Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little stroll down memory lane...

Raise your hands if you were guilty of any of the above. :-D

-I remember growing up and my parents were on the strict side. Who born the maga wey wan collect boyfie at 15, 16? So when guys wanted to call me, I would tell them to call my house and ask for my brother, just in case my parents picked up the phone…so that if such a thing occurred, my bros would use style and pass the phone to me when they weren’t looking. Chei, one day my mama caught me sha o. Hahahahhaha…now it’s heelarious how she calls me now asking who the dudes in my life are. LMAO

-I remember when we used terms like ‘Omo that guy dey razzle me’, or that guy dey ‘chyke’ me. ‘Toasting’ still reigns though. Who dey toast una now oooo?

-I remember when guys used to put effort into ‘toasting’ babes. As in, dem go make arrangements to scoop you up, carry you to Mr. Biggs while you blushed over your meatpie and fanta and he would drop lyrics laik say nah hin be the reigning emcee on the block.

-I remember when the toasting stage would lead to the ‘asking out’ stage and as a bigz babez, you had to form o. There was no way a guy would ask you to be his girl and you would instantly reply with a ‘yes’. We always said…’let me think about it’, even though you know say you go marry am if hin propose sef. Of course you would use like 1-2 days to think about it while the bobo’s heart would be beating rapidly. Chai! In this day and age, do guys still ask women to be their girl sef? Hahahahahaha.

-And speaking of being toasted, I remember the goody bags that toasters would bring. I remember when I used to go to lesson and this toaster of mine brought a goody bag filled with cookies a.k.a biscuit, candy a.k.a sweets and chocolate, five alive etc etc and all my friends gathered around me oooh-ing and aah-ing and of course some people wanted to just join and chop the food. When I come tell the bobo say I no want, his friends called me oh talkin’ bout…’after all the money that he spent on you. He spent N700 to buy you those goodies’. LMAO…then N700 was a big deal sha o.

-I remember all those baffs that used to reign. Pedal pushers, elbow tops, hipsters, spaghetti strap…you name it! Kai, e get some babes wey dey operate on some strictly DIE HARD movement, as in dem go carry long sleeved top to the tailor make hin adjust am to instantly produce an elbow top. Voila! Or they would cut leggings into pedal pushers. Hahahaha…it’s quite funny how we were all so into the latest trends then and these days some people couldn’t care less.

-I remember when guys used to actually write love letters and some of those extra ones who would be singing on the phone. LMAO.

-I remember when we would go to parties and after a while they would turn off the light talking about ‘it’s time to dance blues’, and all we prudish babes would quickly go and find our seat, after all good girls like us did not dance blues with no guy. And for the girls that remained standing, we would gist about them the next day talking about… ‘That Nneka is a bad girl o! She was dancing serious blues with Tommy at that party…’. HahahahahaBut on the real, speaking of dancing…we used to maintain a safe distance will dancing, none of that backing up like they are sexing on the dancefloor type of steez that one sees nowadays…and for man’s hands to even reach my hips, was such a huge thing. LOL, I really used to be a goody goody sha.

-I remember when babes used to borrow baffs and it wasn’t nothing. Your girl would call you and say ‘Men, e get this party on Saturday…can I borrow that your blue spaghetti stap top?’ and you’d say…’no problem, I’ll be home by 5pm so come and collect it’. Good ol’ days.

-I remember when not everyone had a cell phone and certainly not a home phone so sometimes the best way to contact some people was to call their neighbors house and the neighbor kwa would go and find them…but ultimately, the lack of phones strengthened our friendships as we were forced to go and visit each other.

-I remember ‘chancing’ at Naija parties. You would be dancing with a guy and another guy would come and chance the guy that you were dancing with. Ha Ha! Try that in Yankee and see if someone don’t kerk out on your a-z-z. Oh, and guys used to actually dance with guys and it wasn’t nothing…now all this homophobic kini don reared it’s head.

-I remember as bigz babez we did not want to be caught dead on an Okada but you had to get to where you were going so we would hop on it and take style to hide our face… unless you were like the konk ajebo that had a car and driver at your disposal 24/7. But don’t knock Okada o, na on top Okada wey some babes dey meet their man. I mean…imagine you on top the Okada with your cascading waves of weave flying in the wind, na so some bobos go just tell their driver… ‘follow that bike’ and that is how this girl I know met her husband. True talk. :-D

-I remember those summer lessons. PH in the house? E get one reigning lesson wey dey for 2nd artillery abi na Rumuodara, one of them sha o. Me my work at that lesson was to wear my latest baffs and look cute. I used to skip classes like a good # of the time sotay one of the teachers actually came to visit my mom and report me. I just denied am sharp sharp! LOLThat lesson was totally hitting sha o. Na there wey babes dey find summer boo and what not. Ahhh memories.

-I remember going to buy soda a.k.a mineral and you would have to carry a bottle to give the mallam or return his own bottle. Or when guests would come and you would make a quick run to buy them one bottle of mineral. My mom gave up on buying crates of mineral because it would be gone within 2 days. And stuff like Five Alive and Just Juice? That was a complete luxury. Hahahaha…America good sha ooo.

Man so many memories sha and there is more where that came from. I know without a doubt that I had one of the best childhoods evAr and I continue to look back on those days with fond memories.
What do YOU remember about the good ol’ days?

*Edit:- I just had to call all you guys know the ones that used to approach babes at parties and say 'excuse me dance'. Yes ooo, I remember y'all. Olu, Webround, Bagucci...make una come confess oooo.
Funny story, e dey this Aba bobo wey don watch too much Gangsta movies, na hin he con see one babe wey just return from Yanks at one party and so going off his gangsta lessons hin con approach the babe and said...'let's dance Bitch' in a very igbotic accent. *Dead*


miz-cynic said...

omo, im first. the funny part was "follow that bike"-hilarious! guy here ...toosh bloke o just admitted to having done it before in those days...lmao.

Yinkuslolo said...

u know, i am fond of my okada/going/keke memories. first thing i will look forward to riding, wheni enetr naija.

i remember my breast divider school bag

Fabulo-la said...

Ah mehn! I rmba the first time I entered bus... I think I was going to gate, one konk area like this in Ibadan. I was too shy to shout OWA OWA!
Mehn I waka that day mehn!

uNWrItten* said...

awww..this was funny..i miss those good innocent days. It seems you were a PH babe, i had family there but cousins went to abuloma sef..but i miss naija you right about the visiting friends thing, that time you will escort your friend to their house when they came to visit lol, me i didnt use to send anybody i will ride okada!! but sideways not that wide legs sturvs..i had to form poshness somehow plus i went to one of those ajebo schools in lagos so you know now..
mmmm i miss the days of baffs oo..when i wanted spaghetti tops in different colors or those joka jely shoes...or even watching NTA (which i used to hate)..chai i need to do my own post...nice one luv!

Giagerry said... hands are sooo raised!

Omosi Thisgirl said...

lol, some of the things here bring back memories, especially going to your friends houses, we used to go to another state just to party and visit.

mizchif said...

Mehn, dis babe u rock sha oh, no b small.

Me the one i remember is going upstairs to my landlords hse to watch DSTV as my papa no gree put "sattelitte dish" for anoda pesin house. And they had a son i had a crush on so we'd hold hands under the chair while watching cartoons.

Oh i also used to play manger and secretary with the same boy while my sister wld be the messanger and we'd send her on errands so i could sit on the managers lap. lol.
How did we even know about such affairs then?

Original Mgbeke said...

Miz-Cynic: LMAO, for realz. Babes dey shame to fly Okada but dem no sabi na 'see and be seen' type of steez.

Yinks:Air go just dey blow you anihow, di ting sweet be small thing. Oh you mean the 'monostrap' bags.

FaboLa: Men na to duck and enter that kain bus o. Which kain toushe babe will be shouting Owa Owa. LMAO, I no blame you my sister.

UnWritten: Awww how could I forget escorting your friends? It was the proper thing to do back then. Okada sideways ke? I dey fear oooo. Chei Joka Jelly...memories maaan. Do yours make I come laugh for thia. :-D

Gee: Answer present. :-D

OmosiT: My extent of out of state waka was when I snuck off to Enugu during one midterm break. My parents found out and grounded me, LOL. Kai...I too waka o.

Miz-Chif: You just KILLED me with that one. Kai, holding hands and sitting on the managers lap ke? I don die ooo. See 'spoiling'. LOL!

exschoolnerd said...

you really took me down memory lane oh...remember those "baffs" wear them now for a million dollars...back then if u weren't knacking hipsters and a spaghetti top u be old times..miss em!

BSNC said...

lol my hand are up o.

i remember. kai i remember oo. this is a good stroll..

Tinu said...

lmaooooo!!! i remeber the chancing and how we used to count how many guys we danced with!!!!lmao

Unknown said...

::screams bloody murder::

::sighs in indignant disbelief::

I can't believe you exposed us like this. OK, enough of the theatrics.

*I definitely remembering chancing (and being chanced) on the floor.
*Cross trekkers
*The 'mummy and daddy' ish.
*Baggy Jeans (which I still wear. I can't stand skinny jeans). etc, etc.

::rolling on the floor @ 'excuse me dance'::

Fantastic post!

Shubby Doo said...

lol...excuse me dance...hahaha

Ebony~!* said...

This was sweeeeeeeeeeet mehn, hahahah especially wen dungaries and bandana use 2 reign! KAiii this post was just a memory!!!!!!good ole inocent days, this world is spoiling cheiii.

Odunayo said...

'let's dance Bitch' in a very igbotic accent. *Dead*


Ms. 'dufa said...
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Ms. 'dufa said...

LMAO. Nice post. Back in dem days o, before dis world take style spoil finish.

When I was in Js2, i remember one dude calling d house. The kind of insult my mum reigned on d guy eh? Hmmm...d guy neva spoke to me again.

I remembr d Akpola's and Scull(those wooden heels), i remembr when lotz of ppl started wearin Akpoche (velvet.) I remember playing hide and seek in d dark (we'd off d lights) at our neighbours place (they were boys)

LWKMD@'lets dance bitch.' and finding husband on okada.


Sulihp said...

"follow that bike"......hilarious...i can't stop laughing

blackrubies said...

Cascading weave ...ha ha the following on okada is to funny.....
but mehn childhood was good in those days , now...

Scarlet said...

Chai!!!! you took me for a long stroll down memory lane. Just this afternoon i was remenicing of my skool days.
Men back in the days fronting was the ish!when the guy asked u out u had to keep him waiting for like a day or too but not too long!!!
@ "excuse me dance" i haven't herad that phrase in ages

@unwritten: my mother never bought me joka jellies and back then i felt lik i was missing out on life! i was the only one who never had one of thoes!!

Nice Anon said...

Remember what happened the last time we went back memory lane. Are you sure you want a repeat of that? If so I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

oh skousers and skedals...
my mom refused to buy me a bandana and i felt cheated...
acting was a good way to bond with boys
and oh how i miss escorting my friends.

Anonymous said...

*kilt* at "follow that bike"! Why did that bring a picture of Mike Ezuronye to my head?!

'Flash-back' moments: when Collectibles was the creme de la creme for all 'baffs', Sunday afternoons at Big Treat, "all boys out!!!" at club parties, when 774 was the number to have (multilinks auto classified you as 'top class'), etc.

iphyigbogurl said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooo....mgbeks u have killed me with this
mehn okada used to be my thing oh.....until pupsi drove past me one day...dat day ehn...i smelt

kai!! i remember hipsters, monostrap,pedal
u are a correct ph babe!!! mehn i dey rep ph too!!! brap!!!!! lol
nice post..had me lol-ing all through!!

Danceslave said...

lol. this gyel enh... okay I totally CAN'T relate to any of this...

jk jk. lol it was nice to get boys who did all those to try to get your attention. sweet memories indeed

Danceslave said...

p.s. lol I peep the "follow that bike" and "let's dance bish" that shit will always have me rolling!!

TRYBES said...

Really creative..

Ada said...

I haff died.. Mgbekssssssss oh
chai this girl. I am weak

TayneMent said...

hahaha!lmao! Mizchif has kilt me with her manager story lol!

Anywhoo, I remember my Joca Jellies.

I remember carnival on easter monday.

I remember my "Cross" earrings back in the 90's.

I remember mixed tapes. Where you'd go to a "dj" in the market and tell him what songs you wanted on your cassette tape on side a and side b.

I remember having to baff up plenty when going to church. St Agnes was for baff showoff sha not for worship.

Anonymous said...

OM!! Come on now!! That is a lie!! Someone met their husband on an okada!! Come on gerrout of here!! LOL! If that is the case there is hope for us all!


Nice Anon said...

Remember those old school phones that had round dial things? They weren't touch tones so folks will lock it with padlock. Na so persin go wan make calls but their popsy don lock the thing but trust na.. there are ways around it.

should I continue? Ok be backk

bumight said...

babes, ure a trip! i don raise my hand so tey, i tire.
as for the "follow-that-bike" tip!, someone has done it for me before. i was on a bike and he was trying to get my attention, i thought it was someone I knew.
when my bike stopped, and i was paying, he got out and started toasting. LOL!

bob-ij said...

Mgbeke: ahh you're too good. What happened to toasting and chancing???? looooool.....hehehehe wow how did that even happen. And girls even liked it. My entire household is dying and boys dancing with boys..I know! They should try it now! and umm pedal pushers?? bad memory!

webround said...

kai! original mgbeke, why u come put us for spot..?

since i went to boarding school, 'excuse me dance' happened every day friday night during the weekly social night (during the dance). and even on the dance floor, senior boys will be oppressing you, always 'chancing' the junior boy when he's dancing with a fine babe but who born the junior boy to go chance senior boy dancing with babe?

my elder brother's set was the set of 'italo' sandals (so called italian sandals), baggy trousers- those ones that widened at the bottom to practically sweep the floor(my popsi told me they also had it during his days and then they called it - 'keep lagos clean')

Deji D said...

lmfao @ "let's dance bitch". some dudes do way too much. ah ahn!
I experienced every one of those things. I remember when i called one babe and her dad picked up the phone and threatened to kill me lol. now its funny, but then i was numb...thanks for the memories.
shout out to all the okada ruff riders in the building. i have mad miles on okadas.

.. said...

Ahhh..My hands were up most of the time..LOL..The good old days...LMAO @ "lets dance bitch"*Dead*..What happened after I think is best left to the imagination..LOL..

Rayo said...

pedal pushers, lol. i rmb all those.
lol@ 4min big girl nd not takin okada, omo me i so love biking!

Anonymous said...

'let's dance Bitch' in a very igbotic accent. *Dead* - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehe....gosh funny ass shit!

LusciousRon said...

Those days were da bomb! You had to have the skaekens skirt made of sun rays materials. Leesons etc

I miss getting love letters. Those blues times at parties, if you try it ehn, you go hear from all your friends!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha...lets dance bitch...and i remember everything oh...gosh!!childhood in naija rocks!!

Original Mgbeke said...

exschoolnerd: For realz! How could I forget skouders abi skorts. I had a pair, was feeling funky with myself too. Hipsters and a 'spag top' was really the bomb. Kai

BSNC: Keep on strolling with me honey. :D

Tinu: Chancing sometimes worked for our own good. You might be eyeing a bobo you are dancing with and someone else comes to chance or the bobo that came to chance is who you were eyeing so we'd be happy. LOL

Olu: LMAO why are you rolling? You know you said 'excuse me dance'. Oga Chancer. LOL. Yeah men skinny jeans dikwa very 'interesting' on these men of nowadays. Back then for lesson, bobos go roll up one exercise book and put am in the pocket of their baggy jeans.

Shubby Doo: LOL, na the line be that!

Ebony: Haaa! How could I forget dungarees and a half top inside? With bandana? Oh my days, I am cracking up here!

Odun: LMAO as in the bobo felt he was dropping the hottest line of the century. Hahahahaha

Ms. Dufa: Wow, Js 2 the bobo no fear? Men could not even call me in SS3. wan try th Akpolas (back in style in the form of wedge heels)..even Akwaoche sef is in the form of vintage velvet. Too funny!

Suhlip: LOL, dem think say dem dey act film.

Blackrubies: Honestly, childhood in it's innocence was really sweet. I miss the days.

Scarlet: Ahhh it is good to reminisce. *sighs* really had to keep the man waiting o, only as a correct babe would do. I don't remember if I ever owned joka jellies oo so me and you, girl!

Nicey m: Let's go there! You know you want to. LOL

Anon @ 6:45: LOL, my mom never bought me any of the baffs. Thank God for older sisters. Escorting friends was fun ooo...these days na to see them to the door and that is it. Sometimes you go even waka go their house with them.

Original Mgbeke said...

Anon @ 7:52: Girlll, Collectibles was the spot. It was only cool to say 'I got this from Collectibles' even if na for Tej market wey you buy am from. 'All boys out'...hahaha only the CORRECT boys stood the test after an all boys out. Wow, God bless Nigeria! LOL

iphyigbogial: Chai..see those baffs. We dey baff up for that Naija ooo. PH till I die!I rep hard...:-D

Dans: Hahahaha, let's dance bishhhhh. You know you love it. LOL

Trybes: Thank you sirrr.

Ada: Abeg resurrect ooo. I no wan lose my in-law. :-D

Taynement: OMG, I remember mixed tapes too and 'side a' and 'b'. Heelarrr! Girl, church was like a see and be see place. I used to look forward to sundays.

ANon: I kid you not. LOL, for real time your driver wants to take him out tell him not to worry that you will hop on Okada. You just never know...Hahahahaha.

Nicey m: LMAO! Heelarrr! I heard of that ish o, na so so 'make calls after 6pm when Daddy gets back'. Come back abeg, we gots to kick it!

Bumight: LMAO, I can't believe someone actually 'followed the bike' Kai! Naija guys I dieee. Oya o, Anon who was doubting me, this is proof right here. Bums so wetin you tell the bobo na? LOL

Original Mgbeke said...

Bob-Ij: Na this violence wey dey abroad make bobos dey fear to chance in case someone pulls a gun. LOL...guys don't toast anymore oo. Too funny!

Webround: You know say na my work to put una on the spot. So you kwa dey do 'excuse me dance'. LMAO...I knew it! And I know that as a senior boy, you were Oga Chancer. LOL
Hahahaha @ 'Italo' abi na 'keep lagos clean'. Too funny

Deji D: No blame the bobo na, na too much 'Amelikan' mofie wey hin don watch finish. LOL @ the girl's father finishing your life. Men me sef acquired some Okada experience in Uni days. Fun times!

Rose: LMAOOOO, I don't even want to picture the kind of evil eye and possibly hot slap that she gave him.

Rayo: I heard it is even worse in lagos as in keeping up appearances, no one wants to even enter drop talkless of Okada.

Temite: That story still cracks me up every time. LOLLLLL

LusciousRon: So you kwa dey get love letters. LOLLL...with lots of shelling and typos I imagine? Gotta love it.

Leggy: Yes, childhood in Naija was the bomb. I really miss those days.

Unknown said...

anyone remember L.O.P. (land of plenty) anoda one of d baff kingdoms......won't trade growing up in naija 4 anything else

Myne said...

Nice recollections, chyking and all that makes me remmeber those days, chei!

Nice Anon said...

Speaking of "mineral" this babe i met a couple of weekends ago bin ask me where her friend went to. I told her she went to the store to buy more pop( soda) for east coast folks na so the babe was like " na wa oo since wey she comot go buy mineral" I swear eh the kain laff wey i kon laff. I was like ppl say mineral in America? Na real waya!

Bia who dey knock okada here sef? I tell you Okada was the shit back then. I even had my own personal okada! Yes dude used to come and wait me around our "yard" so that i can hop on whenever. No be for free sha.I think he even had a crush on me.

Remember back then when you will "lap" a friend so that you won't pay a seat for two. Na so the conductor go dey vex up and down.LOL

One time like that na so i collect slap because I dey escort my then bf home. My aunty caught my ass and slapped me till tomorrow. Na wa oo sotey the boy write me love letter saying sorry after that.

It is unbelievable how many dudes I used to crush on! It was more than 10 i swear!

Or when we go kon put relaxer for hair with gel. na who born the idiot wey wan tell you different sey you no kon look good na? Na so we go dey shine feeling funky! LOL

the school uniform super short and tight but a long sleeve shirt then fold it into a short sleeve! Kai plus babes wey go kon wear furry boots in naija weather dem go call themselves the snow babes or some stupid nickname like that. ABeg i dey come. I get plenty jare

Reverence said...

remember the pictures with the white border they took at unilag and all the other universities. i just found one of mine while i was moving. and guess what i was wearing my spag top with the ong skirt complete with the slit by the side and some funky shades with my akpola sandals... i was posing like i was the ish. i almost died laughing just looking at the picture.


ooh wee.... this brought back some serious memories.

wow. Those goodie bags were something though, shebi? This is why I always say Naija boys can toast babes die. Big ups to all the Naija guys and all the men around the world that know how to make women feel uber special. =)

Admin said...

thought u saw my mail right

Flourishing Florida said...

bia, chick, u carry first for class??? dis ur memories tanda oh. lol

Dojaa said...

I remember that at one stage all I wore was either a Pedal pusher or hipster, how ridiculous!
Did anyone wear clogs? One day In Ibadan I had to get on a bike, and my foot got stuck in the tyre and it basically shredded my wooden clogs, hahaha.....ran to Idia like a mad woman to get a fresh pair, broken clogs would had ruined my PR for life.

Kate said...

you enh! you are just my constant comic relief! :dead:

~Sirius~ said...

passing the phone tactis.
recieving calls at family friend's houses. pedal pushers. remember the shaba skirts!lol

lovely post.

townncrier said...

my hands are up,...from the guys perspective sha ! But for that issue of 'I will think about it',better don't be deceived.Some boys can also act !

miss.fab said...

Lmaoooooo lngkmd! I fell off a bike once... it wasn't funny then o! Hahaha at the gossiping about girls thing. I remember my first party as a freshman - the things my eyes saw ehn, lol! And oh my gosh the days of Mr. Biggs and Sweet Sensation toasting... lwkmd! America is good o, chai!

afrocouture said...

hahahaha oh i cant stop laughing.

and it had to be an aba boy huh..

Aee Bonrue said...

LMFAO! @ let's dance bitch! Chei...i don't envy that guy cha!

Mgbeks, i love this joint...

My word! Joca Jellies! "Cross" earrings! what i would do...!

& mixed tapes! Wayo! I stole...ok..."took" my uncle's favorite mix-tape once. he'd gone back to school in jos when he realized(it was my favorite too naw! and he could always get another, he was a big boy...i was an eight year old!) the dude almost killd me walahi!

St Agnes...St Leos...all join for the showoff marra...kai! those were the days!

Anonymous said...

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QMoney said...

how do u manage to bring back all this memories??anyway,guess what??i/we still carry bottle to give mallam or return his bottle to buy drinks oh but mallam sef don dey sell five alive now.....its now affordable..just juice is still top range and its not seen everywhere

I was once labelled bad bad girl for singing "let's talk about sex baby....." in school,i regretted singing that song oh

Geebee said...

You sure got your way of evoking fond memories. Those were indeed the times . . . the good times. I still have some of my unsent love letters somewhere I can’t remember now.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...


memories memories memories...I MISS A LOT!!

I raise my hands but i no!

Nefertiti said...

LWKMD... ROTFL! Babes, u are too darn funny, mahn! LMAO @ blushing over ur fanta and meatpie while the guy be giving you lyrics... Hands all the way up, gurl! Funny as hell.

Who remembers using an actual iron to flatten their hair in boarding school on 'social night', or being 'planless'? Somebody mentioned their parents locking the phone... *Dead*

Thanks for stopping by.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

I raise hand oh!!!


Me self, i follow wear spaghetti and hipster.

Dance patra and butterfly.

Can't stop laughing

Olufunke said...

This girl too funny.
My hands and my lags dey up
Oh my God, I remember those 'baffs', the akpola's, curling piece hair, bandanas etc and we used to feel so so cool those days.

Lessons rock, we took extra time to dress up for lessons.

And me dey rock 'molue' well, that was the cheapest means of transport to go see my friends( with all the preaching, drug selling and fight drama)

@ Nefritti: I remember locking phones, and who still remember those NITEL dial phones ( with no redial button), you roll, wait for it to roll back, and then roll again.

I remember those tapes too, I remember being so skilled at 'cellotaping' the tapes when the radio 'cut' the tape, awe use Bic Biro to roll it when the radio 'chops' the tape

OMG! LOL@ 'let's dance bitch'

You brought back so many memories

Buttercup said...

Let's dance bitch..hahahaha! Thanks for taking me down memory lane mayn. Rushing to get drinks for visitors was a regular occurrence in my house. Remember skousers(sp), the skirt and trousers combo..clogs and platforms..and any clothing that had drawings on them after Sisqo's Unleash the Dragon came out. Chai, I wanna go back!

Andrea said...

Good memories
lol@ "'let's dance Bitch' in a very igbotic accent" t

tobenna said...

Yes oH!
I remember almost everything you mentioned here.
Clearly from the same generation!
Excuse me dance!
Other guys chancing in on the babe that managed to agree to dance with you. Chei!
I raise my TWO hands OH.

temmy tayo said...

Oh,my childhood......thank you for bringing the feelings back.

Neo said...

first time here

already lovin ur blog

another proud convert here!

doll (retired blogger) said...

nice one

Adekunle Shobowale said...

You shouldn't have gone there....
I remember Burgers at Murphys Burger and Frenchies.
Pre-Varsity, and the Arcade place on Allen. I forget what it's called now.
Whoa Good Times...

ada said...

Lmao...follow that bike.This post had me in stitches

Ope Adebayo said...

Oh lord.You are one funny girl and i love uuu! Do you guys remember 'treckers'? .