Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 is the lucky number...

5 things that I would like to do:

  1. Take a vacation to a foreign land with me, myself and I. I’d explore the destination, meet the locals and enjoy lots of me-time.
  2. Learn how to DJ. I’d really love to do this but I need to shadow someone first…any DJ’s wanna give a sister a lesson? I even have my DJ name already picked out. :-D
  3. Learn how to drive a stick shift. I started this, and got too impatient so I gave up.
  4. Move to New York City.
  5. Be a flight attendant in my second life.

5 things that I look forward to:

  1. Weekends.
  2. Getting my magazine subscriptions in the mail.
  3. Trips to the library.
  4. Any opportunity to shop.
  5. Any opportunity to travel.

5 things that I’d grab if my apartment caught fire:

  1. My passport.
  2. My blackberry.
  3. My laptop.
  4. My handbag; it’ll have most of my essentials.
  5. Can my closet count as one item? LOL!

5 random things about me:

  1. I know the numbers to my debit and credit cards offhand + my bank account # and routing # to one of my accounts. When I pay bills/place orders over the phone and online I recite from memory.
  2. I think I must be the only person on earth who doesn’t have a TV show. If it ain't CNN or shows that are already up onDemand i.e my new love of Dexter (Also watched the entire seasons of the Wire, Capadocia), then I don’t watch. When people rave about shows like Gossip girl, ER, House etc etc …I’m like ???
  3. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a huge grammar Nazi. Ha Ha Ha!
  4. Who said sleep is for the weak? Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do.
  5. I HATE drinking water. I once went for weeks surviving on soda and juice. These days I make myself chug at least 1.5L of water on a daily basis to maintain my skin/healthy lifestyle. Ugh!

5 things that I’m wearing right now:

  1. Black floral print dress.
  2. Red pumps
  3. Bath & body works exotic coconut perfume. (Very yummy)
  4. Black wig :-D
  5. Purple bra. (Don’t side eye me…I ran out of ideas!)

There you have it. 5 things in a nutshell...My own meme! It's copy written. :-D
I tag whoever is in the mood to do a lazy post/just for fun post.

Black in America 2 was pretty good. Like I said after watching part 1, I didn't quite know what to expect but I definitely enjoyed watching yesterday's show. Steve Perry certainly impressed me...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

in ur face fabulola!!!

Anonymous said...

anyway...i enjoyed it too..did u see south africa and did u notice where the blacks live?and did u notice that they never show us these parts of SA...?when naija will be tlking about rebranding peeps would be tell me any place in naija thats like that?

Ms.O said...

yay second!!!! I enjoyed reading this!

Yinkuslolo said...

haha, i am guilty about all those shows oh. GG, Desp Housewives, apart from Dexter.

How can u count ur closet as one item, haha.

tunrayo said...

lol! no, your closet DOESNT count as one item.

Anoda Phase said...

Being a flight attendant is serious fun oh...u may want to consider doing it in this

If ur house is on fire, babe, trust me, u won't remember nada...

U know all those nos. by heart? Genius!

I also don't like drinking water; have to force myself whenever I do...

Nice one; will try it sometime...cheers

Sassy Trends said...

LMAO.... nic..nicee..
Why do i have to highlight the whole of your page before I can even read anything?

QMoney said...

i love bath and body works too!!!
lol at been a flight attendant,even with all d crashes and missing planes

CIL said...

Ummmm can u change this ya template... I have to highlight to read and e don dey taya me...

I know my card and acct numbers by heart too and I'd grab the same things if there was a fire.

I also dont have any shows... I no even get TV sef make e remain but when I'm bored I choose a show and have a marathon session...

Worelse ummmm... that's abourrit.

Lady X said...

I have thought about being a Flight Attendant as well. They recruit a lot over here and they even train you and everything. Who knows, I might do it if I'm feeling spontaneous!
And Dexter...That show is on point!

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

I use to dream of being a flight attendant but with all the crash, I sharply forggot it.

Nice read.

Unknown said...

I liked the Black in America 2 too.
And the Steve Perry guy was really really impressive. I admire what he is doing.
Who doesn't love sleeping?? I appreciate my free sleeping!!
I'd try and do this for FUN!! :D

TayneMent said...


48 said...

ah consider me tagged, so doing this later today.

me sef i wonder about people who say "sleep is for the weak" More like "sleep is man's best ally"

Kate said...

Me too with the numbers!!

Unknown said...

i'll do one soon
beautiful template

Rita said...

Copyrighted meme! Nice one...
what makes u wamt to learn how to DJ?

Chomy said...

yes to moving to NYC....wanna do it next year???just dont come to my' hood.

yes to Dexter, am i psycho, so i can totally relate to him...:D

missed Black in America 2, becasue my mind was still suffering from the first one...(actually what am i saying i missed it because i was on catching up on the daily show. will on demand it and catch up before next episode.

Yes to you being a DJ then u can give me free VIP entries to whereever you are dj-ing

Yes to purple bra, because randomness should go beyond outerwear

Yes to the floral print, because lets face it it fools people into thinking you are sweet.

Yes to the red on heels much!!

weird to the number cramming....what is wrong wit you, spend that brain space storing more valuable info like CC's birthday gift registry code...get familiar!! if only ur craming came in handy when u were peeping expo at your GCE...(bam!!!)

yes to the travel bit, life is too short to spend it only in one place...go see the world, better than formal education.

YES to closets being one item, the reason i dont have roomates is becuase my clothees are my bff's...have one in different zipcodes and continents!!

what did i miss??

what did i miss?

Unknown said...

I'm so with you on the DJ thing and moving to New York. OK, scratch that... Moving to manhattan.

I'm also fussy about grammar (except you are JENIFA), but I always make the corrections in my head - ONLY! I no want wahala.

Drinking water! My self-destructive tendencies manifest themselves in my eating & drinking habits. Enough said.

I'm an anal-retentive guy when it comes to numbers - especially ones that are of no use (registration numbers of exams that I did a million years ago, friends matriculation numbers in school, phone numbers I've deleted, car plate numbers of people I don't even know, etc. If only I can remember my school work this easily.

I enjoyed this one. Well, don't I enjoy all your entries?! LOL!

Fabulo-la said...

Leggy wetin I do u biko??

A week without water????

Lolia said...

I'm prettu sure you wouldn't be able to grab your closet and run but I guess it would be worth a shot...

Meanwhile LOL @ the stick shift thing...I can't even be bothered...

Oh and I know my debit card number offhand toooooooo! :)))

chayomao said...

DJ beks,
i enjoyed this!

CIL said...

Oh yea... Move to the UK and you'll be forced to learn how to drive stick... Assuming u move to a "matchbox" like Cardiff

Writefreak said...

Oh i thought my hubby and i were weird...we love Dexter!

Olufunke said...

Interesting list!
We all would remember the copyright of this meme is yours

I can see you really love to trip and you would be a flight attendant in your next world :-)

Original Mgbeke said...

Leggy: Definitely a good show. It appeared that the black poor folk lived in the slummish areas and yep they only show the ajebo looking parts of SA. lol

Ms. O: Thankee. Glad you did. :-)

Yinks: You need to hop on the Dexter wagon. And *ahem*, my closet can be one item o. Teeheehee.

Tunrayo: Why can't it be? :-(

Doyin: I know you were a flight attendant. I'm Jelox! You should definitely try this meme soon...and true if my house catches fire I will be too busy freaking out to grab nada!

SassyTrends: Really? I'll have to look into this.

Qmoney: It certainly is a risky job. I heart Bath & Body...count me in for their semi annual sales. I stock up!

CIL: I definitely gosta look into this o. Yaaay I'm not the only weird one, people always give me strange looks when I say this.
Ok you are worse than me. LOL, no TV? I don't watch much TV but I gosta sleep with the TV on so a TV is essential in that aspect.

LadyX: Word? Lemme know if you do so I can get some free flight hookups. :-D
Gotta love Dex. I'm wrapping up season 2 tonight!

Red hair girl: Yeah men these crashes in the '09 are no joke! Thanks lady.

FaB: Do it! Do it! Do it! Yeah Steve Perry is the man. I'm going to CT to hail him. lol...Yay to sleep. Looking forward to some of that this weekend.

Taynement: Tiff, Tiff!

48: Tell me about it. I've been known to call into work that I'm gonna be 2 hrs late just to catch up on ZZzzzzs. So shameful, I know. lol

Kate: Yaay! Another wiardo...Ha Ha Ha.

Original Mgbeke said...

Tisha: Thanks lady!

Rita: I have no idea. I love music and I don't see too many female DJ's around. I think I'd do a good job and bring the fire to whatever occassion it is. How have you been? :-)

Culture my babe: Girrlll as soon as this recession lets up, I will be back on that job hunt. I wanna do it! And charraps, I'll be in your hood.
I love Dexter..LMAO. Serious issues. Black in America 2 wasn't bad at all...I think there will be a re-run on Saturday eve @ 8pm. If you're not out bubbling you can chekirrout. I see you feel me on a lot of steez *high five* but charraps again, number cramming rocks! LOL. And ohh no you didn't take it to GCE...lmaoooo. Craze chick!

Olu: We are a match made in some kind of heaven. LOL! Manhattan is my dream...own a loft in Manhattan but *ahem*, na BEANS? Unless I marry Donald Trump or somn. LOL
And duuuudeeee. My friend called me one day 'cos she was registering for an EZpass and forgot her license plate # and of course I knew it. I be remembering random numbers like that. In general, I have really good memory...
Thanks! When are YOU gonna start blogging? lol.

Fabo-la: I know right. Bad Mgbeks!

Lolia: Yay to one more weirdo. :-D
I would definitely try to uproot the entire closet and grab it. Ha Ha Ha!

Chayoma: Thanks ladyyy.

CIL: I usually learn well under pressure/when I have no other options. I guess I should move then. LOL

WriteFreak: I guess we are all weirdos. The show absolutely rocks.

Olufunke: Catching trips and traveling is lots of fun. I'm always looking for a way to get away.

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

I enjoyed reading this.
My debit card number and such is memorized aswell lol. I had to memorize mine basically for online shopping and pizza delieveries lol :)

LoloBloggs said...

Go for the lone traveller thing, best decision I ever made. 6 months 9 countries and me, myself and I.

Quite a neat meme ;-)

Nice Anon said...

I like the list you have put together. As much as I like the idea of going away somewhere I cannot help but think what if they kidnap you for dia?LOL Just kidding! Do it!

I look forward to weekends because they are theonly days i get to sleep in .. no 5.30am wake ups for me.

webround said...

recently i couldn't sleep and i ended up watching the complete season 4 of "the wire" on demand

put this in your diary - jan 17, 2010 you should watch the opening episode of '24'. that is a show you should not miss

grammar Nazi? more grammar Nazi's are needed

Unknown said...

Won't that be cool? You marry Donald, while I marry his gorgeous wife, after she has made a LOT of money from the VERY DIRTY divorce. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lol..really five is a lucky number I prefer eight:P..

Let us know if you do go into dj'ing though, so we can come rock your partays.

Honeywell said...

flight hostess? i must say, i wasn't expecting that one oh..... and yeah, the black in america 2 was pretty good....nice to hear something upbeat after the sobering part 1...nice blog!

Aphrodite said...

Loved the meme and ur sense of humour.
Will be back.

Repressed One said...

I used to be the same way with numbers/cards. I knew calling card numbers/credit and debit cards etc. Now i only know the number of my main bank card.

Me tooo!!! on the Flight Attendant tip

Chomy said...

u are telling me to update....YET u haven't.....take your own advice woman

Chomy said...

uninspired....have you tried shopping!!?? it will put a dent in your wallet but it will give you somthin to be excited about....but then again u might get too high and never come back so tread wit