Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ha, the title fit am abi 'cos it is an update. :-D

Sweet Mother
My mother left me on Sunday after a 4 week stay and I miss her tons. I enjoyed having her around...it was always nice to come home to a nice warm meal (she always made sure of that), a hug and/or a smile and the latest gist (anything that I might have missed between the hours of 9-5...LOL). As I get older, my relationship with my ma keeps improving (cos we sure had our disagreements and things in the past) and we have gotten to a place where we now understand how each other operates well well. I was definitely very sad to see her go at the airport and I prayed that God would continue to keep her and bless her just as she has been a blessing to her entire family. Love you ma! BIGGG KISSS.
[/end sappy bit]

Life as a Commuter
I have now joined the league of individuals who commute to work and I love it. I do not miss driving, AT ALL.
There are some pros and cons. I will start with the cons first...
Cons:- I gotta wake up at 5:30am to keep up with the Train schedule. That's it.
Pros:- They outweigh the cons.
1. I've always enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the DC Metro System during rush hour...millions of people dashing to catch their Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Yellow lines (even though the next one is probably going to pull up in 5 mins but in this recession, I guess every 5 minutes counts), extra packed trains and the whole 9 yards...some people hate it, but I love it and it ain't any different this time. It's an excellent spot to people watch.
2. I just might cancel my gym membership. All that racing up and down escalators and through train stations + my job isn't that close to the metro so I gotta bang out a 10 minute walk to and from. This is the most exercise that I've gotten in a minute.
3. If you commuted in DC you wouldn't mind it. This isn't the Tin cans on wheels that exist in NYC. In DC, they boast carpeted trains filled with clean professionals and normal looking folk, bright and airy train stations and it is guaranteed that you will never see a rat dashing up and down the platforms, unlike the NYC subway system. (Just had to get my yab of the day in, I still love you New York).

Other things...
1. Na wa for this Fort Hood Massacre ooo. You know how you ask people if they will ever live in Nigeria and they say ish like 'Abeg o, I no fit. Too much armed robbers and lack of security'...but when you take a step back and think am, too much were (mad person in the Yoruba language) full this country ooo. Ah ah, you go tok say you wan go school...mad pesin go start shooting.
You go tok say you wan go work, mad person who dey vex say he got laid off will come and start shooting. Everywhere you turn, someone is shooting. There was even that mall shooting that occurred was it 2-3 years ago? Ah ah, all I wanna do is shop na. God save us all.
Meanwhile, isn't it always very interesting how fingerpointing starts to occur after ish like this? After 9-11, there was the fingerpointing and now this one. Hmm Hmmm.

2. So the ex-DC sniper; John Allen Muhammed is going to be executed at 9pm tonight. He claims that he is innocent. Very interesting. I will definitely be catching up on Larry King as he covers the topic. It's 2009 and I don't know how I feel about the death penalty.

3. A United Airlines pilot got arrested at Heathrow Airport for attempting to fly a plane with 124 passengers from London to Chicago while he was under the influence. This is just breaking news as I type, WTH is up with these pilots o. Abeg no be my life wey dem go carry play.

4. Happy Vets day in advance. I'm OFF and looking forward to a relaxing day.



Miss Enigma said...


Miss Enigma said...

Lol...u jst had to tasi(stroke/yab) our NY subway system abi? Wahala no dey, but God dey.

Its a beautiful thing when Mother/Daughter relationships blossom...I look at me n my Mom's and crack-up thinking 'bout how we used to wear one trouser in my teenage years.

Enjoy ur holiday o jare...I dnt knw y I hve sch, I shd be paying tribute to the Vets o jare.

Kate said...

ooooh commuting!!! i love not driving..as long as there are no delays and the trains are on schedule..cuz i hate waiting.
Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

Onose said...

kind of funny how Nigerians who were born/raised/bred in Nigeria say they cant live in Nigeria once they leave Nigeria for jand/yankee or Canada...mostly bc of armedrobbers/no electrcity etc before u got to jand/yankee nko?

and yea well America is the land of the crazies/loonies...no doubt about that..

iphyigbogurl said...

lol...these Americans don dey kolo oh...... even in my school mehn...if u see how paranoid i get when i see a depressed looking person walking towards me ehn.....
next thing now dem go begin shoot people come blame am on depression....if u want to kill yourself.....ngwa kill..but no carry other peeps join u na...ogini?

awwwww....i bet u miss ur mom soo much...... ndo oh!

Anonymous said...

after watching criminal minds...ill seriously take our robbers anyday cos they atleast want something,all these serial killers just feel like to dey kill.

Ebony~!* said...

aww mummy is gone! I cant wait for december abeg! I am tired of here! haaaaa! flying under the influence ke?? this world na real wa oh!

Giagerry said...

eyah i know how u feel about ur ma leaving...and u r in DC???
We will see one day o...i dey come that side!
|And really wts up with that pilot??
did he smoke??
abeg o...

One3snapshot! said...

Lol. Nice that you have this relationship with your mom. Nice! Mehn if i had to wake up at 5:30am...I don't know. I'm cool off that yo! You're off tomorrow... so ya better call me!!

Azazel said...

That sniper dude that claims he's innocent, it wud be a big shame if he's really innocent and this ppl kill him..
BUT LMAO @ the everywhere u go na shootin.. NDats hella funny mehn lol.

Myne said...

I don't know why people don't like commuting (except in NYC like you yabbed, hehheehe) I not driving and people watching can be therapeutic.

Pilot under or above influence? Na waooo. As for all the crazies wey full here, I asked if something dey for the water here one day...

Enkay said...

Bless our mothers o jare! they are the best!

Lol @ rats in the NYC subway system, eeewwww!

It's these crazy shooters I don't understand. if you're upset with the world why don't you just shoot yourself in the head and be done with it? Abi?

webround said...

hahahha...you're now an early morning person. now you can see the benefits :)

DC train system is the thing. i enjoyed the thing oh. boston trains are not carpeted but they are comfy too.

men, wahala dey oh - shooting left, right and center. a few weeks ago, it was the teens who gang raped another teen whilst others watched, took pics and laughed about the whole thing. b4 that it was 3 teens who set another teen on fire cos the guy outted them on stealing a bicycle or something like that. the boy had 65% of his body burnt.

joicee said...

In some cases the death penalty is a neccessary evil..like in the case of this sniper...trust other potential crazies out there will take heed

I heard about the Fort Hood incident..not too sure about the deatils...God dey!

chayomao said...

Abeg oh Naija robbers r not mad. they r a group of rogues with a plan and an end goal. Here, na mad people. Only God knows what is going on in their heads.

@Undercover, u get school today? Kai. which kain school be dat abeg, wey no get respect!

Make i go relax small enjoy this Vets Day...

Vivi N. said...

Look @ OM showing her sappy side. I'm freaked out. Naw, only a mother can do that. I'm glad she had a great stay and super glad that she had a great return back to Naija.

I actually enjoy commuting on a train. A nice clean, though (sorry NYC). And it kills me when a supposed city doesn't have a metro line (screw you, Houston!) Like someone said, people watching is therapeutic. But DC metro been acting up for a bit. Now, I get a bit antsy when I step on. Never happened before.

America is on drugs. Here, people kill just to kill. For fun. For initiation. Just because. It's pretty sad. I mean, look at the DC sniper...

Did NOT know that he was executed last night. Um, I guess I should step up my news watching, no? Man, did that dude put the DC area in scared tactic mode. I remember at the time that I was taking the bus, so early in the morning I had to walk to the bus stop. Pass some dark streets, pass some dark-ass wooded areas. So not fun. And let's not forget the hunt for the white van. Oh Lord! That just did it. Every white van I saw, I was ducking for cover! lol. Not a game. It terms of the death penalty, I'm with you on that. I honestly don't know what to make of it.

Pilots Gone Wild! Seriously. Did they make a pact to act like a damn fool in '09?

Reverence said...

damn feds.. how the heck do you get veteran's day off?

Blogoratti said...

Crazy world we live in..SMH.

LucidLilith said...

You have a day off! You lucky girl you! I would love to commute someday. Right now I live 2.3 miles from work. So I get up at 7:30 and be at work at 8:00

Original Mgbeke said...

UnderCover: LMAO, yes ooo I had to tasi una small. :-D
Hahahahah @ wearing one leg inside one trouser. That is hilarious. Thanks my dear, I will and you enjoy your day in school. *evil grin*

Kate: Yah men with those trains, there is always some manner of K-leg and delays. Thank you honey, I wish you the same. :-)

The-damsel: Abi ooo, dem don come to America and see good thing. But yes o, this country is filled with a whole bunch of MAD people.

IphyIgbo: Like seriously. That is the one that gets my goat, all these depressed people that want to bring down the world with them. Ah AH. People shaaaaaa.
Thanks my dia, I dey miss am but I will definitely see her next year, amin!

Leggy: Exactly, our robbers and even the kidnappers have a motive. People here just do it for the heck of it.

Ebony: Choi so you dey go Naija ehn? I am jeloxx ooo. Yes o, the guy was about to fly the plane while he was drunk. Yeyerism.

Gee: Yelzz o I am the DC area (not directly in DC but they are all close), you are coming here for grad school abi? You will definitely like the place. (I think). Yaaaay, come and join us.

One3: Hahahah, I gotta do it! I will call you, darn that time difference cos I dey go sleep early ooo.

Original Mgbeke said...

Azazel: I don't know about that, shey his own son testified against him. That Malvo dude...na wa sha o.

MyneWhit: I think that for most, they enjoy the convenience of going at their own schedule and not having to wait/go with a train or bus schedule.
Above the influence, LOL that is a good one. Na real wa ooo.

Enkay: God bless their hearts. I am with you, shoot yourself and don't take others along with you. It is quite crazy.

Webround: By default I am forced to go to bed early, lol but it's really not that terrible.
I've never been to Boston sha o.
Yeah men, that gang rape case really touched a nerve. How can people be so HEARTLESS? O M G. Like tufiakwa, this life ehnnnn.

Joicee: But that's the thing, potential crazies will not take heed. How many criminals/serial killers do we have parading this country? Them no send, they all think that the are invincible and will not get caught.

Chayoma: Abi ooo, dem get motive for Naija, here nope! Na wa! Ooh I didn't know that Canadians recognized Veterans day. Very interesting, I don learn a new one.

MissRR: Hahahah yes o, only mama can bring out the sap. :-D...thank you, thank much.
Really? I don't get nervous sha o. Apart from the derailing tragedy, I don't think that anything extra serious has happened recently.
LMAOOOO I am cracking up now at the your avoidance tactics but that is sooo true, when peeps were pumping gas they would be jumping up and down so that in case bullet come, it would hit them. DC was certainly in scare zone at that point.

Revs: LOL

Blogoratti: Tis truly a crazy crazy world.

LucidL: Yes I dooo, hehehe. That's not bad at all o, you just get to sleep in a bit then. Must be nice. :-D

Odunayo said...

Original, so NYC is not good enough for you ehn? Lol. I understand sha with the "tin can" on wheels but lately they've been trying to "clean up".

But commuting is my way of burning calories. I only drive on the weekends. I no even know why people dey for NYC.

The more you grow older the better you understand the parentals.

As for all these mad people, God will protect all. There was a fire in my school the other day, somborrie come talk say him wan blow up the school. I just said "blood of Jesus!"


Odunayo said...

I meant to say..."I no even know why people dey drive for NYC."

Nice Anon said...

Yes o! Vets day is cool to have off. I just woke up me self. Awww momsi left? Safe journey to her.Good mothers are the best!

Commute? sounds like fun and you'll be getting some sort of exercise in. I like that. Probably one of the reasons I love Europe. People get to walk around and stuff as opposed to driving cars all the time.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I want my mum to come and cook for me too now :(

And all these weird people roaming the streets..it's all about being at the right place at the right time. I hope we are never at the wrong place at any time..scary stuff.

L-VII said...

That is what I am saying. When have you ever heard of a Naija sniper or suicide bomber or angry pickin wey go come shoot up the school.A lot of Yanks done kpeme for no reason. Anyway sha, I am ready to go back home once my pepper is well rested.


Deji D said...

There's just something about growing older that makes one set their BS meter. My people don't always agree with me, but we sha all have to respect each other's decisions. PS my mama makes the best moi-moi :)

Georgia doesn't really have a transport system so I've never gotten on the bus or train. And my school and job didn't let us have Veterans day so nothin for me.

As for the rest of your yarns, God de! There are too many looney tunes walking around.

Anonymous said...

eyah.. mummy.... lol... 'were' dey every na....

Afronuts said...

Commuting really does have lots of advantages. I wish people in Naija could learn from this and leave thier cars at home more often so traffic wont turn out to be a hell...

Security? I am covered by the blood of Jesus hehehehe!

Rayo said...

how many ppl who r proclaimed guilty ever admit it but too bad for the guy if he's rili innocent sha.
that pilot shld b flogged!

Admin said...

Mummy,Mummu,Mummy,i miss my maamaa too,Good to have a mum but wetin man go do

Unknown said...

Attempting to fly under the influence? Jesus H. Christ!

LOL @ the NYC subway comment.

uNWrItten* said...

aww mommys girl...she sounds sweet..

as for the fort hood and all that stuff...only God will save us in this america.. at least in naija you can tell the crazy people from the normal ones..in america...everyone mingles...chai

Repressed One said...

Aww good to read you and mums had a great time together. No fights and such this time around lol

For some reason i love the train commute in jand [maybe cos its vacay?] but everywhere else is just one kain to me. I always say if i lived in a city with great pub transportation system i wouldn't own a car sha...much as i hate to drive.

Hope you had a good day off.

histreasure said...

oh,Mums are the best, no matter what!!

on the death penalty,how great of a deterrent it is,is very debatable tho sometimes you hear of a crime and you are like..nah,this one need to go..

As for the random shooters,my sis de always talk say oyinbo na belle full de worry dem..Naija person wey don see wahala 4 eye go stil de say god dey but their own na to kill themselves and others

Tigeress said...

yes Naija isnt the safest place to live but when u've live in certain parts of America- then u know it aint that bad after all.

Tinu said...

lmaooooo..as in its not even funny!! u can get shot or stapped for looking at someone the wrong way!!