, il know dat u dont lik me.

Penelope...! said...

but i feel sumwat stupid oh. I shud hav figured the url myself ei? Is it not the same thing as ur name?

Im being blonde ei?
Ok im going. sorry.

Anonymous said...

*sigh*.. Original Mgbeke I wanna be like you oh. Maybe I should try some of these your 'nice' tactics sometime.

Blogoratti said...

I see what you mean about the Karma thing..and good to see that your scale of happiness is that high.
Thanks for stopping by at mine's... Nice week!

neuyogi said...

Oooooh a fellow GLAMOUR lover!!!

Chomy said...

ummmmm btw Glamour= total suckery!

Enkay said...

Judging by the way most of your posts have a way of making me smile, I'd say I already guessed that your happiness ranking is quite high.
Only Happy people can put a smile on other people's faces that easily.

That cashier sure won't forget you!

Rebirth said...

i love getting my glamour and cosmo subscriptions..... it makes my day! and those u look good comments after slaving at the gym all month? definitely worth it