Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Secondary School: The different categories of Individuals.

I went to a very reputable FGGC. By reputation, our girls are known to be very fine, accomplished and generally very correct. (Hi Haters) :-D
A bunch of us also migrated to this end and so I've been hanging with them a lot these days. Every time we get together, we reminisce about how things used to back in the day, the punishments that we served… ‘Kneel down and fly your hands’ or those cries for ‘A junior girlllllll’. LOL. Fun times…

Either way, I had to sit and think about the categories of characters that we had in secondary school and so I present to you...

The Popular Jingos aka bubblers: These were the ones who were popular chicks in school. If we had a Press club or Senior Lit event, na these popular jingos wey go climb on top stage to mime to songs. They were known for being hot steppers and usually had official roles in all the happening social clubs on campus. People in this category usually ended up getting the role of Social Prefect and they knew all the who is who that there was to be known in school.

The Spiros aka SU: These ones were always in church or some kind of fellowship. You would NEVER find a spiro climbing on top stage to mime to songs. Ah ah, that one would be breaking news o. It would make headlines. Most of these spiros ended up being the Catholic prefect, the Protestant prefect or having roles in the fellowship scene. We usually kept an ear glued to their conduct off campus in order to determine if they were living the spiro lives off campus as well or if they were bubbling.

The Defaulters: Ah ah, if dem tok say write down names of noise makers, these ones would always make the list. Their ‘brush’ was on some defaulting status and they never obeyed the school rules. These were the girls who would scale campus gate or leave school without prior approval and permission. They hardly ever got roles as prefects because they had already earned a reputation as main defaulters.

The Daystudents: These ones were pretty much on the dry side. We didn’t know much about them, as they came and went after school was over. We did have a couple of bubbling day students sha but it was pretty rare. They were dry by default and only came in useful during Valentines day events when we needed them to help us buy gifts that we could send to our ‘vals’.

The Ajebotas: These ones were known for ‘janding’ every summer and coming back with some nice ajebo looking stuff. They had groupies and followers because of their ajebo status. If you looked inside their lockers, you were bound to see a bunch of rice kripsies and other ajebo looking provisions. These group of people usually ended up also falling into the popular jingo category.

The Americanas: This one na new one because one semester we got to school and discovered that a whole bunch of ‘Americanas’ i.e Girls who were born and raised in Yankee got sent back to Naija to go learn their culture or whatever. It was like an American explosion on the school grounds... Na so so we go dey waka pass and hear ‘schwi schwi’ phonetics…most of these girls by default fell into the ajebota category and these ones na the tried and true ajebotas for never in their lives had they ever had a reason to fetch water in a bucket and carry it for one mile to their dormitories, never did they have to take baths in such bootleg bathrooms or hold their faeces in for 1 week because the toilet situations was just not cutting it…amongst other things. He He

The Wannabes aka Swagger Jackers: In all sense of the world, these girls were naturally WACK and DRY but they were really sweating the Popular jingos, Ajebotas and what have you and tried their very best to be recognized as such. Unfortunately for them, we saw right through their BS and they ended up being the virtual punching bags of the people that they tried so hard to be like (although everyone else knew it, but they didn’t).

The Efficos aka Bookatees: My school had this habit of announcing the top 3 and bottom 3 in their classes on assembly grounds and the efficos never failed to make the list of the first 3. They were known for their studious and serious ways and a bunch of them usually ended up being appointed as prefects because they were considered to be a good representative of the school. Most efficos hardly ever climbed stage to mime.

The Bad girls: Some of them fell into the popular jingo category as well. These ones were known for being badoski babes. In fact rumor dey fly say some of these girls had done abortions (some of them dey use hanger for the abortions sef), while the rest of them were known for sleeping with their boyfriends. Abeg o, at 16 what did we know about sex? In my mind these babes were BAD girls. Na these same babes wey dey scale school gate to conduct rendezvous with men from the neighboring Government college. Most of these girls fell into the defaulter category as well.

The Razz babes: Just like we had our popular jingos, we also had our razz babes. Very razz babes who no send anybody’s side and so they got their own form of respect for staying so true to themselves.

The Outcasts: Those babes wey dey wet their bed even up till SS1-3, those babes that were known for stealing and/or being kleptomaniacs. Those generally DRY chicks who no one gave 2 chits about, na the outcasts be that.

The all rounders: They didn’t fall into any specific category and could relate with most people in the different categories. They were generally liked by all and were a good asset because of their versality.

Did I forget anyone?Ha! School was too much fun sha o. I sha observed that most of the efficos kept up the trend and turned out to be those super achievers even here in Yanks, the Popular jingos also kept the trend and some of the so-called outcasts actually metamorphed into some really correct chicks.


Omosi Thisgirl said...


Omosi Thisgirl said...
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Omosi Thisgirl said...

Ok now to actually read the post

Anonymous said...

lol...ha ha ha ha.i went to a private day school...i always envy when federal students start their stories.sigh.school must have been happening.

Yinkuslolo said...

i dint go to an FGGC, but i can def relate.

u forgot the snitches! haha, even the jingos cud be snitches.

where do i fall into, i guess eficos, i wished i was a jingo but i ended up in the efico side and moved to the jingo side, without any sweat. shett mehn! boarding school is d beginning of wisdom

Sankofa said...

So which one did you fall into? Razz or all-rounder? Lol. Nice post though

Omosi Thisgirl said...
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Omosi Thisgirl said...

I was in a Feddie school for only one year, I was definitely a boti when it suited me. My other school was small (200 students) and boring with occasional moments of deep and very suprising madness.

Neo said...

i declare myself an all rounder tho my school was pretty much 2 categories: the hard boys/girls and the rest.

Now that word makes me laugh "hard" what in the world?

Nice Anon said...

LMAO! Those wannabes no be small thing o! E get this babe that time wey too dey feel. Na so she go borrow persin "pedal pusher" go party for concord hotel na. When dem fight na so dem open her yansh for school. LOL You dey remind me plenty things o! Make i no kon blow up your comment box with tori sha.

Did you by any chance go to FGGC Owerri?

How about those half casts den? One of your neighbours carry letter write give this half cast boy wey dey go Govt college that time. Even follow am go swim.. na so hin papa go dia meet am .. dragged her by the ears all the way home. Abeg make I no start sha. Plenty tori dey!
How about those babes wey dey gather together and give their group name like the "snow babes"
Na so dem go dey oppress themselves by wearing furry boots to school o!

Deji D said...

Hmm I wonder which category you belonged to.

After leaving school, I realized that I was a part of almost each one(minus the outcast sha lol).

I swear I used to envy the razz people because their Yoruba skill were too clean. I made up for it my being precise with my pidgin. Even Warri people go fear.

Boarding house was crazy sha. Too many trips and too many stories. I'm still vexing for some useless seniors that beat me sha, but its whatever.

Azazel said...

Mehn i dey feel this post o..
Mgbeks, lol i can definitely definitely relate.. Norrin do u.. Lmao @ badoski babes.

Myne said...

Part time Day Student, Part time All rounder/Effico here. Not that I did much reading, maybe novels sha.

Nice round-up, some people have been dragging me to go to our Asso. in LA but I saw their FB page and all na sets wey don finish tey tey before them born me. LOL.

Which FGGC you go?

TRYBES said...

memories,memories...good ol' memories..Thanks for regaling me with memories that always have me jeerin each time i remember..

But what group do you belong to?

L-VII said...

which group did you belong to. I am gonna guess that you were an all rounder.


Tinu said...

loool!i was a defaulter o!not the jumping over the fence kind noise making when names of noisemakers came and my name wasnt there i def wasnt in school!
and a little bit of the all rounder!lool

chayomao said...

Feddy Chikita Right thurr...
Gosh school days.
i guess i fall under the all rounder category :)

Reverence said...

oooh memories. i begegd mumsy to let em go to feddy oweri ehn.. chei! the woman no gree.

i ended up going to a school where she was the the VP. oh the memories.

i think i was mostly the effico/ all rounder( only becuase no group could afford to have me on their bad side) that also made me the most popular girl in school , i suffered sha. As in, if teacher came into the class and there was noise.. " Reverence, you are hear and they are making noise?" automatic double punishment for me. i couldn't wait to get out.

Vivi N. said...

Great post, OM! Why you gotta go hard at them Day Students like that? L O L! So not fair. I was a day student for a couple of yrs, got tired of it and decided to become a boarder. Best. Decision. Ever.

By default, I'm in the "Americanas" category. Truly, though, I was an "All Rounder". Was cool with each catergory (yes, even the Outcast. Shoo, I had the main the main one in my class!).

I sometimes wonder what would've happened if my father got his way and I attended one of those private schools in Lagos? :o/ Glad all the aunties & uncles convinced him otherwise. Love my FGGC!

AliceDCL said...


Lady X said...

I went to like 2 private boarding Schools and one day school. I gotta say the boarding schools were more adventurous and thank god I finished up in one. It was divided into the cool and the not cool! The cool people were the ones that could dress, were pretty or handsome and were known in school. The uncool people were well...UnCool!

Adaeze said...

lol! You draw a good picture of how it was like to school there..funny! Wonder what it'd be like 2 go to bording school. I think however though, anyone can relate to the characters you write abt.

Ms.O said...

Abuloma!!! hehe!
I didnt go but as a PH babe born and breed..lool I know y'all from a mile away! haha! I want these memories though! sigh..:(

Anonymous said...

LOL I always love when you talk about your days in Naij. I will do myself a favour and call me an all rounder *coughsss* lool

Anonymous said...

I hate labels. That being said, I was an Efiko/All rounder/Dry depending on the situation. I was House Captain, Press Club News Editor and Drama Club Secretary. I was usually in top three most times but not always. I did bad things but the beauty of it was that my group was tight and we never snitched. Low key was good for me.

Anonymous said...

I also hated my FGC that I went to. Life was a bitch back then. Until I got to SS3 and things got really good.

Anonymous said...

FGGC Abuloma is where you went! I know! LOL.

Nice one

Aee Bonrue said...

i went to one a Government college...not federal sha...let's just break it down thus:
I was the ajebota Effico who finally became an allrounder by SS3.

The tomboy who walked with a bounce...and rolled with all the cute boys (the gurls hated me)

Those were the days...
you forgot the "Chameleons" na...those quasi-spiros who we finally saw thru...lol

Sweet nostalgia...


Zena said...

lol, all-rounder leaning towards a defaulter, but definitely an allrounder

Mgbeks, you must tell us how u come up with these things, lwkmd

you forgot to add babes dat gave themselves names, in Q.C that time there were girls dat called themselves "DKNY" and other silly names but that wud prolly fall under the ajebutters abi?

you have abandoned me sha ooh!

Enoch said...

Federal students make the world go round.

Anya Posh said...

LOL...I belonged to a few of these categories; in JS 1-3 I was definitely a spiro/wannabe at the same time, the church was calling but the mimes were ballin'! Then my folks shipped me to ATL for JS 3 hols & when I came back to school 1st term ss1; I attained my 'Bubbler/Popular jingo status & became also highly 'Efficorized'! I was Food Prefect but also used to HIGHLY social with organizing mimes & social events...mehn, boarding school was the life. As a result, I had many Ajebota friends & 'Wannabe' followers - it was beautiful! That was how I transformed into an ALL-ROUNDER!! hahaha...i told you i was in many categories.

Then junior babes loved me, see val's day..enuf eva wine & chocolates! lol

Homie said...

Nice post, Chica. You probably went to FGGC Owerri.

By the way, Ms. Cleo doesn't have to tell us that you were one of the versatile babes.

Tatababe said...

Yup, yup, yup I totally second Enoch's comment "Federal students make the world go round." I also went to an FGGC and u really nailed the different categories sha! but my question now is which category u knon dey? hehehe


kai, this reminds me of my boarding school days at the good old 'pass on the torch'...

RepressedOne said...

Ahh good 'ole Feggo!! lol@ the breakdown...nice one!

My older sis went to you school.

lol@ everyone claiming all-rounder!! Na so... :p

Me, i hated my school for the 1st 3 years oh...it was all so foreign.

Admin said...

LOL,u didnt tell us where u fall into .

mizchif said...

I love these your secondary school posts mehn.
Bia why are you calling out day students as dry? Biko where i was, almost all the bubblers were day girls oh, although i no follow for bubblers sha.
I did the boarding house thing in senior sch, so i no suffer too much.

But mehn, i dey see some ppl who were correct ibo mafia and okoro feeling funky and dem don tush up big time.
My own sch had another category oh-The BOYZ. Bball players, jahlabia, bandana, had other girls tripping for them.

Gosh i miss secondary sch days. I wish someone could have told us at that time that by the time we get into the real, world all of us go become mates, fight for the same boyfriends, dance together for club, apply for the same jobs. Some seniors for respect themselves more.

Vera Ezimora said...


Oh, the memories!!! I didn't go to a FG school, but I went to an all girls Catholic school. That one bad pass sef. Chei..!! What I would do to experience that life again - even if it's just for a week sef.

LOL @ using hanger for abortion. Still don't know how that works.

One3snapshot! said...

very very very interesting post. Lol. Funny thing I was just talking to a coworker today trying to analyzing what kind of youth/student I was. I moved around a lot so I had different 'categories'
You know at first I couldn't wait to get to the end of the list cos i was like she's not gonna describe me... lol but damn girl. I swear there is a manual like every boarding school(or FGGC) will be THE SAME. How do you think all these things come to be in all schools even though they're not in the same places?

MMM me. I kinda skirted around a few edges, I wonder if I would describe myself the same as others would be me. I guess I was a bit of these
Defaulter, Ajebota, Americana, All Rounder. I wasn't the extreme Americana case o...cos I was gangsta and undercover village chic and although I always defaulted I got good grades always top 6 at least

One3snapshot! said...

P.s. you forgot Teacher's or Principal's daughter/niece. They could fit into all of the other categories, but that status usually makes them be in a world of their own.

Nice Anon said...

Time never reach to reply your comments abi?

Original Mgbeke said...

Leggy: School was very appealing, it had it's downs but the ups were worth it.

Yinks: LOL, oh yeah the snitches. it seemed those were usually the eficos. Boarding school was definitely the beginning of wisdom oo.

Sankofa: Make una continue to guess. Teeheehee

OmosiT: LOL @ deep and surprising madness.

Neo: Hahaha, we used that term too. 'Hard babes' or 'Badder babes'. Heelar!

Nicey mmm: Na Feddy Owerri wey I go ooo. LMAOoo men I remember those days of borrowing baffs and people would get outed! Kai major mess up be that ooo.
OMG, Furry boots in 100 degree weather. Or getting dragged by the ears. *dead*..chick you don killed me this early morning.

Deji D: Ahhh you fit blow Waffi pidgin? I go marry you ooo. LOL, yeah men no mind them seniors...when you jam them for road now, them go dey form nice guys or nice babes, not knowing that they were such evil winches in school.

Azazel: Thanks o jare, I glad say you dey feel am. :-D

Myne: LOL, I sure was always down for a good novel sha o. I went to Feddy Owerri. Yep, coupla alumni events going on/occurred in the past...I never went.

Trybes: I'm glad I could assist. LOL...as per the group, guess work.

L-VII: I will leave it up to you to find out. :-D

Tinu: Ahhh so I see say you bubbled and shuffled well well for sec school.

Chayoma: School daze was fun mayne. I hail all the all rounders. E no easy for una oo.

Revs: You should have come, that would have been the start of true greatness. LMAO...
Kai, yeah men when you set the bar so high, you were def the target for teachers. I can imagine say e no easy.

RoyalReigns: Best decision ever indeed. Hahahahha, I definitely agree that you were an all rounder.
Oh and I can't even imagine what you would have turned out like if you went to one of them private schools, coupled with your Americana status.

BBB: Rep your category o jare. :-D

LadyX: Chai, cool and uncool. I guess that is more cut and dry. LOL.

Adaeze: Oh yeah, hopefully people who didn't go can relate as well.

Ms.O: Ewww to Abuloma. I'm too fab for that. LOL (I'm an Abuloma hater), but uh uh you sure can spot 'em from a mile away. *Dodges bullets*

Taymee: Hahahah why you dey cough? We gosta verify this ya all rounder status oooo.

Original Mgbeke said...

Lucidlillith: Ahhh seems like your days were quite eventful. LOL @ non snitching group, that was so KEY. Awww I enjoyed feddy days but enjoyment really started as soon as I started wearing skirt.

Anon: You are WRONG. :-D

aeeedeeaa: Ah ah, enjoyment minister. I say it sounds like fun. :-D, men forget those chameleons o. When we were on summer break, we used to hear their gist then they would come back and be acting all holy holy.

Zena: I no go surprise say you go default small. Hahahaha. Forget those nicknames o, it was quite hilarious. DKNY ke? And babes would plan well well o, as clique members they had to rep hard. Haba, I can never forget you nahhh.

Enoch: Yes sir, we sure do.

AnyaP: You have officially kilt me with the wine and chocolates reference. As in ehnn, na the P for vals day o. But haba, I jealous you small o, you can not say you didn't live the life in Secondary school. Popular jingo. :-D, I was sha trynna be cool with the food prefects so I could get FREE FOOD.

Homie: Na my alma mater be that ooo. Rep rep! LOL

Tatababe: We just full everywhere ooo. Hehehehe. Make una guess naa, lolll.

SolomonS: Was that Abuloma a.k.a I blow garri?

RepOne: Thank you my sister...oh word? I sure say na seriously correct babe naaa. Hehehehe...
Mayne the first year was strange then I started adjusting.

Muyiwa: Na una go draw that conclusion. Ha Ha

MizChif: LOL, no offense to my day students o jare. Girl you cracked me up with the 'Okoro feeling funky'. Hia so babes dey trip for the BOYZ ehn? I no even surprise.
But seriously...PREACH IT. As in, all of us don practically turn into mates now, the kain bebescout wey some senior girls in school dey do sha o. Just too much!

Vera: For real? You definitely seem like an FGC/FGGC product. ;-)...girl, I'm still not too sure how it worked but na the tori wey we dey hear. I wonder if it was true.

One3: Hahahaha at undercover village girl. You def seem like you hit the Popular Jingo, all rounder, americana, effico and defaulter categories for sure. Oh those nieces usually fell under the effico categories by default, even though you could see the hunger to bubble in some people's eyes.

Nicey mmm: My darling I don reply naaa.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, laughed my head off, it is great to think back, cor i miss my FGGC days!

Nice Anon said...

Ahhh I thought as much! Feddy babes always feeling funky and e kon add more as na only wall bin dey divide una from Government college. LOL

I won't tell you what school I went to but we are your "major" rivals. lol

Unknown said...

I attended a boarding school. Erm...which category do I fall into, sef?! I fell into:

*The 'whichever method to escape getting caught' category - hiding in the roof, etc, etc Don't give me that look.

*The '2pac, Biggie, Bone thugs & the Wu-Tang Clan is my religion' category, though I never mimed.

You forgot the snitches (we called 'em spies back then), the pathological liars (I spent my holiday in New York City in San Fransisco state), the food mongers (that was we people who liked food were called)...

You're back to your funny ways, and I'm liking it.

Unknown said...

I attended a boarding school. Erm...which category do I fall into, sef?! I fell into:

*The 'whichever method to escape getting caught' category - hiding in the roof, etc, etc Don't give me that look.

*The '2pac, Biggie, Bone thugs & the Wu-Tang Clan is my religion' category, though I never mimed.

You forgot the snitches (we called 'em spies back then), the pathological liars (I spent my holiday in New York City in San Fransisco state), the food mongers (that was we people who liked food were called)...

You're back to your funny ways, and I'm liking it.

Original Mgbeke said...

Anon: You are quite welcome, I'm glad I could add some amusement to your day.

Nicey mmm: Ehnnn our rival ehnnn? So na una be that. LMAO, abeg allow us to feel funky o. Hahahah that is so funny though cos for real, for real na one great big wall wey divide us two. You are a trip, babe!

Olu: *Gives the side eye at the thought of hiding in a roof*...a whole bIGZ BOIZ like you ke? LMAO. So you no dey climb stage but you dey denge for corner dey rap along ehnnn. OMG, I just cracked up @ 'I spent my holiday in NYC in San Fran' and the truth be say, back then I no really sabi the koko so me sef for believe them. LMAO.
Ah ah so I no funny before. :-D

histreasure said...

lmao.. boarding house was the bomb.. it's easy to laff about it now o..lol..
thanks for rekindling the memories..

miss.fab said...

Okay I know this comment is late but lolololol! I went to an FGGC too and you completely nailed these descriptions lmao. I love your Naija posts! We had all of these in my school too. I think I may have been an effico? Or maybe an allrounder? I was def not a bubbler tho that's for sure lol.

And SolomonS went to QC!!!!!

webround said...

had the same class of characters in my school (both for the guys and girls)...

i wonder how today's boarding schools are in Naija? do people still send their kids to FGC/FGGC?

ooj said...

Federal na the real tin jo.. all other school na dagbo ones o... Make dem come FGC Warri na, make dem see school!

Anonymous said...

Can relate to a lot of these types. They probably were in every school. Nicely done, thanks for the memories

Anoda Phase said...

hmmmm...I certainly remember all of these...and since "Razz is the new cool", I guess we all know which category u belonged to? lol...
how r u doing?

Tinu said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO..brings back some good memories!

i think i fall into the ajebota category!!

Anonymous said...

Men memories. I went to an FGGC and can totally relate with some of your posts..nice one, will be back again.

Qmart said...

As I read I coudnt get rid of the feeling that u sounded like a FGGC Sagamu babe. That's the sch i attended and u got the slangs and categories right. Kare to tell us which category u fell in???