Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Long ting...

...It is way too early for my oga to be annoying me. I think that if he busts one more move, I will SCREAM. Or do you think that a BARK will be more appropriate?

...Jarrai/WordMerchant left Blogsville? Where was I when this happened? Ah well, C'est la vie. Life is about changes anyway, so let's welcome the new generation of bloggers. One day, people will cry and ask 'where are they' as we are currently asking about the whereabouts of some of the older ones.

...Groupies irritate me. Will do a blog post on this one day.

...Leggy and FaB! get me confused. This could be because FaB! has some long looking legs in her profile picture, everytime I see both of them blog ids, I think of legs.

...Just discovered Bracket. I play 'Yori Yori' everyday; at least 5x a day.

...It's July already?

... Any hot plans for this 4th of July weekend? I can't believe my DMV folk don't know of any popping cook-outs around these parts. There goes my fantasies of cook-out hopping looking for awoof food and drinks. DMV folk, represent o! If all else fails, I'll make one of the weekend days a movie day. Make I go see this Transformers and Proposal wey all man dey yarn about.
Nice Anon, I had better be screaming and stuvvs, as per Transformers na on some mental rumu rumu steez.

...Speaking of rumu rumu, what? when? how? I'm confused...where did this slang originate from?

...Anyone seen the Koko Mansion contestants? Is the show gonna make it to Youtube 'cos me, I gosta watch o!

...I read 'Act like a Lady, Think like a man' by Steve Harvey. Good book overall, according to Mr. Harvey, men need 3 things: Support, Loyalty and Sex. In an effort to check if Mr. Harvey was yarning the truth, I decided to poll one of my male friends to inquire about the 3 things that he needs from a woman and replied: Food, Sex and the Remote. To which I responded...'Are you an animal?'. *smh*
I'm just saying though, all these men talking about 'feed me, f*** me and shut up' really need to head to the Zoo to chill with their kind.

...See what I said about MJ? Even his pet chimp from back in the day is getting CNN coverage.

...Speaking of CNN, I'm looking forward to the 'Black in America' coverage coming up this month. It berra be better than it was last year 'cos after watching last year's episodes, I wanted to write Soledad O'Brien and ask her what exactly she felt she was sharing that was new gist to all concerned. 'There are many black single mothers', 'Black men face more challenges than white men', 'There is a high ratio of black men in jail'....errrm, can someone say old gist?

...Still on the CNN topic, seems like MJ related interviews will be the focus on Larry King live for the next couple of days.

...And still on CNN, imagine if Larry King dies. Don't side eye me...death is inevitable. But seriously though, he has been such a constant on our TV screens for soooo many years. My TV is constantly on CNN, and so I catch most of his interviews. Duuuude, whenever that happens just know that weeknights at 9pm will not quite be the same again.

...Seriously, can I just go to an event and have a good time? I'm kinda sorta getting tired of folk telling me 'keep an eye open for potentials' and to 'shine eye'. Eeeek! Did I tell you that I was worried about that?

...C'mon now. The BET awards wasn't that terrible sha compared to the hot ghetto mess of previous years. In addition, they just had 3 days to prepare na for this tribute. Make una cut them some slack. The sound checks were suspect sha! And am I the only one who LOVED Beyonce's dress?

...If you no like me, dem tell you say I send? Folk be feeling extra special sha. I ain't worried about you, so kindly keep on catwalking and don't worry about me.

Aniwoos, make una enjoy your holiday weekend. Mine starts today. Y'all keep it safe and if you're in the Yankee area, abeg no purge on too much BBQ'ed ribs and burgers o. Ha Ha Ha!


The Girl with the Red Hair said...


mochahourglass said...

What? Second? I'm the Sugar.Honey.Ice.Tea.

mochahourglass said...

Yeah, "Black in America" this time around had better let me in on some new angles. On top of that, CNN claims that it took Soledad months to shoot the last special? Highly doubt it...more like week..tops!

Repressed One said... about random lol. No scream or bark oh, it IS a recession.

lol@ 'are you an animal?' these brothas no go kill person. I like that yori yori song too btw.

I dont think the awards was that bad this year only cos they had 3 days to put it together...i usually don't even watch it. You might be the only one who loved B's dress...looking like a big ole bag of metal skittle with her bed hair...mschew

Enjoy your holiday whatever you get into missy...

TayneMent said...

WHy am i never firssst?waah.

I dont know what to comment on so i go just lol@all

@repressed one did you mean the awards or the tribute? either way I have not seen it so I cant say but as i read on fb.If they couldnt find singers they coulda found dancers but its hard to imagine that awon Justin, Usher even Chris Beater were unavailable.ah well

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Taynment. Chris Beater. lol
but no I was wondering the same thing. i was sooo expecting Usher or Justin to come and do their own version of the moonwalk.
Jamies was...well whatever.

Iono I ddnt think it was all that sha.
it was good, they honored d man. Some pple sha....wanted to mention Mjs name...*rolls eyes*
But whatever.

Oh I LOVED B's dress too!
And Alicias too!

Unknown said...

You most definitely don't want Larry King Dying anytime soon.......the media buzz'll be crazy......btw...what 3 things do women want the most??? lets see if we really are different ....

Original Mgbeke said...

@ GWTRH: Yay! I will send you a cookie.

@ Mocha: You gets a cookie too with your sugar honey ice tea. LOL. Yep, I know right...talkin' bout she filmed the documentary for months. Uh uh!

@ Repressed: Random na my middle name. lol...Men I will try not to bark but I am this close.
LMAO, haba na...make una cut B some slack. LMAO @ metal skittle. I will have a good time, and you enjoy yours too Ms. Lady!

@ Taynement: You were first once. LOL. Hahahah @ Chris Beater...I'm sure MTV will grab all the folk who didn't make it to BET.

@ Brokeass: Jamie try small naaa. He really did try, lol.
Ciara's singing was such an embarrassment. lol @ people wanting to mention MJ's name.

@ BlackVoltron: Let me get back to you on that question. :-D
But yup, the media buzz in the case of our Larry kicking the bucket will be ridiculous. Hopefully, not anytime soon.

Reverence said...

i dont really like Jamie. actually don't let me lie. i dislike him.
but when he sang that duet, i was reminded of why he is famous.
i LOOOOVED Bey's dress.
was I the only one that felt funny when he and ne-yo were singing independent woman and had the dancer chick doing all kinds of strippery moves? like what gives?

ooooh come on gmail. i have gist.

Anonymous said...

i hated her tired f the mj coverage and i also gats watch koko mansion.

Chomy said...

would invite you to come and partake in my holiday plans...but u will just take up all the good swag, so no invitation card in the am going beaching and thrifting in case u wanted to know....cookouts are are so EVERY OTHER YEAR!!!!

SOL at you barking at ur only bark, howling nko....??

didnt u know that some men are simple animals....their overall evolution is subpar and animalistic...they see with their eyes, think with their penis and talk with their hands...i berra not get hate mail, it is true.

AND i was going to do a groupie post, but since u r up for it, DO so then i can come here and write epistles ....

i am gonna come back here a few more times to add on, right now i have to go bark at somebody and eat....then am off to my holiday adventure....

sidenote..o u shld try seeing the hangover after was very funny, i enjoyed the slapshtick comedy of it all. warning transformers is LONG so smuggle in some snack essentials before u

Kemberly said...

no 4th of J plans?!?!? Look at me that is talking, ask me what I'm doing myself!

Please don't talk about Larry King dying! I don't even want to think of that! Who's going to take over his show?

The BET awards were whack as hell this year. I was especially disappointed in Beyonce!

SouLBoutiQue said...

I think the CNN special will be a bit better this year. She should also focus on Foreigners that are black in America! That would make a great story compare and contrast african americans and 1st and 2nd generation black kids from african and other decent you know! As per B! I liked her dress, not the hem as much but loved it. and last but not least man DMV is getting dry! The old heads have retired and the youngins just don't do it like we used too, lol. But i know of one cookout sha. If all else fails I will be in NY jare, lol!


Anoda Phase said...

u just discovered Bracket? oh my "yori yori" that song...n yes, the kokolets r doing well in d koko mansion...I'm watching them now self...I think they r being assigned a task or something...

Nice Anon said...

I am looking forward to that as well. Black in America i mean. When Larry King dies I think the show should just stop all together.
I think I will hit up some party or something. Go crazy and have some fun. If you don't get the satisfaction that I got watching that movie eh.. I will KILL U!

Kate said...

I usually go for screams..high pitched eardrum bursting screams.

OMG..don't get me started on groupies...wait you mean famous ppl groupies or the worse kind..non famous ppl attention seeking type groupies?

Nice Anon said...

I forgot to say that BET awards is razz as hell. Except for the first ever show or whatever. The rest na die! Who the fuck is TINY? just because you are having some rumu rumu with TI now you get your own show? Dem no see better persin like I donno Amber Rose maybe to give show? What the hell is that hot ghetto mess show called frankie and neffy abi wetin dem call now? Abeg that channel na waste of time.

Miz Cynic came up with rumu rumu and Nice Anon made it popular get it right!

What is the fascination with beyonce? I ask this honestly

Anonymous said...

ohhh I want the post on groupies!!Do you mean like blog groupies?

Anyway I saw the koko namsion contestants online, na so so igbo They apparently get the show in Jand but I dont think we're getting it in North America.

I cant stand when people take themselves seriously. I think some people recite to themselves everyday that people actually give two about them or their thoughts. Very sad.

Penelope...! said...

"Food, Sex and the Remote" lmao! thats just riddiculous!
and yeah, They wont let us hear word bou MJ oh. Everything with him seems so important to the media now...soon they'll start talking about his socks and his toothbrush...abeg we can all like to move on with our lives abi CNN...dat network self. lol

ANd Bet awards really wasnt soo badd ooh...pple have been criticising dat thing bastardli...surprisinli, i didnt mind the whole award show...tho some ups n downs but abeg jO!

Who is disturbing you? DOnt worry, report to my aunt CC. Shes a warrior, she noes how to handle shit like this. lol

Adaeze said...

I love these kind of random posts.

I wonder what would happen if Larry King goes too. That skinny spider never gets tired lol.

I think the BET awards did a good job too. Only had 3 days to put that together!

I like Jamie Foxx but I kinda dont like him too..I liked him when he played in "In living colour" lol

hey! I'm here, that's what I wanted to say. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog. I appreciate them.

Lady X said...

LOL You read the book! I think I started one of my posts with a quote from that book once.
I really wanna watch that show!
You can go to to see the contestants. I can almost swear some of them are lying about their age hehe!

joicee said...

Ver nice random post...Me likey
I hope they put the koko mansion online so we can watch as well ...cos I am a bit curious.

CNN wants to do another black in america series..what is this new obssession with black people in the us lol

I will have to see this transformers everyone is talking about although I will wait while before it shows here.

Have a nice weekend!

chayomao said...

BET awards (watched the encore) was actually better than i expected oh plus i don't think they went MJ overdrive (besides we suppose do am OVERDRIVE,dude was a legend RIP)
Bey's dress didn't do it for me, not even close....
Abeg oh Larry King is a TV icon...Haa, if that one goes....FINISH! u have got to see Transformers...AWESOME! will try to fit The proposal into my schedule. Thinking of Public Enemies (Christian Bale + Johnny Depp = Smoking HOT!)....

Unknown said...

First up: Go and read my comment on your last entry. I feel offended. LOL!

I remember a recent entry where you said RANDOM was your middle name. I disagree! Random IS your first name.

Where do I start... da, da, da... where do I start...

...OK, here we go:

*I think a BARK will be cool; ppl have been screaming forever, and it's now a cliche.
*If "groupies" doing stuff with others, then I'm totally with you. I'm a one-man army.
*Yori Yori is fantastic!
*Yeah! Koko Mansion - that dumb sounding show. I hope they have sex on screen sha! LOL!
*I love the Food, Sex and Remote ish. Funny as FUCK! LOL!
*MJ. No comment.
*OK, enough said.

Thanks for your concern; I appreciate it.

Tigeress said...

I actually found the Black in America series rather interesting. It was a reminder of challengies black folks face here and most especially it made me more sure of moving back home to Naija. I think i'd rather face BS from my own kindred than WEsterners.

Unknown said...

--SCREAM is too lenient, I think a bark would be much more needed and would send across the message!!(this didn't come from me)

--Thank God somebody has finally been hit by that 'Yori Yori' song too. I just love love looove it. I like how there's Igbo in it too.... ;)

--I hope Koko Mansion comes on Youtube too. All the FB statuses from my friends in the UK about how this girl is this or that...... don tire me finish!! I need to see it for!!

--Go and see the proposal. Seriously, its really really good. You'd like it. Somebody I talked to said Hangover is good too. You might want to add that to your list. :D

--I mean CNN is over-news casting MJ's death. If he had finally Rested In Peace, the rate at which every nes station mentions his name or talks about his Neverland or his last show or this or that. Mehhn, the man would be turning wherever he is. Seriously, the MJ thing should rest abeg!!!

--Yea, I loved that dress Beyonce wore at BET to take her award. Very Fab!!

And yea, enjoy your July 4th and the weekend... go see them spark the fireworks around!!!

ugo said...

koko mansion is funny as hell, wen u get to watch it, just look out for Rita, dats all i gotta say, lwkm. love her still. Rita ti win!!!

Nice Anon said...

The Koko mansion is now on youtube. I don laff tire. Those chics are very VERY razz.

Anonymous said...

My friend says MJ must be on a treadmill wherever he is at the moment based on the number of times his name is mentioned!

Totally random post.. Me like!

Lolia said...

Love "Yori Yori" :)

Hate groupies

Can't believe it's July already either...

Koko Mansion is on youtube now so you can go check it out...

The BET people tried sha you're right...

And last but not least, hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you're enjoying your holiday :)


Bibi said...

Yep, koko mansion is officially on utube. Very disorganized. I only saw a couple of minutes though. Okay....err....wetin you talk about again sef? I don forget o. Random dey confuse me. lol

Chomy said...

yeye woman...emi ke??

wetin i come do you know???
was gonna do it but ur harsh words is making me rethink it....

but i guess jabs are the only way we show our love abi.....yeye woman right back at u then..


Tinu said...

I loved Bey's dress!!!
this is the lonk for kokomansion

Anonymous said...

you can watch it online oh! here is the link the girls are hella razz

Repressed One said...

Ohhh i'm loving the new layout. I've been thinking of changing mine but laziness to go find better one.

Anyways...check out this place Let me know if it works